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Fandom The Acient Magus' Bride rp (open!)

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Hello! Hope you're having a good day!

Of course as the title says, I'm on the search for a roleplay on The Ancient Magus' Bride! I've recently gotten into the anime and absolutely love it ^^

First the rules though:
1. Love to double! Meaning I play your oc's crush and my oc and you do the same. I also love including the canon characters!
2. Please share the amount of work that is done; writing, character control, it's easier if it's shared between the two.
3. Do not control my character and I won't control yours.
4. Semi to lit roleplayer so I do ask for paragraph styled rps that can be long or short; no one liners or script
5. Will do ooc chat! I am a shy person but I do warm up over time so don't be afraid to talk and ask questions ^^
6. Please be over 18, it makes me feel more comfortable.
7. Let me know if something has come up! I don't want to assume that you have suddenly dropped the rp. I do work two jobs and I have a tendency to forget so just shoot me a message if I haven't responded in a day or two.
8. Let me know if you're not interested in the rp anymore. I'll understand instead of having a sudden drop with no warning!
9. Have fun! It's better when both sides are having fun!!

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