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Fandom The Cabin between worlds: A Rest stop for all adventures.

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LGTBQ Friendly, Multiverse


a determined artist
Need a temporary escape from your life, worn down from your adventures. We are pleased to invite you to stay at our personal home away from home. No need to worry about your world as everything will be as you left if when you decide to return. We hope you enjoy your stay.

On the back of the letter you received contained rather simple directions; only asking you to walk while thinking about the cabin.
The further you walk the more time around you slows, your head starts to spin and vision blurs. You find yourself in a clearing at the center of a forest. In the center stood a large log cabin, windows illuminated by an orange glow.
Contrasting the dark on cold woods outdoors, indoors was much warmer with a fireplace and chandelier lighting the room.
You find you're not the only one here.

From my different attempts at a Multiverse RP I find that most I made in the past seem to die within the month, either due to a player dropping out and no one knowing what to do, players becoming inactive or disinterested ( I might not have been able to provide them with enough to keep them interested) I decided to design an RP for a more casual setting.
This RP is designed for people to be able to enter and drop out at any time and is centered more on interacting with others rather than an overarching story that could end up losing momentum and thus losing the interest of the players leading to a dead end.
This is also a good place for people to try out new characters in a casual environment to get a good feel for them. Or decide they don't find the character interesting enough to continue playing
While this is centered around existing fandom characters I see no reason why OC's can't join.
Rules are a WIP but I'm sure you should already know what common decency is.

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