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Poe Dameron had been sent on all kinds of missions in his time with the Resistance. Easier ones, entertaining ones, boring ones and… dangerous ones. His favourites though, would always be the ones where he could use his X-Wing and be in the sky. That was so much more exciting than diplomatic meetings and conversations with people that clearly didn’t care about his opinion.

However, this diplomatic mission was of another kind. It showed how much Leia trusted him, how much she valued him in some way. Because the person he’d be meeting wasn’t just a senator that seemed to show some interest in their movement now, but she was more of the opposite.

They wanted to find out if that Tarkin was really sympathising with them or not. If she did, that would be a huge advantage for them. She was certainly a name in the galaxy, a force to be reckoned with and having her on their side in some way would act as a kind of joker in the end perhaps.

Poe flew to Hosnian Prime with his X-Wing, landing on the huge platform in front of the senate building. They had chosen this planet as some sort of neutral ground if all of this would turn out to be a less friendly meeting than anticipated.

Which he hoped would not happen. Or else he’d be fucked because it had certainly been a while since he had some sort of fight with a blaster and not with his precious X-Wing.

Being greeted by a senator or two, he eventually made his way into the building. After being checked for any kinds of weapons, giving away his blaster in the end, he was allowed to enter the large corridor and make his way to the conference room he’d have the meeting in. It would just be the two of them preferably, to talk things through in peace.

He was the first to arrive, as he had secretly expected. The pilot sat down on a chair and leaned back, trying to seem more relaxed than he actually was. How bad could this plan backfire? Pretty bad. What were the chances that they were running into a trap? Pretty high.



This was not how things were supposed to go. There was this will inside her to prove herself, but with that, she didn’t mean to be thrown into a situation that seemed more deadly than anything else. As the companion of a well trained spy, she could have still helped out pretty well, but now she was the only one remaining. She was the one deciding if this would work or result in another two dead Resistance members. How should she explain this to her brother?

Well, she would be dead by the time she’d have to, so at least that was one worry taken off her shoulder.

Myla was clueless how she had somehow managed to still be alive, even after days of being on her own here. And now she was bound to go on a mission with Kylo Ren to Castilon, trying to find a valuable target. She trusted herself and her skills with her sniper, yet she was worried about her company. That would be the easiest way to be identified. By the most feared person in the galaxy being right next to her.

On the ship, she kept her fair distance to Ren and the other storm troopers. She didn’t want to get into a conversation with anyone, too afraid she’d let a detail slip. As she could feel the rumble of the ship landing, she stayed behind as the troopers made their way out to clear the area beforehand. She would just sit close to the ship and take people out through a long range fight.

Myla tilted her head downwards when she passed by Kylo, getting set on the spot she had picked out earlier on a map. Her back was safely covered by a big pile of crates and her front was clear to have a good overview of where the battles would happen and the search for the traitors of the Order would start.

She tried her best to keep her hands from shaking since it would both affect her chance to shoot and would give away her nervousness in some way. Taking a deep breath, she put the handle of her gun into a more comfortable angle and then just waited for enemies to show up.

As long as everything was silent, she tried to listen to anything she could overhear from either Kylo Ren or the troopers near her. Every piece of information could be important in the end, even though she’d rather get it from storm troopers and not from Ren himself.
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Leia Organa still had pull in the Senate, and among the Senate complex. Enough to rent out a conference room in the Senate Hall proper, though that was no surprise. While everyone now knew she was descended from the infamous Darth Vader, Bail Organa’s statue quite literally loomed over the Senate Hall, and everyone knew that he had entrusted everything to Leia.

It wasn’t enough to earn her a place among them, but it was enough to allow her power over the more moral members of the Senate.

Neria Tarkin was not what one would call moral, nor necessarily on good terms with the princess. Sending her a bouquet of candlewick flowers after the news spread, and a biting comment about heritage may have been a touch too much, though. Not enough to keep Leia away, it seemed.

And so, the Scion of the Empire made her way from the Seswenna area to the Senate proper, and to the floor where she was supposedly meeting a Commander Poe Dameron. She’d already done her research on the Yavin 4 yokel, former New Republic pilot, born of Kes Dameron and Shara Bey.

It was no surprise he fell in with Leia.

No surprise he didn’t handle authority well, either.

She stepped into the terribly bland, official room, looking every bit the Imperial that Poe was no doubt expecting, down to the olive hue, and the sparks of red, blue, and gold in the bits of jewelry she wore – those colors of the Grand Moff insignia that Wilhuff had held. She bore no visible weapons, but she had them all the same. A good eye might notice the golden hair sticks had a crease – sheathes for small blades.

The pilot looked relaxed, at least, “Dameron,” he may be ‘commander’ to Leia, but her military was a vigilante, anarchistic thing not recognized by the New Republic. Technically speaking, it was as treasonous as the First Order. She moved to the table, and took a seat, staring the pilot down, “What is it Princess Organa is too afraid to tell me herself that she has to send a boy to do?”


Kylo Ren was not pleased to be on a trip to Castilon with this contingency of stormtroopers, nor the sniper. The Order had a presence in this world, and were slowly reclaiming it after Resistance mischief, but Captain Pyre had messed up, and lost two important survivors. However, he had at least had the brains to recognize who they spoke with as Resistance spy Xiono, and to know that Xiono had yet to depart Castilon.

Snoke wasn’t taking any chances.

Although sending Kylo Ren alone may have caused less of a fuss, he wanted to make sure they got the Resistance member before he could spread what he learned from the duo from Tehar further throughout the galaxy. ‘I don’t see why.’ Kylo thought as they had unloaded. ‘Let the galaxy know what we’re capable of, and they’ll fall in line.’

Snoke didn’t think it was time – and Kylo had to follow the Supreme Leader’s commands, like everyone else, much as it grated at them. Much as he wanted to make the galaxy understand fear and learn order, he had to do things as Snoke commanded. Snoke was wise. Snoke knew what was best, and when to reveal their hand.

At least, Kylo kept telling himself that as the squadron began to spread out, to encircle the area that Xiono was known to occupy.

The troopers would go in first, Kylo knew, and so he hung back as they moved ahead to flush the rats out near the sniper who seemed full of nerves, and had been silent on the trip there. Not that anyone had been talkative, something Kylo was used to, but the others weren’t so nervous. One good thing of their upbringing, he supposed, and a difference from the officers in the Order.

“Remember, do not kill the targets,” Kylo said pointedly to the sniper, “We need them alive.” He had to find out where the siblings from Tehar went, and Xiono would have an idea. That way, he could stop them from spreading things further, as well.

First, was Xiono.

And the flushing out began in a flurry of blaster fire ahead of them, as the Resistance stronghold was busted open with an explosion.

Kylo pulled his lightsaber into his hand with the Force, and illuminated the crackling saber, feeling out through the Force where he should move to find this spy and walking forward, confident, as the troopers started to flounder.


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Poe could feel chills running over his body when he heard steps outside that came closer and closer to the door. That was probably the Tarkin he was about to meet. Needless to say his heart was almost jumping out of his chest in pure fear of what was about to come.

Leia could have at least send two more people with him. It was clear that she wouldn’t go herself because she was busy and it would be too much of a risk if anything did happen. The Resistance couldn’t exist without its leader and the spirit she brought with her. Poe still found himself admiring her and the way she could motivate everyone to do the right thing.

When the door opened and Neria Tarkin walked in, Poe looked her up and down without hesitation. He was scanning her for weapons mostly and he wondered if she had been successfully searched as well, just like it had happened with himself.

His signature beige jacket also didn’t give much room for him to smuggle anything in with himself. At least nothing the security couldn’t find.

Poe really didn't want to think the worst about the Tarkin yet, but maybe he had to. He hoped he was just a bit paranoid.

"It's Commander, actually," he corrected her without a second thought, leaning a bit forward in his seat and staring at her from the other end of the table. "But it's a pleasure to meet you. The General hopes you will accept her absence, since she has been busy with a lot of things. She's very sorry and hopes to meet you in person one day," Poe explained rather alright. He just wondered how long he could keep himself together like this.

He couldn't help but feel a shiver run down his spine at her stare. But he was staring back, not having any intentions to turn away for now. If he would show that he was indeed afraid of what this woman might be capable of doing, this situation would only turn worse.

“Leia and I have hoped to be able to discuss the matter of… the situation with the First Order with you since we’re definitely under the impression that you might dislike them as much as we do,” he explained further, feeling energetic to blurt out all the things he was hoping for from this meeting, but he held himself back for now.
“I don’t like talking about a thousand other things before getting straight to the point. So I’d be happy to know your stance right away,” Poe added, just telling the truth. He wasn’t a fan of long discussions and talks about things that would definitely not matter in the end.


Myla didn’t know what to think of this mission. She had briefly been informed about that they were looking for a Resistance spy, Xiono, and that was explanation enough for her to feel even more uncomfortable in this. Well, wasn’t that what she wanted? Play a role in this fight, even if it was behind the enemy lines? Sometimes you probably couldn’t choose how to help in a fight you should maybe stay out of.

Yet, she didn’t try to back out of this. It would seem highly suspicious and there was no way she was getting away from here without stealing the First Order’s ship.

The woman took another deep breath, watching the stormtroopers move forward in a way they had probably practiced for a long time. However, she could see a few people stepping out of line every now and then. Myla had often heard of some troopers that had broke out of this cage before and were now roaming the galaxy. She wondered how that sort of liberty would feel. Maybe the whole galaxy could let out a relieved sigh someday when all of this was over.

“Of course, sir,” she said immediately, not thinking twice about her answer. If Kylo Ren would have any suspicions against her, this whole thing would be over and her life as well. “I never miss, sir, I’m gonna make sure to just wound the target,” she assured him specifically. She’d like it much more to not even wound someone from her side, but did she have a choice?

At the same time, Myla wondered if death wouldn’t be better here than to be tortured for information later on perhaps. And that information could be quite valuable.

Through her scope, she watched Ren move forward, seemingly concentrated on something. For a moment, she was even tempted to shoot the guy in dark attire with a shot through the head but that would cost her her own life and maybe not even take his if it somehow didn’t land correctly.

Before she could think too much about it though, maybe lose herself to how tempting that was, she moved her scope up, spotting a Resistance fighter in the distance. With slight hesitation, her finger hovering about the trigger shakily, she pulled it and landed a shot right into the person’s lower leg to keep them from moving. How many people would she have to shoot at?

And how many times would she need to follow instructions from Kylo Ren again?


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‘Bad move, Dameron.’

Poe’s response demanded a correction of its own, but Neria would wait. She was patient enough to let the man tie the rope around his own neck; she could kick the metaphorical stool out from under him at any moment. She had the luxury of time. More than that, despite this being neutral, she also certainly had the advantage of ‘home’ – she spent too much time here as it was, and loathed it most days.

So, she waited.

Noted every pause.

Noted his anxiety in getting right to the point. Admirable in most people, really, Neria didn’t like to waste time either, but for the sake of being antagonistic, she’d read it as a flaw. “I don’t enjoy talking of a thousand other things, either, however perhaps you can remind me what, precisely, you’re commander of?”

Her curiosity was feigned. She knew.

“Last I knew, you forfeited your position in the New Republic, and went to join a terroristic vigilante group that the New Republic does not recognize the authority of – and rather like the First Order – are choosing to turn a blind eye to in favor of pet projects like statues, thus no more a commander than Hux is a General. Am I incorrect in that assumption?”

She wasn’t.

Although she gave him at least a clue to her opinion about the Order by calling it terroristic, as well – it didn’t make his group look any better in comparison. The truth was, she had a good deal more loathing for the Order, for plenty more personal reasons. The fact they used the name Tarkin as part of their ranking system was just one of several reasons.


It would not take long.

It never did, of course – these kinds of battles were not long, drawn out affairs. The spy himself made a break for it, Kylo saw him, but before he reached him he watched a bolt go straight through the spy’s leg. The spy stumbled, and fell, though didn’t stay there for long. Kylo reached with the Force and drew him up.

“Binders!” Kylo snapped behind his helmet, an order that was quickly followed. He didn’t need to point out who it was for – only one person was held by the Force. The others fell quickly, Kylo had no need for them alive, but Xiono was snapped into binders quickly, and a field medic immediately applying bacta to his wound to make sure he wouldn’t bleed out.

It was unlikely, but Kylo wasn’t taking any chances. “Load him into the shuttle, under guard,” Kylo directed, as the man was taken into the hands of Stormtroopers, now that he was patched up, and bound. They had no problems literally dragging him, as Kylo gave another order, “Search the area – take anything that looks useful, especially datapads or datachips,” he directed, before he began his own march back to the shuttle.

He wasn’t there for grunt work.

He did glance down at the sniper – Myla – and give a brief nod.

She’d done her work as promised.

They had the spy he would now be able to get information out of. She had no more reason to stay down there, she ought to head back to the shuttle, as well, and join the more immediate return to one of the capital ships.


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Poe knew he wasn’t allowed to let his nerves get the best of him. But the way she talked to him even upset him and he was often able to brush everything off with ease. His hand formed into a fist, knuckles turning white.

“Last time I checked I was not considered a terrorist,” he said through gritted teeth. This was all part of her game probably. Making him angry and making him embarrass himself.

The pilot took a deep breath again, sitting a bit straighter in his seat and trying to keep himself together. Getting angry wasn’t the key to their situation and Leia would probably give him a lecture if he fucked this up. Or strip him off his rank perhaps.

“The New Republic is not aware of what has been happening in parts of the Outer Rim for years. They were too confident in having everything under control that the First Order was allowed to form itself right in front of their eyes but under their radar all the same,” he spoke more calmly again. “We’re not terrorists. I would have never turned my back on the New Republic if they didn’t make the mistakes they did. Someone has to do something at least or we will all suffer from the mistakes that have been made. The First Order gains more and more power with each day,” he concluded.

“See my rank as you want it, but I assume we can both agree on that the Order is pushing this galaxy into another war like the last one. And you also don’t seem too happy about it, do you?” he asked, getting up and placing his hands on the table.

“Your family has had a long history with the Empire, so I’m even more surprised you are not speaking very highly of the First Order. Perhaps you despise them as much as I do,” he concluded, walking around in the room a bit and glancing out the windows that gave a good look onto the city.


Myla’s throat felt dry and she felt like her chest was on fire upon seeing the spy being taken in by the troopers. But that was going to be part of her job. Shoot at her own people until she would have enough information to give to the Resistance. And maybe prevent a few things here and there. The galaxy shouldn’t be filled with more grief and death.

It was still a far away dream though. The First Order was gaining so much power so rapidly and the Resistance’s chances of changing anything became smaller and smaller. But maybe they could stand a chance if her mission was successful. Maybe she could change something for once and show her brother that she was also capable of doing great things.

When Kylo Ren gave her a nod, she nodded back, making sure it was clear that she would always be wary and follow orders. Well, she didn’t want to know what would happen if someone didn’t follow Ren’s orders.

Myla made her way back to the shuttle, still having that dry throat that just proved to her that she couldn’t take everything so easily. She checked her sniper rifle for any damages taken, but she of course didn’t find any, so she stepped onto the ship after Kylo Ren.

Her hands were getting sweaty because she was afraid to even breathe the wrong way next to him, yet she didn’t want to show her fear. Myla never wanted anyone to really see her weaknesses.

“Are we sure there aren’t any more spies here, sir?” she asked after a while, trying to make conversation and show how determined she was to help the First Order. “Was he operating completely alone?” she continued to ask, rather curiously. Some part of her was afraid of getting told that Xiono was the only one left alive. That would mean other Resistance members had died here before and she wasn’t able to prevent it.

No, she would have to stop blaming herself for all these things. Maybe Ren wouldn’t get any information out of his prisoner and the hunt would have been useless after all.


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‘And who did you check with? Other Resistance members?’ Neria wouldn’t take it so far. Poe’s anger was enough, his desire to not be a terrorist was enough. Leia had apparently sent her a hot-headed flyboy, and she wondered at Leia’s decision to do so. True, she liked hot-headed flyboys, but she’d never send one to do a diplomat’s work.

Well, depending on the diplomat.

What game was Leia playing?

Poe found the energy not to dwell on his rank too much, though it still nagged at him, as he tried to salvage their discussion about the First Order, his true reason for being there. He was restless now, enough that he got up from his place and walked to the window. Color was returning to his fingers, at least.

“My family had a single member in the Empire, who has become synonymous with genocide. Admittedly, it is an interesting reputation to make use of,” Neria noted, staying seated. She did abuse that reputation, when needed. There was power in people thinking she might be hiding something like that.

They wouldn’t be too far from the truth; she had plenty of information on how to do it, but she never had. The Tarkin Initiative was where Stardust began, but it wasn’t their only project. Far from it. “However you are incorrect on the degree to which I hate them, Dameron.”

She let it sit, just a moment.

“I believe I hate the First Order more than you do, but listing off every single reason is something I’d rather save for the next time the Senate proposes another asinine construction project; it ought to be a decent filibuster.” A smirk touched her lips at that, “Even so, what is it Leia wants from me? I can hardly turn the Senate to her favor, or convince them to look into the First Order; the Order owns half of my own party, if not more, and I can only commit so many assassinations in a year before it looks suspicious.”

It was said like a joke – but in that half-joking way to imply it wasn’t.

She still had too much fun with the family reputation.


They made it back to the shuttle without issue, and Kylo went ahead and gave the order to return back to the Finalizer. There was no sense waiting for the Stormtroopers, another shuttle could be dispatched to pick them up when they were done. Kylo didn’t want the spy lingering on the ground; he wanted Xiono back on the ship so he could, indeed, get the information out of him about the two missing informants.

The fear in the shuttle was palatable, although that was nothing new to Kylo. Everyone was afraid of him. He thrived on that fear, enjoyed the sensation of it, no matter the nagging part of him that also sought some form of acceptance. He knew that wasn’t really to be found here, and that wasn’t as important as fixing the galaxy, anyways.

So it came as some surprise when the sniper tried to speak to him.

He turned his attention towards her, staring at her through his helmet. He was silent for several seconds after she spoke, allowing that silence to become heavy in the shuttle between them. Unnerving to most. Her emotions swam around her, more than fear, there were nagging worries. Concern about a job well done?

He wasn’t there to offer praise.

She could get that from her own commanding officer.

“It seems you failed to see the other Resistance fighters through your narrow focus and scope,” he criticized instead. Plenty more had fallen, dead. “There were others. Whether they were spies or not is irrelevant. They are dead.” And the Stormtroopers would finish their sweep to make sure they caught all of them, this time.

A spy who operated alone wasn’t a spy.

They always had someone they were reporting back to.

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