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Fantasy The Beginning of a New (IC, Always Open)




Xiola, a world of magic, heroes and gods. A world beset by war, a war that has torn the landscape apart for over a century. Small respites of peace nothing more then shallow breaths before the conflict begins anew. Even the newest call to peace, a meeting between those who plunged the world into darkness is seen as nothing more then just another brief breath before the plunge. What brought the world to such a state? It was no man, no beast, no cause, no belief, no ideology, it was them.

The Fourteen, the personifications of life's Virtues and Sins, born over a thousand years ago on the same year, at the same time, at the same moment. With their first breaths, the world shuddered for it knew nothing would ever be the same again. Each Virtue and Sin are powerful beyond mortal measure and would each become revered as a deity in their own right despite what they may have wanted. Their power able to bring salvation and destruction at their whim, and it was because of this that the war began. The war has garnered many names by those shedding blood in it or watching it flow, some call it the Great War, the Sin War, the War in Heaven, the War of Lust and Wrath, the War of Pride... Whatever name one puts on it, it has forever changed Xiola as nearly every sin and virtue, along with their nations, beast and power, were thrown at each other.

A war that erupted from nothing more then jealousy as the sins of Pride and Wrath warred over their shared desire for Lust. A lover's quarrel, something that happens across the land, the source of tale and woe has threatened to drown Xiola in blood. Now, as Pride's forces and allies of Sins and Virtues nears total victory, a peace summit was called... once again, a last desperate attempt to end the conflict before more lives are lost, and it is here that our story begins.

You will play a Sin or Virtue. Attending the summit to find a way to bring the war to an end that does not involve the extermination of nations and cultures. But... can it be stopped? After so much blood, with so much power gifted to beings exemplifying the best... and worst, of us, can we be pulled back from the brink of Armageddon?​


The One True Bunneh-Chan~

Serena sucked in a deep breath of air, or at least as deep of a breath as she could get since she was flying at..gods know what speed. A peace meeting. After one hundred long years, they were finally having talks of peace, but could peace be achieved after all that was lost? Serena did not know, she was only certain that if the war lasted any longer than all of Xiola would perish. And it would be all her fault. A small twist of pain lanced through her heart, causing Drakora to briefly peer back at his master. as he too was on edge. Shaking her head, Serena lightly patted the dragon's head, "There there Darkora, all is going to be well. We shall smite this damned war. Even..even if it was my fault to begin with.." She said, the pain twisting itself deeper into her chest. Yes. There would be peace. Another deep sigh would escape her as the nation of Jubilya came into sight. Soon. Soon everything would be decided, but before that..she had to face everyone, including Him. Pride. That man..if it weren't for her own grief over the war, Serena would turn right back around and fly back to Zodia..where she didn;t have to face him. Where she didn't have to look into those beautiful eyes once more, where she didn't have to hear that damned voice of his. She could only hide from him for so long, and finally..that time had caught up to her. She had to face Pride, and she'd be damned if he wouldn't eat this attention up. On the flip side, she would get to see Sloth again. Hm. What a delicious sight he was. When he wasn't killing her beloved pet Eyrbus. The thought of her pet sent another pang of pain through her. All of this should of never happened, but it was far too late for that now.

Shortly after that thought, the shore of Jubilya came into view. It was breath taking, if Serena was being honest. The ocean bright and glistening in the sun as it washed upon the glorious beach, the docks full of beings roaming about, never seeming to even give a care where they were, or what was coming. They they must of saw Drakora because there was a scream followed by a large bell, or perhaps what sounded like one, and then there was people everywhere, clearing a path for Drakora to land, little did they know Serena intended to make a grand entrance, or..something somewhat flashy. She had to show off just a little bit since she was on Her land. That damned Charity. A prude bitch after something that belonged to Serena, even if he was extremely pissed at her. so with that little thought in mind, Serena grinned and Drakora almost instantly could feel what she wanted, and so he did it.

Just before nearing the shore, Drakora slowed, his feet dragging across the ocean as Serena stood atop his rather large head, her arms up as though balancing was simply as easy as walking. Her long lavender locks blew behind her along with her long black lace dress. Gently they landed, and Drakora bowed his mighty head, allowing his Lady off with a simple ease. The moment she set her bare foot on sand, Serena looked around, noticing just who saw that, and to see if any other had arrive just yet. Confirming she was the first, she giggled to herself, as she was usually the last to anything like this, then again..this was a special case. A few cheers and claps could be heard from some of the sailors, but Serena ignored them and turned back toward Drakora. Lightly she pet him and gave him but a small kiss on the nose. "You have done well my darling~ Please rest while I attend to business." She told him softly before he lay below her feet. Her shoes, something she planned on not wearing, were tucked away in the saddle bag along with a change of clothes should Serena need to stay overnight. (Sleeping in a dress is a total bitch, ya know?) Turning away from the mighty beast, Serena strode, her head held high as her long wavy hair lightly blew behind her in the breeze, her dress's train following suit. Question was, where did she go from here?


Legendary Golden Support
While he wasn't quite one for special occasions, this one summoned all who had been involved in the war, directly or not. Erak had little involvement really, but he had gotten a kick out of what he had done regardless. After all, there was little source of entertainment springing up on its own and as such Erak had to find it on his own, or make some. Summoned to Charity's home, at first Erak scoffed at the idea. For what, a tea party? He sneered. And did anyone even realise how far Aurus was? He couldn't teleport, and the flight would be a day at least! It wasn't that he couldn't fly a day's worth, but it did mean he had to abandon his business at Aurus for a bit and who knew what the others wanted, or how long he was expected to stay. Nevertheless he remembered, there would be trouble and he did so love to get his hands into some. Fourteen sins and virtues in the same room - it was impossible for there not to be any trouble at all.

The reality was that, Erak had no idea where he was going. He hardly left Aurus in the first place, and had to go off what little memory of the surrounding territories he had to vaguely guide him. No way was he going by land, so he spread his true wings, face replaced by a bird's skull with hollow eye sockets, and flew. Maybe if he was lucky he would get there without being ridiculously late, and by some chance managed to find his way be recognising a few landmarks below him. He had made a few wrong turns which delayed him a little over an hour than his original schedule, naps included on the way. Overall, he was satisfied at his journey not having gone absolutely wrong even though air currents had pushed him off course a few times.

He ignored the dock, refusing to land where there were so many people who were going to ask questions or something. He be able to steal some stuff with a little trickery sure, but he was late as it is and that was one thing he hated. If he was going to fly all the way here, at least he was going to retain his dignity and not awkwardly enter late. As he flew overhead, he noticed a small figure below in a fancy dress. "My, my," Erak muttered, curiously diving lower to see if he could make out who this fancily-dressed lady was. He flew ahead on the path before landing, feathers and wings disappearing as he returned human, a sly grin on his bearded face. "Now, what have we here?" He mused, bowing to the beautiful lady. "If it isn't Lady Lust herself."

Probably George

Голова дерьма
Seraphim had come up to the two of them. He went out to see if any of the sins had gone through a detour, maybe to have a little fun before hand. He wasn't having any of it. This was the most serious and history effecting time since the start of the war. "Lust. Envy. You're both late. I hope you weren't planning on have a short tour before coming to the meeting. This is of vital importance. If things go right, this damned war will be over with, and I can get to work." The war was causing mass panic across the nations, and, of course, Seraphim had to help. Occasionally getting assistance from Charity. Of course, it was nothing new.

Seraphim turned, leading the two to the meeting. He was already nervous with the politics and relationships between the 14. It would be very... eventful. "Serena, I understand your issue with Pride, but put that aside. If you muddy this with your personal vendettas, it'll only worsen things." Though his words would usually reach, Lust was a stubborn one, not paying a lot of what Humility had to say. He turned to them. "And Erak." He pointed his spear at the man. "I'll do it again." Seraphim refereed to a previous incident where Envy had seemingly gone out of his way to ruin Humility's work. As a lesson, he stabbed envy in the heart. Of course, he knew this was painful more than anything else.

They all approached a grand marbled building, like a central church. "Again, this is strictly politics, we're not here to dispute personalities. Otherwise I would be speaking with you two for a lot longer." This attitude was very much unlike Seraphim. Normally polite and collective, this aggressive him was ready to put all this nonsense to a rest. This whole war was folly to begin with. "Now, I've agreed for Kharn to talk beside me, as he is of the two who started all this. I would greatly advise not blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. This all ends here, today."

Ryoko Lee

The girl who is like the Dragon
"Don't do it, my lord." A timid voice said, and Pride turned. He truly was beautiful, with ivory skin and a smile that could kill, eyes glinting with danger. His hair was styled effortlessly, and he had a considerable build.
"Since when do I take orders from a mere servant?" He asked, voice soft as silk. It was alluring, deadly yet intoxicating, like a beautiful viper. It's dance hypnotized you, but you ended up dead.
He had been standing in his room, his woman servants bathing and dressing him. They had made him look impeccable, dressing him in a light blue shirt, the color of the sea, complimenting his eyes, and fitted well, showing off the outline of his sculpted build. Stray hands touched him everywhere, which would be arousing, but they were his servants- and he had his eyes set on one woman along.
Anguish and rage filled his heart at the great treason she committed. However, they were going to Charity's lands for a truce, and he had to play nice. However, he'd really enjoy slamming her against the wall and making her suffer, making her plead his name, the fear in her eyes changing to lust, like her title. Suddenly irritated, the man swatted the hands away like he'd do a fly.
"I'm so sorry, my Lord. It was just a suggestion." He rolled his eyes, attempting to hold his tongue. This new servant had slipped up many times, and for a moment he wished for his old, experienced maid. She, however, was no longer employed, because Pride had killed her. But, being pride, accidents happen! He was a God, and while Gods such as he made no mistakes, he did lose his temper- especially when she expressed Wrath and Lust were back to their own ways. It was merely a rumour, and Pride had asked, but he had... well, shot the messenger.

"Servants don't make suggestions, they stay silent." There was a warning in his tone, and the intent was clear. There were no more words after that.

The next thing was him leaving his nation to visit another, for a peace treaty. Honestly, he'd adore to continue murdering Wrath's people; however, he had better things to do- like revenge on Lust, for once. There was much pondering on which arrival would be flashiest, whether a giant ship, or riding a pridely animal, and he ultimately decided on riding one of his creatures. There was nothing more prideful than a lion, but he changed his mind once more and decided to simply walk upon the water. This was quite random, but it was pleasurable, for the people assumed he even had the sea beneath his domain and control.

His first thought that was it truly was a lovely nation. It was fertile and lush, bursting with Vitality. However, he noticed her- first.
She truly was ravishing, and he
remembered those heavenly curves and lush lips he could devour. The only thing wrong with this picture of beauty was Envy, the little rat, and Seraphim. He didn't appreciate the disrespect, and he sped walked over. With all of his might he slammed his shoulder into envy, setting him off balance, and then kicking him in the knee, knocking him to the ground.

"Watch how you handle Lady Lust. I have no problem starting another war over her, and both of you guys will die first."
He sent a brief, soft smile in her direction, but it grew to be confident and arrogant, the smile she adored.

"How many time must I say to never fight upon my land? It is forbidden."

The voice was soft but held power, and the intent was clear. Break her laws, and she will destroy your nation- at least the fertility of it, and bad fortune would reign. A woman materialized, beautiful and warm. Her blonde hair fell in cascading curls down her back, and she truly was luminous- she was the living form of charity- and she resonated health and fertility. She was slimmer than Lust, but more naturally portioned, with beautiful looks and a sweet heart to match. She did, however, send an icy glare to Lust, placing hands on her hips.

"It's a pleasure to see you all- Serena, Pride, Envy, and Seraphrim."



The Slumbering Giant, the Sleeping God, the Dreamer and a hundred other names thought up for a deity who was famous for doing nothing. The 'Lord Protector', who was better used as a paper weight then a flaming sword of ruin, was Godric Wilhelm. A man who, at the moment, wanted nothing more then to sink deeper into his chair until they became one being, and while the being knew it was impossible, damned if he wasn't going to try. It was one of his favored chairs, brought along with him when he went to war years before and now sat in the overly indulgent room given to him by Neveah to serve as his quarters during the negotiations which sounded about as fun as tearing out one's eyeballs with a rusty horseshoe only messier. His icy blue eyes were distant, staring out a nearby window at the rolling realm of Jubilya, it was a pretty land which was about the extent of his knowledge of the land the Goddess Charity called her own, or, well, as her own as a woman like charity could ever claim.

While he was 'there', he wasn't. Godric was miles away and centuries in the past. He wasn't sitting in a worn in chair in the midst of a war approaching its twilight waiting for egotistical beings to swagger about, no, instead he was in a small cottage with the smell of fresh baked bread flowing through the cozy home, the cawing of the neighbor's rooster, one of the few beings to ever make Godric's damnation list, and a dark haired boy wiggingly in his lap as he fought off his dastardly attacker who was trying to tickle him into submission. His pearls of laughter and gigging filling spreading through the house, his small face turning red with exertion and tears in his eyes, 'Dad!' the boy cried between laughs, his little feet kicking away at Godric's arms. 'Dad what? Want me to do... this!?' Godric shouted moving his hands to the boy's collar bone as, almost impossibly so, the pearls of laughter grew even more. 'Dad!'

"Father!" A different voice, a very feminine voice, struck Godric like a lightning bolt and his blue eyes jumped to its source. A tall, slender dark haired woman in an even darker dress who was looking at him with something close to frustration in her eyes, but they grew concerned when she looked at him, "Fa-Dad is everything okay?"

"Mm?" Godric asked then he felt it, a trail of moisture on his checks. He wiped his face clean with his forearm, the hairs on his beard coarse against the sleeve, "I'm fine," he said but did not say anything more, and the woman did not push the matter. After an awkward pause, the woman spoke up, "Well, we have to go. We are going to be late."

"Late?" Godric said as he blew a lock of blonde hair from his face.

"The meeting?" the woman said as if that would clear it all up and explain everything, "You know, the one with the those little things we call leaders of the nations we are at war with? Its only a little important," she said, the frustration returning to her eyes, that same fiery light that reminded Godric so much of her mother... and her brother.

"Not going," Godric said and waved his hand dismissively as if that was the end of it... and stuck out his bottom lip for good measure.

"Yes, you are," the woman retorted, her right hand curling into a fist that, for a moment, Godric thought may draw blood from how tightly she clenched it.

"Don't want to," Godric said not even mustering the energy to shrug his indifference to the matter at her, "You can do this Asha, I'm not needed. You're the..." Godric paused as he found the word, his right hand rolling to imitate his tumbling thoughts, "Grand Representative of the Grand Astagorn Republic. Should have added another grand in there somewhere, wouldn't want anyone to not know your Grandness."

The woman, Asha, took a deep breath and started speaking again, slowly as if she was speaking to a child, "Father-Dad, you have to go. I am the representative, I will be doing the negotiations, but the other nations need to see you. They need to know that if the war continues, you will be there to finish it. It doesn't work if it is just me."

Godric tilted his head to the side, pretending to consider it, letting off a loud hum as he pondered it, "Don't want to."

"Father! This isn't going outside or giving a speech, you have to do this! This isn't a game!" Asha said, her calm and collected demeanor cracking before her father's childish behavior, "You can't just sit here and do nothing!"

"Yes, I can, its not-" the words died in his throat as, in that moment, he was not sitting in a chair, in the corner of a kingdom he didn't want to be in, he was in his hall, looking at his son, his boy, his Corvis passionately asking for him to stop the madness of the world, to do something, and... Not his problem.. "Okay."

"You have to, you can't just sit this out, y-y.. Okay?" Asha said, her rant cut off as her mind finally realized what it is her father said, "You'll do it?" when he nodded, Asha blinked and was at a lost for words. It was never this easy, "I-Uh, that is good, father, are you wearing that?" she asked, her tone telling all Godric needed to know on her opinion of it. It was a simple brown tunic and pants, if he was being kind, he looked more like a farmer wearing the only change of clothes he had that wasn't dirty or torn for a festival rather then the Lord Protector of Astagorn and member of the Fourteen, but he wasn't going to change. This was comfortable and that is what mattered.

"Don't think it suits me? I do. Think it gives me a certain refined elegance, almost feel like a young wide eyed girl on her debut night," Godric asked, raising a playful eyebrow at his daughter, "No, its fine, come on, we have to go or we won't make it," she replied having decided that her small war against her father had gone better then expected and to not push her luck now.

Godric slowly stood from his chair, letting out an exaggerated grunt as he rose to his full height, his long blond hair falling in waves around him and he followed his daughter out the room and towards the designated meeting room, where he would have to sit across from the thing that took his boy away from him.

If Godric knew he would have to go outside, from his lovely quarters in the palace, he would have fought harder against going, but was done was done and salvation in the form of, hopefully, a comfortable chair lay within the cathedral.

"Woe to those who mistake divinity for vanity," Asha mumbled under her breath as she eyed the impressive cathedral. It was far greater then any such structures in Astagorn because religion, while important, was never a key focus as their central deity wasn't, exactly, the most noble or awe-inspiring especially now when the great lord Sloth looked more like a lost farmer then a powerful member of the Fourteen.

As they climbed the steps, they found the door clogged, Asha opened her mouth to demand entrance when her knees buckled. She was hit by a flurry of emotions, warmth and kindness, struck be the perfection and marvel of the man before her that suddenly made all the faults of her father and, of course, the lover she had back home seem massive and disgusting... a spike of hot desire that wanted both the perfect man and, easily, the most beautiful woman she had ever seen with flowing pink hair that she wanted to bury herself into and never come back... the sickening envy of how she would never be as beautiful, as perfect, as those two creatures made her want to make them hers.. or destroy them so no one else could ever have them. Her body trembled with the emotions and she couldn't speak, her voice was caught in her throat. She felt a hand on her shoulder and just as fast as it came, it was gone. Asha blinked a few times, trying to come to terms with what happened when she gazed at her father and he winked at her.

He had protected her and was protecting her. The auras of so many of the fourteen together had overwhelmed her... desipite being a demi-god it was too much for her to bear and her father easily removed it with his own. She could almost feel it wrapping around her, the aura of sloth making her 'not care' enough about the other auras to be effected, letting her mind clear the fog. "Thanks.." she mumbled.

Godric didn't answer, just gave her a small nod and continued up the stairs. He didn't really look at the other fourteen, his mind far too occupied on the treasure that lay within, "I just walked all the way to this cathedral from the palace," Sloth said loudly to catch their attention, spoken as if the effort of walking such a short distance was a work of heroes and legions... not something anyone should be able to do, although he addressed no one in particular, "So would you all kindly get in or go away? Don't care which. But either way, I am going in and sitting down."

RP has begun: Zephyrus122 Zephyrus122 Radical Thinker Radical Thinker Synder Synder Mqueserasera Mqueserasera


The One True Bunneh-Chan~

Serena's eyes met with Envy, and before she could ever even answer him, a flurry of things happened. Seraphim appeared, threatened her and Envy, well more like aggressively told them to behave, pissed her off royally by saying her real name, and then put of no where..there He was. Pride. He slammed into Envy so hard he knocked him down and then proceeded to kick him, causing her to only grow that much angrier, and if to top it all off..there she was..the fucking Charity Case herself, Charity. She too, had said Serena's name, which only added to the continuous anger swelling inside her. Thin black tendrils formed around the bottom of Serena as she looked toward Charity. "You will do kindly to forget that name you just spoke." It was a threat, clear as day. Serena feared not where she was or who she was around. Her name was taboo and all would come to know this. She then turned her deep red eyes from the damned woman and looked toward Pride before grabbing his wrist and yanking him to her, to which she planted a bright red kiss on his cheek which remained long after her lips had pulled away. "Behave." A simple command directed his way before she walked toward the calling of Sloth, a man she desired to be around more than this ridiculous band of idiots. Her temper was high, but her resolve for the war was much higher as she walked toward to beautiful man who stood before the Cathedral.

Sloth's golden hair and piering eyes to match could send a shiver down her spine, where it not for the deepening anger that rose to crush it, the time for romance was gone the minute her name was said. Serena had taken no notice to Greed's arrival, and her words for Seraphim would come later. She would beat the truth out of him. Where had he learned her name? Was it that damned Wrath? Where did he find it? Serena had erased all traces of it from anything and everything, burned that name to the ground..and yet here it was. On Charity's lands. Discovered. She would have to purge it once more. No one needed to speak her name, nor did she need to hear it said. No. It needed to die, just like the girl did so many years ago. The black tendrils seemed to grow and linger around her, but there was only three. Only three to smite any who dared speak her name again. As she approached the Cathedral, she gave a short and curious nod to Sloth and his daughter before taking a seat in one of the pews in the front, stretching out her legs as to block anyone who dared sit next to her, though she didn't doubt Pride would try. "Let us begin." She said, the echo loud enough it would be heard outside, to the idiots she and left behind with a few..choice words. This was going to be a very long fucking day, and she was already plenty stirred up. It was now that she began to doubt the possibility of peace.

Ryoko Lee

The girl who is like the Dragon
Pride tried not to see the way Lust gazed at Sloth, but even a blind man could see. Her eyes lit up with the prospect of a challenge, interested and curious, eyes tracing over his entire body and resting on his sold jawline. Pride knew this look too well, having once been the subject who welcomed her gaze. All he saw was her.
The man turned, jaw clenched, eyes aflame. He wasn't mad at Sloth, or Lust- just himself. Pride had danced with the Devil, knowing the risks. He chose to be in her life knowing she wouldn't always be in his- her name was lust, after all, not loyalty.
The man covered his hurt up quite nicely, brushing past Lust without another glance. He didn't know what he'd do if he saw her face. Couldn't she see she was hurting him? Didn't she care?
No. Lust only cared about herself. She was incapable of loving anyone, or anything.
He entered the cathedral, face darkening with every thought. His heart physically hurt, and all he wanted to do was move the fuck on. But Lust had this gravitational pull, and he couldn't escape her orbit. His world revolved around her's.
The stained glass windows painted him in a colorful light, contrasting with his dark mood. Pride turned away from the light, eyes flashing with hate.

Uhg, that stupid whore... Charity thought, disgust twisting her face into a sneer. Of course Lust was the center of attention, the dumb heifer. If she weren't so damn nice she would've killed Lust a long-
A flash of white, a brief smile. The woman felt her blood go cold, eyes widen in disbelief and pain. Here was her baby girl, the one she loved most. She was so big- a woman now.It had only been around 500 years or so. She was torn between ignoring her or hugging her- but they weren't close. Her beautiful girl kept pushing her away, and Charity could feel her hatred. It was the most painful thing- like always, Greed won. Charity smiled sadly, thinking about better times. Like when Greed loved her stil- no. Greed could never love. She walked into the Cathedral and sat down, eyes still filled with pain...​


Legendary Golden Support
Erak picked himself off the floor, furious. How dare Pride! It wasn't his fault that Pride wasn't good enough for Lust, and how dumb was he not to realise that no one was going to ever be enough for her? How foolish, he thought. He was ready to go confront Pride about it, but remembered what Seraphim had said. I'll do it again. Unconsciously he rubbed his chest where he had been stabbed by the damned Virtue. So instead, he just retreated inside, glaring across the room at Pride.

For a moment he saw Lust again, and he scowled. As much as it was his job to make people envious, he too had a heart filled with jealousy, and it burned against Wrath and Pride. If only he could have Lust to himself, but he knew she had no place for him. He slinked to the back of the cathedral, arms crossed, and sat down. The sooner they could leave, the better.



Asha rubbed the bridge of her nose fighting down the urge to yell at Godric when he, very rudely, told them to get out of the way, but her attention was pulled by a new arrival. From the corner of her eye, she spotted her father looking away at.. something, likely a bird or some other distracting feature in the background. But her attention was drawn to the new arrival like a magnet, and she recognized the same aura as before, something that didn't effect the members of the fourteen much but mortals.. well, they had trouble with them.

For lack of a better response, Asha bowed her head slightly to the praise, although she felt the praise was out of place and was... odd, but it would never do to be rude, however, her eyes narrowed when they complimented her father. The compliment could easily be two sided. The innocent side which said his power was praiseworthy, the other, that he shattered whatever mystique he had before and his power was lackluster and now all could see it. While the possible barbed meaning lacked any real truth behind them as that was proven the day her father easily smote an ancient dragon from the sky like an insect, it was still the kind of comment people made in the games of politics, but Asha nonetheless, nodded even if she wasn't certain of the intent. From the corner of her eye, she spotted her father still... staring off into the distance, apparently paying no mind to the compliment. Typical.

Her breath caught in her throat when Lust's gaze went over them, over her, and she nodded at them. She wasn't.. quite sure what the nod was for, to her knowledge, her father did not know the Lady and Asha was certain killing her favorite dragon wasn't what endeared people to her, but still, Asha lifted a trembling hand in return. But if she had to admit anything, it was that her father's brash words held some purpose as it prompted the group to enter the cathedral. Asha followed in step behind him as they entered.

Godric let his eyes roam the set of chairs.. none of them looked particularly appetizing. He looked down at his daughter who jerked her head towards Charity. Godric wasn't a fool, he knew his daughter's plan, sitting by the moderator did hold some level of import. Symbolic of Astagorn caring more about peace and fairness then any 'sides'. Seemed like a lot of effort for something so small, but he wouldn't begrudge her it.

When they neared, Asha bowed her head to their host and sat to her left. Godric then surprised his daughter be dropping down into the chair on Charity's right, trapping her between them. Over the head of the woman he had never bothered to really look at... which.. was about the same way he treated everyone, he winked at his daughter even as he saw the blaze of fury in her eyes. It didn't matter that she had a poker face that only a century of politics could give, a father did not miss their daughter's signs.​

Godric tapped his fingers against the arm of the chair as he examined the large.... dog... metal.. thing on the other side of the room, "What do you think they call it?" Godric asked neither women in particular before plunging ahead, "The Rust Pug? Full Metal Rover? Chi-Iron? Oh, I wonder if his little pistons kick when he's dreaming," he said as he tilted his head, sending his long blond hair cascading down to the side. The corner of his lips tilting up as his mind played the scene before him.


The One True Bunneh-Chan~

The comment made from Sloth made Serena giggle, softly but in the quiet of the cathedral it could easily be heard. Small jokes weren't enough to calm her anger, but she would take it for now; later she'd be begging for one when Ms. Charity Case was talking down about her. Ah. What a fun morning they all had planned, but just when would it begin? Serena was not one for silence, the empty hollowness of the room seemed to edge on and on..she could almost beg for more jokes if it weren't such a serious moment. Laying her bead back, Serena's long purple hair fell off the arm of the pew, her head resting on the hard polished metal as she stretched back. Now that was the way to sit on whatever the fuck this was. She was surprised Sloth hadn't done it yet. Briefly her eyes wandered the room, a sigh escaping her lips. She was bored. Utterly bored. Were they going to wait on everyone else? Was it even necessary? Sure without Wrath it would be difficult for a peace talk, but might as well talk about the elephant in the room. The real reason this war got so..out of hand. Her. Looking to the ceiling, she closed her eyes, a pang of guilt shooting through her. She would never understand why she simply could not have just one. Why no one will ever be simply..enough. It was her nature, something she kept in check so many years ago, but that was then and this was now. Now was the time for words..now was the time for action.

"So..are we just going to sit here, or shall we actually begin talking?" She spoke, her words cool and collected, but she knew just what was going to happen. Odds are everyone did. Tilting her head to the side just a bit, Serena gazed over at Pride. He was breath taking, as always. All angles, sharp features, snow white hair, piercing eyes, and a personality to match her's. A man who matched her almost to a T. He looked like a painting made by a mad man who had a hankering for color, but still..it was beautiful how each little color reflected a bit of him. "Pride. What will it take for you to pull back your forces?" She asked, her voice steady as she peered at him, her eyes unreadable and business like. He had only ever seen her like this once, that was after the crisis with Dimscar. He never bothered to ask her about it, actually all she recalled him saying was something along the lines of a beautiful woman getting wrinkles over being too stressed out, or something of the sort. Back then..he always knew just what to say to drive her up a wall, now she wondered what he would say to her at all after all this time..and the war. Did he hate her? Likely, but whatever price had to be paid for peace, she would pay it, tenfold or more. Even if it meant her death. Nothing would prevent peace, and that was a sole idea she would focus on. Peace in Xiola. It was a dream she craved after the first year. So much blood..so many lives lost..all because of a Lover's Quarrel. The price she had to pay for what she had done was high, but she would gladly pay it. No more bloodshed, no more pointless killing. The end had to come, regardless of the price. This was her resolve, even if it was her final one. She was content with that.

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The girl who is like the Dragon
For you to see yourself how I see you. He thought sullenly, but responded nonetheless.
"I want you to choose me. That's all I want- you. And I want you to choose me over him."
It had been so long since he saw her face. She was older, now, but her fleeting love was the same as ever- inconstant as the weather. She was unique, profound, unpredictable. All he wanted to do was yank her hair back, exposing that pretty pale neck and making her gasp... Running his hands up and down her body, leaving her breathless, and planting a kiss at the hollow of her throat, right above her collar bones.
The image of their lovemaking flashed in his mind, followed by a calm day by the lake before the war. The water droplets had settled on her eyelashes, giving them this sparkle, beads of water rolling down the slope of her back. She was smiling, a genuine smile, but there was an underlying sadness there, as if she were breaking in pieces and forcing herself together.

Pride finally looked up at her, eyes narrowed with determination. Lust was his- and everyone knew it.
The sin frowned, and realized he said too much.
"Just kidding."

"Yeah, he's just kidding. He's not easy, unlike a certain whore I know... What's her name again? Serena?"
Said a certain virtue.
Pride looked up sharply, rage settling in his face. His eyes flashed, jaw clenched, hands curling into fists.

Neveah smiled, but it was fake. She hoped Lust would take the bait and attack her, so she could declare war once and for all.​



"That's enough of that," Godric said as he looked to his right.. and down, at the goddess that sat next to him. To her blond hair and elaborate outfit, he couldn't see much from his angle, but she was beautiful, as all of them were, he had always thought she had a certain glow about her, a mother's glow. It reminded him of his wife after their children were born, just seeing them made her happy and, in a way, Godric sensed it was much the same with this woman, but right now, she was nothing like that. She was almost.. vindictive, a teenager lashing out at a hated rival over trivial details. He did not like it. This wasn't how Charity, no, Neveah should be acting, "I'm new to this, but I don't think you are supposed to be picking fights during peace talks especially as the neutral party..." Godric lowered his voice to a whisper so only Neveah would hear them, "And when gods fight, its the mortals that bleed. Enough Sons," The word came out softly, almost painfully, "and daughters have died for our egos."

From the look on his daughter's face, he knew he did something unlike him. Godric wasn't the sort to involve himself in the spats of others, but this was different. It was... wrong. Somethings didn't deserve to be soiled, some things did not need to be tarnished, whatever gripped Neveah in such a manner should not be allowed to drag her down to their level, if it did, the world would be all the lesser for it and, well, he always was too nice for his own good sometimes.

Asha cleared her throat and stood, "Well, if the Lord of Azilanvana is not willing to take this seriously and treat this as nothing more then a childish game, then I shall put forth Astagorn's proposal," for a moment, she was hit by something, some aura that almost compelled her to sit down, but once again, the warm reassuring presence she felt from her father pushed that urge down. It was.. a bewildering experience, she was a veteran of war and politics, had built a nation from the ground up, but before numerous members of the fourteen, she felt.. powerless and that was not something she was used to, but with all her experience in the realm of politics, she hid such thoughts.

"We believe that.. harsh peace terms will only give rise to resentment and possibly even greater and deadlier wars then this one, so we believe that the best policy is a light touch. Little to no restitution, and the immediate return of all land, subjects and property seized during the war," Asha paused to let that sink in but forged on before anyone could interrupt her, "I am aware that some people here may not like that," she didn't have to point out who, but it was pretty obvious she was referring to the one who was consumed with the childish desire of 'Mine'.

"This will help us forge a new future, a future of peace and, hopefully, foster a new start for all of us, to this end, Astagorn proposes the formation of a organization to be placed in neutral land that will consist of representatives of all nations. A place where we can speak to one another in a public and open area, where we can ensure peace and trade carry the day as well as cut any unwarranted aggression or unwarranted conquest," Asha looked to each other party in turn, and bowed her head lightly, "Consider the terms and what they mean for not just you and your people, but all of our people and the world, itself."


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Erak sneered in amusement at Pride first for spilling too much. He locked that away in memory, and was certain he could use such words as blackmail some time in the future. And then there was Charity and Lust, about to go heads at each other. He found it greatly amusing, and did wish either one of them would engage in a fight, only to be disappointed when nothing happened and it was Godric that spoke now. Erak cackled from the back of the room that the old lazy meatbag was talking.

He however, listened with interest as that girl Asha spoke and laid out a plan. Folding his arms, he let the though sink in. Truth be told Aurus hadn't done much about the war, and it was mostly Erak getting his hands into the mess on his own. However, he didn't care much for the idea of the neutral organisation. That meant talking. To the other sins and virtues.

"Yeah, whatever you say. Aurus didn't take shit in the war so there's nothing for us to return, and I sure as hell won't be showing up to this organisation of yours," He hissed, "Do whatever you want as long as you leave me and Aurus out of it." At this point he was just being salty for no reason really, but he was tired of being in this room with the other sins and virtues.

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The girl who is like the Dragon
Charity remembered her place as well- she had fallen to Lust's level. She was filled with a sadness, and smiled gratefully at Sloth for reminding her of how she should act. Greed had really scarred her, and now she lashed out, hurting everything she touched.
"Thnk you for reminding me who I am." She said, brushing her hair back from her face.

"I agree. Asha has spoken well. Such childish whims affect everyone, not only us. Our children, people, nations- and the future." Her face filled with a serene calm, and she realized her daughter was sitting next to her. Charity wasn't stupid, Greed raised Marissa well... She, or they, wanted something. She ignored the wretch in her heart, squeezing painfully.

"A peace treaty would benefit everyone- and I do mean everyone. Not all nations have flourished like mine."

Rage filled Pride. He was to submit, and ask for a treaty as if he were weak? He wasn't like them- he was better!
"To be honest, I have no problem with continuing war. Even if there's a strain, its for a good cause. My people won't take me being disrespected and spit on, and neither will I." His voice wasn't calm anymore, rather, filled with passion and rage at the disrespect all those years ago. His eyes glinted with a smoldering rage, and his face contorted with a cold gaze.
He remembered his people for once however, though it did nothing to change his answer. Sacrifices had to be made for a God such as he, and his people were a small price. Yes, he fought for them, but he came first... Always. And they expected that as well. They lived for him, and they died for him.
As for the look Envy had, he could take care of him later. Envy was like a fly, irritating but harmless. He was the weakest of them, weaker than even Humility and Charity. Of course, they were just useless Virtues, but that didn't matter- it spoke volumes.


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Virtue of Temperance
Aisha Seral

The sight of Jubylia truly was a blessing to the eyes, a rare sight in this age of blood and steel in Xiola. Lush greenery and fertile field dressed the land in a rich color that was heaven to those who only know the dull grey of battlefield and burned down homelands. Some would dare call this abundant a crime to suffering neighbor country, but Charity was a generous goddess, she had given half as much to the people all around the land as the war had taken from them. And now this land of her would be the ground to end the meaningless war that people call “Great”. All over Xiola, every sentient being would turn their gaze to this lustrous land, longing for the light that had appeared at last after one hundred of years.

As were the hope of all, a small boat sailed hastily downstream toward Jubylia. An all too ordinary boat at first sight, the crystal clear river’s surface, however, was not disturbed in the slightest, no ripple was made as the boat slipped by. On its board, a maiden was silently enjoying the greenery landscape around her. One could not discern what feeling she held nor what mood she had, those emotions, if exists, was hers alone. A perfected sculpture, but in deliberate way, the artist had forgotten to place a soul as any earthly expression would just dilute his creation. That maiden indeed was another goddess of the fourteen, the Virtue of Temperance Aisha Saral, one of the Virtue and Sin who had worked hard to end this war with a truce.

“Are you not eager? To witness the gathering of all Sin and Virtue in this land in one place is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There would be something to learn in such an event”. Said Aisha, her expression slowly changing into a faint smile as her companion approached from behind.

He had the head of a lion, his entire body was also covered in the fur of one. But most of it was under a mix of fancy garments and armor plates, only left his sharp as knife claws exposed. His named was Zilong, of the beast-man race of Dagor, the race well known for their instinct driven way of life. He’s belong to a Dagor group known as the Calos Dagor, the Dagors that had lived in Callipolis for generations under Aisha’s teaching, and had slowly became able to fully control their instinct. He was the first Calos Dagor to be elected as the prime minister of Callipolis, an exceptional one he was.

“There’s little to learn from chaos. It’s a blessing for mortal to never have to join such a thing.” The beast-man blinked at the glittering sun, his mane was floating in the, revealed the calm eyes, contrary to his words “Have I not got my duties, I would be more eager witness this gathering at my own risk. The gods would probably pick fight with each other the moment they meet at the peace meeting”

“Then let them fight to ease their grudges, surely the most powerful would not start another war over minor provocations.” Said Aisha as she faced her student with deliberately expectant eyes.

The minister of Callipolis froze for seconds, he was her most dedicated student and had spent more time under her than anyone else in this generation, but Zilong still couldn’t understand his master most of the time. Could it be that he hadn’t realized something concerning the Sin and Virtue? Then the light of realization struck him.

“Oh! That was a joke.” He replied, albeit slowly, “It’s…er an okay one, master.”

“Is that so,” Aisha turned away, no trace of disappointment could be found on her face, “I should practice more.”

When they arrived at the Cathedral, Lust, Envy, Humility, Pride, Charity and Sloth had already there. Aisha can feel Zhilong trembled behind her seat, the beast-man minister had refused to sit beside her as equal. He offered his apologize with a bow, “I have shamed you, Grand Advisor.” But his master dismissively waved her hand.

“Nonsense. If you can resist this… crowd of emotion, then I would call you master myself”. Indeed, while not showing anymore emotion that usual, Aisha could feel a cluster of different desires dwelling inside her. But the most interesting one came from Lady Lust, the primal sensation that she had never felt unless forced upon like this. So there were feeling that I could never have naturally, the maiden thought as her attention slowly drifted toward Lust, no, perhaps I just haven’t found the one yet! Even if she is a woman, gender is nothing to us…

But that was it, Aisha found her thought just now amusing, even with her high resistant against mental manipulation, Lust could still affect her as a result in her inexperience in this matter. She obviously couldn’t scold her student for being swayed by those being, but praising him for doing so well instead.

Temperance observed as the others arguing and Pride… joking, this was not meant to be easy. She cared not for the spoils of war, but it was naïve to think it’s not the most important things in the eyes of others on Pride’s side.

“Your Lordship Sloth, the neutral ground really is an excellent idea for our future of peace.” Said Temperance. She paid Sloth, the one beside her a polite smile before continued.

“But are we not on the winning side? I believe I speak for Pride and others on our side that we have the right on what we have conquered. We acknowledge this war will only bring more suffering to our people and a waste of our precious immortal breath, but the advantage of number is on our side nonetheless.”

Aisha rested her eyes on Sloth as she spoke “Those lands was conquered with the price that is blood of the fallens, are we going to let others use peace as an excuse to buy back these lands?”.


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"Enough!" Seraphim called out, interrupting the bickering. He threw godsend into the center, a radiant light blinding everyone. When it dimmed down, Seraphim's true form came out, as he stood next to the implanted spear, gripping onto it as the light radiated.

"This has all been over selfish desires. As kings and queens, you should think how your people are hurt from this war. I have gone across the lands, carrying out my mission in all of your holds. It's all the same, everyone is torn from war. Hungry, scared, and dying. If you truly care for those whom you rule over, you'll put this all to an end. There's never a reason for war. We are kin, brothers and sisters, not by blood, but by soul. I love all of you, and I know you all love eachother to some extent. Not only does it hurt me when I see all this fighting between us, it hurts the people of the land. We can find another way around this. I've gotten to know all of you personally, so I know how none of you truly want this deep inside. You may call for it, you may think you want this, but I know in all your hearts, you want this to stop. Don't listen to me, listen to your heart, your deepest desire."
His voice echoed and radiated throughout the hall. Hundreds of people outside gathered around to hear his speech. This was his effect, this was the power of humility. Of compassion. Of a true desire for happiness for all.

Seraphim went back to his human form. He scanned the room, meeting eyes with everyone. He meant every word of his speech. He would never lie in his talks of inspiration. He truly wanted this to all end; peace for the people.


The One True Bunneh-Chan~

Serena's head tilted back as she bellowed out with laughter, her long lavender pooling on the floor as her hands came to rest on her stomach. "My my Pride, what a joke!" She yelled as she wiped away a fake tear and turned to face him, her face wide with a grin. "Now if only you were a real man and meant what you said~" She said, knowing exactly just how irritated he would get about her comment. It was a joy being able rile someone up as easily as she could, and Pride made himself too easy of a target, honestly. So confident and full of himself. A pity he never meant what he said. Then came Her words, calling Serena her name and much worse. Serena's eyes followed the she devil's words to her face as a thin black tendril creeped along the floor, stopping short because of Sloth's words. He defended her. What a true man~ "Mmm~ What a gentleman~" She mused to Sloth, her eyes wandering over him, lingering on that divine face of his as she rose from her seat. Then came a flash. Annoying blindness followed along with a familiar voice crashing into the room. Seraphim. A deep sigh escaped her as she made her way over to him, "Such a beautiful man you are, but not blindingly so~ Should really watch how you make an entrance, my darling." She warned him, as Serena did NOT enjoy that little power display and burst of nonsense. Then there was Temperance. A divine woman herself, but Serena would address her later, for now they needed to get back to the matter at hand, though..Serena just couldn't help herself, she had to stir just a little bit more up before the peace talk got so boring. "Re-guarding one's deepest desire, I'm looking at mine." She mused playfully at Sloth before winking at him and turning her attention on his daughter. "Now dear, speak up once more. I like your idea, its quite beautiful. Tell me, what are you prepared to give up in exchange for peace?" Serena inquired as she took a small step forward, her arms folding themselves under her bosom, her cleavage much more exposed as her long wavy hair fell in soft waves around her shoulders, the painted light from the windows around her making her appear almost celestial.

Serena was getting a kick out of everything transpiring, and the next things to happen would be even more delightful, as she could feel her playful aura increasing from her drive to be a minx. She wanted to have fun, not be stuck in such a dreary place like this cathedral. Hell all cathedrals were good for were for fucking, because what is a better way to pay a god then by fucking in their most sacred place? Hm..perhaps she could fuck Sloth here. Would be very fitting. Two beautiful sins committing a 'sacred' act to please the gods. It would be like that one story, Adam and Eve was it? Yes. Except Serena was the forbidden fruit and everyone wanted a piece of her~ Just. Like. She. Wanted.



"Yep," Godric said, shrugging off the thanks given by Neveah. This all reminded him very much of his time as a parent, as he never realized just how childish many of the other sins and virtues were, probably because he never cared enough to look. They were like children unwilling to share their toys or reach an agreement on who should get what. He wondered how many people would worship any of them if they knew just how flawed they were. Sloth blinked a few times when the Lady Lust, one of the main causes of him being forced to sit here, winked at him after saying something about deepest desire. Something humility may have said, but Godric hadn't been listening too closely, the sudden flash of light was distracting and undercut anything that he may have attempted to say. He almost turned his head to look behind him to see what it was that she was looking at, the temptation was almost overwhelming, was it... Was it wrath behind him? So close and in reach? His thoughts were quickly interrupted by Temperance applauding his idea of a neutral ground for nations to come together.

Godric looked at the woman, his blue eyes clouded with confusion.. and little apprehension as both Temperance and Charity made him feel woefully under-dressed, perhaps he should have changed like his daughter had prodded him to do, "Not my idea," he said easily, well, he could see how some might assume it was. Most sins and virtues lead their nation either directly, or indirectly but with a firm hand, he was neither of those. Astagorn was just the place he hung his boots, it belonged to its people, like his Daughter, and he didn't stick his nose into the politics of it, "It is Asha's, my daughter," he explained, turning to look up at his daughter who was still standing, "Don't know where she got that drive, probably from her mother. She was a better person then I."

It took every ounce of Asha's willpower to not pinch the bridge of her nose as she so often used to do when frustrated. For the longest time, she thought only her father was the childish member of the Fourteen, but she was wrong. They were all children, squabbling brats fighting over scraps, ego and vanity. She had never been endeared to Pride like her brother had and with his display she was becoming less so. As handsome as he was, he should count every lucky star in the sky that he was born pretty because he didn't have anything else. And Envy! How can he be so foolish? It was as if he didn't know what the word 'representative' meant! He didn't have to go, his nation could just send a diplomat. But envy wasn't that large of an issue, if Asha could push her agenda through, Envy would come along.. she was willing to bet, by his very nature, that he would feel excluded if he was not a part of it and then want to join because of the envy he embodied. It was a risk, but it was one she was going to take... Much like with children, if they didn't want the candy, she would eat it herself and pretend it was the best thing on the planet until they wanted it.

"And how was the war going before Astagorn and Callipolis entered?" Asha asked pride, lifting a dark eyebrow, "Before our republics joined, it was going nowhere. If by 'cause' you mean a lover's quarrel that has grown out of proportion and cost the lives of good men and women, then you and I have a different idea of 'Good Cause'. No one is spitting on anything. We came here to make a peace. To make a peace you make a treaty, an agreement, it is how these things are done," Asha said doing her best to keep her tone steady, she felt like she was explaining a simple concept to a child. It was something that should have been easy to grasp yet, either from stubbornness or an unwillingness to learn, she had to use smaller words. If he had no desire to make a peace then, as far as Asha was concerned, he could leave. He was only getting in the way. If most of the nations agreed, then she considered it a victory. The rest could be dealt with at later times, such as Envy.

She was about to ask the Lady Charity, the moderator, to please refrain from such outburst when, surprisingly, her father did it. Asha's mouth opened and closed a few times in surprise. She... had not expected that, but it.. well, she was thankful. When Temperance entered with the support of her plan for bringing the nations together, a smile filtered across her lips, it was progressing better then she had intended, but that smile quickly vanished when the credit for it, something that she had fought with for months with the High Council prior to get approved, was given to her father. Suddenly feeling like a child, herself, she fumed with all the credit being taken away. Just because she wasn't a member of the Fourteen she was being treated as inferior, as if she was incapable of creating her own ideas. But.. once again her father surprised her and gave the credit to herself and even complimented her. She didn't know why it surprised her, her father was not the kind of man to take credit for something he did not do.. or even did, but after so long spent among people who would gladly still the rug under one's feet, it was.. unexpected.

"Because what happens next?" Asha asked Temperance, "You keep the shred of land you took. You make them pay you back 'blood debts' and war debts you have accumulated... And then what?"

"This War... This war was awful, it is awful. But it was started by a few.. a few rampant egos. It escalated beyond what it ever should have been, but what do you imagine happens to the people in those defeated nations? When part of their land is taken away? When the taxes are increased on them to pay off the blood debts and war debts demanded by the victors? When they are bled dry for reparations? They will hate you. They will blame the 'victors' and it will fester in them... and war will come again. Only this time, it won't be for the vanity of a few, but the hatred of the many. I don't want to see that war. We do not have to do that. We do not have to do what is expected. We can forge a new future for all of our people rather then bleed each other dry again and make the next war even more costly," Asha said... which she truly felt. In her bones, she felt this war was ending on a dangerous ledge. One misstep.. one slip and the world would be plunged into a much, much darker war. A bloodier war. She wasn't certain her way would stop it, but she would be damned if she didn't try.

Whatever else she was going to say was interrupted by a flash of light that left her confused and trying to blink away the spots that now blurred her vision. She only heard parts of the speech, but the politician in her was furious with the disrespect Humility showed. To interrupt the discussion, to draw a weapon during peace talks... to blind them with a massive light that she still had trouble seeing after. "Thank you, Lord Seraphim, but if you have something to say, I ask that you keep your weapon sheathed and merely stand to show you wish to speak and then speak," Asha chided because she wasn't sure Charity would have.

Whatever Asha was about to say died in her throat as the Lady Lust turned her attention towards her. She liked her idea? Truly? That.. That was unexpected, and more then that, the way she looked at her.. Asha had never been attracted to women, but she felt like she was young again looking at a boy she liked and unable to breath in their presence, "I-" She started and her voice
faltered, "I-Um.." She felt incredibly foolish and quite unlike how she usually was. Two centuries of experience, of training.. all seemed pointless before such raw attraction. It may have just been her imagination, but it looked like Lady Lust wanted to devour her and Asha wasn't certain she would, could, say no.

She was saved by the most.. unlikely of savior, Greed. Or, 'Emperor Gier of the something, something, something, grand standing, something'. There was no love for his atrocious nation in Asha or Astagorn, but at least he wasn't against her idea. What truly floored her was for the Emperor's offer to agree to her terms, to give up any and all land his forces claimed during the war, to not demand war reparations, it was... unexpected. She had expected him to be her staunchest opponent on the matter, however, "I agree that having all nations that are part of it donate and pledge to support this organization depending on their own limitations," Asha said as it was what she had planned as well, "and I thank you for the generous offer of land, but I feel it would be better placed in a nation that was neutral during the entirety of the conflict to ensure as minimal conflicts of interest as possible," before she would have suggested Charity's nation.. but now... now she was disillusioned with the Goddess, "If the Lady Kindness is not unappreciative of the offer, I put forth that we approach her with it if it goes forth," and because she didn't trust the Empire as far as she could throw it.

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Erak listened on with interest, having not much to say so far. After all, there was little point in sticking his hand into the mouth of a snarling beast, but he definitely shouted in annoyance when Seraphim temporarily blinded them all. In a quick desperation to not get blinded, he turned back into his true form where he only had eye sockets and no eyes, and the sudden light turned to sudden dark. Only once he was certain that Seraphim wouldn't pull nonsense like that again would he turn back, but for now he remained uncertain and as such, remained true, even a few black feathers moulted and fell onto the floor of the cathedral. He'd have to remember to pick them up later so for he hated leaving any bit of himself behind.

He considered what Asha was saying, admittedly admiring her for her courage to speak with the Fourteen and not absolutely breaking down whimpering like some people did when exposed to too much of this energy. But they were mostly commoners and not children of Sins and Virtues, which he supposed, put Asha on a step higher. But he was starting to think of a few things, mostly of how he could twist this his way without making it obvious. But he did like the idea of not having to give up much besides a few people Aurus took as prisoners of war, since they hadn't been strong enough to take much to begin with and nor did they have a lot of land to be stolen what with the Four Dragons protecting it.

"Alright, alright kids, settle down," Erak started, feathered wings draping over the sides of the pew he sat on. When he opened his skeletal beak, one would be able to see lots of tiny teeth if they cared to look hard enough, "Now I'm not the King of Aurus and neither would I want to be in a million lifetimes, but as the King's Advisor I can propose this plan to him. The girl has some truth to her word," He said, nodding to Asha briefly. He was interested in hearing if she had more to say, and how long Gier could protect her. "But I think it would be more than beneficial if we just even considered this proposition for more than a half second, which would be asking a lot of some of you with no more attention span than a fish. But try, if you can of course. I will have no issue bringing this up to the King and returning the prisoners of war that we took and having ours returned to us as well."

It might have been surprising that he was agreeing so easily, but he was certain a few would know he had a plan. What his plan was however, he would leave them to wonder. And the consequences would not show until perhaps later down the road.

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Seraphim took back his seat. "I apologise Ms. Wilhelm. I'm heated. All of this war and the work I'm being put through has stressed me to near insanity. It won't happen again."
He listened to Greed's assistant, getting rather irritated with how he called for more funding. Expunding money just to have more lives lost. Seraphim butted in "Gier, how much is a life worth to you?
Because your nation couldn't pay for a unit with the price if a life. Don't join a fight unless you're willing to be on the front line. Immortality has gotten to the best of us. It's nice not having to fear death, but our people don't have that same livery. No one wants their people dying. Especially in a war they don't understand."

After taking a break to think of a plan, Seraphim got up from his seat and approached lust, gently laying his comforting hands on her shoulders. He whispered to her, "Could I borrow you for a minute? I need to say and ask somethings that could be upsetting to the present company."
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Kharn marched in bloody armor spent from a day slaughtering prides inferior soldiers with the newest legion of his army. It didn't matter that he was outnumbered by other Sins and Virtues, he didn't care, it only mattered that his men and women were the best at what they did. As he continued his solo march through Jubilya, it was beautiful, would be a shame if he had to burn Charity's lands to the ground if she decided to take up arms against him. Earlier in the day he had fought with the twentieth legion, the newest one. They had done extremely well for new recruits, the way they disappeared and popped up out of nowhere was astounding. He would make a mental note to assign a blade from that legion. He was getting bored of walking and considered taking his true form, but decided against it, it would terrify the populace and he did not want to be on charities bad side. It seemed he was too used Dycor and needed the exercise.

He finally made it to the cathedral and found most of the other ones were here. He also knew what had pained him and started this war was here, Lust. God he hated her, but he couldn't resist. She was just to damn much, he was still outside mentally steeling himself for what was to come. He grabbed the flask of whiskey he kept with him since he found her and that damn bastard Pride. "No..." He muttered to himself, he was done hiding from his problems, today was the day he changed, he was done with Lust, she was incapable of loving him the way he loved her. He looked at the blood he was covered in, he changed into his true form to burn it off and clean himself. He reverted back to being normal, the dark grey armor sheening where it had once been crimson. He inhaled deeply and exhaled as he opened the doors to the cathedral.

He saw most who were embroiled in the conflict, himself, pride, Lust. Suprisingly that little rat greed had showed up, he was sure to open his mouth and try and swindle Kharn, and when he did, Kharn would rip his jaw off. Envy was present as was humility, he gave a curt nod toward Seraphim, and was shocked to see Godric Wilhelm himself sitting at the table. He knew how much pain he had inflicted Sloth when he killed his son, it wasn't personal, people die in war. But then again, if Kharn had a son and he was killed he would have been devastated. He looked up toward Sloth and his daughter "Godric I... I-" he couldn't finish, he looked down at his feet, but the looked back toward Godric "I'm sorry about what happened to your son Godric, but war is war, he chose his fate." He sounded ridiculous and he knew it, Wrath apologizing? hell must be freezing over if that was happening. he stood next to Seraphim and waited for what he knew was about to happen.

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Had kinda zoned out, and couldn't rewind time to figure out everything that had happened. He tried to focus, to recollect these pst few minutes, but nothing. He blinked, trying to figure what happened, and still, nothing. Pride sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. All he could think about was the war, and how his people were scrabbling for his attention. Everywhere, they called out his name, and it made it hard to focus at times. Yes, peace would suffice, if it got them all to stop screaming his name every 15 seconds.
He looked at everyone in the room, Charity, pure and giving, dazzling like diamond, and Lust, provocative and seductive, dripping with sexual aura like a ruby. His gaze drifted over Envy, and he wasn't valuable enough to be labeled a stone. Ah, yes- he would amount to dirt- no, not even dirt. Dirt had meaning, it spouted life. Yes, Envy was a fly- completely useless in all aspects, created to annoy.
Greed- he was powerful, and Wrath, unable to control his emotions. And Pride? He smiled. Pride was just plain godly.

Had noticed her daughter's gaze, and strengthened her own. Sad memories would do nothing for her, and only institute worry in her daughter. Her blonde hair falling in ringlets, she reached over and placed a tender hand on her daughter's, and tried to commute love in her intense gaze. She loved her daughter, though perhaps she hadn't done right by her. Every day she checked on her, watching her from afar, marveling at her growth and maturity. She had been silent for a while, and decided to speak up.
"We have done wrong for our people, and nothing can repay for the strain we've caused. I, seem to have forgotten myself in all of this rage and hatred. Yes, we are sins, and virtures, but we should't let that dominate over what we could be. I have much to offer in a treaty. All those who participate will have their lands flourish with life, which you can use to obtain whatever you desire. It will be a strain, but it's my sole apology for allowing this to go on this long, and not intervening sooner."
She released her daughter's hand, and tried not to look at Greed, the source of all her pain and hardship.


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Serena yawned deeply as she tore her eyes away from Sloth's daughter and looked to Gier. "Are you always so damned boring?" She scoffed and rolled her eyes before fake-ly deepening her voice, "Empire this and Empire that! I am GREED!!" She laughed before returning to her normal voice, "Look at you Gier. So distrustful about all your fellow Sins and Virtues. So much so that you had to bring not one, but three body guards. How shameful, that's why a man like you will never succeed. Better to join the whole~" She taunted him, knowing full well what she was doing wouldn't help anything..but it was incredibly fun. Serena sighed as her eyes left him and turned toward Sloth's daughter once more, a grin crossing her face as she realized that Serena had left her speechless. "No need for the cat to bite your tongue darling~ Please talk more, tell me this grand idea of yours. I truly do like it." She said, giving her a playful wink. Serena was enjoying herself, far more than she imagined, she also hoped that her pointing out Gier's minions in the room would make the others just as on edge as she was. You didn't bring three bodyguards and not intend for something to go down, question was..What was he planning? That was yet to be uncovered, but for now Lust would watch and side with Sloth's daughter. Actually..come to think of it..Serena didn't even know her name. She should ask it, but not now. After. When she could cuddle up to the big guy Sloth himself~ Now that was a thought. Wonder what he would be like in bed? I bet he was rough, a real Master. The quiet and timid types always seemed to be~ Serena thought to herself as she gazed upon his beautiful face, her eyes wandering ever inch and curve that made Sloth who he was. She was going to tear him apart one day~ Hopefully soon.

Just as that though had accrued, Seraphim touched her shoulder and whispered in her ear, causing light bumps to breakout along her body. "Mm~ You can ask whatever you want of me." She whispered back at him, and then the doors to the cathedral opened and what walked in next, Serena had no jokes or words for. Wrath had finally show himself. Her heart lurched in her chest, but she made no move. sound or showed any emotion to show she was hurting from the sudden presence of her ex-lover. As soon as he spoke an apology, Serena's eye widened at him. Wrath. The man the literally embodied hate and anger, had..apologized for his actions? In all the years she had known him, Wrath was never one to apologize. Again her heart lurched and her stomach seemed to squirm. Something..something was terribly wrong here. "I see you finally decided to join our little party, Kharn?" She said, her voice losing all playful tones, her eyes unreadable and serious once more. They had not spoken to each other much during the war, despite her efforts to. Serena still ached for him, just as she would all men and women, but it was always different with people like her. With Sins. Her thoughts were pulled once again from the dark places they were edging near and back to reality as Gier spoke once more, making her sigh. He truly was boring, more boring than Sloth could ever be..and he was Sloth for shit's sake! A small chuckle escaped her lips as she turned her head from Wrath, she couldn't think about him right now, just as she could not distract herself with him.

Serena lightly placed her hand on Seraphim's before removing it from her shoulder and taking a step toward Gier, her eyes curious. "Unjust? You make me laugh. A pity laughter in your country is probably banned. Hell people probably can't even sneeze without 'Big Brother Greed' watching down from his tower." She taunted before shaking her head and looking to Charity, "You shouldn't over exert yourself for peace. Using your power as a bargaining chip to win people over.." She shook her head. "You should share what your people can do, not you. We all know what you can do~" She shrugged, but her words were a bit playful toward her, almost as if she were trying to make things lighter once again. Serena's eyes caught the bit of movement between Charity and Greed's..whatever she was. It looked disdainful, like she was meaning to be harsh about how she pulled away..but why? Who was this woman? Why was Charity touching her? Ohhh did Charity secretly want this woman? Ohhh~ Was Charity into women? Hm. For a bitch, she did have a killer body. Serena grinned, her aura growing as did her dirty thoughts about Charity.

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As always, Seraphim was disgusted with Greed's answer. Of course, not all minds could be changed. Come to worst, he would take Greed's life and put his daughter on the throne. She at least seemed trust worthy, and he would be willing to be there with her throughout the whole process.

He quickly caught onto Lusts' tone. "Not like that, this is very serio-" of course, Wrath's grand entrance interrupted him. While Lust was throwing her tangent, Seraphim took her by the hand and lead her to a side room. He swiped off his hood as his hair fell to his back. "This isn't you Serena, I know it's the jealousy that's boiling up inside you, but like I've taught you, you have to hold it in." Seraphim could see just how furious she was getting. As an emergency precaution, he pulled her into his embrace. This feeling of being surrounded by Seraphim's aura was enough to make any mortal fall to their knee's and cry. This had only been the fifth time he had brought this embrace on one of the 14, but the second for Lust. This amenity was able to get her under control. Now, he thought, would be time for the talk.

"Serena, I know this will be tough, but you have to make a decision. It doesn't just have to be Pride or Wrath. I understand you're being cornered, and you know I'll always be here for you. I have been for... 979 years now? That sounds about right. Regardless, I've always known whats best for you, and this war over you isn't whats best. Those two men love you beyond mortal thought, but you'll have to break a heart. I'm not saying you have to stay with either. If you have another person in your heart, or if you'd rather continue your open lifestyle, that's all your choice. But you have to make it now. We don't have to go back just yet, I'll stay here as long as you need me to. But you have to realize that your lips hold the end of this war. Don't fear retaliation, if I have to, I'll... never mind."

Seraphim kept hold onto her, so she could truely speak her heart without fear. Regardless of her answer, Seraphim would be there for her. He always has been. He didn't always speak the truth, sometimes Seraphim would say what others would want to hear. He knew those two weren't in love purely of heart. Everyone has ulterior motives.

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