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    || alright, so basically what i'm interested in here is a boku no hero academia roleplay involving my oc. i'm open to fxf, or fxm. i would be most interested in plotting a romance between her and izuku, bakugou, iida, tsuyu, ochaco, or anyone that involves an interesting dynamic! please let me know if you're interested!! ||

    | PLOT. |

    There's a new student in class 1-A. Her quirk is a mystery. She's an American exchange student with olive skin, eyes that seem to swallow the light, and a harsh accent: Souza, Mika. She barely talks to anyone unless spoken to first, and even then, conversations are brief. All anyone knows is that she's beautiful, guarded, tense, and immensely capable in class despite constantly scribbling in a worn spiral sketchbook during lectures. Of course, some try to wage the distance between themselves and her, but to no avail. She only humors those who approach her with kindness. She evokes an air of boldness and intelligence that proves intimidating and alluring to most of the students. Will anyone manage to forge friendship with her? Who is she, really?

    | CHARACTER. |

    Full Name: Mika de Souza
    Also Known As: Seaweaver
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 16
    Birthday: July 3rd | Cancer
    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual with no preference for any gender.
    Quirk: Water manipulation ; temperature control of said water

    Notable Strengths: Able to prosper well in long distance or close range fights, able to attack swiftly or with plenty of brute force. She can manage herself easily anywhere there's water, and usually fights well in the city where the rain gutters and sewers are available. She's not a force to be reckoned with.
    Notable Weaknesses: Using too much water will greatly strain her body to the point where it's possible she may pass out/fall asleep on the battlefield. She hasn't mastered controlling water's temperature yet, and thus when she tries, it wears down on her very quickly. To combat the fatigue spawned by overuse of her quirk, she keeps a belt of holsters on her person that wraps around her waist, hips, and thighs containing what might seem on first glance to be grenades, but is rather full of canned iced espresso that she got from the convenience store. It isn't the best solution, however, it has helped in keeping her awake in several battles.
    Physical Appearance: Curvaceous figure, a slight hourglass shape. Pretty soft-looking. She's of short stature and visibly contains a lot of muscle in her legs. Her hair is near her shoulders, thick and wild, dyed red. Her natural hair color is exceedingly dark though not quite black, and grows in relatively quickly after being dyed. She has an olive complexion and dark brown eyes, and sometimes wears glasses to help her focus. Busty. She often has dark, winged eyeliner. She has no need for false eyelashes, as hers are very long. She has a straight nose that isn't as small as she might like, that which denotes her Portuguese/Hispanic heritage very clearly considering her other features. Usually looks very tired, with bags under her eyes.
    Usual Attire: Usually things that are comfortable. She likes to wear jeans or leggings and simple, loose t-shirts, sweatshirts, or sweaters. She likes to wear tops that are oversized. Wears boots or simple converse.
    Personality Details: Exceedingly caring, although she has a mean streak when tested. Her loyalty and trust are hard things to gain, though once they're obtained, they're near impossible to lose. She is very empathetic, often feeling the emotions of others very deeply to the point where she may become upset if someone she cares about is having a rough time. When others are suffering, she is quick to become the maternal figure, bestowing excellent advice that normally does not fail to cheer said individual up. However, the face she presents to the world is one that attempts to ward off strangers given her general mistrust of others after past experiences. She's very snide, sarcastic, and quick with comebacks. When she hears an opinion that she strongly disagrees with, any apprehension about speaking is promptly discarded, and she will debate very articulately.
    Friends: Ochaco, Iida, Kaminari, Toru, and Mina.
    Enemies: Often fights with Bakugou due to his standoffish personality and contrasting values. Distrusts Todoroki, though doesn't hate him.
    Known Family: A mother at home. She lives alone with her mom and several pets.
    Habits: Chewing and picking at her nails, chewing her lip, and jiggling her leg when anxious.
    Likes: Cats, coffee, Chinese food, bubble tea, lizards, silence/alone time, music, and technology.
    Dislikes: Excessive loudness, people yelling, pretentiousness, being argued with, somewhat fears dogs though warms up to them quickly.

    Appearance (images):

  2. Ooh can I join?
  3. yes ofc!!!! what did you have in mind?
  4. Do you mean for the pairing?
  5. yeah!!! i know the basic premise of what i'm going for in terms of the plot i mean. HAHA it's right up there, but...what kinda idea did you have for the pairing and such?
  6. I usualy do FxM, but I can do FxF too. As for the characters, I could do any XD
  7. i would honestly love to do something with izuku, if that'd be alright? i kinda have a concept in my head that i could propose to you. go ahead and stop by my pms if you wanna discuss it! thank you for having interest omg <3

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