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Fandom The Arcana: A Mystic Search Thread

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Action, Adventure, AU, Historical, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Romance, Super Powers, Supernatural


babe, there’s something tragic about you.


It’s lovely to meet you! I’m Emma, but you can also call me Star if that strikes your fancy. I’m a first-year college student in EST, and I’ve been writing for about 9 years, which is crazy. I’ve got three cats, I play the ukulele, and I even cosplay a little! So, basically, I’m your local ginger indie girl. And yes, I’m probably as cliche as you’re imagining.

I made a thread for all of my interests a while ago, but right now I'm looking specifically for the Arcana! And, wouldn't ya know it, I'm looking for someone to play any of the main romance routes for my MC. (Seriously, I love them all, so take your pick. Asra and Julian are probably my faves!) We can also discuss doubling if that's something you'd like!

Here's my MC's character sheet, in case you'd like to take a gander:
Name: Arabella Opheliana

Age: 26

Appearance: Arabella is a rather pale woman, with rosy cheeks and porcelain-like skin. Her hair is a shining platinum blonde color, and falls in thick waves around her ribcage. Her eyes are a deep blue, with flecks of a light silver around her pupil. Three teal dots are tattooed in a line just under her eyes, and she sports a few swirling tattoos of the same color on her hips, shoulders, and back. She stands at about 5’5’, and is rather thin and lithe. She doesn’t lack curves, though, with an hourglass figure. She sports dainty cheekbones and delicate features, and often looks very serious out of habit. If not for her civilian clothes, one may think she were a noble. However, she sports a very considerable amount of gold jewelry.

Personality: Arabella is a very poised, serious young woman, who can come off as slightly intimidating. This does not mean she cannot have her fair share of fun, though. She’s much more fun-loving and adventurous beneath her surface than many would expect. Arabella is incredibly passionate, despite her icy exterior, and can be incredibly sharp-tongued. She’s very kind and compassionate, and has spent much of her life studying magic and the rest of the world. She’s quite educated.

History: Arabella comes from Abdelina, a tribal town to the west of Vesuvia, along the coast. It’s a colder climate, despite its sunny coasts. Magic is very well-respected and often practiced here, and people are tattooed to display magical ability and proficiency. Arabella’s tattoos place her on the higher side of ability, and many signify that she is very proficient in water/ice magic.

Arabella grew tired of her small town in the beginning of her twenties, and decided to travel occasionally. Her aunt owned a shop in Vesuvia, which she had heard much about, and after visiting for the Masquerade for multiple years in a row, decided to live there. Her aunt was more than happy to transfer the shop to Arabella, and Arabella has found much joy practicing her magic there.

If that sounds good to you, heres a little info about me as a writer:

I’d consider myself semi-advanced to advanced, and I usually write from two to five paragraphs. Sometimes it’s more or less, just depends.

I consider myself very friendly, so please don’t be afraid to ask me anything, or even just chat! I love making friends. I’m also one of those writers that loves to share memes, playlists, moodboards, etc. for our RP. So if that’s your thing, I bet we’ll get along!

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get the business out of the way with what I’m looking for in terms of writing:

  • Good grammar, please! I won’t be too strict on this, but it’s just a preference thing.
  • Semi-advanced to advanced, preferably.
  • At least two paragraphs, maybe less for dialogue. This is flexible, of course.
  • At least 16, please. I have the utmost confidence in younger writers, but as a nineteen year old myself, it’s just a comfort thing.
  • Ghosting: I totally get it. We’re all busy. But if you’re going to drop a thread, please do it early on or just give me a heads up. I will completely understand. But being ghosted can give me a lot of anxiety if I don’t have any closure, so if you are able to let me know, please do!
  • Please let me know of any triggers you have. I’ll do the same!
  • I have a tendency to curse in writing, as well as write darker themes. As for the spicier stuff, I’ll only do a fade to black (as per site rules).
  • I like romance in my plots, so at least one pairing in each thread. We can double if you want a platonic pairing on your end, though!
  • Post around once a week if you’re able, preferably more. I’ll try to do the same, sometimes I can give you multiple posts in a day. It varies, and if I have to disappear for a while I’ll do my best to let you know ahead of time!
Now that all of that is out of the way (thanks for reading the snooze fest, by the way), let's discuss plot! WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE GAME BELOW.

I've got more ideas for some characters than others, but I am always open to new ideas and brainstorming! Please let me know if you've got anything in mind or you're dying to do! I really love the whole setup of Vesuvia, but I also would love to do an AU of some kind! Victorian, pirates, fantasy, gangsters, modern- let me know if anything comes to mind! I'm all ears!

I would really love to write something before MC's death, perhaps her meeting whoever it is you'd like to play for the first time. With Asra specifically, I think them meeting and beginning to live together could be really interesting. There's also a lot of potential angst there, with Asra constantly leaving, etc. Not to mention meeting MC after he resurrects her- that could be very juicy indeed.

For Julian, maybe we could write when she's working under him during the plague?

For the others, just talk to me! A lot of their plots sort of write themselves. Anyway, if you're interested, please leave a comment below or PM me! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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