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Hello. As the title states above, I am looking for some Spider-man roleplays based on the Andrew Garfield duology. I am looking for someone to play Gwen Stacy or a female OC against my male OC. I started this thread after re-watching some of the older Spider-man movies, specifically The Amazing Spider-man ones. I really enjoyed the original plot it had, at least with the first movie, and wouldn't mind doing something along the lines of said original plot.

If you're interested at all, PM me or reply below!

Important Notes:
- I only play as male.
- Regarding me only playing as male, to add, I only do M x F.
- I don't play canon. I've changed my last reply to this, so here's something to know: Please, don't ask if I'll play canon, because the obvious answer if you read the thread is an obvious NO.
- Don't expect me to write you a novel. I can write up to a paragraph or two, but I ain't writing a novel per reply, that ain't me.

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