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Fandom The 77th Hunger Games

Sub Genres
Action, Dystopian

S n o w

At 1:30 PM, every TV across Panem shuts off.
When they turn back on seconds later, an empty stage with red curtains is on the screen.
Another second, and President Primrose Mellark walks out and stops in front of a microphone.
Bilboard screens flicker with the image of the president.
And then she speaks,

"Those of you in the 13 Districts know who I am. Those in The Capitol may not. I haven't been as fair to all of you as I should've been from the beginning. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Primrose Mellark, daughter of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. The Capitol tried to have my parents killed in the Hunger Games not once, but twice. My predecessor abolished the Hunger Games because it was cruel and inhumane, but none of you thought it was as you watched them kill and die for your amusement. So, I thought it only fair that I return the favor.

I've come to you today to formally announce the 77th Hunger Games. The Games will be primarily hosted by District 12. As we speak, an area is being built between 12 and 13. In four days, a reaping will commence for the children of The Capitol. No volunteering will be allowed. The reaping will be televised for all of Panem to see, and attendance is mandatory. Refuse, try to disrupt the reaping, or flee, and you will be severely punished. As is tradition, all participants will be allowed one item to take with them from their homes, dressed for a parade, and be interviewed. Betting on the survival of participants will be permitted, but sponsoring will not be allowed.

Should there be a victor of the 77th Hunger Games, said individual will be exempt from any and all future reapings. I wish the children of the Capitol luck, and may they have a happy reaping."​

Without another word, President Mellark turns and leaves the stage, leaving Panem in stunned silence.

"How cruel," the people whisper.
"She can't do that, can she?"
"It's what they deserve."
"President Mellark wasn't cruel enough, if you ask me."

The day after President Mellark's speech, peacekeepers arrive in The Capitol.

1. One Paragraph Minimum
2. Third Person POV
3. No Godmodding, etc
4. Be Realistic
The new capitol of Panem is District 12.
"The Capitol" is still called that as a joke/out of disdain, by the Districts.
The RP will start on the morning of the reaping.
There are no real winners of the 77th Hunger Games.
May the odds ever be in your favor.
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I dunno. I like having the option to kill my character but this is like certain death lol no option. Love the hunger games but I’ll pass on this. (Free bump)


Maaaaybe.... I’ll get back to you.

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