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Realistic or Modern 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑪𝑨𝑳𝑳𝑰𝑵𝑮: 𝑳𝑶𝑹𝑬


le reveur

𝟚𝟘𝟘𝟘𝕤 𝕓𝕒𝕓𝕪 𝕡𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕥𝕪𝕡𝕖 𝕧𝕚𝕓𝕖𝕤
❝ the calling. ❞

Long ago multiple gods and goddesses came together to create a safe space for their offspring and descendants. A place where they could learn of their heritage without the fear of being discovered or getting attacked by various monsters hanging over their heads . A place where they were free to be themselves and learn to slay the monster terrorizing individuals around the around. And so Mythos Academy was born.
demigods/legacies .

Demigods, or half-bloods, are a race of beings who are half-mortal, half-god. They possess mortal souls and are vulnerable to old age and death though longer than average human lifespans; however, their godly blood endows them with special abilites that allow them to achieve feats usually not possible by humans. Upon reaching the island Demigods will be recognized and place within a dorm with other like them. For example a child of Zeus would share a dorm with a child of Thor. Demigods have no prior knowledge of their parents, seeing as all of the deities up and leave when they are infants or while their significant other is still pregnant. They don’t reveal themselves to their human lovers. The Demigods find out about their divine heritage at the age of 18, when their powers manifest. During this time they are often attacked by monsters if their divine blood is strong.

Legacies are called as such due to being a mortal grandchild or further descendant of a particular deity, for example having three mortal grandparents and one godly grandparent. Legacies only count the god they are decedent of as an ancestor rather than that deity's parents or grandparents, for example, a legacy of Ares/Mars is not considered a legacy of Zeus/Jupiter. Few legacies are shown to sometimes have the abilities of their divine ancestor, such as descendants of Periclymenus having the ability to shapeshift. Not every legacy has abilities due to their divine blood diluting more and more after every generation of reproducing with mortals. While it’s not talked about there is definitely a classism between the demigods and the legacies, seeing as legacies are more human and their divine blood is diluted. There are many legacies in the world, not all are chosen to attend mythos. However, it is possible to be a legacy of two ancestral combinations. And some legacies have been known to be on par with demigods. Legacies are more likely to know about their heritage, if their family traces their history or their parents are demigods themselves. If that is the case they are not told until 18.

Students get their visions and attend the school when they turn 18, when they graduate from high school. During this time their powers and any extra appendages or features (ex: wings ) manifest. When picking a god/goddess, think of their forms. Deities who can shape-shift into animals are fine. But purely animal Deities are not. An example would be Ammit. Deities portrayed with animal heads are also fine. Such as Ra, Bast and the like. No primordial deities or the 12 original Titans.


Mythos Academy was placed within an island in the Bermuda Triangle. The school is located in the middle of a mountain forest, with a variety of natural features like woodlands, meadows, streams, lakes, and beaches. Mythos is over 30,000 acres with 20 classroom facilities and 20 residence halls, not to mention the buildings dedicated to things like swimming, eating, and other non academic activities.

The Island is also home to the town of Fortis, which is home to many of the staff of Mythos. The town is filled with and run by mythical creatures of many backgrounds. And over the years has become more modern. It’s a popular place for those who wish to leave the school in order to shop or simply relax.

The only way to reach or leave the island is via ghost shop, ran by a undead pirate crew and complete with a kraken companion. There are secret ports around the world for students to gather. These ports can only be found by the those who have been shown the map by a deity.


Home to the students associated with beings of nature, fertility, the seasons, and elements. Silva is a beautiful building surrounded by plants both supernatural and not.

Students associated with beings of death, the underworld, and darkness, are placed here. Labeled at the creepiest of the dorms, Mortem is a gothic style building and always seems to have a draft within. It’s rumored that the building is haunted

For those associated with knowledge and learning, Cognitionis has the biggest library out of all the dorms and is known for hosting strict study sessions amongst the students.

Those associated with the arts call Artem home, from poems to music, theatre, and dance. Definitely the more rowdy of the dorms. Artem is known for the wild parties that are thrown inside.

For those associated with magic. The Magicae dorm is by far the...oddest. Students who are placed in this dorm are often time pranksters.

This dorm is home to legacy students, also tauntingly called Infirmi and Hominum.

For those who come from a gods known for their strength and prowess when it comes to war. They’re also those who come from beings of divine justice and retribution. Some of the academy’s best athletes reside in Viribus.

For those who are associated with deities is sleep and the moon. Somnum is the most peaceful and comfortable of the dorms. It is filled with soothing scents and colors, silk sheets and extremely comfortable lounge furniture.

For those associated with deities of the night sky, from the moon to the stars. Stellae deals with all things astrology. The dorm has many balconies and great views of the night sky. Inside the ceiling has the appearance of a starry night.

Chariot Racing
Mythos Gladiators
Nature Club
Literature Club
Culinary Club
Competitive Swimming
Art Club
Music Club
Mythos Choir
Dance Team
Archery Club
Fight Club

— lore.
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