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Fantasy The city of Gold and smoke... a medieval fantasy/isekai adventure

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
You ever heard about the city of Gold and smoke?
Its common among travellers to spread some form of this mystery. Nomads dehydrated from the hot sun ramble of it in a crazed manner, pirates sing about this fabled city full of death and treasure, adventurers claim to have seen it or even escaped with gold or power more amazing than anything found in this mortal world...

It was rare for the Dead Dragon to be this busy, the remote tavern was full of adventures, knomages and travellers of all sort. All drawn because of that mysterious tale of a city that's made of gold appearing from smoke...
Most wanting the chance to go themselves or at the very least gain a clue of it actually existing. Not many people alive speak truths of the city and even less can prove it exists, fortunately a few of those people are here at the DD for a drink.
"I can make that claim..." the bartender smirks before continuing.

"its true, a city of death and treasure... appearing from smoke, shining like gold. I never even got past the monsters roaming its outskirts." The bartender points to a exquisite gold sword hanging on the wall behind him. "That there was recovered by my daughter, twice the warrior i was. She managed to get in and escape but she lost a arm and a foot getting back... lost more in the long run."
Bartender drinks a full mug of ale and sighs "guess it runs in the family, my grandson plans on making the trip next. Big shot for a young lad, I taught him some tricks myself so its no surprise. Kids three times stronger than i ever was bahah...You mighta seen him outside beating up people, testing recruits for his adventure party so he says... I don't mind... its drawn a crowd and they come drink and eat to lick their wounds bahahah"

He wasn't wrong, a somewhat famous adventurer known as Waboe the swift was outside fighting and speaking about the legendary city with a small crowd. If one believes the rumours, Waboe has some way to enter the city...
"Oh those rumours are true" the bartender says smugly "young fool learned it from me, i told him not to go alone and this noise is the result..."
Waboe was hoping to create a party capable of not only surviving the city, but thriving in it. To fight and loot as a team receiving no casualties against the unknown... A impossible task as it sounds but a well rounded and skilled team prepared for danger should be able to conquer that city of gold hidden in smoke.
Or hopefully chip away at it with decent pace.
It's a medieval fantasy quest, in some ways a isekai. The players would make someone who joins a soon to be legendary party, that enters the smoke to find and adventure in the city of gold...
I usually do the same thing for all my rp's when it comes to magic but I'm kicking about a different soft magic system revolving around classes. With each character built on the idea they mix one or two for the best of two classes or a 10/10 power house of one. "Elite warrior" "Master crafter" etc

Warrior- standard fighting with hands and weapons that you can expect, magic they use revolving around enhancing themselves in some way temporarily or as special techniques with magical effects. "Boosting speed" "dragon slash"

Knomages- wizards who learned how to use magic items and spells usually related to combat via the elements or self preservation. "Fire ball" "detect presence"

Slysort- your top tier thieves and assassins, decent in a fight but preferring to be sneaky with items, techniques and even magic.
They say slysorts are just weak warriors, shit hunters, dumbass mages... they also say one on one against a slysort equals death...

Crafters- Smithing, cooking, building, inventing... Crafters don't usually fight on the front lines but they are useful to any party with the skills they bring. No one wins fights with damaged gear and empty stomachs. The magic they learn usually adheres to their best crafting talent, Creating stations/tools/items instantly.

Saints- the white mage, chosen by some higher power they can perform the miracle of banishing evil or healing oneself or another. They can heal and make barriers aswell as deal with undead/curses.

Hunter- like a warrior but more dealing with monsters and beasts. Not to say they aren't good in a battle as any other adventurer, at a distance a hunter is as fearsome as a Knomage... they have similar magic to a warrior,

Hoping for a party of six characters at most and three at the minimum. Rather players have a single character but I'm not overly against someone playing double. Main concern is people saying they want to join and then ditching once it starts.
As far as as post requirements ima say two paragraphs or more once a week, depending on how active players are a post order will be established so none get left behind or need a ton of catching up.

Ask questions or show enthusiasm below
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