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Fantasy The country of Firmanda

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Action, Adventure, Super Powers, Supernatural


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Plot: A treasure is to be hidden in Firmanda, a land full of dangers and adventures. A group of adventurers set out to find this treasure. On the way, however, the heroes must face enemies who are also in search for the treasure. First, however, they have to get a ship to travel to firmanda. Since the heroes can not pay for it, the merchant gives them 3 tasks to do. So the heroes don't waste time and go to work.

Setting: We begin on an island called shark island. After we set sail to Firmanda, you will all get the chance to be gms (coming up with npcs, villains, tasks etc.). Of course, I'd still be the head gm when it comes to disputes and such, but for the most part the current gm will have full authority to make things fun for the other players as they please . After we arrive on a checkpoint, like let's say we defeated all the villains the player came up with the next player will be the gm. If a player needs too long for his turn I will tell him that he should come to the end, like let the villain lose or let him flee or the next play could continue with the storyline if he wants. That's just to make sure no one gets bored. The people in this world can have special abilities like sorcery or controlling fire, but they don't have to.

Any questions, feel free to ask. If interested please respond here so I have an approximate size of the group

I will post CS if I find enough interest. People who become interested after the rp starts can message me and can join the group or play as a villain.
The characters shouldn't be too OP. If I think someone is OP we can discuss it. That's just to make sure the rp stays exciting.


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