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Fantasy The Black Seer (Detailed)


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Seeking an incredibly descriptive partner to RP a male character with me in a high fantasy world I have created (think Taverns, dungeoning, elves, dwarves, magic, bad evil people, and of course... ROMANCE <3):

(Textwall warning!! ANDARUN - A World Reborn (wip)) <- Not mobile friendly, sorry :o

1. This is not a first come first serve basis. I will take my time to look for my ideal partner <3 apologies if you get rejected. I tend to be more strict when doing 1 x 1's, so if you're interested, please send me your CV sample posts.
2. Detailed RP. I'm not the best RPer out here, neither do i expect short stories with each of your posts. Sometimes all our characters want to do is say... "yup". That's it. So I get it if the situation calls for a short post! But I do expect some effort and thought into your posts. AND I don't want to have to get annoyed with simple grammar mistakes. Occasional slip ups are totally fine, but PLEASE, no: your = you're, they = their = they are/they're and other such avoidable nonsense.
3. Will work on the story setting when interest picks up. If all goes well, I may convert this into a small group RP! For starters I'll be playing a female character from the Deadlands, and we'll be going on a quest to save ... people... or something like that.
4. 2-3 posts per week is all I ask for, and notifications if you're busy.
5. Be comfortable with romance elements, within rpn rules of course. Sorry, I'm just a sucker for romance.

Happy Questing!

P.s. Sorry if this interest check is stupidly boring, I just used up all my creative juices adding lore to the thread D:

You will need a CS as below, if you're interested in joining! Please do not create overly powerful characters ^3^ It'll be more fun if we're weaker, no? (also include sample posts)
You're free to pick a character and class from any of the three lands. Just no legends of course.
Try to include at least one high quality art to aid in the description of your character!

Brielle Blightwood
Age: 26
Race: Vanharen human
Home City: Serahaz
Class: Black Seer
Appearance: Brielle has long raven black hair which falls just below her shoulders. Her eyes are equally dark, and her ruby red lips contrasts starkly with her pale alabaster skin. She stands at about 5ft 6 and is of fairly slim built.
Equipment: When travelling, Brielle dons a forest green leather bodice and breaches, over which she wears a black cloak, tied at her collar with ribbons. She carries a simple Ghastwood dagger, traveling supplies, a pouch of herbs for her magic, and her Seer's leather-bound tome.

Brielle is no fighter, despite the fact that her training as a Black Seer allows her to empower her fists with Seer Fire and hurl green flames at her enemies. Having the ability to do something does not mean one is good at it! HAH!
Background: Brielle was born the oldest out of only two children to the Blightwood family. The Blightwoods rose to fame as the 13th most powerful house in the Deadlands, earning her then grandfather a seat as one of the ruling Lords. After her grandfather's passing, Brielle's father (who was the older of two sons) took on the mantle as Lord of Blightwood Manor. Unbeknownst to him, his younger brother harbored a deep seated jealousy for his rise in status.

When she came of age, against her father's wishes, Brielle left her home to seek out a Black Seer willing to teach her the ways of the Argenon, the River of Life. After leaving home for half a decade, Brielle finally returns back to Blightwood manor to find out that a great tragedy has befallen her family.
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The raven haired girl stared at the overly cluttered questing board with something akin to annoyance, frustration and a hint of desperation in her dark eyes. Finally spotting the corner of a tattered piece of parchment, she reached out with alabaster fingers and carefully extricated the letter she had only just placed on top in the morning. Half a day later and it was already burried. Carefully pinning it to the top of the mess (it wouldn't do to knock some of the other quest letters to the floor, though she wished she could), she stood back to survey her meager attempt. The Questboard at the Three Dragons Tavern was huge, spanning a whole side of the already expansive taproom. Once again, doubt crept into her mind. Was this the wrong spot? Should I put it higher? Did I make a mistake with the information? For the upteenth time, her dark eyes scanned the carefully etched words on the letter.

Seeking two talented individuals to aid on a quest!

Sellswords, Mages, Rogues or anyone with experience who can escort me safely to the Forgotten Tower of Ibn Catar is welcome!
Reward is ten gold shackles per person. Two gold shackles will be paid upfront, remainder will be paid at the end.

Brielle Blightwood
(Ask for me at the barkeep)

A loud raucous guffaw disturbed her thoughts, and she turned around the see a portly dwarf and a rather burly looking human. They stank of ale even so early in the night, though they carried themselves with the casual arrogance of men who thought too highly of themselves. The dwarf laughed again, before speaking. His voice booming even over the noisy merriment of the taproom.

"Aye lass! On'l ten shackles for that? S' nay wonder I've seen yer behind here night aft'r night! And ye wish'n to git to the Forgott'n Tower?! Ye must be jokin!" With that, he and his ugly companion broke into more raucous laughter, which sounded alot like a pig farting through its nose. Make that two pigs. Brielle bit her lower lip, but said nothing. She made to move away, but halted when the dwarf spoke again.

"Me partner and I was talkin'. We decided, if ye culd double the pay... and perhaps off'r a lil' sumthin more..." The dwarf's beady eyes drifted down to stare unashamedly at her body. Even though she wore a voluminous dark cloak, Brielle suddenly felt very exposed. Her cheeks began to colour, as the set of her jaw hardened.

"We just might c'nsider takin' up the job!"
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