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Fantasy The Beginning of a New - Nation CS



I know some people are not into building nations, while others, like me, love to do it. This is why we have two different Nation CSes, you only need to do one. You are free to fill out the small one as a 'placeholder' until you finish the big one if that is something you want to do [although, you don't have to, the abridged one is all you need].

If me, or Bunneh, like it, you're good.

Full Nation CS

Nation Name


Government Type/Explanation

Notable Laws
[Don't have to list everything]


Indigenous Fauna/Flora

Magic Density
[Almost Non-Existent, Low Magic, Average Magic, High Magic, Extremely High]

Note: The lower the magic, the higher the natural magic resistance of your people. The higher the magic density, the more powerful your mages and the more frequent people have magical potential. Higher magic will require your nation to be balanced elsewhere either by lower size, population or some other balancing element. No perfect nations.

Sentient Races/Citizens

Major/Important Settlements

Notable NPCs






Abridged Nation CS

Nation Name


Government Type

Notable NPCs [If any]

Nation Size
[TIny, Small, Average, Big, Large, Massive]

Magic Density
[Almost Non-Existent, Low Magic, Average Magic, High Magic, Extremely High]

[Rough description. Is it mostly plains? Mostly forested? You can be vague]

Economic Shape
[Good, bad, what? Longer they had been in the war, the more likely they have suffered]

Anything Else?
[Anything else you want us to know? Any special monsters or creatures in your lands? Any special military units? Neat facts or details?]​


Nation Name
Astagorn Republic

Citizen Name
Singular: Astagorn
Plural: Astagorn
Examples: "That Astagorn over there,"
"Those Astagorn over there,"


Government Type/Explanation

Astagorn is ruled by a High Council and numerous Low Councils. These council members are voted for by the people of their regions to represent their best interest, at least, that is the intent.

Low Council: There are currently 19 low councils spread throughout Astagorn. These councils consist of members voted for by the citizens in their regions and run the day to day business and government of their region, set the local taxes, set up trade rights between their fellow regions or neighboring nations, pay for and upkeep Astagorn's military forces and other preform other such duties. A new region can only ever be formed by a 3/4's vote from the High Council and... as many have discovered, this often leaves many ungoverned regions that still fall beneath the Astagorn borders and, so, will be unofficially ruled by the closest, and strongest, region nearby.

A Low Council member's term last 8 years and they may serve for 3 terms. The only requirement is that they are a citizen of Astagorn, race, gender, age or even qualification is unimportant, only if they are able to gain the votes [or have the correct friends]. While most Low Councils will meet on a weekly basis, they are only required, by law, to meet twice a year [once every six months]. This meeting tends to be fairly important and often falls on the days that budgets or new agreements are under debate. These meetings are incredibly important, should a Low Council member not be present for three of these meetings in a row, they will be forcibly ejected from their position and a new election will be held the following months. There are always 11 members on the Low Council, the eleventh member is known as the 'Keeper of the Council' and may only cast a vote in the case of a tie. They are the arbiter of any debate or issues on the Council which means, while it lacks the power to directly vote, it has immense power over fellow Council Members.

High Council: The High Council is made up of members of the Low Council. One person from the Low Council is chosen by the other members of the Low Council to represent their region's best interest, as such, there are currently 19 members on the High Council. The High Council has the power to establish rules that oversee the entire nation, however, it is a very weak control as should 51% of Low Council's vote in opposition of any law being passed, or that have passed, by the High Council it is throw out. The High Council is the only political power in Astagorn that can declare formal war [although it isn't uncommon for regions to have small, unofficial, wars against one another or neighboring nations]. The High Council rules the capital city of Ostleim which does not have a Low Council nor is it a part of any region, it exist as a separate entity and seat of the High Council. High Council members serve a 4 year term, they can serve multiple terms, but they cannot serve consecutive terms. [Member A serving for 4 years, then Member B serving for 4 years, then Member A coming back to serve another 4 years is okay. Member A could not, however, have served 4 years back to back].

Notable Laws

I shall only be listing the High Laws. The High Laws are those passed by the High Council and affect all regions of Astagorn. Low Laws are regional laws that apply only to that region and are passed by that region's Low Council

High Laws
  • 'Fair monthly wages of, at least, 5 silver denar must be paid to all workers in domestic work, 8 silver denar for labor works, and 15 silver denar for any men, or women, under arms.'
  • 'All Regions are required to maintain a standing armed force. The minimal size of the armed force will be determined yearly by the High Council depending on the Region in question.'
  • 'One-Tenth [Taxes] of Region output is given to the High Council to use and distribute as they see fit.'
  • 'All advancement in the Astagorn armed forces must be through merit. Any found using family or monetary ties will be severely punished.'
  • 'The taking in and caring of orphans and wards of the city will allot generous taxation breaks for those residing in Ostleim.'
  • 'Donation to the betterment of the city or care of the poorer citizens will allot generous taxation breaks for those residing in Ostleim.'
  • 'Duels are only allowed under strict supervision by multiple witness put forth by both participants under agreed terms.'
  • 'Never shall another person be taken against their will by another person.'
  • 'None shall do bodily harm to another.'
  • 'Public assembly or any large gathering of people in public areas must have the necessary permits.'
  • 'None shall ever take property that belongs to another without their permission.'
  • 'Should a debt's interest ever raise above the initial loan, the debt shall be voided.'
  • 'Should a being be unable to pay a debt, he may either join the Astagorn military, depend on the amount owed, or may agree to work for the party owed for a set duration of time as recompense [Indentured Servitude].'
  • 'Debt does not carry on to the children of the indebted person.'
  • 'The child of a slave or an indentured servant is born a free Astagorn citizen. They must be taken care of by the person who holds their parent's debt. Any person found putting their pregnancy at risk due to not wanting to care for any children will be severely punished and fined.'
  • 'The act of divorce may only be permitted in the following cases:
- Proof of Infidelity
- Proof of Assault on Person
- Barren Partner
- If the partner is a convicted felon*, or, is serving a contracted period of labor in return for a debt owed.
*Must have been convicted of the crime whilst they were married.'
  • 'The age of adulthood, and consent, is 18 winters.'
  • 'Under no circumstance may anyone marry a blood relative.'
  • 'Only citizens of Astagorn may vote for members of the Low Council.'
  • 'Only citizens of Astagorn may run for the Low Council.'
  • 'To become a citizen of Astagorn, one must own land in Astagorn and live in Astagorn lands for the majority of three years.'
Note: Polygamy is not specifically illegal but it is highly frowned upon. Assault is not legal, however, it is not uncommon for assaults in the heat of passion [such as if someone was insulted or badly mistreated] to be either released or have a very lenient punishment. Self-Defense is rarely, if ever, punished.

Astagorn is a fairly average nation, in terms of landmass and population, it is nestled between the Haden Mountains and Arlen river. It is a fertile land with harsh winters and hot summers. Astagorn, thanks to being made up of many different regions and other nations that joined or were conquered, there are many secrets and ancient ruins to be discovered and, often, plundered.

Toren Keep

Toren Keep is an ancient ruined tower that was used by Astagorn as an outpost until recently when a powerful necromancer claimed it and killed the soldiers occupying it. It has sense been abandoned save for the undead that now claim it. Two attempts have been made to reclaim the tower, but it has yet to be reclaimed.​

Haden Shadow Caverns

The Haden Shadow Caverns are a massive series of caves that stretch on for miles, no one knows the true extent of them and, often, the natural caves will run into ancient dwarven tunnels from a lost keep that fell during the War of Ancients as well as more recent and crudely built caverns created by goblins and dorgar. Within these ancient caverns are ancient treasures, traps and beast of nightmares. These caverns should best be forgotten, but they hold just enough promise to lure adventures to their depths. Sometimes, all too rarely, an adventuring group, those that survive, will stumble out with a fortune in relics and goods... but far more often, those who go in are never heard from again.​

Thorma Plains
The Thorma plains are an immense stretch of land that goes between Astagorn and nearby nations. It is the home of numerous farming communities and, of course, the Sarlin. These great plains are home to the White Lions and the massive Druga, however, while the White Lions roam freely while the Druga never seem to extend the boundaries of the Thorma plains.

Mist Caverns

The Mist Caverns are a long stretch of caverns and crevice that constantly have a wave of mist that flows through them, especially, in the early mornings. Of course, great beast and monsters still dwell within them and goblins frequently call it home, but it holds great value to the Norgond Region for it is filled with numerous previous metal veins and gems and is holds great value for its mines.

Great Oradin Forest

The Oradin Forest stretches across the south-east of the Republic and is the source of much of the realm's timber and furs, however, it is filled with its own share of perils such as goblins and ogres. However, the most terrifying of all creatures within the forest are the Arachyaw, massive spiders that move along it. They come in different shapes and sizes and the locals have dozens of names for each sub species. Some dig burrows and explode out to grab pray as they walk and are often the size of horses, some create elaborate webs and drop down on their target from the tree canopies while they have much longer legs then the burrowers, they are smaller in stature, some crawl along the ground and are capable of leaping great distances onto their prey, they are often the size of large wolves and tend to hunt in packs. The worst, however, are known as Gorrachs, massive spiders that shake the ground when they walk. They are the size of hills and, some say, the largest can be seen from miles around. They are deceptively fast and capable of tackling and devouring giants.

Arlen River
The Arlen river is one of the widest rivers on Xiola and is home to numerous aquatic beast and animals. It serves as a central transportation hub for the major city of Astagorn as well as a large source of food as many Astagorn find their living as fishermen.​

Indigenous Flora
Trees (Pine/Oak/Walnut)
Madcap Mushrooms
Deathcap Mushrooms
Sprong Mushrooms
Weeping Bells
Buffalo/Blue/Razor Grass
Various Unimportant Plants.

Indigenous Fauna
Arachyaw (Massive Spiders)
Dorgar (Ratmen)
Korva (Massive Tunnel Serpents)
Bears (Brown/Black)
King Kodaks (Bears)
White Lions

Magic Density
Low Magic

Citizen Demographics
Human | 82%
Halfling | 11%
Beast-Kin | 4%
Sarlin | 2%
Other | 1%

Major/Important Settlements
  • Ostleim - Capital, seat of the High Council.
  • Karnock - Trade hub of Astagorn and her largest city.
  • Birn - City situated on the Sarlon Planes, known for its Beast-Kin slave trade.
  • Toren Keep - Small keep situated at the base of the Haden mountains, small garrison that was in it were killed and it is now held by a powerful, foreign, necromancer.
  • The Meir - Less a single settlement and more a collection of towns and hamlets occupied by, mostly, Halflings.
  • Stromhaven - Birthplace of the Astagorn Republic
Notable NPCs
  • Asha Wilhelm [238] | High Council Member
  • Korvin Atten [52] | Low Council Member of Birn/Grand Master of the Slaver Guild
  • Beth Amms [119] | Low Council Member of Meir, head of Karla's Rough Riders.
  • Arvon Mathis [41]| Captain of Ostleim City Watch.
  • Karen Casmir [22] | Hero of Durn Plains
  • Vogan Marvo [64] | Ostleim High Cleric
  • Se'sha Tarno [47] | Academy Archmage
  • Xavier Canto [51] | Astagorn Marshal
+ Metals (Copper/Tin/Silver/Iron)
+ Weaponry/Armor
+ Timber (Pine/Oak/Walnut)
+ Stone (Granite/Sandstone/Marble
+ Food (Grain/Rice/Apples/Pears/Potatoes/Etc)
+ Halfling Beer
+ Wool
+ Furs
+ Dried Meats (Venison/Beef/Pork)
+ Slaves (Birn)

- Horses
- Luxury Goods
- Cotton/Flax
- Gold
- Coal
- Oils
- Magical Trinkets
- Slaves (Birn)

1 Gold Denar is worth 10 Silver Denar
1 Silver Denar is worth 10 Copper Denar
1 Copper Denar is worth 5 Iron Denar

Like the vast majority of the world, the main religion of the Astagorn is that of the Fourteen. The belief that the Sins/Virtues are the manifestation of the best and worst of sentient life and, as such, are meant to serve as goals, or warnings, to the people of the world.

Astagorn is home to two warring cults, the Shadowborn and the Children of Ether. The Shadowborn believe the Sins/Virtues are false and that, within the shadow realm of Ulgu, there lies a greater power. A true deity that will soon spread its influence to our world. The Children of Ether also believe in another, higher, power, however, they believe it lies within the Winds. The other world from which it flows must be the heart of power and, within this dimension, lies a great being of power, the true master of that dimension and, so, of all power in creation.

The Astagorn military can be divided into two categories:

Regional Troops - These troops are the mainstay army of the Republic as each region is required to maintain a standing army, with an established format in place for some level of uniformity in their troops. This does not mean specialized and unique troops do not come from regional troops, as they certainly do, as it is not uncommon for regions to have their own unique units or means of war that brings something special and unique into the military even if, sometimes, the general in character is not able to make proper use of their talents.

Council Troops - These troops are paid for and maintained by the High Council, itself. Many are more for garrisoning of the city or spend most of their time patrolling the land and keeping the local wildlife in check, however, they are often called up into service should war be declared.
Goblin Hunters

The Goblin Hunters serve a vital role to Astagorn employed to keep various humanoid pest, especially Goblins, under control for they, especially Goblins, are an incredible nuisance to Astagorn attacking trade routes, raiding villages, kidnapping women [which is bad for political appearances], and so efforts are done to curb them... However, the Goblin Hunters are underpaid, understaffed and underfunded. Paid like laborers, instead of soldiers, they are often issued with nothing but a club and a leather jerkin, any other gear must be bought and paid for by the Hunter's own money which isn't easy to do as they are only paid two coppers a head. To make it worse, they are often referred to in demeaning ways by members of other military groups, however, the hunters who do their task do it for a reason. Some believe, falsely, that if they get better at the job, they can earn more money and move up in the world, but the majority do it due to an intense hatred of the goblin species, usually, from villages that suffered from their raids.

Road Wardens

The Road Wardens was the ambitious brain child of High Council. Some regions were very wealth and could afford numerous, powerful military units to keep their lands patrolled and safe. Other regions that either lacked the natural resources, population or were particularly plagued with monsters were unable to do the same. Seeking to alleviate this burden and encourage economic growth and immigration to these regions, they sought to increase its security and safety, as such, the Road Wardens were established. Building numerous outpost and small forts across the landscape, men and women were hired from all over Astagorn given chain armor, kettle helms, gamberson and spears, they were tasked with patrolling the roads and keeping them safe. Of course, they often patrol off the land and are often called upon to assist the Rangers, but their primary duty is securing the roads to entice merchants to take them to less traveled regions in search for profits. Veteran Road Wardens tend to buy extra equipment as what is issued isn't always enough.


The Rangers are a, relatively, small group of soldiers who are experienced woodsmen and trackers. Their main job is to serve as scouts for the military and patrol the forest, mountains and other difficult area to exert some level of control and stability on them. They are often armed with longbows, longsword and leather/padded armor.

Ostleim City Watch

While almost all cities have some form of watch or guard, the Ostleim city watch is notable due to the respect they are given by citizens within Ostleim and their high pay. To be a member of the Ostleim Watch is to have a good life, they garner large amounts of respect [which is often abused by members] and they earn a very good paycheck able to afford nice houses and settle, comfortably, in the higher end of the middle class. They are well trained and disciplined, as their jobs are desirable, there is never a shortage of recruits so only the best of a batch is taken. They all have red cloaks with the Ostleim emblem on the back designating their profession.

Council Guard

The Council Guard consist of three hundred members chosen from the best candidates from all of the lands of Astagorn. Birth, status, region, none of it matter only skill and loyalty. They are armed with master crafted halberds and arming swords, advanced articulated plate and their status and position are marked out by the royal [Hey, is that blue or purple?] sash and crest.

Battle Mages

Astagorn is not known for its great mages or even quantity of mediocre mages because of this there is only one place to study magic, the Royal Academy of Ostleim. There is no cost for entrance and the High Council funds the Academy enough to keep it so, however, in return, every member of the academy must agree to serve in the Astagorn military when called upon. Often, they will only call upon senior members, those who are truly dangerous, but should the situation grow desperate enough, they will empty the academy of students to bolster its ranks. Every student, upon entrance to the academy, is tested to see which of the winds they are most attuned to, they will inform the student which it is and offer them the choice, almost all take the path that they are best suited for, but not all. The Wind of Death is not taught at the Academy. Any attempt to learn it will be kicked out of the Academy.

Regional Infantry

Regional Infantry are part of the High Council mandated military forces that a region must uphold. The quality of equipment of the infantry vary wildly depending on the wealth of the region. Some may only present infantry with light armor and spears, while more wealthy regions will equip their infantry with heavy armor and halberds. Despite their differences in equipment, they are well trained and disciplined being professional soldiers.

Regional Archers

Like their infantry counterparts, the gear they have tends to vary wildly depending on the region they are from. Many have little to no armor and a bow or crossbow, some will have heavier armor and heavy crossbows or advanced composite bows. The most famed of these units come from Karnock and are heavily armored, for archers, with gamberson, breastplate, arming swords and repeating crossbows.

Beast-Kin Raiders

Birn, known for its Beast-Kin slave trade, makes use of many of its slaves as soldiers due to the increased strength and agility the Beast-Kin kind have. The... more subtle Beast-Kin, those with human appearance save for ears and tails, are not used for this purpose as they are considered 'Domestic' goods. But the stronger, more animalistic Beast-Kin make, in their opinion, excellent soldiers. The most favored of all Beast-Kin by Birn for this purpose are the Centaur for their speed, strength and high combat ability.

Birn Enslavers

The Birn Enslavers are a group of highly trained soldiers, and mercenaries, from Birn. They are often attached to Beast-Kin Raider units to keep them in line, but, on the battlefield, they use blunt weapons and often try to catch enemy to bring back to Birn and sell for a profit. They often fight from horseback but will sometimes fight on foot especially if attached to a beast-kin unit that aren't Centaur. This practice does not sit well with some of the other regions, especially the Meir, but any legislation in the High Council has been blocked by Birn or its allies.

Birn Chevalier

The Chevalier are often the sons and daughters of rich merchants from Birn. They are as pompous, if not even more so, then the nobility of other nations believing their wealth give them certain privileges that others do not have, and so, should, by default, defer to their superiority. Often fighting mounted upon their destriers, each of which, are worth more then most people can possible imagine. When marching to battle, a long line of supporters follow them including large amounts of Beast-Kin 'Domestic' slaves. While most fellow soldiers, especially those from other regions, are not fond of them, no one can deny their potency.

Karnock Oathkeepers

The Karnock Oathkeepers are the elite fighting group of the great city of Karnock. They often serve bodyguard roles to either generals and leaders as well as the Low Council members of their region. They are donned in their advanced, articulated plate armor wield great flambergs in combat. Before every battle, the Oathkeepers swear an oath to their commander to protect them with their lives and to hold the line regardless of what comes. The oathkeepers have only failed to uphold their vow once in their long history when they broke before the fury of Wrath. The surviving members, shamed by their cowardice even in the face of the absolute monster that was Wrath, they dyed their armor black and are known as the 'Watchers' and serve as a separate sect within their order. They have a fierce rivalry with the Guardians of Meir.

Guardians of Meir

The Guardians of Meir predate the Republic, itself. It is said a great warrior was wounded and discovered by the halflings of Meir and was taken in and cared for, nursed back to life by the kindness of its denizens. When the great warrior recovered, they stayed with the halflings and protected them from bandits and wandering monsters, yet the warrior never fought alone for while the halflings lacked martial might of the warrior, their bravery was like nothing the warrior had seen before. The warrior swore they would always protect the people of the Meir until their dying day and when they passed away, they left behind their great sword which was said to hold great power, the warrior was fabled to say should a true guardian arise, they would find their blade. Over the centuries, many warriors have flocked to the Meir hoping to claim the blade, and through them, the Guardians of Meir were formed. Men and women, most just from the Republic, but from many lands that have joined this ancient order to prove their worth as warriors. The Guardians of Meir have few rules or codes of conduct, the protection of the Meir and its people being the only real requirement. Most warriors that take up the mantle find themselves attached to the halflings and they tend to settle down in the lands and become part of the land they swear to protect. Few in the land know about their ability more then Birn who, prior to joining the Republic, had launched more then a few raids upon the Meir for slaves, each time they were turned back, beaten and broken by the Guardians and the Halflings who they constantly underestimated.

Sarlin Wind Riders

The Sarlin are a 'part' of Astagorn, yet, at the same time, they are not. The Low Council that 'rules' those plains is nothing more then a hastily set up village, erected by various merchant families to give themselves more power and votes in the High Council. The region is truly ruled by the Sarlin, a group of nomadic horse lords that wander the plains. They answer only to their families and local chieftains and their 'incorporation' into Astagorn was a very... generous tweaking of the facts by the High Council. They are more akin to allies then citizens. They are some of the greatest horsemen on the planet thanks to their strange ability to bond with their horses. They do not tend to wear heavy armor and are masters of the bow and spear. It is said a Wind Rider can hit a hawk in the eye mid flight from a hundred pass while at full gallop.

Karla's Rough Riders

A... unique unit from the Meir Region, the Rough Riders are halflings who ride upon great mastiff mounts bred for loyalty and ferocity. They have a long and sordid history and are named for the first Rough Rider, Karla, who started the tradition. They make use of a spear, shield, short sword and a short bow for war. While they lack... real shock impact, they are incredibly ferocious as, often, the mount is more dangerous then the halfling riding it [just don't say that to their face] and they make excellent scouts and trackers. Like all of their kind, while their strength and prowess as warriors is always questionable, their valor and bravery never is.

The Chosen

No one but the Sarlin know who, or even what, the Chosen are. They say they are the greatest Wind Riders to ever ride and were chosen by the Lord of the Skies, Argul, and ascended to his realm. Despite the fact Sarlin has been a part of Astagorn for nearly one hundred years, only two Chosen have ever been reported, the one who defeated the twins and another who was spotted by a patrol, when they attempted to follow, they found only a mass of decaying greenskin bodies. Despite only having seen two, they are similar enough to have some idea of. Each was a behemoth of a man, nearly seven feet tall and as wide as bears. They were covered in thick, heavy metal plates completely at odds with the Wind Riders they are said to come from. They use a variety of weapons, yet just like their armor, their weapons are inscribed with magical runes that glow with a foul energy and strike terror into whatever person sees them. They ride upon monstrous horses that seem more demon then horse and fight with the fury of gods. It is unknown how many there are, but scholars assume there can be no more then a handful.

Timeline/History [Optional]
  • 789 AS: Corvis and Asha Wilhelm are Born
  • 813 AS: Astagorn Republic is Founded
  • 878 AS: Birn Is Conquered
  • 892 AS: The Meir Joins the Republic
  • 896 AS: Astagorn Launches the Conquest of the Thorma Plains.
  • 903 AS: After spending years unable to bring the Sarlin tribes to heel and facing numerous set backs, Corvis and Asha march at the head of an army to finish the quest.
  • 904 AS: Asha and Corvis are defeated by a stranger in heavy armor upon a great steed. The stranger spares their life. They later discover it was a Sarlin Chosen. The twins are approached by a Sarlin Outrider with a proposal.
  • 905 AS: Asha and Corvis return back to Astagorn victorious over the Sarlin... the exact details of how this was managed and the terms of the agreement are never spoken to the public.
  • 919 AS: Birn Rebels As Abolition Of Slavery Is Discussed By High Council
  • 923 AS: Birn Is Defeated, Rebellion Ends.
  • 931 AS: Great War Begins
  • 1024 AS: Corvis Wilhelm Dies. The Astagorn Republic Joins the War.
  • 1027 AS: Current Year


The One True Bunneh-Chan~

Government Type/Explanation
(Does this really need an explanation? .-.)

Notable Laws

I. Never betray the Queen, for she is all knowing.
II. Rape is STRICTLY prohibited in the lands of Zodia.
III. All those taken by the Queen are the Queens. Those unfaithful to the Queen will be punished.
IV. Those caught stealing must pay the one they stole from twice the value, if they cannot pay, they must surrender a child to be a slave, if they have no children, they, themselves, shall be enslaved.
V. Any may take multiple spouses
VI. All children, whether born in wedlock or out, are legitimate heirs to both lineage. [So no bastard children].
VII. Only the Queen has the power to bestow, or remove, noble titles.
VIII. All must pay 3/10ths of their harvest as tax to the Queen for the war efforts.
IX. If someone cannot pay in coin, they may pay with their work [a weaver may pay with cloth that has similar value]. If someone cannot pay with their work, they may join the military for a set amount of years equal to the amount owed [this can accumulate during their service]. Those who refuse to serve, or are unable or unwanted, may offer a child to slavery in return. If they have no children, they, themselves, shall be enslaved for a period of years equal to the amount owed.
X. The attempted hunting of Dragons is forbid. In the unlikely event the Dragon does not deal with the attacker, they will be arrested and trialed for attempted murder.
XI. All must answer the royal decree of the Queen. Any who fail this shall be executed for treason.
XII. Any found plotting against the Queen and her rule shall be stripped of their property and executed.
XIII. Any who speak ill of the Queen will be punished depending on their words.
XIV. Any who desert the Queen's service shall be executed for treason.

Dimscar Village

Dimscar was once of the most popular cities in all of Zodia. Known for its beautiful silk and gem mines, Dimscar carved it's way into the world. This village was the central hub and once capital of Zodia, or at least it was..until it fell. Befoer the great War ever started, Dimscar fell to it's own devices. In current day, no one ever remembers this burned down mass of land, no one even bats an eye at it's existence or can remember what it ever was. Except, Lady Lust.

Tower of Magi

Located in the Grimspire Mountains, the Circle of Magi await. No one truly knows what goes on here, but to even make it here is a great feat.

Lust's Castle

Does..this really need an intro?

Indigenous Fauna/Flora

Willow trees
Various ferns
Starlight Lilies
Ginger root
Various poisons
Various herbs
Dire wolves
Hellhounds (Rare, but there)
Demons (Extremely rare, but there)
Silk worms

Magic Density

High-Extremely high

Sentient Races/Citizens


Major/Important Settlements


Named after Lady Lust's first dragon, this great city is not only the capital, but is also the nation's largest hub. Here you will find Lust's castle as well as the manor houses of all her Lords and Ladies. Be very aware of your surrounding here, or the Queen herself may yet scoop you up~ Also, brothel's GALORE!!

*Note: Each city is named after a dragon. Also I don't feel like listing off a shit ton, so get creative c;

Notable NPCs

Drakora: Lady Lust's personal mount. Often you see him flying over Eyrbus, his eyes ever watchful. He is not yet an acient dragon, but since he is the son of Eyrbus, the mighty dragon slain by Sloth, he will become one once he matures.


Slaves (of all kinds c; )
Lesser metals
Magic trinkets




1 Platinum Orb = 20 Gold Orbs
1 Gold Orb = 15 Silver Orbs
1 Silver Orb = 10 Copper Orbs
1 Copper Orb = 5 Iron Orbs

*Note: Not literal circles/orbs. They actually look more like crescent moons, but different colors.

Zodia is made of many religions, but not in the way you think. Each one differs in how they worship their Queen, as they see her as the one True Goddess. For example, the Black Lust. They fight in her military to gain her honor, others own 'churches' some simply pay her tribute, and some can go as far as sacrificing real humans in her name. These religions all have various names or such about the mighty lady, but they are all relativity the same in belief. Lady Lust is the one True Goddess and the other Thirteen pale in comparison to her.

Ancient Dragons

The Ancient Dragons are some of the most powerful entities to walk the land of Xiola. There are only a handful in existence as each one is the size of a small mountain. Before the birth of the Fourteen, the Ancient Dragons were enough to wipe entire nations off the planet and were often worshiped as Gods, themselves. They are fully sentient, incredibly wise thanks to their age, but also tend to be rather grumpy seeing most mortal races as not worth their time. There are legends that even larger dragons exist, sleeping deep below the earth and will rise when it is their time. Only Greater Demons and the Fourteen can match the raw power of these monsters. No one, besides Lady Lust, has ever ridden one and the only Ancient Dragon to fall in the last thousand years was slain by Sloth at the Second Battle of Durn Plains.

Metal Dragons

The Metal Knights are rare and few in number, but incredibly powerful. Each knight is the chosen consort of the Lady Lust, her lover and member of her harem. They are either a great warrior or mighty mage, but due to her favor, they are able to 'bond' to a Dragon that also serves the Lady and, together, they are partners able to communicate through telepathy and understand each other on a level no other can. While the knight is dangerous, the dragon they are on is where their true power comes from. Their incredible mobility, toughness, intelligence, and, of course, their breath makes them a terror upon the battlefield despite their few numbers.

Riders of the Noble

The riders are the sons and daughters of nobility, however, the nobles of Zodia do not ride horses to battle, for horses are only meant for travel and labor. In the land of Zodia, the Dragon is the great beast, as such, it is only proper that those of noble blood ride beast of noble blood... but they lack the ability to ride Dragons, so they go for the next best thing, Drakes. Drakes do not have wings and do not have breath attacks. They possess a base cunning but are not truly sentient like Dragons and only a fool would ever tell a Dragon that Drakes are related to them, however distantly. While drakes are not as fast as horses, their natural armor, weapons [claws and jaws] make them incredibly dangerous and ferocious in battle. Few can withstand their charge.

Betrayal of the Mountain

The Betrayal of the Mountain are the battle wizards the Lady Lust. Due to the very high magic density in Zodia as well as most of their races being naturally gifted in magic, most wizards have control over three winds, also, unlike most nations, Necromancy is not illegal in their land. They represent the true fighting power of Zodia as they are numerous and powerful.

Spell Blades

The Spell Blades are a... relatively new addition to Zodia appearing during the Great War. They are wizards, belonging to the same school as the Betrayal of the Mountain, however they are not as magically gifted only having one wind, although some exceptional Spell Blades have two. Due to their lack of magical might of the battle wizards, they adopted another means of warfare, turning to the blade and the spear. They are veteran warriors and vary greatly in terms of equipment as they wear what they prefer [and as most are the sons and daughters of nobility they can afford high quality gear] whilst still packing the punch of a wizard, in fact, it is well to remember that despite not being as great as the true wizards of Zodia, they are still the equal, or even better, then wizards of other nations due to the high magic levels of Zodia.

Black Lust

The Black Lust are not truly a part of the Zodia Military, or even Zodia, itself as their members come from various nations from around Xiola [although most members do come from Zodia]. The Black Lust are an order of warrior monks who believe in the divinity of Lady Lust above all other members of the Fourteen... and each member desires to be taken by the Lady, to achieve this, the Black Lust undergo incredible physical and martial training for it is physical power which the Lady Lust is drawn to more then anything else, so it is this they strive to attain. Members of the Black Lust are incredible warriors, however, they do suffer in a few fields. They all want to draw the Lady's attention, because of this, they don't tend to wear armor, instead, they favor more elaborate clothing or none at all to try and attract her attention. They are not very good at working with each other or fighting in formations as they want to shine as, individuals, and don't want any other to attract her attention. While they suffer in that, they are incredible singular warriors and it is very common for members of the Black Lust to roar challenges to heroes and champions of enemy armies so they may fight them, defeat them, and prove their worth to the lady.

Warriors of Zodia

The Warriors are the only true professional infantry of Zodia and they are very few in number.. this is because they are akin to 'Knights' of other nations. Warriors are those of noble born who were born with little, or no, magic potential... Zodia is a land that lives and breathes magic. Those without magic are lesser people. The Warriors embrace a life of martial perfection to attempt to make up for that defect but they never truly do often treated like second class citizens among the nobility they all too often guard and protect. On the battlefield, they are formed up into elite regiments deployed to fill the gaps of the light infantry or protect the wizards.

Force of Shadows

The Force of Shadows are Zodia wizards who specialize in shadow magic. They are master scouts, spies and assassins and are the eyes and ears of their Lady on the battlefield. Thanks to their command of magic, they are able to easily infiltrate most forces and are incredibly hard to detect. Thanks to being from Zodia, it is common for Shadows to have multiple winds along with their shadow making them far more dangerous and deadly then normal shadow mages.


These men and women make up the 'core' of Zodia armies [although Slaves make up the vast bulk]. These men and woman vary vastly in equipment, dedication and skill for they come from all different areas of Zodia. Each noble calls upon their trained men-at-arms, free farmers and craftsmen to serve as a Levy when the Lady calls them. The skill and equipment of these men and women entirely depend on the wealth of that lord and how much money they are willing to invest in them. Some are highly trained professional armed with quality armor and weapons... many are farmers with spears.


Zodia is a very... liberal place with its magic embracing all fields of study, research and application. It is one of the few nations that are okay with Life mages... experimenting with animal bodies. In fact, it has grown so common place that coliseums exist, all over the country, where powerful life wizards put up their creations against others for combat for crowd enjoyment. More renown life specialist will even be hired to create special abominations as gifts or bodyguards and it is widely believed that the dread Chimera originated from Zodia and their experimentation. Slaves that are unsightly or serve no purpose in labor are sometimes bought by life mages to be turned into something 'more'. Some abominations are small, the size of a large dog, others man sized and some, like the Chimera, are truly massive monstrosities. However, there is one special form of abomination... It only happens when two life mages make a.. deadly wager, it is called the Flesh Wager. They bring their five greatest creations to a coliseum and they fight until only one remains... The loser is given over to the other mage to be experimented on and these abominations are a special kind of horror. A part of their intelligence remains, however, the tortured mind is driven to insanity and the abomination will retain a portion of their magic... Zodia truly is a land of beauty and horror in equal measure. In times of war, these abominations are often unleashed onto the battlefield much to the dismay of their foes.


The vast bulk of Zodia armies are slaves. These slaves are rarely equipped with armor or protection and are given primitive weapon. You can tell a slave that has fought longer then others by their gear as they will scavenge equipment from the dead making them appear like a truly ragged group. What they lack in equipment, skill or dedication is made up by sheer numbers and fear for the slaves of Zodia have no choice. When they are enslaved, they are marked with blood ink and tattooed with their bindings which, often, appear as very extravagant collars. These tattoos act as a magical anchor tethering them to a Zodia wizard. Through this tether, the wizard can grant them immense pain, pleasure or even end their life through this link and a wizard can maintain hundreds of these links at a time. Should the wizard fall, the slaves tethered to them will fall into a comatose state until someone else takes up the tether. So, slaves of Zodia are given a simple choice, 'Fight and possibly survive. Or don't and die for sure.' These tattoos also sever as a branding, of sort. Zodia is renowned for their high quality, well trained, slaves and these tattoos are a 'proof of quality'.



Legendary Golden Support
Nation Name


Government Type/Explanation

Aurus is a Medieval-like nation progressing forward, but the King and Queen still holds power.

Notable Laws
1. Crimes committed will have similar punishment (those who steal will have their hands chopped off, those who kill will be killed the same way)
2. Magic shall only be used in day to day life without the intent of harm, or shall be exiled. Magic with the intent of harm is only usable in war.
3. Crimes against the Crown will be punished with greater severity, at the Crown's discretion.
4. Those found in possession of slaves will be severely punished, and all slaves free to gain citizenship in Aurus or return to their home countries.
5. Vigilantism is highly discouraged besides bounty hunting.

Aurus is mostly mountainous range where rivers cut through the mountains and bring life to them
Castle Aurus, the Palace of the Crown and where the King and Queen resides. It is located on the top of a hill with the main city below the castle.
The Circle of Life, a circular river that just keeps flowing as water flows in from the sea and exits to the main rivers. People believe that as long as the Circle of Life flows, Aurus will flourish.
The Skylands, several floating islands to the west of the mountains that is home to the Avia.

Indigenous Fauna/Flora
Magical Beasts: Usually Phoenixes, Firebirds, Pegasi and the elusive Wavebreaker (a giant whale that makes the water currents flow).
Frostwalkers: No one has really figured out what Frostwalkers are, but they are shy, human-sized spider-like creatures that live only in icy places. While typically feared for their looks, Frostwalkers are very shy and hardly approach people unless threatened. They also seem to like helping people they see often and deem harmless, mostly with cutting ice.

Magic Density
High Magic capability, but low magic use in day to day life. The most common use of magic is for light (reduces coal use), protective spells over homes, and beast taming. The greatest area of use is in magic schools where people train, but outside of schools is not used often.

Sentient Races/Citizens
Humans, the largest population of Aurus and most common settlers in the capital.

Avia, human-like birds that stand like a person with arms, but retains their bird faces and wings. They are the most intelligent species, but highly religious, and mostly keep to themselves in the Skylands.

Greater Dragons, sentient dragons who are older than Aurus herself. They speak the common tongue but do not interact with people as far as possible. They are also very large, and capable of destroying the capital but they remain in the mountains as long as they are not provoked. Those who wish to speak to one must bring an offering great enough to actually get a Greater Dragon to care.

Elves, the second most common settler in the capital. They are much like people with heightened senses, and are usually the first to know if danger is coming.

Major/Important Settlements
Ayrlosse, the capital of Aurus and the city that surrounds Castle Aurus.
Laencaster, the Dragon's Guild and Temple of Dragonism
Serpent's Pass, a trading port located by the strait and the hub of trading in Aurus
The Skylands, home of the Avia and the Temple of the Order of Rahk'Ha.

Notable NPCs

Zierlos, the Southern Dragon of Spirit. He is one of the four Greater dragons and he resides in the south of Aurus. He embodies the elements of Lightning, the Moon, and the Spirit, and is often attributed to the monsoon season and the night. His desired offerings are magical staffs, crystals, and other gemstones. He is also the easiest to find, but the hardest to talk to as he is very stubborn.

Cergalu, the Northern Dragon of Time. She is one of the four Greater Dragons and she resides in the North of Aurus, closest to the castle. She embodies the elements of Water, the Sun, and Time. Cergalu is also the smallest of the four Greater Dragons, though she is still bigger than the entire palace. She is the twin sister of Zierlos, and if anyone's most stubborn than him, it's Cergalu. Her desired offerings are lit candles, clocks, and pocket watches.

Vexus, the Eastern Dragon of Death, Shadow and Fire. He is the first Greater Dragon of the four and resides in the East, often attributed with the sun rising and setting, and renewal of the earth when volcanoes erupt. He is greatly temperamental and when he gets angry is when volcanoes erupt, but with death comes life, and the fertile soil after volcanic eruptions renews the world. He lives furthest away from civilisation so that the volcanoes do not destroy the city. A few villages reside near him for the fertile volcanic soil. His desired offerings are volcanic rocks, fossils, and carcasses of dead animals or people.

Sevanu, the Western Dragon of Life, Lightning, and the Earth. She resides to the West where the Circle of Life flows, and is the easiest to talk to assuming one can summon her from the waters. She is the only wingless dragon, but let that not deceive you for she flies the swiftest and most silent. Unlike her brothers and sister she enjoys people, for they create the most wondrous things. She is also the wisest among her siblings, and seeks to share her wisdom with others. Her desired offerings are paper lanterns, food, and plants.

Dredrius, the Fallen Dragonslayer. Once a Greater Dragon himelf, Dredrius's selfishness led him to believing that he didn't need his siblings to guard Aurus. As the Central Dragon of Blood, he attempted to strike down Sevanu first, for if the dragon of Life was dead then no one would dare oppose him. However Vexus, smelling coming death, called upon Zierlos and Cergalu to assist him in stopping Dredrius. Four dragons against one, Dredrius was struck down. As punishment, Sevanu turned him human with only the skull of the dragon he once was to hide himself. Furious, Dredrius decided that if he were to be human he would not be stopped, and became the notorious Dragonslayer.

Imports: Weapons, ore
Exports: Meat, pelts, other animals

Barter is the most common type of currency along with a bit of gold and silver for items too heavy to directly bring for trade. The gold and silver is usually only collateral however, and is returned once the items are shipped and received.

Dragonism is the belief that dragons are higher beings than people, and followers of Dragonism are strongly against the keeping of lesser dragons as pets or assistants. These are also the people who regularly bring the Greater Dragons offerings to earn their favour, so that if one day the dragons wage war on Aurus, they might be spared.

The Avia are majorly believers in the Order of Rahk'Ha, who is an Avian God that brought life to the world when he spread his wings and flew, pushing away the heavy clouds that brought darkness to the world and revealing light. This religion is kept usually only to the Avia, and a few devoted other individuals. The Avia believe in using their wings as often as possible as it pushes away the dark and brings the light, even if humans don't like it.

Being home to a majority of magic users, Aurus's military is strong and brutal even if small. All magic users are trained in basic magical combat so that if the need ever arises, all hands will be available. The King made an agreement with the Greater Dragons too that should a threat arise that also threatens the Greater Dragons and their peace, they too shall be summoned to fight. Of course, no fight has ever happened for that to happen as people tend to leave giant dragons alone.​
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Citizen name
Singular: Kaldorian
Plural: Kaldorians


Government Type/Explanation
Roman type of senate. Although Kharn was pronounced king he abdicated, saying that last king died, as did the monarchy

Notable laws
1. Compulsory service of 2 years in the Kaldorian defense force is required of all above the age of 18
2. All citizens must control use of magic in public
3. Slavery is strictly forbidden, and this offense is punishable by death or the oath of sacrifice
4. The oath of sacrifice is an oath that is taken by criminals who wish to absolve their family names of dishonor, it binds then to the military for life and they must take part in battle unless unable.
5. Public duels are prohibited unless supervised by city watchmen, no mortal wounds shall be inflicted unless agreed upon by both parties.
6. Oath takers are to be treated with the utmost respect. They are willing to die for their honor
7. All are protected equally under the law
8. The tomb of silence is a sacred place. Major disruption or disrespect will be responded to with extreme prejudice
9. Fleeing slaves and refugees will be granted protection in Kaldor, but citizenship will be required to remain
10. All those of foreign nature (1st generation immigrants) who actively subvert Kaldor shall be severely punished


The Tomb of Silence

The tomb of silence was constructed by wrath himself, the humongous monolith stands as a dedication of the Fallen soldiers who were never taken back to rest in their homeland. Many visit the tomb to seek solace or think. It is said certain times at twilight figures can be seen marching home.

The Shattered Plains
The Shattered Plains are known for their exquisite views, volcanic activity, hot springs, and lucrative mining business

Dirn Fálor
Dirn Fálor is an ancient ruin where a town has been constructed that shares a name with it. Located in the country side, many more well-to-do citizens of Kaldor own villa's in the area.It is closer to the frontier than most Kaldorian cities.


Ullmar us a city located at a crossroads of a major trade route between the shattered plains. It's location has made the city extremely rich and an important trading hub.

Kholek is the capital of Kaldor. It is the biggest and most prominent cities in Kaldor. It also seats the Senate and most of the government of Kaldor.

Kharn's castle
Kharn's personal castle is one of the best fortresses in Xiola. It is headquarters of the military and a personal retreat for Kharn.

Indigenous species
Hemlock trees
Mountain rams
White tailed deer
Bald eagle
Wolf's bane
Castor plant
Razor back boar
Rockshell (giant crab that she'll looks like a boulder)
Hell hounds
Magma serpents (giant serpent that can submerge under lava/magma)
Hydra (extremely rare)
Land hammer head (rare)

Magic Density

Sentient races
Void Bringers

Void Bringers were an extremely powerful race of humans from the ancient times before the rise of the 14. The void Bringers, like wrath take the form of a giant demon like figure. They were a dominant species and were believed to have existed around the time of the first Xalian empire. Most records kept state that they were a relatively peacefull bunch, but the elves, fearing their power launched a genocide against them and labeled them as void bringers, which is a term usually associated with bringing on an endtime. Although extremely powerful the elves outnumbered them and most were hunted down and killed. Many in Kaldor believe Kharn is a sign from God that the void bringers are returning, but this is highly disputed.

Major/Important settlement
As well as being the capital of Kaldor, it is located just outside of Kharn's fortress, The deafening sounds of metal clashing sounds as weapons and armor are being constructed in the industrial district. Many weapons shops line the side walks that lead up to recruiting stations for the military.

Dol Angor

*just names of other cities*

Notable NPC'S
Dycor is the most recently found Hydra in Kaldor as well as the mount of Kharn. Hydra's posses a savage intellect and are extremely smart and cunning often tricking those it comes into contact to and killing them. Hydra's take about 500 years to mature, Dycor is about 100. The biology of The hydra is extremely fascinating, despite having multiple heads it only possess one brain in it's central head. Dycor was found in the shattered plains by a mining company. They managed to escape by the skin of their teeth. The sighting was reported and Kharn went to see for himslef. Dycor and Kharn fought, and Kharn eventually won. He brought it back to his fortress and trained him. Dycor is now Kharn's favorite mount and confident, seeing as most Hydra's posses the ability to speak and comprehend.

Major metals
Exotic species
Rare metals

Magic items
Slaves (to free and then press into military service ;))

1 Blackshard=100 shards
1 Shard=1000 gold scales
1 gold scale=100 silver scales
1 silver scale=50 copper scales
*copper is lowest tier*

Unlike most nations led by a sin or virtue, the Kaldorian people do not worship Kharn primarily, instead they have one god. Their god is omnipotent but exercises control and the self restraint not abuse power. The people see Kharn as a sign from him/her/it that they have not forgotten the people. The organized structure of their church follows most standard pyramids (think RCC) but they hold no power over the government, and this rule is self enforced. The high minister of the Church is the most learned in study of their religious texts and histories. The ministariate states that no one can interpret the will of god, and that the lessons in the texts are just guidelines not rules. The simplified statement from the church is to live a good life by your morals, just be a good person. Most Kaldorian people use a masculine tense when they refer to god, usually just to Mae it simple in reference to god.


Hydra's are extremely rare creatures that some would argue, can become more powerful than dragons. Most Hydra's can avoid human contact because of the fact they are so sought after as weapons. The only known hydra in a military in Xiola is Kharn's mount Dycor.

Drake riders
Drake riders make up the elite formations of Kaldorian cavalry. Known for their lighting fast aerial charges and devastating flank attacks, drake riders are major threats on the battlefield. Due to the lack of dragons in Kaldor, Drakes were selected for aerial cavalry. Most drake riders are seasoned veterans and men who showed distinction in battle.

Rockshell lancer
Rockshell lancers are the formations of heavy ground based cavalry. Substituting a normal mount for an armored Rockshell, these cavalry men ride into battle upon virtually indestructible mounts. They often lead the charge and one advantage of using the monstrous mounts is that the mount itself is a weapon.

Great sword infantry
The greatsword infantry of Kaldor is second to none. Men who show particular strength and aptitude for the sword are given training with heavier armor and weapons. The advanced development of weapons and armor in Kaldor allow for the user to move faster and more freely. Most infantry veterans are promoted after 4 years of service to serve as elites.

Standard Infantry
tumblr_oqqnflq1G21rfyiu4o1_1280.jpg The most common type of soldiers in Kaldor, swordsmen make up the bulk of the army and marines activelyrics fighting. Unlike most nations, Kaldorian swordsmen are extremely well equipped and we'll trained. Shield walls full of these guys are enough to make most armies crumble, and when the order to attack is given its the swordsmen who attack the hardest, because they know that mercy is a virtue not enjoyed by the common soldier.

The halberdier is the heaviest armored soldier in Kaldor. They are the bulwark of the armies and are the second most common soldiers found in theforces of Kaldor. The line of spear tips pointing out from a line of halberdiers is enough to deter most charges from enemy cavalry. Although the heavy armor grants superb protection it does slow the user quite a bit.

Blades of Wrath
The blades of wrath are a very rare occurrence on the battlefield. They are warriors handpicked by wrath himself to serve as the greatest defender of Kaldor on the battlefield. They are given special blades of wrath that, like Hellbender, are forged from the molten blood of wrath's true form. While these blades do not equal Hellbender, they are extremely powerful and in the right hands can wipe out a force of soldiers. The blades of wrath often give a name to the blade as jot to confuse the blade with the name of the group. The blade is then given a set of armor almost identical to wrath's when he is fighting as a human. The blades are given extensive training in fire magic and are second to none duelists. They are the enforcers of wrath's will and are a sight to behold on the battlefield.

Crossbowmen make up the bulk of the ranged forces in Kaldor, hails of bolts from their advanced crossbows can shatter even the heaviest armored soldiers. It may seem superfluous to give armor to a support soldier, but all crossbowmen are trained to use a sword if the need arises or they run out of ammo. Advances in technology by Kaldorian fletchers has given rise to new repeating crossbows, which has increased the volume of fire capable of one man enormous.

Rangers are elite forces of bowmen and swordsmen who received extensive training in the bow, sword, and stealth. They are usually sent ahead of the main army for scouting and recon purposes. Rangers are given the most advanced weapons and armor, and move unseen through the battlefield. They either shoot on the move or close the distance and fight with two swords. Rangers pose a major threat when leading the charge and an even bigger one when they aren't.

All soldiers in Kaldor are professionals and receive standardized, top of the line gear and training. They are one of the most dominant forces in Xiola.
*blade is referring to warrior not sword*

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(WARNING... some LoTR inspired names ;-; Please excuse my lack of imagination/fanaticism)

Nation Name :: The Isles of Celebrant, comprised of 3 main bodies, and a collection of smaller islands.

Flag :: N/A

Government Type/Explanation ::
Empire. The seat of power in the Isles is the Petilian Empire, whom have ruled and governed over Udunnim and Doredher for centuries. Given its massive size, Doredhel is maintained by a Regency Council comprised of several members situated in the various larger cities, and most notably by the Countesses of High Guard and Ewhred Lin.

Though the Council still governs underneath the authority of the Empire, as the Empress cannot be everywhere at once, it controls most of the goings on in Doredhel, under supervision.

Notable Laws :: Thievery is punishable by death. It is absolutely not tolerated, even above murder. One must work for and earn their belongings. Murder is punishable by imprisonment or death, depending on the circumstances, though organised duels that have agreed upon terms by all involved parties are considered private matters, and not murder - more... acceptance of the potential for death.

Other laws are maintained by the general standard of practice regarding morality and decency. One does not harm without reason, and even so must try to avoid it. One does not damage another's property without expecting to pay for the damages. One does not commit unruly acts of indecency in public.

The list is long, but just.

Landscape/Landmarks ::

Doredhel, one among the three main isles of Celebrant, is the largest of the islands, and the previous seat of power in Celebrant - it sits to the South East of Udunnim. Primarily comprised of grand plains and forests, with a small mountainous region to its North West peninsula.

There are technically five inhabited islands, but the island of Mae Sul is considered a part of Udunnim (Empress Rhea's land); and Mae Revas is a minor, almost uninhabited island left to its own devices - it serves no purpose for the Empire.

Nogoth Bar, a small rocky island, comprised of sharp, jagged edges. It's unfortunate placement not far from the port of the Elven city of Ellarvien makes for treacherous waters for tradesmen - but is a sound defence against any whom seek to attack the city from the safety of the sea.

Mae Sul, much like Nogoth Bar, is a mountainous island - home to the great peak of Lank Fenn, and sits between the Islands of Udunnim and Celebris. It is primarily inhabited by soldiers of the Empire, and used as an outpost for ships between Udunnim and Celebris, though over time towns and villages have been built further inland, and the people mainly work as smithies, masons and miners, making use of the rich deposits of ores and minerals in the mountains to trade for food - for the rocky landscape isn't suitable for farming.

Udunnim, the new capital of the Isles of Celebrant, and the centremost island. Much of the Eastern side of the island is rocky and mountainous, whilst the western plains stretch vastly. Beyond the capital of Mor Ost, very little of the island is actually populated outside of the port cities and towns, and some farmland on the plains. The only reason it was now the capital of the Isles, was because of the rise of the Petilian Empire, and their home being situated in Mor Ost.

Celebris, to the North West of Udunnim and Mae Sul, this isle - the first of the inhabited Isles of Celebrant, is governed by Elves. The Capital of Ellarvien has long been amicable with the Petilian Empire, and trade is strong between the islands. It's quite apparent to both parties though, that their relationship is dependant on the elves generosity with the Empire - and that in the case they should return to their once autonomous and uninvolved ways, Rhea would see fit to plunder the rich northern island for its great wealth of lush landscape.

Indigenous Fauna/Flora :: Much of the Isles of Celebrant are heavily domesticated. Doredhel has long been covered in farmlands, busy roads and trade routes between the innumerable towns and cities that litter the largest island, and wildlife is, for the most part, limited to the mountainous and forest regions of the island. Livestock such as Sheep, Cattle and other such things are commonplace, and bred frequently - whilst wild animals are somewhat of a rarity on the plains (beyond small critters that is).

Avian life flourishes in Doredhel and Celebris, but aside from migration of the island, its a rare sight to see birds flying around Udunnim and Mae Sul - and not a soul will be found on Nogoth Bar. Many believe the great Dragon Nogoth left an unsettling aura over the lands when he lay waste to the islands so long ago, and even centuries after his death - or disappearance - animals still fear the centre isles.

Visitors to Celebris have often claimed sightings of strange and unique creatures one would never have seen in Doredhel, of a great many shapes and sizes, but such fanciful tales are often disregarded - even by the elves whom claim their Celebris is home to many things, but not the dreams and delusions of drunkards and madmen.

Magic Density ::
Low. Though some say the destruction wrought by the Dragon Nogoth tainted the land with his evil, and such magic has seeped into the wounds of the Earth - and rarely finds itself a vessel by which to re-enact his great devastation. Those of the Imperial Dynasty have often been capable magicians, with the ability to manipulate rock and metal in strange fashions - but any rumour that might spread as to why is swiftly quenched - there would be no dirtying the Petilian name.

Celebris certainly seems more magical than the surrounding isles, but whether it is the land itself, or the migration of the elves that affected it is unknown.

Sentient Races/Citizens :: Elves, Humans and Dwarves. Humans are the dominant race in the Isles of Celebrant, claiming the majority role in both Doredhel and Udunnim, whilst Elves and Dwarves do remain among their civilisation.

The mountain fortress of Lok Kadrin is a Dwarven stronghold in the North West region of Doredhel, and while somewhat involved in the affairs of the humans, they tend to be quite secretive.

Celebris is wholly inhabited by the Elves and wildlife - while visitors are permitted, they demand that none stay overly long - a condition agreed to by the Empire.

Major/Important Settlements ::
Mor Ost, the Capital of Udunnim, home of Rhea Petilia, Empress.
Ellarvien, the Capital of Celebris, and major port city of the Elves.
High Guard, once the Capital of the Isles, now merely the largest city in Doredhel, situated in the centre of the island.
Ewhred Lin, the second largest city in Doredhel, situated in the South East of the island, on a long and wide tail of land extending out to sea.
Lok Kadrin, major Dwarven settlement/fortress within the mountains of Doredhel.
Lank Fenn, the great peak of Nogoth Bar, and the once home of the dragon Nogoth.

Notable NPCs ::
Gaius Aquilos - Protector and Advisor of the Empress
Ellandil - Viceroy of Ellarvien
Lady Adella Menincroft - Head of the most prominent Noble house in High Guard, an elderly woman and advisor to her granddaughter.
Eliza Menincroft - Granddaughter of Adella, and member of the Regency Council within Doredhel, she essentially rules High Guard - but as part of the Empire.
Lady Elira Dubois - Member of the Regency Council and ruler of Ewhred Lin - but as part of the Empire.

Economy ::
The islands trade amongst each other. Doredhel has proven to host a vast supply of natural resources, from plentiful deposits of ores and minerals in the mountain ranges, as well as varying species of tree and plant-life in the central and southern regions. The Amarian trade empire once vastly overshadowed that of the Petilian Empire, and they had favourable deals with both the elves and dwarves. However, since their demise at the hands of the Empire, the Petilians have essentially monopolised the Isles of Celebrant, hence why they are considered the ruling power on the isles; though as Mor-Ost is a central hub, and harbour for passing ships as well as trade into Udunnim; Empress Rhea Petilia benefits greatly from the merchantry, and thus flourishes. The three islands are on agreeable terms, and trade is consistent with little reform or variation to avoid disagreements. Currently, resources remain plentiful, and the provinces have in place legal restrictions on how much they may harvest over time - though despite its lacking presence, some have attempted research into magic as a more renewable resource in the isles... it has yet to prove fruitful.

Currency ::
Petilian Sovereigns are the common and simple currency in the isles, ignoring Celebris which operates uniquely through object trade only. Despite the grandiose name, the value of a Sovereign is very little, but the coins come in several unique designs. The Petilian Sovereign bears the face of Castus Petilia, Rhea's father, and a wreath framing his head, and a ribbon set about it. The number of times the ribbon coils the wreath determines the value of the coin, each being ten times the value of the previous.

Religion ::
Under Petilian reign, Religion is neither encouraged nor discouraged, but prayer to the Fourteen in particular is forbidden.

Military ::
The Empire maintains a strong and well-trained military. Their past has been bloody and arduous, and thick with the blood of their enemies, and Rhea was no stranger to the fighting. She trusted not the surrounding nations, nor their gods and leaders, and she didn't not, in turn, expect them to trust her.

Most common were the guards and patrols. Paid for and maintained by the Crown itself, in other words... taxes, these consisted of decently trained soldiers and knights. Law demands that every young man and woman do their two winters of service in the guards work, most being posted in their home towns and cities, though some are sent away from home. It is a widely accepted custom, and for the years of peaceableness the Isles have upheld since the defeat of the Amarians, there is little reason to oppose it.

Small villages and farmlands are typically ignored, for the custom is lax and not well enforced far from towns and cities, though any farms of villages that littered the area close to a large population would be visited semi-frequently. It was as such that those doing their service varied in ages from sixteen winters to even their early twenties.

The cities of Mor Ost, Ewhred Lin and High Guard upheld a far more strict regime, soldiers were well trained in combat and not so much suited to the petty tasks of crime fighting - but instead were a means of immediate defence against assault, much as those on Mae Sul.

Rhea was not fond of fanciful names and roles. She had her soldiers, and her captains and her generals. She had her cavalry and her infantry, her archers and her castles and her ships. Her army was thousands strong, and it was a singular devastating force that had decimated the Amarian bastards. She had faith in their ability and their loyalty, and that was what mattered.

Timeline/History ::
The Isles have been around long before they were first discovered. Originally travelled to by the elven lords of the northern island of Celebris, the first to be named and the namesake of the Isles, the remaining islands have since been inhabited over time. Doredhel, the human kingdom was founded by the Amarian line several centuries ago (having travelled from the Eastern mainland of Amarin).

Originally a collection of smaller regions each ruled by their respective noble house, the Amarian's (the Amarian House in particular, as Amarian also refers to the race of all the noble houses that travelled from Amarin) managed to spread their influence over Doredhel, and take control of most of the island. It was perhaps only a century into their reign that the Dragon Nogoth appeared from the West, and laid waste to most of the human population in Mae Sul and Udunnim; his terror plagued the Amarian House until his apparent demise, but was an opportunity for the other houses to expand their influence. The Petilians invaded the Eastern island of Udunnim and the outskirts of Doredhel, and ousted the Amarians from the Northern and Eastern reaches of the isle, forcing them to flee southwards to Ewhred Lin - however, in their weakened state they could do little but anticipate and await the further invasion of the Petilian Empire.

As it was, the Amarians were utterly decimated, even the furthest blood relatives of their house were hunted down and executed so as to ensure their return could never happen. One might say the Petilian reign was peaceable from then on, but it was not untrue that there remained civil strife throughout the following centuries, and even outside threats that plagued the reign of the Petilian Empire.

Peace was always fleeting, and though for some years now it had remained under Rhea's rule, it was only a matter of time.
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