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Fantasy The Aldini Empire Characters


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Image: Optional




Race: human, elf, dwarf etc

Kingdom of Origin: Existing one or make one. If you make one, run it by me first.

Class: Warrior, Archer, Mage etc if you are a mage, pm me so that we can talk.


Spells/Attack power: if you're a mage, put your spells. If you're anything else, put your fancy attacks.







Theme song: Optional. If you put one try to make it match their personality.

Other: whatever I missed

If you have any questions just pm me.


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Name: Magnolia

Age: 14

Gender: Female?

Race: Genasi (A human elemental)

Kingdom of Origin: Rovein

Class: Mage

Weapons/Gear: Crystal ball, no other gear.

Spells/Attack power: basic fire spells, may sparks fly (Makes firecracker sparkling from hands) Candle to the flame (makes small fires), and heat wave (provides a 80F to a diameter of 20 feet).

Personality: Mischievous, laid back, irresponsible, sassy

History/Past: Living in the wastelands , huh. What a cheesy way for a protagonist's story. Not a lot like them so the outskirts are probably the best for her and her family. When discovering her powers, they were small, but her family sent her off believing she could fend for herself

Likes: Gaining more ablities, sarcasm, pranking others, napping in the shade, people that give her free food, and dancing

Dislikes: Rules that don't make sense, crystal ball shattering, most vegetables, snobs and strict people.

Fears: Getting wet (Deadly)

Ambitions/Goals:To be the most powerful prankster and finding relaxation

Appearance: Orange-y flame hair that actually on fire. Medium skin with a scar on her left eye (Think todoroki). 4,9 in height, traditional loose clothing with an autumnal color scheme.
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Name: Queen Elendie Amberel Rophander the 1st.
Age: 22
Race: Human/Mange.
Gender: Female
Hight: 5'4
Place of Origin: The Kingdom of Stratensvorg.
Queen Elendie is only knew to her position. Her mother Queen Amberel Peldra Rophander the 2nd, was a just and righteous ruler. Her and her armies had been able to fight off the Aldini Empire for some time now, but not with a great loss in military numbers.
So one day Queen Amberel decided it would be best to move the entire kingdom of her people into the forest.
When the Aldini Empire broke down the city walls all they found where the whispers of wind. The whole city had been completely abandoned. There where no wepons, no animals, no furniture inside the houses or palace. All of it had just vanished.
Queen Amberel had saved all her people by making one hard decision, but it paid off.
Only a child at the time, Elendie had paid close attention to her mother's actions, for she knew in her heart it would only be a matter of years before she would have to take over the thrown.
Queen Amberel helped rebuild the city within the forest, but she grew sicker and sicker with each passing year.
The magicians and physicians could not cure her.
It was not long after Elendie turned 21 that her mother took her last breath.
Elendie swore to her mother that she would always do what is right for her people, even if it is not the easy choice.
Now being in her second year of ruleing she has made sure the city is self sufficient and well defended. Not only is it hard to find within the dence forrest, it is also well guarded.
But there was a secret that Elendie had kept from everyone. It was the reason why the Rophander line looked the way they did. They were an incredible line of mange. Their powers were strong in magic, but they had to be hidden from the world until the time was right.
Personally: Elendie is very stubborn and head strong. She thinks very clearly tho and is very broad-minded.
She is usually a very good judge of character and can usually tell when someone is full of it.
When you get to know her she is very kind hearted and only wants the best for her people. Once she makes a promise she never brakes it.
Appearance: Elendie is quite a petite woman, much like her mother. She carries the same trait as all Stratensvorg royals do. She has snow white hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin and blood red lips. Most of the time she is always dressed in white and very light blue.1590143441723.jpg
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Name: Captain Ivar Senderal
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hight: 6"
Place of Origin: Stratensvorg
Ivar had always lived in the shadow of his father, General Phander Senderal. He didn't get given anything in his life. He had worked his way up to become Captain of the royal guards.
Ivar was determined to make a name for himself and step out of his father's shadow.
He had grown up with the now Queen, but the to of them had never talked much until he became Captain of her guards.
Ivar has always scared most people with how dark he really can be. He has a brilliant mind, but he has always been plauged with darkness.
He is an expert in military tactics and is an expert in archery, knife and axe throwing and swordsman ship. Stratensvorgers do not believe in surrender and believe if they die fighting they will go to be with the gods. Ivar believe in fear.
Appearance: Dark brown hair that is long at the top and put into a braid or cornrows and shaven on the sides. He has the Stratensvorgers stunning blue eyes and his body is well built from constant training.
He is also a force to be reckoned with, he will always have a very confident stance and walk.Screenshot_20200522-200144_Pinterest.jpg
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Bamivire Glades.jpg

Bamivire Glades

Sixteen (16)

Five foot six (5'6")



Kingdom of Origin:


A bow, quiver, arrows with different types of arrowheads with different abilities, a dagger
She wears simple clothing and no protective gear. The only thing that could be considered protection is the extremely thick jacket she carries around for whenever it gets cold.

Skills: (She makes each of these arrows herself. Will list how she makes them later.)
Ice Arrow: When this arrow pierces its target, ice spreads in every direction until a certain point.
She makes it out of combing the base of a slightly thicker liquid than water and the ground up powder of the root of a plant that is only found in the coldest parts of the world.
Fire Arrow: This arrow causes fire to spread. Can also be used as a torch.
She just liquefies gunpowder and turns it into a sticky sort of substance that coats the desired arrowhead. One small spark and it lights up.
Poison Arrow: Is coated in a homemade poison. If it pierces a person, the toxin will enter the blood stream. She does carry the antidote with her.
Each arrow has a different poison that only she can identify. She is the one who made them, after all. And she will never tell you how she made them.
Water Arrow: When it hits against something with enough force, water comes pouring from the tip of the arrowhead. Not a lot comes out; just enough to fill a pot or something similar.
She made this by hollowing out the arrow's main body and filled it with water. There is a sort of mechanism in the arrowhead that realises the water when it is hit.
Wind Arrow: When it strikes, a burst of wind blows from the point of impact. She mainly uses it as a distraction or to put out fires (Unless that fire is stupidly big).
She compresses air and stores it in the arrow. Once the arrowhead hits something, the air is released. It's a difficult process so she doesn't have many of them.
Vibration Arrow: Causes an earthquake level vibration when it hits its target. Each arrow has its own vibration, ranging from minor to major shockwaves.
She causes the vibrations by combining her arrows with a natural occurring vibration. She doesn't know much about that natural occurance, just that it is helpful.
Light Arrow: Can light up a certain area. She also uses it as a sort of torch.
She causes the arrow to light up by coating it in a mixture of the same liquid she uses for the ice arrows and the ground up pulp that comes from the petals and nectar from the luminescent flowers that grow well-lit places.
Animal Taming: She is able tame almost any creature. It's almost like she can understand them.
Herbology: She understands what all aspects of plants do. That means what each part of the plant can do, whether it be helpful or dreadful.

Personality: Bamivire is a quiet girl who lives for research. She prefers reading and learning to socializing and talking about whatever is trending at any current moment. She will ignore what needs to be done if she finds something new or interesting. She has been called a witch, however, because most of her interests involve what could kill a person. She isn't quick to anger, or show any emotions really, and won't start fights. But she will defend herself if push comes to shove. But she is loyal. If she does befriend you, she will have your back no matter where you go or what you do. It isn't often that someone can break down her walls, after all. But, once you get past those walls, she will become the kindest person you will ever meet...even if she can't completely show it. Bamivire is also known for her dark sense of humor, which is only added to their fear of her for practicing her supposed dark arts.

Bamivire wasn't born into wealth, but she wasn't born into a poor family either. She is the eldest of three children, and she was proud of that fact. When her baby brother was born when she was five, she wanted to learn everything so she could teach him whatever he wanted to know. And she found she loved studying. So she did that alongside learning archery from her cousin. She found she was pretty good at it, but she wondered what she could do to improve what the arrow could do as she got older. So she began to experiment, and she found out how to make different powders and structures of the arrows she used to get the arrows to do different things depending on her intended application. She was so proud of this that she went to her cousin to show him, but her family believed in the old traditions and beliefs, so she was ridiculed. Bamivire didn't understand why they were so against improvement, so she stopped making her little improvements. But she didn't stop learning, and soon she began exploring outside her home so she could see what she had been reading about. And then she began experimenting with what she found.
As she experimented, she learned more about what could heal injuries, but that didn't interest her just as much as the deadly aspects did. She looked into each and every aspect of everything she found. She even used those who visited her area as subjects and allowed her to see what each thing did. But word spread, and by the age of eleven, she was given the title of Witch. She was avoided and then, after the stress of rumors and hatred reached their limits, she was disowned by her parents at the age of twelve when her baby sister was born. She soon made a little hut outside of the village where she just befriended the animals around her and she continued her research. But when she reached the extent of all she could learn, she set out on her thirteenth birthday to learn more about what the world had to offer to learn.

Successful Experiments
Being Called A Witch (Watching those who try to insult her grow frustrated at her enjoyment of the nickname is fun.)

Loud Noises
Herbal Discoveries
Cloud watching
Idiots Spreading False Information
Being Called An Idiot By An Idiot

Being Betrayed
Losing Her Memory

Bamivire has one ambition, and that is to learn everything the world has to offer. She wants to know what the world's plant and animal life contains in terms of deadly toxins and diseases. And, sure, the medical stuff too. (Even if it's not as fun.)
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  • Name: Evanu'nal Kour'es (or Evan for short)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Beastfolk [Felinis]
    Kingdom of Origin: Zavax'is (former kingdom located far outside of the territories of Antiva, in the Far East regions)
    Class: Warrior / Fighter

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