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Fandom *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ The College of Winterhold *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ [Interest Check]

Sub Genres
Adventure, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Realistic, School, Slice of Life


Your Local Schmuck

Explore an expanded College of Winterhold, with boundless opportunities for action, adventure, romance, comedy, secrecy, tragedy, and more. Who will you be within the icy stone walls, perhaps a master of your respective school, an interloping thief, a watchful agent of the Thalmor, or a bright-eyed scholar? Our story begins in an AU timeline which will run parallel to the events of Skyrim, however, the school and surrounding town will be populated exclusively by characters we create as well as select or original NPCs.

The idea behind this roleplay is primarily slice-of-life. However, there will be opportunities for quest, action, adventure, quest, and more as the story continues. Currently, there is no set plotline, however, I fully intend on keeping the story dynamic and moving so this is the perfect opportunity to pitch your ideas and desires below. Have something you wanna see, do, or say? Something you wish you could have done in Skyrim? Let me know here or in our discord server (found in OOC). I am very open to accepting all sorts of folk into the college so don't be afraid to pitch an idea.

Rules & Expectations:
1) No mary/gary sue or godmodding
2) Casual- Semi Lit. This means roughly 3 paragraphs will be the norm. More or less will be accepted.
3) Be active/engaged. Daily replies are the preference, but not a hard and fast rule. As above, more or less will be accepted.
4) Should you want anything special for your character (teaching role, vampirism/lycanthropy, etc. etc.) just shoot me a DM either here or on discord first!
5) Each writer may have up to 2 characters!
6) Anything else, please just ask me. I may have to add more rules as we go on


Character Page
Still looking to fill positions in teaching for both Enchantment and Destruction, as well as room for a few more students!

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Flirty Fighty Prince Boi
Thine interest check has struck in a time when my mind has returned to the Elder Scrolls. I cannot help but take interest.
I totally didn't stay up all night reading lore and esoteric Micheal Kirkbride texts because of a character idea I've been entertaining.

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