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    Please put your character sheet in an accordion to maximize space.
    [accordion]{slide=Example}Content inside{/slide}[/accordion]
    Content inside

    Character Skeleton
    Classified as: [Choose either Vigilante or Criminal]
    Age: [16-26, but if you wanted to make a character outside the age limit, please PM me.]
    Weapons: [if any]
    Biography: [please state on how your character ended up being him/her in present state in the rp. two short paragraphs minimum]
    Relations: [if you want your character to already know someone before even the rp started, talk to the user that you want to have your character to already know his/her character]
    Theme song: [optional, but if you want, please attach a youtube link]

    Main Thread
    Interest Check
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    Amalia Lombardi

    The Boss's Daughter


    The Basics
    Full Name: Amalia Lombardi
    Nicknames: None so far.
    Gender: Female
    Alias: Known as Sophie Hayward, resident Renaissance girl from the local university.
    Classified as: Criminal
    Age: 21
    In-depth Information
    • A Berreta M9. That's it.

    • Amalia has the tendency to be very eloquent and charismatic in speaking when she wants to. She's incredibly persuasive, having the ability to make her words seem genuine even when they're not.
    • Don't let her size fool you. She's a trained fighter, using speed, instinct, and mechanical expertise to trump her opponents.
    • Very athletic, in comparison to others her age.
    • In terms of general knowledge and academics, she's an all-arounder.

    • Amalia isn't really strong or durable per se.
    • She thinks very highly of herself, and more often than not does she overestimate her own capabilities.

    To most people, she's known as Sophie Hayward, the ditzy, yet somehow multifaceted girl that hails from the city of Chino Hills. Known for her spontaneity and constant abuse for the word 'like', she comes off as your stereotypical valley girl from Southern California. Cheery, quirky, and a bit of a klutz, 'Sophie' loves being around people and interacting with them. Always eager to explore new ideas and possibilities, which paints a somewhat adventurous trait to her personality. Sophie is an easy-to-approach person, doing her best to maintain friendliness and manners in the face of absolutely horrible people.

    In spite of her supposed archetype as a gum-chewing, valley-speaking, 'gag me with a spoon' cheerleader, Sophie doesn't blatantly seek out the attention of her peers, nor does she loudly voice out her disapproval over small things. She's quite tame and reserved, content with keeping to herself and her circle of friends, and letting things be.

    Underneath all of this, is the undercover Specialist that is known as Amalia Lombardi, daughter to one of, if not, the most powerful Mafia boss in the entire country. She's actually not that much different from her Sophie persona, but when it comes to matters regarding her family's 'business', she's known to possess a cutthroat mindset just like her father. Ruthless and unforgiving, she's well-educated of the spicy cesspool of wickedness and villainy that is the criminal underground. Amalia's ability to adapt to unexpected setbacks and twists as they come is incredibly valuable in the world of trying to stay two steps ahead of law enforcement methods. 'Only the paranoid survive' is her motto, meticulous in her attempts to ensure her two identities remain seperate.
    + Talking, socializing, and hanging out with friends.
    + A relaxing cup of tea on a rainy day, accompanied by pre-loaded AskReddit pages on her phone.
    + Modern fashion. Her wardrobe never seems to grow out of style.
    + Has an unhealthy obsession with sweets and hot desserts.
    + Her family. Well, the ones that actually matter.

    - She has the uncontrollable urge to roll her eyes whenever she sees someone smoking (or vaping) in public.
    - Bitter foods are the bane of her existence.
    - Potential threats to her family's business.
    - Show any signs of incompetence and she'll instantly dislike you.

  3. Lucas Artz
    Basic Information

    Nickname: Lucas
    Gender: Male
    Alias: The Apothecary
    Classified as: Criminal
    Age: 24

    Skill Set
    • Blow gun and darts
    • Several small needle
    • Small blade
    • Poisons and toxins in sturdy vials and pill form. (As well as the cures)
    • Good aim with blow gun
    • Adept knowledge of human body
    • Vast knowledge of poisons and toxins
    • Moderate knife work

    Personal Information

    • Close combat - Lucas is not very strong
    • Escaping - If the premeditated escape route fails, Lucas fails at running very fast nor for extended amounts of time
    • Pressure - Interrogation/Blackmail will easily twist Lucas' arm
    • Paranoid - Not very trusting
    • Stealth - Moderately well at concealing, blending in, being quiet etc.
    • Intelligent - Quick thinker and fast reaction time
    • Cautious - Mostly prepared. Never goes in without a plan, a very thorough plan with back ups, contingencies, and escapes
    • Vengeful - Lucas will seek revenge on those who wrong him
    • Emotionless - Sadness, pity, good will; such emotions rarely show
    • Reserved - Never reveals too much about him. Never gets intimate.
    • Professional - Respectful to clients, always at an at-arms relationship.


    • Giving pain
    • Money
    • Quiet
    • Tea
    • Creating new poisons
    • Emotional People
    • Distractions, people who get in his way
    • Sweet foods
    • Being disrespected
    • Carelessness
    As a child, Lucas had always shown interest in mixing things. At first it was different drinks, but the interest later developed into darker intentions. His parents warned him of the dangerous cleaning chemicals hidden away, but that didn't stop Lucas from covertly toying with them. What could safely be mixed was injected into food and left outside for stray animals. While he was fascinated by the grim deaths of the animals, the parents thought that the animals may have eaten some rat poison that was left out.

    An only child, Lucas was always one who did not socialize well with others. Preferring calm solitude, Lucas typically kept to himself. As a result, most other children shunned him. However, the occasional bully that oppressed Lucas would soon find that they had food poisoning. But it couldn't be Lucas, right? No child would ever put poison into another child's lunch...right?

    In high school, Lucas automatically took to the organic sciences such as biology, human physiology, and in particular, chemistry. In those classes, Lucas excelled and was a top student. With this Lucas went on to college, furthering his interest in synthesizing compounds. Specifically, toxins and poisons.

    Of course, in college, there were people who still haven't matured. One individual, a soccer player, had decided to trip Lucas as he walked out of class in front of everyone. Filled with anger, Lucas set to work in a lab synthesizing toxins from bacteria that cause food borne illnesses under the guise of research. After some experimental modification, Lucas slipped the synthesized toxin into an energy drink which he left out for the jock to find and take. Next thing you know, a soccer player is rushed to the hospital and nearly dies from dehydration due to uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting.

    After graduating college, Lucas went to work as a pharmacist. There, he had materials to synthesize more toxins as well as make money. To add to his revenue, Lucas began to sell his secret-recipe poisons and toxins to assailants, murderers and the like. Hey, if someone was wanted dead, they must be a bad person. In any and all deals/exchanges, Lucas retains anonymity. While recognition for his nasty work would be nice, money isn't made in jail.


    Relations: None of now. May change.
    Other: One would never want to be caught by The Apothecary. He uses live, human subjects to test out his products when he can. Aggressively drugged-up, marred, lifeless, bodies have been found littered in parts of the city, all showcasing the effects of whatever latest poison The Apothecary has cooked up.
  4. Accepted!
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    Smoke Specter
    Basic Infomation

    Name - Owen Wright
    - 28
    Alias - Smoke Specter
    Classified As - Vigilante

    Skills and Equipment

    • Tracking Devices
    • Handgun
    • Gas Grenades
    • 'Gas Gun'
    • Baton
    • Gas Mask
    • Keen Investigative Mind
    • Proficient in Hand to Hand combat
    • Skilled Acrobat
    • Good working knowledge of various chemicals

    Personalty and Traits

    • Quick Witted- Able to thin on his feet and come up with ways to get out of difficult situations
    • Investigative Mind- Very good a deduction, integration and other aspects of crime solving
    • Stealth- Skilled at going unnoticed when he wants too, for a man in a trench coat with a gas mask
    • Driven- Owen is very driven never wanting to give up, mostly due to his morals
    • Smoking-Owen's smoking habit can sometimes negatively impact his more agility focused activities
    • Anti-Authoritarian- Owen is distrust of Authority and people who work and benefit from them
    • Caring- Under his rather harass exterior, he does care for people which could be his undoing.
    • Equipment- Owen relies on equipment which can be broken
    • Compassionate- As mentioned before Owen underneath his cynical front is a rather compassionate people caring about people and becoming angry should any harm befall them
    • Cynical- Owen's outlook on the world is a very negative mostly stemming from his resentment to people with power
    • Inquisitive- Owen will always question things be a statement or something that has happened
    • Reckless- Owen can sometimes do things that get him and others in trouble

    History, Likes and Dislikes

    • Chocolate
    • Seeing justice be done
    • Solving Crimes
    • Seeing joy in life
    • Training
    • Whiskey
    • Injustice
    • Sadists
    • Pineapple
    • Not getting answers
    Owen grew up in the suburbs. Nice home nice family. He sees them every once in a while. Owen grew up as a quiet kid, but a smart and tough one. He managed to graduate and move out to follow his dream. Become a cop. He had always like the idea of helping people and bring justice. Cracking a few heads along the way wouldn't be too bad either. He moved up through the ranks rather quick, becoming a detective. With keen investigative skill, no nonsense, and a good puncher he worked as a good detective for many years.

    However, over those many years many of the criminals got away they had good lawyers that came with even greater excuses. When Owen tried to go after the criminals that got away even when the evidence proved obvious, he was quickly fired from the force. While at first, he was despondent, he decided that this wasn't the worst. He set himself up as a private detective, helping people on cases that the police won't touch. Still even this wasn't enough.

    Something had to be done. There does seem to be a bunch of people running around doing the police's job. Vigilantes, Sure they might get the big fish but even they let little ones just swim away. Now Owen doesn't have hatred for these vigilantes. After all there helping. It's their scope. They fly in stop the bad guy, give a speech, and bang there gone. They never go after the real threat. People in power. The corrupt, the evil, the powerful. Someone has to do something. So Owen using his skills and he has born with he became, Smoke Spectre will weed out the corrupt, the sadistic, the unprincipled. He will show them that they are not safe.


    Relations: None of now. May change.
    Extra info: Owen lives in an apartment which acts as an office for his private detective/investigator business
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    Vin Basset



    Name: Vin Basset (pron: ba-SAY)
    Gender: Male
    Alias: "Nitro"
    Classified as: Criminal
    Age: 22
    Weapons: Carries a switchblade in his jacket pocket and owns a Kahr CM9 though he never uses it.
    Skills/Specialty: Vin specializes in making explosives, particularly from garden variety materials. He has a talent for networking.
    Weaknesses: Vin has an easy stomach to turn. He can't abide blood or organs, and even roadkill makes him feel sick. He also isn't very athletic, and he smokes pretty heavily, so he's little help in a fight.


    Vin comes off like a complete neurotic. He is obsessive, fidgety, irritable, with bouts of paranoia. He doesn't trust anyone, and goes to lengths to conceal his identity. Even his workshop is hidden, in case of a raid or break-in, and he exclusively uses his alias with his clients. He is plagued by the feeling that he is being surveilled or that one of his clients will rat. In person, he does well at reading people's emotions, but has a very poor framework for identifying the cause of people's emotions. He easily jumps to the conclusion that he is the source of anyone's ire. While he pretty successfully built up his own network, he has very few actual friends, because they create such a high risk.

    Vin is not a happy person. He rarely smiles and doesn't have much of a sense of humor. The only things that really relax him are doing his work- that is, physically building the mechanisms of his bombs- and reading alone in public. He wants people to like him, but won't beat himself up if they don't. He knows what kind of person he is and that he can be difficult to handle. What he wants more, and will beat himself up without, is people's respect; he wants to be acknowledged as a smart person, a dedicated person.

    Despite being a misanthrope, Vin can't help but empathize with people. He genuinely doesn't want to hurt people, and feels guilty over the destructive power of his work, but knows that he doesn't have a lot of options. He is a bona fide coward. Vin doesn't consider himself a 'criminal' so much as a businessman who happens to primarily service a criminal element. Even so, he considers confidentiality and his own word to be paramount. He doesn't believe in loyalty, per se, but feels that betraying someone only sets him up to be betrayed, himself.

    Likes: Architecture, Soviet music, obscure books, 3 cups of coffee and 2 cigarettes in the morning, anonymity
    Dislikes: Gore and blood, puzzles and riddles, needles, cameras, mirrors

    Vin was a high strung nerd from a working class family; feeling the intense need for competition against better off students in order to make his mark, he constantly pushed himself to the limit. As a child he had been placed in advanced courses and skipped a grade, and he wanted to meet the expectations everyone had for him as a 'gifted child.' Vin was the youngest of three, but both of his siblings were older than him by 8 and 10 years and had never gone to college. He developed a love of science at a young age, particularly engineering. His parents were affectionate but necessarily distant because of all the work they had to do just to stay afloat. Vin was raised by the public library as much as anything.

    During high school, in order to maintain his grades and earn the scholarships he would need to pay for college, he began abusing Adderall and other stimulants. This use, which was meant to only be casual enough to help him study and keep him productive, spiraled into an addiction. Vin procured even more serious drugs over his senior year, terrified of failing or being caught. He managed to graduate high school, but only lasted for 3 semesters at university before having a complete meltdown. At 18 he was arrested for cocaine possession and received 6 months of jail time, and was put on probation for 3 years after he was released. One of the requirements of his probation was to attend rehabilitation, and stay clean.

    After his meltdown and the revelation of his drug abuse, Vin was no longer welcome at home, and needed to find a way to make money for himself. Work was nearly impossible to find as a young non-graduate with a felony. During that time, he mostly lived in shelters. He began dipping back into science out of a need to keep his hands busy. Originally, learning to make explosives was just part of the hobby, a scrap of scientific curiosity. Someone from his probation program asked him off-hand if he could make something for them, and suggested that it would be worth his while. With this incentive, he started building his own, leaving them in abandoned lots and derelict buildings to test them.

    Vin established correspondence with criminals across town who wanted cheap, effective explosives; with the investments of his clients, he was able to produce a wide variety, from rudimentary bombs from household chemicals, to his own signature plastic explosives. He currently is able to live comfortably without getting his hands dirty. He tries not to actively fraternize with other criminals outside of his work relationship with them, and is more or less attempting to blend in as a civilian.

    Relations: (None yet, but I'm definitely open)
    Theme song:

    Hope this is alright? It's been a minute.
  7. accepted!
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    Celestia Bird - "Arcana"
    Basic Info
    Name: Celestia Bird
    Nickname: Celeste
    Gender: Female
    Alias: Arcana
    Appearance: Tall (about 5'6"), long layered blonde hair that curls slightly at the bottom, blue eyes, and fair skin.
    During performances she wears a navy blue tailcoat that has a bright pink and green plaid pattern on the inside of the tail, pink shorts, a bright green bow tie, and a navy blue top hat with a pink bow.
    Her everyday clothes consist of off-the-shoulder tops and ruffled skirts.
    Her assassin outfit consists of a black tank top with a raised collar, black gloves, tight black pants, and black combat boots. She also wears a mask.
    Classified as: Vigilante
    Age: 24

    Celeste was raised in a travelling circus, and trained in various performing arts, including singing, acting, acrobatics, and animal taming. Celeste's only friends growing up were boys, so she grew up to be a rather tough woman with an addiction to adrenaline. The circus Celeste grew up in was disbanded when the ringleader of the circus, Celeste's grandfather, died. Celeste, though, had gotten quite a bit of fame on her own, and started doing solo shows for casinos when she was eighteen.
    While preparing for a show at a high-end hotel, she overheard a plot to poison a government official staying at the hotel. Celeste managed to warn the official slyly during her show. The official was impressed with how Celeste was able to handle the situation, and offered to train her as a spy. Celeste spent four years training as a spy, and taking on various missions. During the four years, she was trained in hand-to-hand combat, and long-ranged weapons.
    Celeste is now a freelance performer, as well as a freelance spy. She goes to great lengths to make sure her two identities remain separate.To the average person, anyone who Celeste has not personally given information to, Celestia Bird is a simple traveling performer, while "Arcana" is an assassin who often targets the rich and corrupt.

    Weapons: Throwing knives, a revolver, and a large decorative hammer, and her pet tiger, Zara (all also used in her shows.)
    Skills/Specialty: Acting, Gathering information, Improvising: Celeste acts well under pressure, and can usually convince anyone she's on their side. Her performances can also make useful distractions.
    Weaknesses: Celeste can be impatient at times, especially when she has a goal she is having trouble achieving.
    Personality: Celeste is typically cheerful and friendly, and often able to gain other's trust quickly. She is a creative person, and is always coming up with new ideas for shows or magic tricks. She is ambitious and hard working, always looking for a new achievement.
    Likes: Tigers, Snakes, Roller Coasters, Fast Cars
    Dislikes: Having to wait, Dull colors.
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    Daniel "Thrax" McVere
    Basic Info
    Nickname: Dan (mostly called), Danny (doesn't like being called by that)
    Gender: Male
    Alias: "Thrax"
    Classified as: Vigilante
    Age: 18
    Weapons: A dagger disguised as a small divided ruler
    Skills/Specialty: Manipulating wired cameras and doors and other things that run wirelessly, changing strings and functions of live running code (i.e DDoSing networks or changing website HTMLs), all using a signal catcher and his laptop
    Weaknesses: Motion sickness, isn't good at ranged combat, aiming with guns or bows,
    Likes: Eating imported food, tampering with computer softwares, coffee
    Dislikes: Sweets, being pitied, driving or being in a moving vehicle except bicycles and motorcycles
    Personality: Daniel is brave but is an always nervous person because of his regular intake of coffee two times a day. He isn't used to socializing because he was an introvert and rarely goes out of his home. His morning routine was drink coffee then jog the whole park for 20 minutes, then go back to his home to continue what he was doing with his laptop. All day, he would just sit in his desk and browse the internet. Other than that, he can be trusted for, since he always keeps his promises.
    Biography: He was living by himself since he was 16 because of a tragic incident, and the incident was his fault. When he was a kid, he was always interested in computers because his father works in a TV station and uses computers to connect with the signal receivers (televisions and that kind of stuff). Since he wasn't that mature yet, his curiosity got that best out of him. When his father went to take a break, Shiro doodled with the gadgets, eventually ruining the reputation of the station. His father was fired from his work. His father's reaction was emotionless. He told Shiro to stay by the couch and not do anything from their room. His father jumped out of the building and they were on the sixth floor. His father committed suicide because of him, and Shiro held the shame and guilt forever.
    Relations: --
    Others: He likes eating local foods.
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    Hanah Solo
    Appearance: View attachment 312936
    Name: Hanah Solo
    Nickname: N/a
    Gender: Female
    Alias: n/a
    Classified as: Criminal
    Age: 17
    Weapons: 2 revolvers and reinforced pocketknife
    Skills/Specialty: Self-educated to mechanic, weaponsmith, lockpicking, climbing and hiding/sneaking.
    Weaknesses: Cannot count, read, write, made (eatable) food
    Personality:Lonely, but doesn't trust men or rich. If she feel threated she would first try escape and only if it's not option she would use her knife or revolver to self-defense, but don't have stomach to kill humans.
    Very interested from all mechanical and if finds anything new, she would take it to safe place to break it apart and learn how to it works.
    Likes: mechanical stuff, girls, freedom
    Dislikes: killing, boys
    Biography: Hanah's mother, Linda Solo, runaway from her home to Hanah's father who left Linda as pregnant and without money to slums. Linda, fearing that Hanah would be taked from her didn't go back to her parents and grew up her daughter alone in slums. Linda teached Hanah to not trust men like she had done, but as most of her day did go to get food to both herself and her daughter she didn't have time to teach Hanah to read, write or count. When Hanah was 13 Linda's luck did go south and she was murdered front of hiding Hanah.

    After her mother's dead Hanah started stealing food to herself and scavender local refuse dump, where she started to get interested of mechanical stuff and found two revolvers.

    Three years ago Hanah entered in house thats front door was broken, hoping that she could find something to sell she founded two pools of blood and small child from closet. Hanah taked child with her and unofficial adopted her, even though kid had better education than her.
    Relations: Fayette "Fay" Vahdin (Solo) - "little sister"
    Ms. Doc (@MsPolite) - homeless doctor
    Others: There isn't anything in city records about Hanah, not even birth certificate. There is old case for Linda's disappear that is open still and there is her dna of Linda and photographs of Linda at same age than Hanah is now.
  11. Accepted!
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    Fayette Vahdin
    Appearance: View attachment 313616
    Name: Fayette Vahdin
    Nickname: Fay
    Gender: female
    Alias: Fay Solo
    Classified as: "criminal"
    Age: 10
    Weapons: none, if not cuteness is counted
    Skills/Specialty: knowledge how to warm food and using of basic medicines.
    Can read little bit and knows numbers and can write little bit too
    Weaknesses: small size, longer and complex words are hard still.
    Personality: happy little girl who loves her "big sister and wants help her much as she can.
    Likes: pink, animals and Big sister
    Dislikes: mean people who hurts big sister.
    Biography: Fayette grew up with her parents in their house, her mother and father both worked so often Fayette needed to warm her own meals. She had started year ago elementary school and was 7 years old, when one rare evening when her both parents was home her mother ordered her to hide in closet when someone started ramming their front door, after ramming was over there had been some screaming and then silence. Fayette stayed in closet like her mother had ordered, to point when she had fallen sleep and Hanah had founded and rescued her. After 3 years she and Hanah had grown as sisters.
    Relations: Hanah Solo - "Big sister"
    Ms. Doc (@MsPolite) - homeless doctor
    Others: Her parents bodies had founded from outside of city and she had been believed to be either dead or sold in human trafficking.
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  14. All accepted! You guys can RP now in the main thread.
  15. Also accepted! Forgot to quote on the last post.
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    this is the worst CS i've ever done please don't look at it
    don't look
    Name: Aaron McClendon
    In Costume:
    Gender: Male
    Alias: Justice
    Classified as: Vigilante
    Age: 19
    Weapons: Laser Sword + utility belt with smokebombs/frag grenades and kunai/shuriken
    Height: 6"2
    Weight: 187lbs

    •Above Average Intelligence
    •Trained in krav maga and muay thai

    •Long distance combat
    •Only good for quick bursts of power
    •Not very stealthy for a ninja-type vigilante
    •Generally annoying

    Aaron is a true extrovert. He loves being seen doing good things for the city and relishes in attention. But, when things don't go his way or he fails, he is prone to complete meltdowns. His heart is always on his sleeve, and people have gone as far to call him a little neurotic. Despite all of this, he just wants to help people. He's got a good heart.... somewhere under that suit.

    -Catching criminals
    -Other people

    -Losing a fight
    -When people are better/more important than him

    Biography: Before becoming Justice, Aaron used to be afraid to leave his house in the morning. His little sister lost her dad--Aaron's stepdad--in [main villain name]'s attack on the city when she was only 10 years old. After that day, Aaron's mom became a mess of depression and anxiety, and it was really hard on Aaron and his sister to have to suddenly raise themselves and fix their mom too. Aaron decided to become the man of his house so that nothing would ever happen to his mom or sister. At first, he signed up for martial arts classes as a means of basic protection. But when he discovered his natural affinity for the arts, he decided to take his training a step further and learn swordsmanship. Eventually, he convinced his sister that he was strong enough to take an active role in protecting the city, and on his 17th birthday be came Justice.
    Relations: N/A for now
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    Name: Annabelle J Harley

    Anna, Harley, belle


    CQ "chaos queen", Ragnarok

    Classified as: Criminal

    Age: 18

    Baciacly anything she can get her hands on, but lately she's been ramping up her fire power in various ways

    Explosives expert via her father
    Master mind criminal

    She's one to day dream about being swept off her feet by a cute vigilantly and taken away to a secluded place to live with them which she clearly showed constantly when around those who try to stop her
    She could rather easily be tricked by others into doing things if that means she gets to destroy something or harm people
    Her "social" side is shy and easily embarrassed

    Annabelle is the phcycotic, deranged, mad woman you see in the movies. Not having a care in the world for others wellbeing or safety. Suffering from chronic psychosis or in general terms clinical insanity as well as hearing voices in her head and seeing minor hallucinations at times. But at the same time she can be sweet in her own insane way, being very very flirtatious and straight forward of what she wants. Side note she's sorta the s&m type of person. She is also very cunning. Able to take on a shy, clumsy, and easily embarrassed personality when she's hiding out from the cops or on a "normal school girl life" kick.

    Causing destruction and chaos
    Being playful and flirtatious
    Going to school surprisingly
    Hurting people
    Fantasizing about being whisked away by one of the "heros" of the city

    Vigulanties that won't flirt around with her
    Sour food
    Being bored
    Goody to shoes

    Despite what you may think about her past Annabells history is the complete opposite. Growing up in a wealthy family. Her mother being a lawyer and her father being a 5 star general practically set her up for life. She loved every second of her child hood. Being spoiled but not being rotten was a great thing for her, tons of friends and fun times. When she grew older her daddy taught her many things about weapons and explosives and tactics. But soon her life of luxury came to an end. Her father taking an honorable discharge and her mother retiring to a life of wealth. Though her father never got out of the war mentality, soon he joined up with certain people and before she knew it her Daddy was running a black market organization and making millions as a crime lord. In terms of her mother well. She soon left annabelles father for a man half her age and planned to take Annabel with... but Annabel chose other wise. If she had to be honest with her self, the murdure crazed, torture loving self she is now was always inside of her, twisting her actions a little, but now that her father had become a man that could help her with what she wanted her true colors came out. Running away from her mother and to her Daddy at the age of 10 she then on was her true self. Her chaotic nature growing bolder and bolder with each passing offense and ass she grew. At the age of 15 she helped one of her daddy's associates rob a bank. She got captured though and was scentenced to 35 years in prison. Though that never happened... not a week after she was tried as an adult and incarcerated into prison she escaped, and all the data the government had on her was gone. All of it besides her name, detailed accounts of her offenses and crimes... and a warning of sorts saying "you tried and failed... not it's time for me to have fun." Since then she has been captured over 10 different times, each all ending in her escape within a month of incarceration and the same thing happening to her profile, all data gone except for her name, her crimes, and her warning to the government.


    Theme song:
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    First thought it was OP though. Second thought its fine with the weaknesses.
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    Jonathan Voltaire
    Basic Info
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    Name: Jonathan Carson Voltaire
    Nickname: Jon,
    Gender: Male
    Alias: Voltaire
    Classified as: Ex-Criminal turned Vigilante
    Age: 26

    Personality: Jonathan is fiercely loyal to those he cares for. So much to the point where he'd die trying to save them. He also cares a lot about family, and is very protective of his sister. Despite being blind in one eye, he is constantly aware of his surroundings and acutely tuned into all five of his senses. Due to past events in his life, Jonathan is very anti-social and reclusive, as well as distrustful and secretive.
    Likes: Horses/Horse-back Riding, Cars/Driving, Archery, Sword Play
    Dislikes: Cats, Cowards, Disloyalty, Criminals

    Jonathan Voltaire was born in Venice, Italy to Damien and Elizabetta Voltaire. They were poor and low class, struggling every day to stay afloat in a harsh modernized world. Six years after his birth, his mother conceived a second child. A daughter whom they named Juliana. Seven years after Juliana was born, their home was attacked by the leading Italian crime family. Their father's business had been struggling for years when suddenly, a year ago, it started booming. The change was due to a loan his father had borrowed from the family, and never given back. Their parents were murdered, and during the disarray, Jonathan took his sister and ran. For weeks, they hid in abandoned buildings and homeless shelters, avoiding the relentless criminals. But Jonathan was only thirteen years old, and Juliana was only seven. They couldn't stay in the shadows forever.

    Marco Bottiselli was a cruel, violent man, but he did have a soft spot for children. Upon seeing the young Voltaire children, he decided to raise them within the family, in their American-based branch. So they were sent across the Atlantic to Maple Pines. For five years, they were raised to be criminals, given skills to protect themselves on the streets. Juliana wasn't sent out on the streets the way Jonathan was, because of how young she was. But he was sent on his first assignment at fourteen. He made his first kill at fifteen, and his first armed robbery at sixteen. Throughout the years, he discovered a knack for archery, swordsmanship, crafting explosives, and hacking. So he honed these skills. By the time he was eighteen, he was beyond efficient with each. Three months after his eighteenth birthday, Jonathan was sent on a mission to silence a high profile witness. During the job, one of his men slipped up and the target's security was alerted. Jonathan got his men out, but was caught before he could escape himself.

    In the grip of the police, who knew all too well who he was and what he was capable of, he was offered a deal. Become a Secret Military Operative and utilize his skills in service of the U.S. Military, or spend the rest of his natural life in a cell. Jonathan had never been one to like being caged, so he agreed, and he was shipped to Afghanistan the following morning. Over the next six years, Jonathan became a different man. As a military operative whose main goal was to protect civilians, he saw the value of the good in someone. He fought many battles alongside men who became like brothers to him. For most missions, his injuries were dismal and easily healed, with no permanent damage to be left. Until his sixth year. His unit was tasked with diffusing an Afghan hostage situation and safely removing all hostages from a building decked out in high tech IED explosives. While the rest of his unit spoke to the radicals inside the building, Jonathan and a soldier named Kenneth Davis were sent inside through an alternate route. Their objective was to eliminate the hostiles and extract the civilians.

    But something went wrong. The unit leader miscalculated the number of hostiles inside the building, and Kenneth and Jonathan were caught. Upon seeing the soldiers, the lead radical detonated the bombs. The clock on the detonator read one minutes. Jonathan acted fast. He struck the men holding him with the butt of his gun, leading Kenneth to follow suit. Both soldiers shot down the rest of the radicals and then looked at the front door. It was steel, and locked, and with the thirty seconds they had to get the twenty-six civilians out, they couldn't break it down fast enough. So the decided to go through the glass windows. They got the civilians out with seven seconds to spare. Just enough time to get out. But one the radicals they had knocked out had awoken, and took the chance to fire a shot at Kenneth. The bullet struck his leg, leaving Jonathan with a choice to make. With five seconds on the clock, he could either leave Kenneth behind and save his own life, or get Kenneth out. If there was one thing the military had told him that had left an impression on Jonathan, it was to never leave a soldier behind. With one second on the clock, he passed Kenneth off to the soldiers outside and took a leap for the window. The blast detonated as he took the steps, and the force of it threw him several feet forward. He struck one of the military vehicles with enough force to knock him out cold.

    When he woke up in a military hospital in New Mexico, the doctors informed him of the damage that had been done. His right eye had been irreparably damaged, leaving him with red glass eye and no sight. The burns from the blast and the brain damage from the impact had been so bad that they'd placed him in a medically induced coma for nearly two months. When there was no sign of healing, they decided to inject him with experimental nanobot technology to save his life. A year after he was admitted, Jonathan was deployed back to Maple Pines. Before he left, they honored him with medals for his bravery, his service, and his accomplishments. His record was wiped clean, and he was free to return to his sister. The family was glad to see him again, and they didn't argue when Jonathan expressed his desire to recede from his place in the family. He stayed away from the criminal world for a couple of months before his sister convinced him to put his skills to use. But, his past still sticks with him, so rather than go back to being a criminal, he became a vigilante. For the last year, under the alias of Voltaire, Jonathan has established an identity of a normal guy during the day, and a skilled vigilante by night.
    Skills and Weaknesses
    • Hacking
    • Swordsmanship
    • Explosives
    • Archery
    • Impaired Depth Perception
    • Morality
    • Family
    Relations: TBA
    Others: He owns a Mixed Martial Arts gym and teaches forms of fighting such as Krav Maga, Karate, and Jujitsu. His red eye is his blind eye.
    Theme song: My Demons by Starset

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