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Fantasy the agies empire (revivial)

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Action, Adventure, Magical


The lord of randomness and the warp
Welcome adventurer to the land of Algem, where magic is industrial, so you want a teleport spell then buy one for a low price at any spell cube vendor? Need to get somewhere take a handy teleportation circle.. for a small fee of course. Perhaps you would rather join the newly formed tech-priest the odd little cult that sees the magical technology as god-like? Or perhaps you're an engineer of the great Markus wizardry guild or even a scholar from the rikktell collage? Many many adventures wait you and the emperor wishes for your presence.

"yes yes the pamphlet is fascinating no? sort of silly if I might as.. but I digress i am rikktell the one who knows, and well each and every one of you are here for a verity of reasons, the one thing that does connect you is that I know you owe me something... each and every one of you and I don't give information out freely.. I'm sure you understand that by now? .. but now you have a chance to pay off your debts.. and I know, you will because, there something I want you to find for me... I don't know what it is just let... but I know things will be interesting so? do you accept? or perhaps you wish to pay off your debt in other ways?"

Ok so here are the basics setting rules

.magic is everywhere and extremely common if it’s magical it’s been industrialized
. Even a simple peasant knows some form of magic
. Spell can be bought in what’s called a “spell cube” a one-time usage box made of a crystal called geldium
. It’s not magitek it’s just refuted to as technology since there is nothing to compare it to aside from geldek tech
. Religion is not really a big thing most Devine magic is simple just a set of rituals so you get your powers, the gods don’t seem to mind that much anyway
. In the agies empire almost all creature are welcome to be it a demon or an angel, a goblin or half-giant (of course this is within reason for the rp)

This is my first attempt at actual DMing if you have any questions go ahead and ask me, ill be happy to answer any. I’ll get a lore page up as soon as there a decent amount of interest
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