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  1. Jade blinked slightly at the mention of water"sounds pretty"she said frowning she gave a quiet sigh"i cant swim.."she said turhtfully "ive tried and i just freak out to much..and end up almost drowning.."she said watching theorys face, Persia smiled"you can change that i mean you can start doing brotherly things now..kinda"she said sighing "well to some extent i guess"she said sighing grabbing vals hand , Avalanche sighed slightly"oh yeah have you confronted your past?"she asked arching her eyebrows"i dont really want to confront mine."she said frowning "i wish i could..but everytime i think about it"she said frowning watching lane before sighing"its different with you i feel safe..and happy "she said smiling..Pearl smiled"like most of his family"she said luaghing looking at her"i am glad hes a good dad though"she said smiling gently watching her"..i am very glad about that"she said gently watching everything, Dark chuckled "i might fall into you and you accidently break something "he teased watching her he gave her a happy look "so you going to win?"he asked curioursly,Cross sighed"honestly not sure since ive gotten with emmie havent been here that much..mostly hotels so i dont have to come back.."he grumbled before frowning"think we should ship mom off to hawaii..or Flordia?"he asked sighing "that way she could hook up with a better guy and drink..and meet other people"he said chuckling"no..havent told made sure he didnt see...although its alot easier since hes with pride now.."he said sighing shaking his head"pride said..the boy fell in a ditch the other day..hes convinced the boy cant remember how to walk half the time"cross said trying not to laugh,Annora nodded"id like that to and we can talk about how stubborn the boys are"she said smiling watching emmie ,Tidal chuckled"just remember you said that okay"he said sighing watching her "well i think your adorable the way you are "he said smiling watching her

    Bird sighed"if you ever call me sweet thing again i will shove my knife through your throat got it "she growled"and its Bird.."she said sighing watching him"and by the way..the sirens and you grabbing stole something?"she asked"so a place to stay hurry up..i dont like being out in the open to long"she grumbled
  2. Theory sighed and took her hand and pulled her to him. "Don't worry about that. I can swim. I'll keep you safe." He promised her. He would actually do anything for her. Val kissed her and sighed. "I guess.. but I doubt he even knows what brotherly things are. He might just push me away if I try." He told her knowing his brother would probably think things like that were weird or not needed. "I could still try though.." Lane sighed thinking about his past. "I confront a little more of it every day. Letting my father in our house was a big step." He admitted with a sigh. "Having faith in our kids not to get themselves killed is another huge step for me." He chuckled knowing how over protective he could get. Tempest knew her mom meant it. Her parents were happy in her time, even with everything that had been going on. Vera stuck her tongue out at him. "More like you would knock me over so I would get in trouble." She joked with him. "I might if you keep talking." She told him with a laugh. Crow gave a nod, "I see. I made sure he had a reason to stay there. That boy is clumsy and he was bound to slip up sometime." He grumbled knowing Milo well. "Mom wont leave unless she comes to her senses and realizing the man she thought she loved is a monster. It was easy for her to accept me as such but she still can't accept Father as one." He sighed. Emmie was excited about having Annora as a friend. "I don't think they are that stubborn. Every man has that one thing that makes them crumble." She giggled knowing it was true. Boss almost blushed at his comment. "I'll remember I said that if you remember you called me adorable." She told him with a smile as they finally came to the pizza place. Adam smirked at her threat, "So the Birdie has some fire in her. I like that." He told her as he walked her up a drive way toward the mafia manners. "You could say that. I'm Adam Mockingjay. Mafia Lord." He told her with a wicked grin.
  3. Jade smiled at theory"thanks but i rather you teach me so i dont dron if we ever get seperated in the currents or something"she said smiling at him before trying not to luagh at her failed attempt last time. Persia nodded"you do that maybe ust maybe your realtionship might improve but hes not drinking on this trip if he comes"she grumbled"ill kick him in the but if he does"she said sighing, Avalanche sighed gently watching lane"i know it was..and im glad your confronting you might now blow up like Pompeii like we think"she joked watching him happily, Dark chuckled before starting to try and dance he sighed as he suddenly tripped over his own feet and fell"told ya "he grumbled lightly"i have to left feet when it comes to dancing"he grumbled, Cross chuckled lightly "..yeah he messes up daily over their she might not accepted it either that or shes been forced to would you feel i mean if you found out something like that..and i mean you were normal talk about a wasnt as easy for her to accept as you think it was"he grumbled, Annora smiled"true very true.."she said smiling"so what do you think about going shopping tommrow so that way we can worry cross half to death"she joked , Tidal chuckled "you wont ever let me live it down..if i ever forget"he said laughing watching her"but lets get something to eat"he said chuckling watching boss"so whats your faveriotre kind of music ?"he asked ,Bird face twisted slightly when he called her birdie "haha very funny and yes i have alot fire in me or spunk...sorta i guess whatever you call it..what is that supposed to scare me or something?"she asked arching her eyebrows"cause it dont.."she said watching him curioursly
  4. Theory chuckled at her request. "i can try. I'm not a very good teacher though. Dot might disagree but that's because I'm to easy on her." He sighed wondering how he would start to teach her. Val could agree with the no drinking rule. "I'll send him a message about it and the rules. Maybe he'll actually sober up for once." He shrugged not putting to much faith in his brother. "So where are we going first on this trip, that library or the water park?" He asked with a excited grin. Lane just stuck his tongue out at her. "Ha, you are so funny." He said with a smile. "I'm not going to blow up." He told her with a sigh. Vera giggled as she watched him fall down. "You know it's really funny how bad you are at dancing when mom and dad are both so good at it." She told him with a innocent smile. Crow just gave him a look. "I was normal until Father started using me as his own little punching bag when I was two. How hard do you think it was for me to accept that the mother I had known as protective and loving wasn't going to stop him. I had a great relationship with mom before all that. she made her choice. She chose him over us." He said almost losing his temper. Emmie giggled as she imagined Cross worrying half to death. Boss laughed as they walked in and found a place to sit. "I actually like rock and roll more then any thing." she told him as she looked over her menu. Adam looked at her with a curious eye. "You would be stupid to allow a name alone to scare you." He told her as he opened the main door for her. Walking in after her a butler came to greet him, only to be shot down. "You foolish creature. Waiting for me and not tending my siblings." He growled before turning back to her. "If you stay here you must earn your stay. I will give you a job. What money you earn from that is yours to keep. One thing you must know is I don't believe in mercy."
  5. Jade chuckled watching him"well i think youll do great..if not..ill ask someone else"she said luaghing she gave him a funny look"..i just rather not drown one day ya know like i mean thats almost as bad as getting eaten by sharks if not worse"she said sighing, Persia smiled"Library..then water park..then beach and who know were else"she said smiling watching him "hmm water..rafting or water jetskis?"she asked curioursly, Avalanche smiled at him before kissing him"oh you sure about that cause im pretty sure you could.."she said smiling before sighing"so..we going to start with food or something else for date tonight?"she asked smiling. Cross sighed lightly"change of topic..before you lose your temper..on me.."he said sighing lightly "Annora how did you manage to find her ?"he asked curioursly, Tidal sighed"thats cool..i like jazz"he said truthfully watching her "so why that type of music i mean"he said sighing watching her"family like it or just your personal taste?"he asked,Bird sighed lightly"i wasnt talking about the name part what kind of job?"she asked curioursly "hmm what a coincidence neither did the people i stayed with last "she said rolling her eyes slightly she gave a quiet sigh watching him" mercy yeah sounds about the"she said quietly to herself.
  6. Theory liked how she had confidence in him. "Okay, well I'll teach you how, and for the record sharks aren't so bad to deal with. I had a run in once. I have the scar too." He told her showing his upper arm. Val gave a nod. "Library it is. I can get us the vehicle. I like rafting to be honest." He told her as he text his one friend about the vehicle. "So you think you'll find answers at this place?" Lane chuckled at her. "I'm sure. Molly was the one that blew up. I actually don't. I've always been one to get silent when really mad. That's when you know you've pushed it to far. Grumping is a good thing in my book." He told her. "Food." Crow was more than happy to change the topic. "At the bar. She stood up to me and was rather enchanting to be honest." He told Cross as he poured himself another drink. Boss put her hand under her chin and watched him. "My personal taste. I don't let my family define me. Why all the questions?" She asked him with a cat like grin. Adam took her to his office, before closing the door he yelled for someone to clean up the mess he had made. "That depends on what you can do. So what skills do you have? I might not believe in mercy, but I do believe in fairness to my staff. So as long as you follow the rules and pay your dues, there wont be a problem. Also, no snitching." He warned her. "This is the Mafia after all."
  7. Jade smiled "ill take your word for it alright"she said smiling gently "personally dont like them but they are animals so gotta respect them to and their space "she said watching theory curioursly "whats .your dream i mean if you have one?"she asked. Persia sighed"honestly i have no idea..but anything could help right i mean we found my mothers parents which is great but i want to know about gypsy hunters fairys anything that could help bring peace"she said sighing looking at val wondering what he thought about all of this, Avalanche smiled at lane"okay so what food?"she asked smiling watching him happily"oh grumpying is a good thing ?"she asked smiling "hmm i guess it is..thats if you dont want to kill anyone "she said smiling "so i have to ask..what did you think about me when we first met you know after you woke up from being passed out"she said watching him.Cross nodded"enchanting is one word.."he said sighing rolling his eyes "you going to marry her?"he asked watching his brother "or have we already been over this?"he asked curioursly before rubbing his head *yeah im spacing*he thought sighing worriedly..Tidal sighed "i want to get to know you"he said looking at her"no use..calling someone adorable if you dont get to know them"he said chuckling slightly watching her,Bird frowned slightly "cleaning messes pouring drinks..thats about all i know"she said looking away"least all id like to remember i know"she grumbled "i dont snitch .."she said rolling her eyes "i cant cook...cant remember much about fighting..other then the whole throat knife thing my dad taught me.."she mumbled sighing lightly
  8. Theory adored the way she had respect for sharks even though she didn't care for them. He was stocked at her next question though. "My dream.. I.. well just want someone to hold my hand and stand by me. Someone, that isn't my mother or Dot, to tell me I'm more then just a tool for the kingdom." That was all he really wanted. Val gave a nod, "Well, I can tell you want I know. Nomads are a start. That's if you want to know about them." He told her wondering if he would be of any help. Lane chuckled at her question. "I thought you cute, but mostly I thought you were another crazy gypsy come to bite me in the ass for something I might have done in the past or something that my father did." He told her knowing stuff like that happened a lot. Crow shrugged, "We'll see. If she doesn't try to kill me in the next year, then maybe. I only ever came close to marrying Zira's mother, but she died having him and I never got the chance to ask her." He said remembering that. In truth he already had a ring for Annora if her love for him proved to be true and not fake. Boss rolled her eyes playfully. "I'm going to say, there isn't much more to me then what you see daily." She told him. She didn't keep very many things from people. Adam rubbed his chin trying to think of a place for her. "For now you will work as my maid. You don't have to dress as one, just clean my office and bedroom. When I have time I will train you with other skills as well so you can work your way up." He told her.
  9. Jade smiled"i like that dream"she said smiling watching him"its a good dream least i think so"she said smiling"why did you look so shocked..crazy monkey?"she teased him slightly, Persia tipped her head slightly"whats those ?"she asked curioursly watching him"tell me everything you know or want to tell me"she said smiling watching him, Avalanche stared at him"cute huh i was cuha mess back then"she said frowning thinking back"i dont see how you ever thought i was cute"she said sighing gently, Cross nodded"makes sense..shes probably wandering the same about you..or she just figuries she loves you weather or not you love her up to you but shes not being a pyscho and neither ar e you for now"he said sighing"so..what do you say we see each other once or twice a year..though i have a feeling we might see each other more then that"he said frowning seeing emmie and annora ,Bird nodded"like what other skills?'she asked watching him curiously " can i come and go as i please or are the rules..?"she asked watching him she gave him a curious look as to what he was thinking *mason is going to murder me..when he finds out well after he gets through yelling *she thought sighing
  10. Theory sighed at her question. "Well.. not many people care about how I feel." He knew there were a few, but every one else didn't. He wasn't much more then a weapon to most. Val gave a nod. "Nomads are Ancient gypsies in a way. They are very similar, except Nomads tend to live in clans, while most gypsies live in small clans, packs, or go it a lone. Nomads also have magic on top of their animal forms. Their magic is special to the bloodline they come from. They have different rules and handle hunters differently too. They are more pron to fighting back. They have a Elder circle which comes together once a year to share news of different clans and tribes and to make or discuss rules and laws. I actually think Bren is half Nomad.." He told her with a frown. Crow looked at him wondering if maybe he had a point. "Maybe.. And we probably will see each other more than that." He told him knowing that if annora had her way they would. Adam was curious about where she had come from with the way she behaved. "Like fighting, self defense, how to cook, paper work, maybe even test your intelligence and see if you would make a good teacher for the children here." He told her as he leaned up against his desk. "You can if you like, but you'll probably be killed if you choose to live away from here. Most of my members live close or in the housing units around this manner. I own most of the houses on the block which are home to my men. You can apply for a unit if you don't want to live here at the manner. The only rule, you can't tell any one about what we do or who we are. No name giving."
  11. Jade frowned lightly "im sorry to hear that id you fulfill your dreams"she said smiling"just like you helping me with mine with all those cats..hmm maybe i could be a cat mommy instead of kids..that sounds alot better..or we could adopt kids...i wouldnt be a good mom i dont think"she said honestly, Persia sighed lightly watching val"..sounds like my brother"she said frowning she gave a gentle sigh"...i want peace..but i also think to achieve that maybe the older generation has to die out first"she said frowning, Cross sighed"probably so.. "he said frowning "so..whats your main goal..through all of this besides owning the whole universe ?"he asked watching his brother.Bird looked at him "yeah okay "she said watching him "if its all the same to rather not be around a whole bunch of people id rather have my own space or room or house or whatever "she said watching him curiously "why would i ?"she asked watching him "so do you want me to clean up a mess or something ?"she asked .
  12. Theory gave a nod. "I'd like to have at least one child, though I'm fine with adopting as well. I'd rather let nature take it's course and if I end up with children or not then it was meant to be that way." He said knowing that if something was truly meant to be it would find a way. Val shook his head. "I don't think so. I actually think it's the oldest generation we need to be talking too. Nomads might have been more pron to fight but they were also more pron to try and make peace. A lot of them co mingled with other races. Ancient hunters used to be no more then protectors of natural order, but they got a little full of themselves at some point." He told her with a sigh. He actually knew a lot about Hunters and Nomads, just not so much about Gypsies.. even though he was one. Paden spoke up. "He does have a point. It's the generation in between the new and the elders that is messed up the most. Nothing will change just from one generation dying off. Teaching and personal points of views will still remain. It's a matter of teaching every one that things aren't just black and white." He told his sister as he started munching on a cookie he had wandered off to buy. Crow just looked at Cross. "I'm going to be powerful and feared. That's the only way to be safe and protect what you care about." He had learnt from his childhood that family and friends would only hurt you. Adam pulled a key out of his desk. "There is a room on the second floor. It has a private bathroom and a mini kitchen. Use that until you earn enough for a apartment in the living units down the street." He told her as he entered her into his files. "Would you like me to make a mess for you to clean?" He asked in a smart ass manner. "As you can see, my office isn't dirty right now. I'll let you know if I make any 'messes'." He chuckled knowing he had a meeting later and his temper often ran short in those.
  13. Jade smiled at theory"yeah one child might be okay..cant be terrible having kids..i mean they cant be as scary as people make them out to be"she said sighing shaking her head remembering some of the horror stories she had heard about peoples kids" you want to..go out on a acutel date sometime ?"She asked curioursly"or..we could throw knives at trees and call it one"she said smiling, Persia looked at the two "alright alright ..i accept it you two are boughbt a cookie and didnt bring me one?"she asked eyeing paden and sul;king and frowning"how dare you"she said sighing watching the two " want to go hiking soon?"she asked sighing"maybe i should go see my sister soon.."she whispred,Cross sighed"or you could do what i do and just avoid it altogther..but that dosent work always.."he said truthfully" want to cause some trouble real quick?"he asked curioursly ,Bird sighed before eyeing him and arching one of her eyebrows and pushed something down on the floor she gave him a curious look "yes i know i have to clean it up and yes i would like you to make a mess im not cleaning that up.. right now ill wait until theirs a bigger mess.."she said before walking towards the door
  14. Theory chuckled at her. "What have people been telling you about children?" He teased slightly. "I've had nothing but pleasant experience with children." He told her with a chuckle. "We could throw knives at a tree and then get dinner?" He offered knowing it would be a nice mix of the two things. Paden chuckled as he broke off half the cookie and gave it to her. "I figured you were a little busy with you boy friend." He told her with a smile. "I didn't want to intrude... and we have a sister?" He was shocked to learn that. He only knew about Bren and Mason. Val gave a nod, but was also curious about her sister. "You never really talk about your sister." Crow gave a him a curious look. "It's weird that you are trying to influence me into cause trouble." He pointed out to Cross, though he still wanted to hear what he had in mind. Adam wasn't sure if he should be mad or taken by her spunk. "Oh there will be a mess. I just hope you don't mind cleaning up chunks of people." He chuckled knowing it would only take one stupid comment to set him off. "If you do a nice do cleaning, maybe I'll take you to dinner later." Though she would end up meeting his family since he had to stop there on the way.
  15. Jade sighed"just that their little demons spawn of hell bascilly why?" she asked blinking"though i think its was my dads way..of keeping me out of he called it"she said rolling her eyes lightly , Persia nodded"we do..dads Duaghter.. she lives with jag and pride thats why i dont talk about her...i dont know much about her"She said frowning"other then shes my sister though i will murder her"she said sighing , Cross nodded" coming or not ?"he asked watching his brother curioursly "so yes or no?"he asked.Bird looked at him before turning and watching him "no i dont mind cleaning chunks of people maybe i should just be a crime scene cleaner ..and dinner..intresting be the first time ive had dinner ..outside of a house since i was a kid.."she said sighing lightly
  16. Theory laughed hearing that. "That was just your dad trying to make sure you didn't have kids before you were married, if ever. Most children aren't so bad." He told her with a soft smile. "Sure they can be bad, but usually it's not little demon level." Paden was curious now. "I'd like to meet her. I'm sure she would love to get to know us." He said finishing his cookie. "Maybe she could help us with all this too." Crow stood up and grumbled a little. "Yeah.. I'm coming." He told him as he grabbed his jacket. "The boys and... my daughter will be alright here with Annora." Adam almost laughed at her comment, though he could see her doing that as a job and it would be useful to him as well. She would be able to cover up stuff for him. "Well, you'll meet some of my family too. I have to stop and get something from one of them before dinner. This will be the first time some of them will be meeting me as." He chuckled wondering how chaotic this would get.
  17. Jade Rolled her eyes slightly "of course it was that..knowing dad..."she said sighing"of course hed be the one to do that"she said sighing"why would he do that to not the nuturing one of my sibblings..unless they know something about me that i dont .."she said grumbling slightly.

    Persia sighed"okay we will go see her today. she might like to get to know us. oh i got a question has grandma ever mentioned anything about her family paden..if not then we need to find out before the trip alright its imoprtant that we do"she said sighing frowning"im slightly worried about the history wed find buried in moms history"she said frowning.

    Cross nodded lightly"im sure they will no one would ever cross that pyscho siren..if they have any brains"he said frowning he gave a quiet sigh "might type of trouble and yours isnt the same type by the way"he said sighing"i doubt that matters though still trouble"he said sighing.

    Bird frowned slightly "oh yay family meeting ..which reminds me..can we stop somewere after your meeting i need to make sure and tell someone im okay ..he might serioursly murder me if not"she said sighing knowing how tempermental mason could be " dinner what kind of dinner either way im going to have to wear this"she said sighing.
  18. Theory shrugged, "Maybe it's because you aren't the nurturing one. Maybe he was trying to protect you from getting into something he didn't think you could handle." He told her knowing it could be a possibility. "But then again your dad is kind of a weirdo any more." He chuckled thinking about Pride.

    Paden was happy they would be going to see their sister. "We should go do that now while we wait for the van to be ready. And no.. She would always change the subject when I asked about things like that." He frowned wondering what she could be hiding. "We should go see her after we see our sister."

    Crow shrugged, "I'd hurt you if it was. You aren't supposed to be like me. You are supposed to be better then me." He told him as he followed behind him. He didn't want his brothers following down the path he walked. Not only would it be bad for them, but for him as well.

    Adam gave a nod."Why not. We will stop where ever you need before going to my family's and then dinner." He usually wasn't this nice, but he had taken to her spunk.No one else, beside his sisters, got that spunky with him. "I'll have a dress, jewels, and shoes sent to your room. Warning, my sisters will be the ones bring you the clothing. They can be a handful." He laughed before waving for her to follow him. He would show her to her room.
  19. Jade nodded"maybe so.. he might not think i could do it but then again who knows..i might make a good mother"she said truthfully " know my faveriotre color is black..not blue or green like people think..and i love animal crackers"she said frowning embrassed by that"just thought you should know"she said watching him.

    Persia sighed"she herself might not know "she said truthfully watching him"..our sister though..shes nice that much i know much nicer then meany pride "she said crossing her arms slightly thinking about the two"she must be his good side i guess "she said sighing as she stared walking "hopefully..she will want to see us"she said watching paden.

    Cross sighed lightly "so you know the spray painter everyones been talking about thats been spray painting the sides of run down..buildings making them look slightly better..yeah thats me"he mumbled slightly"i figuried ..they will be destroyed sooner or later.."he said trailing off.

    Bird nodded slightly watching him"yeah not to sure about the jewel part though seems a little unnecessary but thats just me speaking"she said sighing watching adam before following him "so..i know i have alot of questions anything you want to ask me?"she asked watching him .
  20. Theory liked hearing about the things she liked and disliked. "I like hearing you talk about yourself. I don't really have a favorite color, though purple comes close. Dark purple. I do have a special liking for banana flavored stuff." He told her wondering if she enjoyed getting to know him as much as he enjoyed getting to know her.

    Paden was glad to hear that their sister was nice. "I'm sure she would be thrilled to see us.. if she is as nice as you say." He told her with a smile. "As for grandma.. you might be right. She might not know about her family, which is all the more reason for us to find out."

    Crow wasn't sure if he would really consider that trouble. To him it seemed more like art. Either way he would give it a try. "Have you considered.. maybe a career in art?" He asked trying not to sound to interested in any of this. He didn't want Cross getting the wrong ideas about him.

    Adam didn't really have anything to ask her. He didn't function like that. He was more of a action type of person. "No, but you can ask away. I'll answer anything that is within reason." He told her wondering if she was going to go digging or just skim the surface of who he was.
  21. Jade smiled lightly"I like..Tattoos espically one of snakes..and i love pictures being taken of me..i hate..people talking about me,,and i love most of all fighting and training..and i really really like much as id hate to admit to my farther when we get home..cause he will get that smug face and smile.."she said grumbling looking at theory"he will be happy.. but still"she said laughing.

    Persia smiled watching paden"its werid knowing my twins finally here..but in a sense its like youve never been away you know?"she asked watching him she frowned slightly"think..our grandmother might live to were i can get to know her..or you think shes just going to die off..since how old she is"she said frowning.

    Cross sighed lightly"no ...sides why ...even say that you know your not intrested or care..big pyscho brother"he said sighing "i..just do art for fun id hate it if it became an everyday thing"he said sighing" better at you can believe it or not..."he said shaking his head"oh and getting inside some peoples minds avvidently"he grumbled.

    Bird sighed lightly"on a scale from one to twenty how evil are you..?"she asked cautiously"and do you have any ..err..Pets i mean im just curious..?"she asked looking at him"i mean you dont have to answer me.. if you dont want to.. im just wondering"she said watching him .
  22. Theory was a little surprised that she liked having her picture taken. He had never taken her for the sort that would enjoy that. "I like fighting and training too. I enjoy warming under the sun in my wolf form.. I used to snuggle with my grandmother Rowan in wolf form when I was little." He told her a little embarrassed about it.

    Paden knew just what she meant. He felt the same way. He knew they had only just met but it felt like they had been together for a life time already. "I think she might stick around awhile longer. She is in good health, but that doesn't mean much." He knew anything could happen.

    Crow gave a nod. "Well.. I wouldn't know what you are good at since I don't pay attention to more then your safety." He told her with a huff. "So.. have you thought about a career?" He was curious about that much. "I could offer you one at my company.." He didn't know how Cross would feel about that though.

    Adam looked at her wondering if he should be honest or mess with her a little. "I wouldn't say I'm evil. More self motivated. I've done good and bad, but mostly I work to benefit myself in the long run. If I rob a bank, usually it's one that has gained money wrongfully." He told her in truth. "As for pets, depends on which type you me." He told her with a mischievous smirk.
  23. Jade looked at theory before smiling "you look slightly surpurised"she said smiling"Awe i bet that was cute..i always wanted to snuggle with a wolf..ive snuggled with a python before..not the same.."she said laughing "it slightly creepy when a python snuggles with ya"she said turthfully.

    Persia frowned lightly"some Gypsy even in good health somehow the end up dieing for some odd reason or though im surpurised she lived this long..with as crazy as she wouldnt surpurise me if she dosent try and shoot one of the higher ups one day"she said rolling her eyes.

    Cross sighed"im not working for you..."he said sighing "no i never thought about anything acutely..i dont know i thought about opening up a nightclub.."he said sighing lightly " but then shady deals might go down their..and i cant be their all the time.."he grumbled "and now emmie..and the baby"he said sighing.

    Bird sighed watching him "...your far from stupid so im sure you know what i mean.."she said rolling her eyes "im pretty sure you might be messing with me but im not competely but if not..then i guess your going to have to kill me..because if so im leaving "she said sighing frowning rubbing the back of her neck slightly "maybe..either that or ill just to be to lazy leave another place"she said frowning.
  24. Theory smiled a little. "Maybe. Snake cuddling. Now that's something I would expect from you." He chuckled in a slight teasing way. "I've always wondered if Major has a wolf form too, but if he does.. he's probably hiding it." He didn't know a lot about his brother since they stopped being close around the age of 4.

    Paden knew she had a point. "Yeah, but still. I know a few gypsies that are almost 200 years old." He told her wondering if she knew they could live that long. "Mom is probably still alive because she is so crazy." He laughed knowing that was probably why their father was still alive too. "So are we almost to our sister's place?'

    Crow sighed wondering if now would be a time to have a serious brotherly talk. "My main company is a medical one.. we need a financial adviser. I kind of killed the last one. You wouldn't have to work there forever. Just until you find your calling." He pointed out knowing Cross would need something to take care of that baby.

    Adam got serious and gave her a look. "I personally don't believe people are pets." He told her with a huff. "Maybe servant that can earn their freedom if they work hard enough and prove their loyalty." He told her knowing it might sound cruel, but that's how he did things around here.
  25. Jade sighed"he does ive only seen it once..he was asleep on the floor near lyras feet.."she said sighing "i dont think he uses it much..its werid..cause hes solid black except for a white werid patch near his eye.."she said sighing"..and hes really lean as a wolf.."she said frowning"...thats the only time i had left those two alone ..back then"She said frowning"until..the games you know"she said sighing.

    Persia mouth suddenly dropped open"no freaking way are you serious?!"she asked watching paden"no way you must be lying their aint no way"she said smiling"and yeah its this one right here"she said pointing as she walked to the door and started knocking "hopefully shes here.."she said sighing.

    Cross looked at crow "yeah i guess i could..oh you killed the last one..yeah thats real comforting.."he said sighing watching crow before looking at the side of the building and starting to paint on it *my mind..must have a mind of its own*he thought frowning slightly"i guess it would give me enough to earn..for the baby"he said sighing.

    Bird suddenly smiled"i could kiss you right now but i dont think i should"she said sighing watching him "..sorry about the questions but i needed to know thats about all i really wanted to ask"she gave a curious look around"so your sisters how old are they?"she asked curioursly.

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