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hero of magical girls

The day had passed by in what felt like a moment's notice. Teenaged Kaname Madoka had sat at her classroom desk, with fingertip absentmindedly drawing patterns along the surface whilst the teacher spoke. Although typically a stellar and attentive student, she recently felt somewhat detached: her head always in the clouds as she peered to the blue sky beyond the classroom's windows. When the homeroom assignment was given, she had spent far more time flipping her pencil between her fingers by the shaft than actually doing the work. Although she had felt a difference in the presence—or lack thereof—of her consciousness throughout the day, it hadn't been pointed out by either classmates nor teacher, who had taught the day's lesson with precision as always; the rhythmic squeaking of marker tip against the board being the only thing to keep Madoka slightly present.

Perhaps, she had just become accustomed to the excitement of the activities evening brought on, a feeling which brewed deep within as a sensation of butterflies at her stomach: wings frantically hitting the lining there as if attempting to escape and fly away. Her heart pounded at the thought of what would come that evening as well, and a gentle simper had at last made its way to her face. Knowing she had only a little bit to push through before then, she became alert for the remainder of that school day, at least being able to quickly write answers to written assignments, and verbally answer when called upon to do so. Yet still, all the while, the thought of indulging in whimsical combat with her friends whirled at the back of her mind.

It had been 18:30, and hanging aloft was a magnificent gradation of marigold and indigo within the skies, the clouds of the afternoon having since dispersed. There were no travelling planes nor migrating birds, only that vibrant hue, set alight by the sun which was lowering further and further towards the city skyline. This time of day was always somewhat fantastical to Madoka, with the way the lights flickered on in unison to guide the working man home. Even the cars rushing along the highway had turned their head and backlights on, the buildings lining them having done so as well. It was somewhat mesmerizing, the way the lights broke through the overcoming darkness, and she silently marvelled at it, even while walking alongside her group of friends which gleefully chatted amongst themselves.

Scarlet eyes left the scenery and returned to her clamoring friends, looking upon them with a soft smile. There was a warm feeling at her heart, and a peace which reverberated throughout it in a sort of ring. With such a sensation, she quickly recalled the joy and tranquility they brought to her, and the gratefulness she felt towards them by extension. Such feelings were quickly disregarded at the sight of white, floating squares just beyond the front of Mami's shoulder from the angle [Madoka] was currently at, although the geometric shapes were far into the distance, stemming from the window of a tall building. They floated away, sustaining themselves midair, before finally dispersing into nothingness once more. Madoka felt her blood run cold, heart dropping into the pit of her stomach at the sight.

"D.. Did you see that just then..? Mami-san..."
Madoka hesitantly peeped out, calling attention to it. And while Kyoko had looked over her shoulder to Madoka with protruding cheeks full of the blue ice pop she was devouring, asking what she was talking about, Sayaka however, would confirm it as well, and the group had made a dash towards it. Madoka would run with bent arms swinging delicately alongside her bosom, in contrast to Sayaka and Kyoko—both of whom she envied—courageously sprinted with intent. Sayaka was leading the chase, and she had opted to go up the stairs, likely due to the wait whilst in an elevator; naturally, Madoka would follow after her, making sure that no one had lingered behind.

When Sayaka pushed open the door, there was a woman at a desk, her face pressed into her hands. Her sob was inaudible, although her shoulders shook, and teardrops fell between her fingers. A plethora of papers were stacked alongside her keyboard, the computer screen being set alight although only glowing white.
"Those came from here, then..?"
Madoka questioned aloud in regards to the squares she had seen, although to no one in particular. It wasn't long before the clock along the wall had stopped ticking, and the woman's sniffling had followed suit. Madoka's lips pursed with expectation, her stomach spinning with anxiety, although determination and resolve guiding her.

The computer screen's light bursted outwards, enveloping the office room's interior in a haze of white. In reflex, a small chirp of
had left Madoka as she turned away: shielding her eyes with her forearm. When she unveiled her eyes, the white had slowly peeled into grotesquely meshed together patchwork, the woman having taken the shape of a humanoid rabbit with spindly limbs, its face being stilled although eerie in appearance. Its body was floral pattern, although the flowers moved as if a breeze was brushing passed their petals, swaying to and fro interminably. It adorned lace around its neck and wrists, a look which was only comparable to that of a doily. Its eyes were of blue buttons, the right moving clockwise, and the other counterclockwise.

In a ring-forming array overhead were pink flowers with lips from them, they spoke, although incoherently and at once, making Madoka grimace with displeasure. Their words came out in jumbled characters, floating towards the quintet. As if on cue, Madoka brought out her soul gem, putting it to her chest; a burst of pastel pink light enveloped her for but a moment. When she reemerged, she was no longer adorning her seifuku, but a brilliant dress with a bell shape, emphasized by a fluffy petticoat beneath the petal motif draping from the bodice. Her heels were a bright apple red, with bows at the backs: mimicking the bows at her hips. A bow would emerge from bright pink light, popping into her hand. And with that, she'd jump from letter to letter, somewhat clumsily, as there were a couple of stumbles.

She watched the other girls at work, and particularly, Mami, who moved so gracefully even during combat. She was so well put together at all times, even during combat, it was hard to keep one's eyes off of her. She had tact and poise, and knew exactly what to do at the perfect moments, a feat which contrasted the clumsy Madoka, who often hesitated to make her move. It was notable, however, that she had slowly gotten more comfortable since fighting alongside the Quintet, though she felt more like a support at times—something she didn't mind. Fighting with her friends like this.... although the disorder of the environment was a bit unnerving, knowing that her friends were there to do it with her brought her peace, and even at a time like this she felt happy.

Still leaping from character to character, she conjured a bright pink arrow, aiming it for one of the mouths overhead. The rest of the girls would likely aim for the main enemy, although getting the spoken projectiles to stop would certainly assist them.
"All of the things your superiors may have said..."
She started, hoping that the woman would be able to hear her words, even in her current state.
"You don't have to bear them alone..!"
Lips pursed as she shot another arrow.
"That's why...!"
A breath as she jumped again.
"You don't have to fi.... Ah!"
Her own monologue was interrupted by a sudden exclamation as she slipped from the letter she had attempted to land on, falling towards the seemingly bottomless pit of patchwork below.

Instinctually, she extended a hand upwards as if coaxing someone to rescue her.

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graceful jewel

Patchwork endeavors are not to be taken lightly; the strength of one's heartache, threatening corruption and disarray - it's a tragic sight, truly. Yet, there'd come a satisfaction like no other - as the weight of despair was taken from its host, dispelled by toughened ribbons and arrows. To see a young girl, or exhausted father resting as soundly as they should, would always be a rewarding feat. Especially...when she had others to share the afterglow with. To chain her bullets so they could follow the target more efficiently, or to intertwine hope and devotion; ribbons dancing across a false sky. While that's not what it was all intended for...it's much better than shouldering it all alone.

Much, much better...So whenever Mami had found her focused eyes wandering, meeting one of her teammates from across the classroom - she couldn't help but offer a knowing smile. Not just her - none of them would ever have to take anything alone, ever again...that is - until their eyes dance too much, earning them some well-deserved revising. Stifling a titter at the thought, she returned to her day work.

When the hours had cascaded, such mirth could ricochet throughout the quintet much more freely. Inquiries about just what the class had gone over that could be genuine or not - earning lighthearted scoffs, that would evolve into giggles once more. Just as the sky, she yearns for this to be so endless - let such loneliness continue to be foreign, let me be swathed in this warmth forevermore. Ah, but even the sweetest of tea parties have their interruptions - causing the jubilation upon Mami's countenance to disperse, replaced with a more mature expression.

"I did, yes,"
If the others had seen it as well...then there's no mistaking it. With a call of
'let's go!'
, she made haste to the source of resounding heartache. It'd been a woman consumed by weariness, which continued to consume her surroundings in turn - to such, would the seasoned magical girl stand firmly. Mami's brows furrowed, as they witnessed it yet again - amalgamations sprouting forth, dreams of flowers and rabbits tainted with protruding eyes, garbled words - likely resembling the woman's experience at work. Leers from her superiors, rumors spread about - nightmares come to life. Not for long, though; not with everyone here, hearts pounding as one.

It'd be a lullaby for these creatures - deafening them with reaffirmations of optimism, taking the form of gunshots and slices through the miasmic air. Retrieving her soul gem, Mami let its light bestow upon her, her battle wear - ruffles dancing into fruition, fur sprouting from a new cap - granting her an esteemed disposition. No matter what, though - they will banish these nightmares, time and time again. Those of Mitakihara City will have their 'sweet dreams'.

Whilst other hues bounced around in the corners of her eyes, Mami casted herself into the air - rifles descending from her skirt, which she swiftly took hold of. The flowers' mouth area had resembled that of shooting targets, a similarity Mami would take advantage of. Rapidly did her bullets circle the entourage, miniature flowers bursting after every hit, carrying meanings of merriment. Discarding her emptied weapons, she'd assist her teammates from afar, ribbons extending from an outstretched hand.

All the while, Mami maintained a composed smile - confident in their joined abilities. It'd lengthen as Madoka's words reverberated through the nonsense and gunfire; ah, that girl...always doing her best to cheer up others, no matter what she was facing. That'd be her downfall at times, such as now - in a rather literal sense.
Hearing Madoka's speech had ascended into an outcry, Mami lunged her attention downwards - ribbons spiraling below her, now secured around the other girl's hand.

When they had hoisted Madoka upwards, the older girl would do the same - guaranteeing her safety with a firm smile.
"Come, we're almost through!"
Dancing between deformities that served as platforms, Mami led her to the others - being sure to shoot any obstacles that'd appear, keeping her close friend safe in the process. Though she's no longer a mere apprentice, such mannerisms are embedded in golden blood; as long as she's around, she'll never allow them to get hurt - by a Nightmare, no less.

Gently, did she dismiss Madoka's hand once they reunited with their teammates. Entranced by the Nightmare within their circle, Bebe tumbled down to follow - and thus, the realm was on its final layer of patchwork. Melodies of fruits and treats would then infuse the room, delicacies pirouetting into the Nightmare's maw.

Even in something like this, they were always in sync when facing such creatures - something Mami was fond of. Teamwork had been such a phenomenon to her, so long ago...with every tussle, those days grow more and more distant - if dispelling the Nightmares cleansed her magical self, then laughing around with everyone cleansed her 'normal' self. The fluorescence of everyone's will would overpower the woman's despair, or at least, most of it - enough to bid her a good night's rest.

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hero of magical girls

As though on cue, ribbon of canary yellow spiraled from overhead, extending themselves to Madoka's own outstretched hand, tightly wrapping around her palm. Mami's skillfulness with her weapon would allow her to lift the latter to safety with ease, a feat which the aforementioned still felt mild surprise at. No matter how many times she saw her in action, the senior magical girl's tact was something that couldn't be discredited nor taken away by any means. Such line of thinking would be reflected in the way Madoka somewhat bashfully stuttered out "M.. Mami-san.." with slightly widened eyes as she looked upwards towards the addressed, locking gazes with the kind golden that peered down at her. Even that look alone, with her complimentary soft smile upon her lips, was enough to reassure Madoka of her own safety: the fear she had felt just a moment ago dispersing.

A gentle haze of red bloomed across the apple of her cheeks, lips which remained partially agape with wonder meekly shutting with a loss of words. Although having been preoccupied with her own task, she had—without missing a beat—still managed to extend her graciousness towards Madoka, rescuing her from her own slip up. As effortlessly as ever, Mami danced along the scattered array of grotesque arrangements, still holding Madoka close, whose lips were pursed with embarrassment at her own fault, as well as the lessened proximity between the two. Although she had gotten used to fighting the Nightmares, and assisting Mami in combat, this predicament was one seldom experienced since her introduction to the world of magical girls, and brought a series of unrhythmic palpitations beneath cage of bone.

"Come! We're almost through!"

Right. There was still a Nightmare to defeat. In the midst of her own whirl of frantic thoughts, she had momentarily disregarded that. Being reminded by Mami's courageous nature, Madoka nodded firmly. "Mm!" She buzzed affirmatively, her own feet gawkily followed that of Mami's as they safely landed upon the largest platform, having at last regrouped with the other three girls there. With heels clicking beneath her, steady standing now, a hand habitually curled at the center of her bosom; she would look towards the older girl with a gentle simper having etched itself into the length of her lips. "Thank you, Mami-san.." She spoke through that still prevailing smile, being sure to express her gratitude for the other's chivalry. She nodded gently whilst speaking as if to confirm those were her earnest feelings.

Digits uncurled at her chest, lifting slightly so that she could gaze at her palm, the warmth of Mami's own hand lingering there. Her attention shifted quickly, however, to Bebe who had made quite the endearing entrance as she keeled towards the Nightmare, trapped within the halo of magical girls that surrounded it. With a light giggle, Madoka would watch as the delicious foods waltzed into the Nightmare's open jaw, the somewhat lowbrow looking rabbit figure audibly chewing it with apparent profound fondness. She was unfazed by Bebe, whose true form would erupt from her gullet, a large serpentine like silhouette with a Cheshire grinning expression plastered upon the white of her face. Eyes of vibrant rings peered from girl to girl, until landing upon the Nightmare, now trapped within a translucent platter which had overcome it.

Bebe's cobalt tongue trailed over her lips as if to wet them with anticipation for the meal to come, the girls all taking turns singing a tune all too akin to that of a morbid nursery rhyme. The fruits the girls addressed to themselves would promptly—and forcibly—pry open the Nightmare's jaws as they said them. When Madoka's turn came up, she sang sweetly, "No, I'm not the cake!" as she hid her face behind gloved palms, head still tilting side to side to the rhythm of their song. "I'm the melon! When the melon breaks in two, it creates a sweet dream." She had sung these lyrics perhaps five too many times, though it seemed to keep Bebe's ravenous appetite at bay. She didn't sing the lyrics which followed, although joined in once more at the final refrain.

"Such a round and plump cake... Bon appetit!"

With that she took a step back, watching as a large myriad tier cake towered suddenly; Bebe descending in spirals around the platform, only to devour the cake—and Nightmare by extension—as she ascended upwards again in a rush. Once Bebe had engorged herself on the plentiful tiers of cake, Madoka took it upon herself to jump gently onto the black of Bebe's flexuous body, the excess of frosting and stuffing exiting her nostrils. Perhaps in response to Madoka's weight upon her body, Bebe spat out a masticated sphere of the woman's face, cheeks still stained with the shadows of tears. Madoka took it in her arms, a hand coming to caress the chestnut strands upon it.

"It's been really hard for you, right?" Madoka started in a purr, garnering the woman's eyes to open and gaze toward her. "The things you may have heard... none of that matters anymore," A finger twirls at a hair strand which was pulled back into a ponytail. "If they rely on you for so much work, you must be great at your job." She hummed, eyes slipping shut. "You can wake up knowing there's a place where you're loved... and cherished... and respected.." Petting the crown of her head again softly, she continued. "There are people there for us when we need them: our friends... and our family members, too.."

It was then that she slightly lifted the head towards the sky, watching it float towards a slowly increasing light, the tears upon her cheeks fading as they dried. "You can definitely do it if you don't give up! So.. don't take on so much by yourself anymore." She encouraged with a head tilt and complimentary smile, eyes closing gleefully as though to bid her farewell. The light the woman's head had floated towards enveloped her, leaving sparkles which cascaded down. It was then that Madoka felt a warmth at her chest, the pink emblem there becoming more vibrant for the remaining few seconds of the labyrinth. With a poof, the space was no longer, and they had returned to the office: the woman asleep at her desk with her head resting upon folded arms.

Madoka giggled softly at the sight. "Good night!" She said softly, her get up dispersing as the last bit of the setting sun's rays met her form. It bade its own goodbyes at the dip of the horizon, soon to disappear completely. Nightfall was soon to be upon them.

Gasping lightly as if having remembered something, Madoka spun on her heel towards Mami. "Um!" She started, rose eyes briefly breaking the exchanged eye contact as they flickered away with apparent nervousness. Her fingers wrung together in a similar manner, although gaze reverted to meet the other's once more. "Thank you for earlier, Mami-san.." She thanked again, lips pursing for a moment after. A hand came up to the back of her neck sheepishly, a light laugh escaping her. "That was a really stupid mistake I made earlier, so.." She lulled, voice dwindling into silence.

"Ah!" An interjection as arm fell back in front of her, fingers attending to their wringing once more. "Do you think we could head over to your place for some tea, Mami-san? The chamomile was really delicious last time!" Her attention turned to Sayaka, head following suit as she spoke.

"Ah, well...! Kyoko and I are gonna head home for a little while. Kyoko's got some catching up to do, so.. y'know..." She'd laugh as Kyoko let out a seemingly irritated 'Oi!' the two bantering through laughter even as they exited the premises, Madoka having nodded and emitting a small "Mm!" in confirmation that she heard, and had understood. She waved goodbye with a smile, a gesture returned by the two other girls before their presences had fully left the vicinity. The newer of the five, transfer student Homura, had been fidgeting with one of her long braids, stuttering out her own meek departure before making a run for the stairwell.

Alone with Mami now, the silence became more apparent between the two, and Madoka felt a bit awkward about it. Noting that silently, she opted to attempt to make small conversation. "Do you think there will be a lot of Nightmares tonight again?"

{ooc: I can't recall the source at the moment, but I read that the Cake Song is something they do frequently for Bebe, so I included it here! I hope you don't mind.}

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graceful jewel

In the end, such things could be attributed to...corruption. Hadn't been as though this woman meant to be so disastrous - rather, submissive to the social hierarchy of her work...another victim. Their beloved comrade seemed to understand that the most, as she cradled the woman's weakened form - almost motherly with her rhythmic caresses, lulling her into a night's moment of serenity. Mami relished in the sight, touched by the display of unconditional kindness.

That's their Madoka. No matter what she herself had faced, a confident smile always found its way upon delicate features sooner or later. It'd be wholehearted, as well - much unlike the veteran. For she was the one to scrape together slivers of hope, tying it together with lashes that'd flutter above a false look of certainty. Is this what others mean by, 'the student has outdone the master'?

Nevertheless, the weight of tonight and prior trevails would dissipate from their respective soul gems - timed well with a pleased sigh from Mami, as though she had blown it away herself. Haha, if only that could be the case; yet, this is what they're bound to. They can leave their own daydreams for later tonight; a tea party is in order, after all. The older girl's ringlets would sway as she turned her head to Madoka - and soon, bounce as she released a light giggle.
"It's quite alright, but do be more aware of your surroundings next time, okay? Otherwise, what else are we going to do without our little peacemaker?"

Lowering the hand that arose to mirthful lips, Mami relaxed further. "That sounds perfect. I just recently purchased some more, so we can indulge in chamomile to our heart's content." Or, at least, the two of them could - as her attention trailed to the others, momentary confusion would be cleansed by an understanding smile.
"Well, you two girls have your fun. Don't be too hard on each other."
Stubborn as Kyoko could be, she's capable of just as much ferocity - unfitting of this more relaxed atmosphere. Waving farewell to the others, Mami returned her focus to the pink heroine.

What a duo they are...both selfless to a fault, though only one's eventual confidence would be genuine. Despite being much older, she saw the other girl as someone to depend on - in triumphs and losses, battles and walks home. The arrows that were Madoka's words had long since pierced her friends heart - yet in the most sweetest way, allowing her to share that bliss with her. Even if they constantly had to look over their shoulders, at least they were together when doing so.

"Hm...well, I wouldn't be surprised...Being the magical girls that we are, we should also be on our guards often. I feel we all were a little surprised back there, don't you think?"
Hopefully Kyoko, Sayaka, and Homura were faring well on their routes home...well, if even the slightest roar of a Nightmare reaches their ears - they'll be sure to get right back to business. Speaking of ears - familiar babbling would reach Mami's own, as her companion hopped from limb to limb - now clinging onto her shoulder, almost as if affirming her thoughts. Nuzzling the sort-of-mascot briefly, Mami continued,
"If we do end up coming across any remaining nightmares, we'll give it our best; I know we will. Even if it's just the two of us."

When it does come to battle, they've proved to work well a multitude of times - giving the Nightmares somewhat of a performance as their respective elegance illuminated the misshapen domain. Really, after the ever-talkative Bebe...she'd say she feels closest to the more gentle girl.
"Now then, are you still up for tea, Kaname-san? If so, then that chamomile's not going to drink itself!"

( ooc : not at all ! it's an endearing part of the film, so i had tried to incorporate it as well. ^^ you described it beautifully ! )

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hero of magical girls

Madoka had hardly noticed the lingering scrutinization of adoration from Mami as she had taken to comforting the office worker, her attention only turning to the latter once she had finished doing so in order to thank her. She was entranced by the other's poise as she dismissed the expressed gratitude with a soft smile all too typical of her, words escaping her in an almost melodic lilt so warm that Madoka almost felt embraced by her words. Her expression was somewhat aloof as she mulled in thought, though she would visibly tense once being praised, hands raising to wave in front of her face with a simultaneous shake of the head.

"That's too kind of you to say, Mami-san!" She retorted bashfully with similarly flushing cheeks as they had begun to bear a pale rosy haze amongst their apples. "If anything, I probably just cause a bit of trouble for you all.." She'd lightly laugh as one hand lowered to her side, though the other swiping at the nape of her neck. "I mean!" She starts again suddenly, "If it wasn't for you, Mami-san, then I don't know what would have happened, really..!" Madoka would admit, though would do so through a teeth bearing smile with a complimentary breathy laugh.

The topic had changed with Madoka's smooth derail as she mentioned the potential Nightmares to come, and her expression dwindled as she heeded Mami's words carefully, processing every one that was spoken. She mused to herself at the same time, nodding firmly—however—to physically show that she was listening. At the older's hindmost remark, the subsided blush would return for a long few seconds before beginning to fade into the rest of her golden undertoned skin. "Mm!" Madoka would agree with a firm nod, hand delicately resting at her bosom habitually whilst lips thinned into a closed-lip simper.

At Mami's implied willingness to invite her, Madoka perked up with a raise to the tips of her toes before rocking back, at the same time reaching for the other's hand to guide her forward. She jogged quickly down the stairwell from which they had come from earliers, being sure to glance to make sure Mami hadn't stumbled along the way, slowing to a halt once they reached the exiting doors which she pushed open with a single hand. It was then that she released Mami's hand, spinning on her heel to face her and wordlessly coaxing her to walk alongside her with a momentarily jovial close of the eyes before proceeding forward.

"Your house is in this direction, right, Mami-san?" She'd ask to confirm with an inquisitive cock of the head. Fingertips touch the opposing hand's in a pyramid shape, bouncing lightly in timing with the content pep in her steps. "I always wondered how you managed to get such a nice flat, and maintain it too..." She pondered absentmindedly with wonder audible in the musing inflections in her tone. A hand with loosely curled digits came to the side of her head, knuckles nestling at the pale petunia locks there as she rubbed at the temple there.

Hands returned to their former loose prism shape as she offered Mami another closed-eye smile. "It's just you and Bebe, isn't it?" Upon asking this her eyelids opened with haste and eyes turned toward Mami's profile. "I-I'm sorry if that was sudden! I just noticed no one else was there, is all..." Copper irises fell to gaze upon now writhing fingers, her brows furrowing slightly. Her simper hadn't faltered, though she seemed somewhat downcast in overtone now.

"It must be really lonely then, right?" A breath. "That's why I always feel a bit happy when we can spend time like this.. So maybe you feel relieved of some of that loneliness." As if to empathize further and attempt to feel that sort of warmth in the present herself, Madoka's eyes slipped shut in a tranquil flutter and her head elevated slightly.

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Sunlit giggles scatter in their surroundings like dust; yet, the girlish melody held not a single condescending note. Rather, it'd been of fondness; the canary veteran finding herself in a moment of serenity, albeit a fleeting one. Even so, Mami's goodwill itself would never waver. Moments of self-deprecation, no matter how soft-spoken - are refuted the moment they dare to meet her ears. Nonetheless, shared walk is a calming one; and the evening is sure to be further eased by a nice cup of tea. Following such an expectedly unexpected battle, chamomile is surely the best solution to lingering anxieties. Even the diligent quintet need their beauty sleep as well, after all!

Relaxed steps carry with them an air of grace; not a single stumble in sight as Mami keeps conversation with her companion.
"Mhm; just this way."
Reassuring smile would be sent Madoka's direction, sprinkled with gold and sincerity. For a moment, Mami wondered if she had lingered on the other girl's expression for a touch too long. Tomoe Mami was a perfect blend of modest and confident, yet...it's been a curious feat to her as of late; how fixated she became upon Madoka, a fixation stretching far past that of mentorship.

This bittersweet garden of anomalies blooming in her chest tinged blush pink, Madoka pink — it left Mami pensive, before she swept those thoughts away with a dismissive 'hm'. This attachment is surely due to the time they've spent together, no?

...Of course, she who could collapse beneath the weight of her own emotions - had she not fortified the mature impression others had of her - isn't that oblivious. Why such ripples occurred in Mami's chipped-teacup heart...she knows precisely why - still, it's...not right for her to think that way. Being the magical girls that they are, they already have enough on their plates - besides...despite her guiding role, frills secrete cowardice.
"I suppose you could say it's inherited; I manage those funds wisely to keep things prim and proper for our little tea parties."
Truth ascends into a lighthearted jest, pleasant expression maintained regardless.
"Aha, it's quite alright...You'd be correct. Just Bebe and I; lonely as it may seem, though, she certainly acts like quite the crowd."
Yet another half-tease. Nevertheless, as Bebe resounded upon her shoulder, Mami offered her roommate an appreciative caress.

Mami's carefully threaded composure threatened to unravel, however; with Madoka...well, simply being herself. Nothing more, yet, not at all anything less. Lips agape for a moment, as though waiting for the right words to come to her - but friendship doesn't work like that, does it? There...will always be moments in which you're reminded of the self you hide; for the bonds we make triumph all else. Reminded of such, her footsteps diminish. How Madoka can say these things with that kind of certainty, so matter-of-factly...ah, some senior she is.

"...I'm happy, too."
A sunflower's sigh; Tomoe Mami's everlasting gratitude,
"...Thank you, Kaname-san."

Resumed steps eventually bring them to the Tomoe residence; its door held for Madoka's convenience.
"I'll get started on that tea, so, you can just make yourself right at home. Is there anything else you'd like, Kaname-san?"
To whom she was speaking just had to be made known - lest babbles of cheese spiral about in the apartment, overpowering any chance to speak. Nonetheless, as to not entirely isolate Bebe, Mami would reassure the longtime companion that she would certainly be reunited with a cheesy treat - much to her multicolored delight.

All was truly said and done with a few gentle clinks of cutlery and a relieved sigh from Mami, satisfied with today's productivity. Slowly, but surely, had the sky's tuscan hues descended into enchanting darkness; and to a magical girl, that meant only but one thing. Eyes lingered upon the window contemplatively, before drifting to the fellow heroine. Were their eyes to meet, a content smile would be offered. Isn't going to chide her what had occurred earlier so suddenly; while obliviousness in battle is something to be improved on, come a day where she's without a woven rescue - it's just as true that they're diligent as ever.
"I do say, chamomile is best after finishing up a Nightmare, isn't it? Especially after having being caught off our guards like that...Still, we can't afford to get too relaxed."

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