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Novelist and Word Whisperer

-Visual On Screen: Northern Io cluster, Genie System, Planet Xicron-
-Hyperlane conduits of Northern Cluster Unresposive-
"All comunications and hyperlane activity remain dead cold Executor. No hyperlane station responding to hails, all planetary observation posts report nothing. An endless black."

"Continue observation, we must find something. What is this on screen?" A woman, human with a long white dress with crescent shaped drappings leaned forward over a pale railing. Her eyes stared dead at Xicron, unwavering. Her heels clamped up to the edge.

Pens scrubbing across paper dotted the background, no lips moved as small weak gasps filled gaps of silence, "Xicron ma'am, scans indicate debris from the Yeti, Grasp, and Volley systems. Antrim Supremecy ships ripped and sent dow on the planets. Xicron requires six jumps to Antrim borders, these vessels bear markings of core world fleets." She panted for a moment, her composure returning slowly. Her eyes stilled. Multiple cadets entered the room with a large black capsule. Wiggling in their grasp, two cadets set the capsule in a stasis chamber primed. Timer ticks down as she meanders down the steps, twitching forms in her hands. The clock tick zero and the stasis chamber seals and freezes the capsule to almost negative zero. Yet, the capsule continued to wiggle until a small hand appeared. Licking the edges were fire of lightless black, a reptilian body appeared out of the capsule staring down her.

"Captain, kill it now!" A large man nodded and fired a plasma LMG magazine through the chamber, letting the entity shatter in a thousand pieces, "Status report on outskirt provienes lieutenant."

"Charile Foxtrot Executor, multiple swarms of dark creatures of have stormed the fortresses and all contact has been severed. Planet Hagraven under state of gravitional rip, a large mass of black sucking the mass whole. All transports failed to save the populace, ten billion lives have been lost Executor."

"Send President Valreen the report, demand he calls reserves. The Faryrm have cooked up something worthy of their hyperbole. Humanity's fire must not fade," She looked to another man, "Bring me every person willing to take a recovery mission. That dossier from Faryrm worlds must be secured. Ten billion credit award. Go Captain Hans!"

Hans bowed, looking to his collegue before sprinting out of the chamber. The collegue stepped up to her, "Executor Margulius, we must have a plan."

"Form a council of all that wish to band together, we must plan together. For the love of all civilization. Every race, every government, every corperation. I don't give a damn, anyone who can provide anything." Her hair flapped over her eyes as she crouched. Her hands folded together, "Oh, Jesus help us."

You, player will be one of these mercenaries or council members that have been summoned by Executor Margulius. This is a nation roleplay focused on the representatives/remains of organizations from political to familial. Each player will control a group of people but heavily roleplay one or a couple as anyone would in other genres of roleplay. Each player will tailor their own "faction" to suit their playstyle and desired role in "the end of the world". Our story will cover the journey of life fighting for survival against this threat that seemingly popped from nowhere. Supercluster Io represents and will be coined as the "Old World". Time spent in the Old World will be terse. Soon, you all will be stranded with a fledgeling settlement to prepare for an apocaplyse. Can you stand against your fears, your ego, and your doubts to save the universe?

Will you see the suspicious clues? Will you damn all of existence? Will you carry us all to salvation? All these questions will be answered when you step into the Adumbrate Saga.

See you soon apocaplyse defyers.

-Zalt :)
Read through these items completely please. I will assume you have.

    1. Solid posts: Good grammar, moves the plot, develops characters, creates developments, etc. I would recommend at least a paragraph. But I am laid-back about it, please put effort. All I ask.
    2. I expect to start with 5 PCs. Please be ready to commit.
    3. Characterization: I ask that you get into the factions and characters you create. At the beginning, slowly flesh out your characters and deeply portray them. I would prefer third person limited as the point of view, but you can have a first person or flip-flop. Whatever is comfortable.
    4. Activity: Try to be active as you can, at least two posts a week. However, let me know if something comes up. I'll work with you. So don't sweat if something comes up.
    5. Diversity: While I will never expect you to get extremely creative, I highly encourage it. I often reward my players for their effort.
    6. Voting: During the roleplay, expectations can be added and subtracted by player vote.


Minority of One
@Zaltusinel Nice interest check. I read through your instructions for interest but I haven't settled on a faction concept as of yet. As to your requirement of at least two posts a week: I often write scene long (5+ paragraphs) when the opportunities present themselves. In those instance, could one post a week be sufficient? Of course, for shorter dialogue/interaction back and forths I can swing at least two.

Edit: I can pm you one of my faction writing samples if you'd like.


I are Darth
This seems really cool, and I'd be very interested.
I do have a couple questions though:

Is this RP on solely on Discord?
Is it alright if I take some time to develop my faction, or do you need a quick concept sooner?
Is there a place where I can become more accustomed to the RP lore?


Novelist and Word Whisperer
Nope, discord is just an ooc.
perfectly fine friend.
sadly not, your concept will be integrated into the lore itself so just develop your own unique idea!

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