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The Beginner's Guide to Questing

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Quests Explained

So you all may be asking what quests are. Well, let me tell you!

Quests are a simple, fast, and extremely fun way of roleplaying. Similar to freeform, dice, nation building, and all the different styles of roleplaying here, quests involve members helping to move the story forward – but with a democratic twist!

With quests, the creator of the roleplay offers their roleplayers some options to choose from. After everyone has voted, the creator posts the results in the story, and the roleplay proceeds based on what everyone has chosen. That's right - it's like a choose-your-own-adventure book, where everyone gets to choose.

Not only that, but quests are open to the entire site (unless otherwise stated by the creator; obviously, private quests just like any other RP format can exist). Until the creator closes the vote, or the quest, anyone can jump in and vote on what course of action to take next. Of course, you’ll want to read any updates posted on the quest to make sure that you’re up to speed; and hopefully the creators will be able to take advantage of HTML or the formatting buttons to organize the quest thread via headers and such.

To vote, post “[x] Option” into the thread. If the roleplay creator provides options, you can just use copy and paste to make things super speedy. If you don’t like your vote anymore and want to change it, there’s no need to go back and edit your post. Just post again, with your new vote.

Some creators may choose to allow write-in votes. A write-in vote allows a roleplayer to vote for… well, anything they write in. It has to be approved by the quest creator though, and that may not always happen. Still, it’s a great way to offer up new ideas on how to complete a quest. Check before you vote, though – as mentioned earlier, not all creators will allow write-in votes. Some may only allow them at certain times. Don’t be that lazy player who doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on! Look for an option of something along the lines of "[] Write-in?". If you don’t see that, then assume it’s a normal voting round.
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