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Fantasy ▐⋆⊱THE BRASS CANINE: Britannica Lost OOC [ Public Welcome! ]

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Thirteenth Mystic ♥Art by Peritwinkle♥

Hello RPN! Welcome to the Brass Canine, the OOC for Britannica Lost!
We have a private Discord OOC for the players, but we understand there are
a ton of readers and we would love to interact and get to know you all!

So please, come in, say hello, and stay a while!

As always:
1. Follow the RPN Rules;
2. Please be respectful of one another. Drama and being ill-mannered (hate speech, discrimination,
racism, gaslighting, and general rude behaviour) have absolutely zero tolerance. You will be reported;

3. We are a Safe Place and are LGBTQ+ friendly;
4. Have fun!

If you are interested in joining the RP, please visit our
Character Thread where you
can find our Application and Available Roles! We are always open to new OC
creations as well, so please don't be shy! If you have a question or concern, DM
Luxura Luxura or AntarcticRomantic AntarcticRomantic at any time <3


🌧 pluviophile 🌧 art: peritwinkle
Oooooooooo. It smells so wonderful and fresh in here, I love it :blowkiss: :hearteyes:
Howdy howdy to any and all of the RPN lovelies who may be reading along!
Please. Chat with us. Elias and I beckon you (and Nascha would say hi too but she's probably busy rn rolling in catnip)



Thirteenth Mystic ♥Art by Peritwinkle♥
Oh yes; that new thread smell! <3
I can already tell the amount of gifs in this
thread will break the system. 🤣

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