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Fantasy The Beginning of a New - Lore



The Fourteen
Born on the same day, of the same year and the same moment, the Fourteen are the personification of the Sins and Virtues of the sentient races. No one, not even themselves, know what sparked their birth or what their purpose is, but it is an undeniable fact that members of the Fourteen are the most powerful beings on Xiola.


Sloth [Taken]
Lust [Taken]

The Great War

The Great War is known by many names by the various nations around the world. Some call it the War in Heavens, some the Sin War, regardless of the name, the war is widespread and has caused immense strife for the last one hundred years. This has not been a continuous war as there are brief moments of respite before the sides clash once again. Moments of peace in a lifetime of conflict.

The war started between the Sins of Wrath and Pride over Lust. None save those three know the fine details of it, but it is a widespread belief that the two great Sins were involved with Lust and their jealousy led to the conflict. Many believed such a spat would be over quickly for while Wrath was a great warrior, Pride was the greatest of the Sins even if that margin was only just.... But it did not end quickly. As it escalated, Lust, the Sin who was the root cause of the conflict, joined Wrath. Then as if some unseen hand had knocked over the first domino, it all started to fall. Greed joined Pride hungry for the loot and spoils that would come with victory as they fully expected Pride to emerge victorious. Envy then joined Wrath, a move that was unforeseen and unexpected by everyone. Some say it was due to Envy being, well, envious of Pride's power and taking this chance to finally break it and claim it for themselves.... But no one but Envy truly knows their reasons.

Of the other two sins. Sloth and Gluttony remained neutral and out of the war. Sloth because he was too lazy to bother with what was 'Not His Problem' and it did not effect Gluttony's desires or whims, so they had no reason to stick their hand into the blender that was the Great War... but despite their neutrality, the war continued to grow. The hatred and mistrust between the fighting sins deepened until even the Virtues could no longer stay out especially as the fighting grew closer and closer to their borders and the influx of refugees fleeing the conflict escalated. An intervetion was called, the Virtues attempting peace talks.

They failed.

And the domino continued to fall. Humility, ever the foe of Pride, joined Wrath. Chasity joined Pride to curb Lust and her whims as it was those same whims that was drowning the world in blood. Patience followed for Pride so they could, as Chasity would combat Lust, they could stop Wrath's rampage. Diligence, much to everyone's surprise, joined Pride. Most expected them to stay neutral, some whisper it is due to their dislike of lust or their desire to bring the war to an end.. but none but Diligence can answer.

Temperance remained neutral, never giving up in the idea of peace and constantly attempted to approach members of either side for an armistice. Kindness and Charity stayed neutral, instead of focusing on war or diverting resources to defense, they, instead, did everything in their power to help the desperate taking in refugees and caring for them, sending food supplies to villages in need when they were able [although it wasn't uncommon for these relief efforts to be raided or stolen.]

Despite the numerous forces aligned in this conflict, it seemed to be drawing to a closure as Pride and their forces had started to win the conflict. They had Wrath out manned and outmatched, but Lust had one last card to play and convinced Gluttony to join them, no one knows how Lust did this or what Lust offered the Sin, but no one can deny the results. The war, once again, became a standstill, the fresh forces and supplies of Gluttony reinvigorating Wrath's forces, however, at the apex of the war, Sloth's child was slain by Wrath in battle at the Durn Plains. While Sloth had not joined the war, the nation he was... 'aligned' with tended to send volunteers to Pride's forces whom held public sympathy. Corvis, Sloth's son, had been leading these men and women. Despite the death of his son, no sin nor virtue expected Sloth to go to war. Sloth was... Sloth. Sloth never did anything, but they were wrong, Sloth entered the war against Wrath. The balance of the war, so finely balanced on the knife-edge was pushed. The momentum Pride had now was undeniable, and to all but end it, Temperance joined Pride. Not for conquest, not for glory, or martial victory, Temperance joined because they realized this was their chance. With Sloth and Temperance on the side of pride, any chance of victory for Wrath and Lust was gone, and Temperance used that fact to leverage for a peace summit between the two sides to end the war that was all but decided and save the lives of thousands of people, Pride and Wrath reluctantly agreed.

The summit would take place in the dominion of Charity and both Charity and Kindness would serve as the mediators.​
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In Xiola magic comes from another dimension, a dimension of raw power, power that defies the laws of physics. This power 'seeps' into the mundane world through the 'barrier' between them. In some areas, the barrier is particularly weak and so magic is particularly strong, in others, the barrier is strong and so there is very little magic to be found. A people, or race, that has lived in an area with high magical power flowing through the land will find that they find themselves more gifted and their children more prone to being 'open' to the Winds. However, the opposite also applies as some areas, as mentioned previously, have very low magic and a people, or race, that has lived in an area with low magical power flowing through their lands will have less affinity for it and mages will be rarer in their children. However, this does have its perks as due to their bodies being unused to magical energies, they have a natural resistance against magic. This resistance grows in proportion to how low the magical energies are in their homeland.

The 'amount' of magical energy in a region is known as 'Magic Density'.

Note: Such drastic changes to a people take generations to form. Someone randomly moving to a low magic area won't suddenly get magical resistance. Their great, great grandchildren will.

The Winds
Magic is often referred to as 'The Winds' due to it 'flowing' from the other dimension into our world, however, it is more then that. Magic is not some catchall term for some invisible energy, that energy has different properties, different purpose, different feel and, even, a different 'color'. One can almost view magic as a rainbow. While it is one form, its form is broken up into different colors and while the colors are different and independent, they are still one in the same. There are eight 'winds', or 'colors' of magic, each with its own purpose, power and abilities. These can have sub-sets such as Necromancy coming from Shyish [Death]. Every being who can use magic will be naturally drawn to one of the eight winds, it will react to their calling and bend to their will, but magic is incredibly difficult and tricky to learn. Even an extremely gifted mage will spend their entire lives mastering a single wind. Some wizards, from extremely magically inclined races, or those of singular great power can sometimes command multiple winds [although never combine the winds, themselves], however such individuals tend to have other issues and be very rare. Other magic does exist such as runes [binding the wind into magical symbols to create something new] and other such means [don't be afraid to get creative or talk to one of us if you wanted to do something different].

Note: The vast majority of wizards in any nation or any character you make not of the 14 will only have 1 wind. If your nation is one that has High Magic Density, two is allowed depending on the race that is doing it [a race that is either long-lived or particularly magically gifted] or if it is meant to be a very powerful NPC/PC. If your nation is one that has Extremely High Magic Density, three is allowed depending on the race that is doing it [a race that is either long-lived or particularly magically gifted] or if it is meant to be a very powerful NPC/PC. To have four or more would need to be cleared with either myself [CaptainMcNoob] or xEmoBunnehx

Hysh [Light]
Is the wind of Light. Most of the mages are almost akin to 'priest' and it isn't surprising that many mages of Hysh are also priest of one of the 14 believing it gives them greater power and it is very common for a master of Hysh to also be a High Priest/Priestess. The discipline of Hysh is a... special discipline. It focuses on support and the bolstering of nearby people, what 'attack' power it has is fairly weak against most foes, however, against demons or the undead, the power of Hysh is second to none as they can banish demons, unbind undead and blast both with 'holy' light searing them and cleansing them from the world.

Chamon [Metal]
Is the wind of Metal. It is also widely known as alchemy. This magic lore sounds much like one would expect, it is all about manipulating the metallic elements of the world. A mage of Chamon can turn steel to lead, rust armor or weaponry with a wave of their hand, control golems and other constructs, fashion magical artifacts and trinketsand the most powerful of all Chamon practitioners can turn non-metallic things to metal such as turning someone into a solid statue of gold. (Due to the nature of gold, it cannot truly be created, any 'gold' that is made will turn to lead after a few hours when the magic leaves it. Although it has not stopped many mages from dedicating their lives in trying to discover how to do it.)

Ghyran [Life]
Is the wind of Life. As one would expect, Ghyran is all about healing people, keeping them in the fight and helping those recover. This wind can be used to allow people to regenerate from even the worst wounds, to extend people's lives to unnatural levels [a mage of Ghyran tends to be incredibly long lived due to the life magic flowing through them], call down healing rains but they also control the body. They can turn flesh to stone, create new forms of life [although this is often frowned upon as seen as abominations and crimes against nature].

Azyr [Heavens]
Is the wind of the Heavens. A Mage of Azyr commands the forces of the wind and the power of lightning. They can summon up great gales of force to blow away opposition, use walls of wind to deflect projectiles or... cast lightning from their finger tips, call down great bolts from the sky or even summon balls of energy that jump around sending bolts streaking out at all foes nearby. Through the power of astronomy, and a health dosage of t heir magical power, a mage of Azyr can attempt to read the heavens to gain insight into the future... to mixed results.

Ulgu [Shadow]
Is the wind of Shadows. This wind is also known as the wind of the trickster for many practitioners of this wind tend to be spies, assassins or scouts as it allows its users to disappear and reappear in the shadows, summon creatures seemingly made of darkness, obscure light and even, they say, tear open gaps into an otherworldly dimension, a dimension that is a pale imitation of our world where creatures best left undisturbed sleep.

Shyish [Death]
Is the wind of Death. This wind is the most distrusted of the winds and Shyish practitioners are often viewed with suspicion and hate in most societies around the world. This reputation is not unwarranted for many Shyish practitioners, all too many, walk the path of Necromancy using the wind of Death to control the bodies, spirits and souls of the departed for their own nefarious means. It was said that the first Vampire was a particularly powerful Shyish practitioner who was attempting to cheat death, itself. She succeeded... in a fashion. But at its core, the wind of death is about binding, manipulating and bringing death. A shyish mage can pull the soul from another and, even, store it into items to use it to empower spells or artifacts. They can speak to the recently departed, or if they are strong enough, will their spirit back to the mundane world.... it is a powerful and dangerous, wind and, is often, incredibly corrupting.

Aqshy [Fire]
Is the wind of Fire. Among all the wind, Aqshy is the most suited to pure combat and users tend to be just as passionate as the flames they summon. A mage of Aqshy can summon weapons of flame, trap people in living walls of flame, sling fireballs around [often personalized by the mage to their taste, some like to be decorative making it skulls or great burning phoenixes], can make it rain fire or summon great fire pillars to burn their enemies to ash or do something more suitable and boil the blood in someone's veins. This wind is violent and passionate, and its practitioners are often much the same.

Ghur [Beast]
The wind of the Beast. These mages are often known as 'Druids' by many other civilizations for they converse with animals and often endeavor to be 'one' with nature. A practitioner of Ghur can channel power into themselves to take on 'aspects' of animals, one who takes on aspects of the bear may grow in strength, one that takes in the power of the wolf may become more ferocious and quick and they can even spread these advantages to their allies. But just as they can converse with beast and monsters, so to can they control them. Many tend to have a great beast or pet companion that they bring along with them, but it is not uncommon for a mage of Ghur to summon ravens to peck the eyes of their foes, to summon a pack of wolves or, even, bind great beast such as Hydra or Wyvern to their service. The more sentient the creature, the harder it is to bind to their service and, while some more crazy or ambitious Ghur mages will try to bind Dragons to their services... they don't tend to ever be heard of again, and to this day, no Dragon has been bound to the serve of a mage against their will while still living. There are whispers of a sect of Ghur mages attempting to learn the art of controlling more... humanoid creatures such as humans, as, after all, are they not animals as well? But that is not the extend ot their power, some particularly powerful ghur users do not just take on 'aspects', they can become the creature. The greatest of all can become great beast such as chimera, manticores, etc able to turn back and forth at will... They say one ancient, and powerful ghur mage transformed into a mighty red dragon, but after doing so, she betrayed her fellow people and flew off, this story is often used to warn young ghur mages for it is a commonly held belief that the body of a Dragon is too great for any mortal to ever attempt to duplicate.

Magic of the Fourteen

The Fourteen do not use the winds.... at least, not in the form that others could ever replicate. The magic used by the Fourteen is named 'Dhar' and is, in fact, all the winds. However, the winds do not exist as a separate entity to the fourteen, the winds are 'compressed' together and merged to form a new wind, Dhar, or, 'True Magic'. They do not do this on purpose, it is an act of instinct, as easy to them as breathing is to a mortal. A member of the Fourteen can do anything a specialized wind mage can do, they can fling fireballs, cast bolts of lightning, transform into monsters [which they already can do simply by their very nature, but still], however, Dhar is far stronger then anything a mortal mage could ever do. The greatest mage of Aqshy's fireball would be easily overwhelmed by a fireball created from the wind of Dhar. But the are not just greater then them, Dhar allows the use of magics beyond the winds, beyond what people once believed was possible, even the Fourteen do not understand the true scope of their magical prowess, but all understand it is great.

Like mortals, the Fourteen vary in their ability as some Sin/Virtues are better at magic then others just as some are stronger or faster then others and some are more martially inclined as others, however, even the weakest Sin/Virtue in the art of Dhar is greater then the mightiest mortal wizard in terms of raw power [They can lack the finesse and knowledge, however.]

Note: Regardless of how strong the mortal, or how gifted, no one but a Sin/Virtue may use Dhar.


This is a list of races in the RP. Feel free to use any, if you have a race you want to create or bring in, just let us know.

Sins/Virtues: The Sins and Virtues came into being roughly 1,000 years ago, born on the same day at the same time across the land. Each Sin and Virtue are the mightiest entities on the planet, capable of achieving things other, lesser, beings could never hope to do. They do not age, are capable of changing their shape at will and ever Sin and Virtue have a 'True Form'. This form cannot be altered and no other Sin or Virtue may take that form but them. They are at their strongest in this form and only another Sin or Virtue in their true form can hope to match it. Sins and Virtues can 'die', but it is a monumental task to do so as they can take ludicrous amounts of damage and regenerate from it without too much issue if given enough time. When they do 'die', they are reborn in the body of an infant somewhere in the land. They will retain all their power and knowledge and will rapidly grow back to maturity in a few years. However, when they are slain it can be decades to centuries before they are reborn again... there is a method to speed this up considerably, to instantly reborn and already at maturity, but it requires a Sin or Virtue to, at the moment of death, will their power into one of their children, a 'Demi-God', when this happens, their conscious crushes the minds of their children as they, forcibly, take over their body. Their child dies, but they walk Xiola once more. This is, understandably, not something most Sins or Virtues would consider doing. Some Sins and Virtues are stronger then others, some are more magically gifted, others more intelligent or resilient, in the end, only one Sin and one Virtue can claim to truly be the 'strongest', those are Pride and Humility.

Note: While Pride is the 'strongest' Sin overall, it doesn't mean they are the best in every field. Wrath may be the better martial warrior, Sloth is physically stronger, etc, but, overall, Pride is the strongest Sin.

Demi-Gods: Demi-Gods are the offspring of either a Sin/Virtue and a mortal or two Sins/Virtues. Obviously, the offspring of two Sins/Virtues will be greater then that of a Sin/Virtue and a mortal, however, Virtues and Sins are said to not be able to inter-breed. This is not, completely true, however the chance of the offspring surviving to birth is close to non-existent and none yet exist. Demi-Gods take most of their appearance from mortal parent [if between two Virtues/Sins, they take more of their appearance from whatever one was stronger at the time]. So the daughter of an elf and a Virtue will look like an elf. Demi-Gods are immensely powerful in terms of both physical abilities and magical potential, they do not age and are immune to sickness. Each one is a hero of legends upon themselves [even those who do not live up to their full potential]. The children of Demi-Gods are powerful as well, however, with each generation the power of the Sin/Virtue who started the line weakens.

Humans: Humans are humans. You know them. You love them. They are not long lived, they are not particularly powerful, but they have a great capability to learn and adapt to environments, situations and their appearance varies greatly. They are one of the most dominate, if not the most dominate, sentient life on Xiola.

Halflings: Halfings are a small but dexterous race who often look like human children to untrained eyes. The fact that they cannot grow beards or other facial hair only reinforces that impression. Despite their small size, they eat twice as much as any human and are capable of great feats of stealth. While they may be small, their hearts are large as few races have the same stubbornness or depth of courage as halflings, however, halflings are, usually, a peaceful people and are content to farm, eat and smoke. Halflings can often live to 150-200 years.

Dragons: One of the most powerful creatures in Xiola; they are commonly known to be Lust's favorite creature and so a large amount of them can be found in her land of Zodia. Dragons come in many forms, colors, shapes, sizes, etc. In Zodia, they are often called upon in times of war by the Dragoons, powerful warriors trained to tame the mighty beast as well as befriend them.

Sarlin: The Sarlin are a very rare race of humanoids that live within the Astagorn Republic. They appear very much like humans and are a nomadic people, they are, on average, taller then humans but also shorter lived usually only around 70 or so years. They are known as horse masters because they can 'bond' with horses in a way no other race can. A Sarlin and their steed 'become one'. They start to share traits such as greater endurance, the horse's age extends to that of their master and other such minor details. The 'bonding' takes place when the Sarlin is very young, a child by the standards of any other race, and this is a very special and rare occasion that the Sarlin people do not allow others to see. It is unknown if they can bond to other animals ,but many theorize that is why they are so hush about it, for fear of anyone disturbing the bonding process. The Sarlin race is not numerous and there are only a few tribes with the Republic riding around. In return for a safe place to populate and reside, the Sarlin will offer war riders to the Republic in times of need.

Beast-Kin: The beast-kin is a term for three subgroups of humanoids that live in nearly every land of Xiola. It isn't uncommon for them to be enslaved or treated... poorly by other races as they are often viewed as barbaric and savage, even if this is not the case in any way, and are, at their worst, treated as little more then animals. These subgroups are:

Dagor - The Dagor, also known as 'True Kin' appear more like beast then any other of their kind. While sentient, they are fully bestial in appearance, covered completely in fur, with bestial faces and body parts. They are the strongest of their kind and, depending on the animal in which they are kin to, they have some of the greatest raw strength or agility of the mortal races, however, it comes at a price. For while they are the strongest, they are also the most lost to their bestial instincts and will, often, revert to baser instincts when in trouble. Minotaur are an example of Dagor.

Xarlin - The Xarlin are the... in-between. They are bestial, yet still almost.. human. Some of these the divide is obvious such as with Centaur, other times, it can be more subtle where they still retain a more... bestial face or legs, but retain a humanoid form. These Beast-Kin are weaker then Dagor but stronger then Torgtha.

Torgtha - The Torgtha are the most human-like of the Beast-Kin. They often appear just like them save for, perhaps, fur on parts of their body, beast-like ears and tails. They are still stronger then humans, this strength and agility increasing or decreasing depending on the animal they are based upon. The Torgtha, more then any other Beast-Kin, suffer the most as they are the most often enslaved by other races.

Xalia - The Xalia are often called 'High Elves'... or 'Grand Elves' or whatever suitably grand-staging name of superiority one can think of. The Xalia do not age and do not suffer from natural sicknesses [however, magical diseases and other such portents will start effect them]. The Xalia are one of the most naturally magically gifted races on Xiola and are often fabled to be the race that taught much of the 'younger' ones how to do it. On a physical level, they are roughly equivalent to humans, but cannot match humanities higher levels of strengths [No Xalia could ever become a bodybuilder], they are highly agile and quick but are known to be more fragile then humans. They are all, by the standards of beauty of man, incredibly alluring and tend to be quite tall [6'-7'6"]. When the races were young, and humans still climbing out of their caves, it was said the borders of the Xalia stretched around the world matched only by the Dwarves and other eldar races. They are a shadow of their former glory and many aspiring Xalia seek to rebuild their ancient empire. The Xalia are especially gifted in Light and Celestial magic [although they can learn any]

Mariddia - The Marddia are often referred to as Wood Elves by humans, share the same advantages and physical stats as their Xalia cousins. This is because they descend from the same ancestors. When the borders of the ancient Xalia empire stretched around the world, the Marddia were colonist that grew attached to the various deep woods of the world, when the empire fell, the Marddia stayed within their woods instead of returning home. Over the millennia, they have grown into their own culture and there is a certain level of animosity between the Marddia and the Xalia as the Xalia see them as backwards and savage while the Marddia see the Xalia as arrogant blowhards who abandoned them when their empire collapsed. The Marddia are especially gifted in Life and Beast magic [although they can learn any]

Damar - The Damar are often known as the 'Dark Elves' by the humans. Just like the Marddia, the Damar are descended from the same ancestors of the Xalia and, as such, they share, roughly, the same physical stats and appearance. Of course, not completely as the Damar tend to have different shades of coloring from their hair which is often black, white or silver and their skin tends to be varying shades of milky white, pale blues or deep purples. Back when the Xalia Empire was in its full swing, a great schism happened and half the empire rose up in arms. After a great war, the Xalia emerged victorious and the defeated, who would become Damar, were forced to flee. Some went to the frozen north, others went deep underground. The lack of strong light, over millennia, took its tool upon their skin and this is why they differ so greatly in coloring. Their culture is.. different, they value strength above all for the landscape they found themselves in was harsh and, so, they became harsh themselves to survive. Where they could not grow or farm, even with the aid of magic, they began to raid other civilizations for the supplies they needed. In time, they began to see themselves as greater then those they raided, and so, it was only fair those who could not defend themselves be forced to do the work the Damar did not want... and so it is said the Damar were the world's first slavers and, to this day, the Damar are one of, if not the, most prolific slavers of Xiola. They are especially gifted in Shadow and Death magic [although they can learn any'.

The Naylia are... a sore subject for the other three elves. While they will, albeit sometimes reluctantly, agree to some level of relation between them, not any of them will claim the Naylia as kin. The Naylia are roughly as tall as humans, but tend to be lithe, they are slightly weaker then humans, but carry a greater agility. They do not live forever, instead, their life span is a few hundred years and they are merely resistant to sickness, not immune. They are not especially gifted with magic, but are superior to humans, on average... They are often a favored target for slavers. It is believed the Naylia are the lost colonist from the ancient Xalia Empire that were stranded and were forced to mingle and interbreed with the emerging young races, like humans, and so, over the millennia, their race formed from the union... Of course, saying this to a Xalia, Damar or Mariddia is likely to be met with scoffing, enslavement or an arrow to the eye for such an idea is close to an insult to them.

No one is really sure why Half-Dragons exist, as none would dare have sex with a dragon. Rumor has it Lust created this race because of her love for the beasts, but none truly know if that is true or not. Half dragons can come in two forms, more human like or more draconian like. The more human-like have human skin, eyes, hair, and a few other features but typically still retain their tail, horns, claws, and sometimes wings. The other form look like humanoid dragons; though both tend to be 6ft- 7ft tall. This race is stronger than any human could ever hope to be, but are not nearly as strong as their true dragon parent. They are a very proud race, as Lust tends to favor them above other races as such the majority of them dwell within her lands.

They are exactly what you think they are, seductive little demons. They roam other lands but most call Zoida home. These beings can entrance nearly anyone who is not resistant to magic or a Sin/Virtue. Typically these beings have horns, long slender tails, and retractile claws. Stronger than the average human, but typically weaker to certain types of magic especially the wind of Hysh [light].

Mischievous beings that tend to trick humans into doing their bidding or being their personal slaves. They are on roughly as physically strong as a human [when at their full size], but they use their magical prowess and cunning to overpower anyone who dares challenge them. They appear mostly human, but they can shirk to 1/16th the size and they have quite elegant wings.

These elves can come from Damar, Mariddia or the Xalia. They are naturally gifted in magic but delved to deep into the lore of shadow and/or death and were forever corrupted by it. Because of their corruption they are often exiles destined to walk Xiola searching for sites of great dark magic to further boost their power. However, because of this corruption, they are known to be easily possessed by evil spirits and demons, but they also make extremely prized slaves due to their exotic nature and incredibly rarity for less they amount to less then 1% of the elven race.


Global Timeline
  • 5,034 BV: First Xalia city is founded.
  • 4,350 BV: Dwarves colonize most of the World's Spine Mountains.
  • 4,114 BV: Xalia starts colonization of other lands
  • 2,738 BV: Xalia Empire Schism Begins
  • 2,630 BV: First Human Civilization Is Born
  • 2,426 BV: Xalia Empire Schism Officially Ends
  • 2,135 BV: The War of Ancients begins between the Dwarf Kings and Xalia Empire.
  • 1,535 BV: Xalia Empire abandons most of their colonies ending the War of Ancients.
  • 1,312 BV: Dwarven Realms shattered by numerous cataclysms.
  • 1,123 BV: Human Kingdoms begin to rise all over the world, taking prominence in the power vacuum left behind by the Dwarves and Xalia.
  • 0 AS: Sins and Virtues are born
  • 813 AS: Astagorn Republic is Founded
  • 931 AS: Great War Begins
  • 1024 AS: The Astagorn Republic Joins the Great War.
  • 1027 AS: Current Day

Note: I will update this with the history of other nations and the history of newly created or brought in races. Let me know if there are any events you, especially, want noted

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