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The Avatar Above You Went To Jail, Why?

Laughing Jack/MTMM

Jack in a Box/Clown Creepypasta
The Avatar above you was just sent to jail! Come up with a reason as to why they were put in jail.

I'll start. Jack was put in jail for mass murder.

Dark Enforcer

Not today.
For wearing a Batman costume to masturbate in front of his neighbor's sprinkler at 3:32 AM every third Tuesday of the month.

Dark Enforcer

Not today.
For coming up with an alarmingly specific reason...

(Seriously that sounded like you were talking from experience...)
Hahahahaha no. It's a reddit/imgur  joke. There IS some reddit users out there who does it though. Weird...
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disrespectful when disrespected ™ .
For calling yourself a confused newb
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