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Realistic or Modern The Ballad of Snow



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The Ballad of Snow
content warning: Death, Hunting, Mature Themes
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In the small town of New-Haven the descendants of the first wolf live in a tight-knit pack. Accepting only outsiders who show the greatest need. They live in a two-story house just outside of the town limits on a farm raising bison and cow. The pack has a loose structure, with the oldest as the leaders and the youngest as followers. There are only a couple of people left after a blizzard struck the town and half the pack was either killed by a new werewolf hunter in town or trapped in their wolf forms. The remaining survivors are scrambling to figure out a new course of life.
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This is Mature (18+) RP with sexual, religious and political themes, strong language, blood, gore and death so beware before signup.
This rp has an literate to advanced literate rp rating. If you cannot meet the requirements of at least once weekly posting with 1 - 2 paragraphs, then please consider not joining.
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The Ballad Of Snow

CURRENT DATE: DECEMBER | Hunter's status: Well-liked in area | Wolf Status: Barely making ends meet.


It has been 2 months since a blizzard hit the town of New haven. Over 5 different wolves from the pack have been killed, and 5 others have been forced to permanently change. The hunters came during the blizzard, shooting any wolf that crossed their path until the blizzard forced them to retreat. Now scrambling to get a foothold again, the pack's family is under constant surveillance both in the town and at their home. They were lucky that the pack was in their wolf forms when they had raided the woods, but that doesn't mean they won't soon find out exactly who they are and where they live.


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