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Fantasy The Beast Inside (Reboot)

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Dystopian, Supernatural

Prizzy Kriyze

Multiple Stab Wounds
1574375376665.pngTHE SETTING
Earth 2027, but not quite like we know it. For several hundred years special human entities have been born. People who are not only human, but also hybrid beasts. People who have the soul of an animal tied to their soul through the magical force of Okrah, a force as natural to the universe as space and time. The Beastmasters.

The Beastmasters are a well-known fact to all denizens of Earth. Though personal experiences and opinions may vary to some extent, there is one emotion common among all who've faced one. Fear. Throughout time Beastmasters have always been the victims of hate-crimes and racism, both because of their dangerous might and because of their unstable and split minds; a direct result of two different souls merging in one body. Most Beastmasters become unable to control their minds, and sink into a mentality somewhere between sane and feral.

The world is at war. 50 years ago a containment camp in central europe run by the "ACI" (Aberration Control Initiative) was overthrown by the prisoners. Several unstable and extremely powerful Beastmasters escaped and went on to establish the Beastmaster terrorist group "The Wings of Injustice".

After a large scale battle 30 years ago, all of the high-ranking members of The Wings of Injustice were wiped out. Their supreme leader, a mysterious figure only known as "The Raven", was captured and sealed deep within a specialized prison the US government had developed. Unfortunately for humanity, this proved to have only have been the tip of the ice berg.

Today, the ACI and the hidden members of the Wings of Injustice are at a constant war. Acts of terrorism are commonplace, humans are living in fear of death at any moment and those few Beastmasters who are not part of the Wings of Injustice even more so.

You will each be playing as a member of team "Project 8". A group composed solely of reformed and disciplined Beastmasters. The project was started to make a specialized task force with the power to fight the Wings of Injustice terrorists in one on one combat; started by the US government to combat terrorist activity on American soil.

So will you sympathize with the insane terrorists, or will you help the humanity that has terrorized you for so long survive the vicious onslaught?

You choose.
Q: How do the Beastmasters look?
A: Like regular people, they only have the abilities to turn both partially and completely into the animal soul they share bodies with.

Q: How did the Beastmasters come into existence?
A: They've always been there. When the soul is merged with the body, the animal soul simply got stuck alongside. The same phenomenon happens to animals, but their intelligence limits their usage of these gifts and they usually just go insane.

Q: Is the animal soul a completely different personality?
A: Yes, but it shouldn't treated as such. After all, this was always primarily YOUR body, and the animal's soul is completely suppressed. You're only using it's abilities, and suffer the consequences of an unstable mind.

Q: What does attunement to Okrah mean for a character other than the animal abilities?
A: Attunement to Okrah usually results in a few limited abilities that seem like magic. For example, maybe you can fire a blast of kinetic energy, maybe you can teleport a small distance, maybe you can duplicate yourself. Any non-elemental ability works, but you can only have one single Okrah ability.

Q: Are people allowed to select the same animal soul in character creation?
A: Although it's technically random in the universe, I will not permit this. This is because I want to see what kind of different animals everyone will pick, and to keep it interesting.

Q: What kind of weapons are available to the Project 8 members?
A: Any, really. The only problem is that mundane arms barely affect Beastmasters. They have incredibly tough bodies and a high rate of regeneration, a defense which the Beastmaster's own abilities bypass.

Q: Will we be allowed to create Terrorist characters down the line?
A: No, I will limit the roleplay to one character per player. I'm putting no limits if you want your character to go rogue though, but that might result in their death. In fact, I encourage drama within the group.

Q: Are Beastmasters able to transform into larger versions of the animal?
A: Not quite. This may be unlocked with an Okrah Ability, but it's not a natural power. However, when a Beastmaster only partially transforms their entire bodies remain proportional to their usual human size. This means that for Beastmasters with insect counterparts, they could for example only trade their skin for an exo-skeleton and still remain large enough to be potent in battle. Not all Beastmasters are competent with partial shifting, but all the player characters will be.

Q: Can the soul be one of an extinct animal?
A: Yes, it can even be the soul of a more monstrous mythological creature, but I am far more likely to reject such sheets if they aren't written very well with a cool idea in mind. I'm allowing this not so that someone can go and try to make an overpowered character, rather just to allow anyone to go with a great idea if they feel they have one. The rule of cool prevails, not the rule of OP.

Q: How long have the members of Project 8 known each other?
A: It differs. The project 8 members have only been officially put together for the past half year, but it's not out of the question (and somewhat encouraged) that they might've met when they were younger; either before they were imprisoned, or the same prison, or during their training.

Q: How strong are Beastmasters compared to humans?
A: The Beastmasters generally aren't physically stronger than humans, but their bodies are far more durable. This means that while a Beastmaster can't lift more weight than you, they might be able to punch through a thinner wall without even breaking the skin on their knuckles. Being punched by a Beastmaster is more like being punched bya slab of concrete than a person, so it has more impact in that way.

Q: What skills might the Beastmaster get from their animal?
A: None, necessarily. Some Beastmasters might share some characteristics with their animal, like bad sense of sight as a rhino or quick reflexes as a snake, but these are not guaranteed when the Beastmaster isn't in his/her full animal form.

Q: What where the prisons and training camps like?
A: This part is mostly up to you. There are many, many different prisons and camps in the world and all of them have different rules. Some of them are like concentration camps built to exterminate Beastmasters, and some are even rumored to be controlled by other Beastmasters in an attempt to make it a safehaven for them. Be creative.

Q: What IS Okrah?
A: Okrah is a form of energy that usually does not enter our side of the universe. It exists in the same layer that unbound souls do, and really only enter in its raw state through Beastmasters. When inside an intelligent being, it can be turned into any other kind of energy and unleashed, creating literally infinite possibilities for a wielder. On the other hand, it's not something our minds can comprehend, and as such most Beastmasters cannot use it at all. Some of the most talented might be able to use a single one, or maybe two.
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Prizzy Kriyze

Multiple Stab Wounds
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Since the RP is fairly heavily reliant on each member posting I will need to expect some consistency, though I won't impose a very strict time limit since I myself have been known to be busy. If you want an example of the writing level I was hoping for here, then have a look at the last iteration: (It's an old thread and for some reason they're really spaced out?? Idk why but it's kind of annoying so sorry about that.) Fantasy - The Beast Inside

also hi Abyss Abyss fun to see a familiar face around

Prizzy Kriyze

Multiple Stab Wounds
In the face of overwhelming interest, what am I to do but use the little time I have to allow people to sign up? Seeing as I won't be able to do much until Sunday, I got it all set up for y'all.

Fantasy - THE BEAST INSIDE - IC, do not post yet.
Fantasy - THE BEAST INSIDE [OOC] - OOC, get along and plan some characters! I'll be available for chatting here.
Fantasy - THE BEAST INSIDE [CS] - CS, feel free to try to sign up. Get creative with your ideas, I don't know how many people I'm going to accept yet! I'm excited to see what you'll do though.


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Ah got a better idea of what is to be expected for sure from both the original run and the CS - going to pass on this one but best of luck to everyone :)


King Of Demons. Lord of lies.
Sounds interesting. If it's not too late do you mind if I join?
Hoping to be a raven or other corvid.

Prizzy Kriyze

Multiple Stab Wounds
Sounds interesting. If it's not too late do you mind if I join?
Hoping to be a raven or other corvid.
You're free to join, the start has been delayed due to me being sick. On the other hand, Ravens and Crows are out of the question, and being something in the Corvidae family has kind of dire in-universe implications so I'd appreciate it being something else. But go ahead, check out the CSs and the OOC and all that.

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