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Fantasy The Adventurer's Guild [Closed]


Broom Shroom
The wind stirs, the birds awake, and as the distant dawn rises you stand on the edge of two gilded, wooden doors.

Countless things await beyond the cursive emblem in front of you. Whether it be gold, glory, or friends to stand alongside; today the journey begins.

Take a deep breath.

This is a RP for anyone craving the potential of an open world and companions to explore it with. There are a few rules regarding character creation, but race, magic, and the history of the land are free to build upon (within reason).
Plannit Plannit is my collaborator in this, and credit for the guild logo, affinity symbols and the quest board programming goes to him.
There are six ranks in total: Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Mythril. All characters start at the lowest rank when they first join the guild. However, your character can be anything from copper to gold if they are already a member when you create them.
Note: They cannot start at Platinum or Mythril. Those ranks must be earned throughout the roleplay.

Your character can have a maximum of two affinities from copper to gold. However, once they reach platinum they may choose a third.
Each character can only have one special affinity. The rest must be from the basic elements listed.

Earth: Controls rocks and soil. Does not include manipulating plant life.
Fire: Controls fire. Note; there are several different colours with differing properties.
(All people with a fire affinity can use red fire. A mage [extraordinary intelligence] can use red fire plus one other type.)​
Red: Normal fire. Default for anyone with a fire affinity.​
Blue: Cold to the touch.​
Green [forbidden]: Necrotic; decays whatever it touches.​
White: Only burns living things.​
Black: Only burns non-living things.​
Purple: Burns mana/magic.​
Water: Controls water. Can only be used in liquid form unless combined with certain affinities.
Wind: Controls currents and air density.
Lightning: Generates and controls electricity.
Light [cannot be used with dark]: Associated with healing.
Dark [cannot be used with light]: Associated with shadows.
Spirit: Has two strains of magic: body and mind.
Body: Includes the enhancement of physical abilities. Used often by fighters to boost the strength of their attacks.​
Mind: Seeing and communicating with spirits, as well as using mental attacks.​
Special: Provide your own details.

Each character has six attributes: strength, intelligence, agility, dexterity, constitution and resilience. No matter what rank they start at, they must be assigned 2 low, 2 average, 1 high, and 1 excellent in any combination. These will be used throughout the rp to determine if a character can complete a task, use a weapon/spell or defeat an obstacle--so choose carefully.

Each time a character ranks up, they can improve an attribute by one tier. Thus characters that start at a lower rank have more room for growth.

-Specifically, the histories and explanations people create throughout the rp.
-Do not change something without first discussing it with them.
2. You cannot RP Beezlebub (do not ask why).
3. Do not timeskip quests—though things like walking and sleeping are fine.
4. Main characters are to be a part of the guild or intending to join.
-Cannon fodder enemies are fine.
-Ask if you have an idea for an antagonist.
5. Unless you are Platinum or Mythril rank, you cannot do a quest solo.
6. If your character is discovered to have killed someone without permit, they will be tried for murder by the kingdom.
-The Adventurer's Guild are responsible for 'upholding the peace' (though they have not been very good at it).
-Any actions that disrupt the general public will damage the guild's reputation.
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Broom Shroom
MsPolite MsPolite
True—willpower is essentially constitution. Though the latter does sound better so I'll probably change it.

As for Charisma, I've played GURPS more than DnD, but I figure how convincing someone is depends on how they write and what they say, rather than the attribute. Thanks for the heads up though. If you want to join, the character thread is posted in the extra pages, and I'll get around to starting the main thread when I have a moment.

RatKing RatKing
I'll have the main story up soon, but if you're looking to join feel free to post a character in other thread. The link's in the second comment below the intro +v+b

Plannit Plannit
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Roleplay Skittle

Eternally Awkward
Probably George Probably George Roleplay Skittle Roleplay Skittle
Thanks so much for your inquiries! Unfortunately, submissions are temporarily closed QAQ/
There were a lot more joining than expected, so I'll need to see how the numbers work. But, if you're still interested, I can flick you guys a message for any openings in the future.
xD yeah, I checked characters before I posted anything. I have characters already built, I would just need to adjust them to suit so I asked before I did that but a message would be great if space freed up!

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