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Fantasy the creed of the damned {royalty rp}

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is royalty-

royalty without a crown.

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  • the creed
    of the damned.

    gm'ed by _em_

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-the creed of the damned-
gm'd by _em_


The kingdom of Priton {pright-in} stood strong amongst its neighbors, the king at its head. Having been widowed for a considerable number of years, ever since his twin children, the priss and the unprepared, could confidently waddle around the castle grounds, one can imagine the hubbub that occurred once it was announced that he was engaged- and to a common villager, no less. The king and the queen’s marriage brought along two new royal children: the prodigy and the novice, both biologically related to the queen.

The king holds Priton’s annual summer ball in celebration of their marriage, as well as his new step-children moving in; there are close to three hundred guests from Priton’s allied kingdoms, all as royal as the next. Once believed to be in good spirits with its neighbors, the castle suddenly falls under attack during the party. The four siblings, who have luckily found themselves in the priss’s room trying to help the novice pick out a gown, manage to escape the night unscathed thanks to the guard and the warrior, who have been diligently watching over them as per usual.

This is where things get a tad bit open-ended: do the king and queen die, causing the unprepared to take the throne? Does only one of them die? Do they both survive, causing this rp to be about the siblings surviving in wartime while their parents take care of the politics? I’m undecided, which is why I’m going to be basing this off of the applications that are submitted. If I adore someone’s take on the king, we can let him survive the ambush, and the same goes for the queen. If no one applies for them, well...


rule one:
This is an advanced, literate, long-term group roleplay for mature, kind, and creative writers. It is not first come, first serve- your admittance will be based solely on your level of literacy. Although aesthetics are appreciated, I understand that BBCode is hard, so if coding really isn’t up your ally don’t worry about it. All that being said, the character application thread will be put up with interest, so at the very least please like this thread so I know you’re game ;u;

rule two: I know I gave a general vibe in the introduction, but I want to expand here cuz...I feel like it? Aside from darker fantasy themes, we will also be exploring the children finishing out their schooling (I imagine they go to school with other royal children- is it obvious that this is loosely based on Sofia the First yet?) and getting to know each other (they’ve only lived together for a month or so at the time of the ball), and we could possibly even bring in the idea of betrothel in? I’d like to make it very clear right now, though, that female characters will be educated on sex and anatomy- obviously, the betrothels will be to characters of the opposite sex, but that doesn’t mean the characters involved have to be heterosexual. The time period is ambiguous. My initial inclination is that there’s no electronics, but there’s a modern spin on language and clothing.

rule three: I’m tentatively looking for a co-gm (I’ll only be choosing/looking from people who are accepted). Also, I’m sure it’s obvious by now that I don’t have everything planned, so come with ideas! I want to hear them! This rp is not for people who like to sit back and have the plot pre-determined.

character slots:

the priss:
16. she/her. Five minutes older than her twin, the unprepared. A total daddy’s girl with a petty attitude to match; everyone knows who she is- she’s one of the most popular girls at school and, as result, in all the kingdoms. The size of her ego matches the size of her tiara collection, and that sucker’s impressively large. Unfortunately, her persona is due largely to insecurity, and she does have a soft side...it’s up to you to give explanation to it.

the unprepared: 16. he/him. Five minutes younger than his twin, the priss. He’s a jokester with a heart of gold and a devastatingly handsome face to match. He’s a prince any king would be proud of, but he doesn’t feel ready to take the throne. He’s not ready to give up his slowly-fading childhood. Call him selfish, but is it really wrong for him to want to be an average kid?

the prodigy: 14. she/her. The novice’s younger sister. People far and wide wonder how she
wasn’t born into royalty- she’s taken to it like a fly to honey. She’s a natural and has been excelling in her schooling, not to mention she’s quite the socialite, but innocence and positivity can’t charm everyone...

the novice { _em_ _em_ }: 16. she/her. The prodigy’s older sister. Putting a clutz in heels is bound to never end well; awkward and lanky as they come, the novice is struggling to adapt to her new lifestyle. She’s not cut out for the life of a royal and would much rather spend her days at the stables. Alas, duty calls and she’s never been the kind to run away from responsibility.

the guard: mid 20s-early 30s. Gender is not set in stone. The guard watches over the siblings like they’re their own because they might as well be. Since the death of the priss’s and unpreprared’s mother, the king has trusted them with his childrens’ safety. They’re not 100% comfortable with the new step-children, but they’re trying their damndest. The guard lives in the castle and can be interpreted in multiple different ways- surprise me~

the warrior: 16, 17 or 18. Potential love interest to the unprepared or the novice. I would prefer
for them to be the same gender as their love interest. As the guard’s child, the warrior grew up on the castle’s training grounds. All they know is watching over the siblings and shadowing their parent in battle-planning meetings…so what happens when they start to fall head over heels for one of the siblings and imagine a life outside of sword fights and archery?

the king/queen: 40s/50s. A beloved, although surprising, couple. The king rules with a stern yet kind fist, while the queen shows compassion and forgiveness. How could anyone despise them? You’d be shocked, apparently…. again, surprise me~

extras: Extra spots, such as those the children are betrothed to, their friends, other royal guards, Priton enemies, etc, will be open to be filled by accepted group members and are not required.
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Expert Lurker
Oh boss I've been eyeing the Guard role

To be clear, with the character we're gonna post for character, we'll put the basic CS information we feel are relevant to the story yes?


Oh boss I've been eyeing the Guard role

To be clear, with the character we're gonna post for character, we'll put the basic CS information we feel are relevant to the story yes?
ooo yay!
and yup! whatever strikes your fancy to add to your sheet, go ahead and do it.

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