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King of Transformers
Here are a few things first:
1. I do FxM, sometimes FxF
2. Please be able to post at least once a day
3. Don’t be rude
4. As for paragraph length, be able to post at least 3-4 sentences.
5. I mostly talk and plot RolePlay in PMs.

Genres I’m currently interested in:
Almost anything
More, just suggest any.

Jurassic Park/World

Knights of the Universe: The human race has expanded through the space; colonizing far away worlds. A group of people have become the protectors of the universe. When the peace is threatened, the knights arrive to solve the problem. The knights have recruited a new knight, but will it cause them to fall apart? There hasn’t been a new member in decades. The trust between them is full, but is this new knight trustworthy?

The Patient one: long ago, there lived a beautiful civilization. It contained all of the world’s population. Peace lasted for hundreds of years; life spans were not spans, but forever. Then came the dinosaurs. They destroyed the human civilization. All but one died. Surviving through time, the last living member of the global peace waited for humans to become the dominant species once again. The final mission: bring the world to peace once more.

Forgotten Heroes: Long ago in the land of Camelot, there was magic. Merlin had become a well known wizard. The stories never tell of his apprentice who succeeded him. The apprentice who would end up saving countless people.

Yin with no Yang: Scientist have discovered an alien. They emit an odd aura, capable of healing anything and anyone. During one of their experiments, something went wrong. The being split into two people. They both displayed unique abilities and personalities. One of them, Subject A escaped while Subject B disappeared from its cell. Where did they go?​
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