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here lies the abyss

Never lost. Always found.
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“Some convictions are so strong that the world must break to accommodate them.”

  • My name is Annaliese [She/Her]. I’m returning from a long writing hiatus, but I have been roleplaying across various communities for nearly fifteen years.

    🌟 I am 21+ and I prefer to partner with other writers of a similar age.

    🌟 LGBTQIA+ friendly. Refer to the shipping tab for preferred canon pairings.

    🌟 OOC conversation is encouraged! I love to collaborate on the direction of our stories and characters, learn about my partners as writers and individuals, and obsess over our shared interests.

    🌟 I'm located in Eastern Standard time. Please be aware that I work full-time and I may be slower to respond during the week.

    🌟 Your comfort in writing style and length is more important to me than any list of qualifications could ever be. Be cooperative to advance the plot and stay mindful of the clarity of your work; I will adapt to you.

    🌟 Although romance will feature prominently, let's workshop a well-developed plot for our characters and the world around them.


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