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Fantasy the blues in the night.

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mochi bun

the blues in the night ———

a woman will sweet talk, and give you the big eyes.

[ rp between mochi bun and star … ]
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mochi bun

A jester who lost his charm ; — Moonsik has a reputation amongst his regular patrons. A stoic creature who barely flinches when someone brands a gun at his face or screams at the top of their lungs. A life of heartache and loss has led him down a bath of booze and self-destructive tendencies that leaves him mostly numb to those around him. Those who cast concerned looks, who moon and awe over him or open their hearts get double-crossed and cast aside to rot with the rest of the poor cast of characters from his past.

full name
Choi Moon-sik


cis male



June 7th
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When it comes to Moonsik, there's a certain consternation that hangs heavily on his shoulders. He's not very talkative and doesn't find much that interests him. He's good at earning tips, knows when to laugh or joke with the best of them; but, at the end of the day, he is a lone wolf who is unbothered by almost everyone he encounters.

Deep down, there's a sweet young man who doesn't know what he wants in life. It seemed fate was the thing that forced his hand and led him to follow the path the other people around him had already made for him. He's space-y at times due to his imagination that he relies a lot on when boredom creeps over the bar.
// TW: death, self-harm.

Moonsik was born in America to a lovely mom and an absentee dad. He filled the role of being the 'man in the house' and developed an unhealthy dependency on his mom. The pair went through hell-and-back to keep themselves above water when it came to having a roof over their heads. When he was a teenager, he found out his mother had gone to the local don in the largest gang in the city and had begged for money to help pay off their house. When the debt collectors came banging on their door, it left his mother stressed.

When he came home a few weeks later, he found him mom unconscious with her once-full sleeping pill prescription bottle next to her. She was unable to be resuscitated and was left in a coma. Moonsik was besides himself. When the debt collectors came again, he told them he had taken on her debt and he couldn't pay. The pair called their boss who gave him two options—come work for him or be killed.

So, with little fanfare, he went off to work at the mob boss' new bar that had opened in the rich part of town. With the money he earned, he decided to use the small amount of money he got to keep to pay for his mother's medical bills.

When he turned twenty-one, he found himself becoming interested in the alcohol he served. Ever since then, he became addicted to how easy it became to forget his shitty reality.
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mourning star

rage against the dying of the light.
Tallulah 'Lula' Fabre.
the singer.
  • i
    full name
    Talullah Genevieve Fabre.
    Lula, Talu, Genny, Vi.
    Twenty-two years old.
    date of birth
    December 22nd.
    Cis female.
    Bisexual & Pan-romantic.
    French & Armenian.
    Lounge Singer.
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