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The Bastard’s War



The King resides on his death bed. His final moments swiftly approach. The end of this chapter will come about, and the beginning of a new will find it’s pages soaked in blood. With the air he could muster, the King has announced his Bastard as his sole heir: the elder of his offspring. A shockwave has been felt across the country. Such a decision will soon be met with dire consequences. The once-legitimate heir, born and raised in a nation too foreign, has assembled an army. Their intentions are clear. But, only one person may sit on the throne.


The Roles -

The Royalty

@Jess Buck

The Nobolity


The Military Officers

@Axel The Englishman

The Bastard Heir


The Roles - Silberburgany

The Noble Supporters


The Military Officers

The Forgotten Heir

@s u n


For extra detail on what has been unexplained or not explored enough, this will be a roleplay of a conflict between two siblings, both with the desire to rule Aethland: a fictional nation set in a world of significantly advanced technology and magical properties in an alternate version of 1894. On the sidelines will be the other members of the royal family, along with military officers and nobles with their own important roles in stirring up the conflict.

Should you be interested, do not be afraid to say so.

Character Sheets:
(The Bastard’s War: Character Sheets)

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