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The Apartment on13th Street

Well, hopefully we can jump up and start soon! ^^ I look forward to it. 
Actually, you want to start now while waiting for others to join? X_X I'm not sure how much longer I can wait.


The Clawed Fauni
I need to make another and am kind of busy at the moment. Also I need people to make them to pair them up.


The Clawed Fauni
Yes, you may. The only reason I say advanced is because of a two paragraph suggested limit per post. Absolute minimum is 1


Today I got lost on the road of life.
I read the first two character sheets, I think we're going to have a fun mix of people, cant wait! My weekend is a little hectic so I will try to post but it may not be till Monday (boo!).College... algebra... electronics math... (faints).


The One and Only
I'm about to post mine and your character got me interested, my character is going to be a ghost of some sort, so I think our characters will have some pretty interesting encounters.


Chief Defenestrator

Intending to join this - contacted GM a while earlier. It'll be a while before I can get a character sheet up, but just checking in with greetings a bit earlier.

Also reading the sheets. This looks like a very promising cast. Looking forward to writing with you all soon.


The Clawed Fauni
Yeah, soon. But at the mo, my life is cray cray

For those of you who do not speak girl, my life is crazy at the moment.

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