The 22nd Century (Post Apoc. Nation Building)

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    It's the 22nd century. 2113 to be specific.


    Although most of the radiation is long gone, mutated creatures still roam the world, every known country in the world has fallen, and great cities have become mere ruins.

    Nobody is sure what happened. It could've been the result of excessive pollution. Or the aftermath of a nuclear war. Maybe the ozone layer broke down too much and UV rays caused this.

    What had the once great human race brought upon themselves? And for what reason would they have done this?

    Although nobody is sure, everyone refers to the devastating event as the Light.

    The Light that, in a matter of seconds, is rumoured to have killed millions, even billions of people in a short time. Nothing is known about this theoretical, unconfirmed event.

    The story takes place in what once was a great, powerful nation known as the United States of America, and strictly within its borders. This is because Canada is almost completely submerged in water, while Mexico is complete desert and has heavily mutated creatures, making the neighboring lands inhospitable.

    But as usual, as they have done countlessly through devastating events throughout history, Humanity prevails.

    Even though most hope seems lost, civilization is starting to re-appear, to grow, within these wastelands.

    (In the story there will be 6 factions. At the start you will only be able to control one city, but as the roleplay progresses you may gain more land, city by city, state by state. The time will come when these 6 nations make contact, which could go either way. Will you stay neutral? Maybe you'll be trading partners, or a military alliance. If none of this suits you, go and declare war. What happens in the end will ultimately depend on your actions and the decisions of others.)

    No space left.
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  2. Hm! A Fallout sort of deal.
    I like this.
    Call me interested.
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  3. Great! You get to reserve a spot.
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  4. Are the 6 factions pre-created or do we get to choose?
    Also, is the RP going to strictly stay within the US borders with 6 players? Or is there a possibility for future expansion?
    @Greater Soul Gem
  5. You get to create the factions. The RP will stay strictly in the US borders. For lore reasons most of Canada is flooded, Mexico is almost complete desert and the bugs that survived are heavily mutated.
  6. You get a spot!
  7. Greater, I'm afraid I'm going to leave my reserved spot for this RP.
    I hope it goes really well for you and everyone else.
  8. I'm interested.
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  9. Oh, alright.
  10. You get a spot.
  11. Bump, not letting this die on an interest check
  12. Hey I'm interested!
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  13. You get a spot!
  14. @Heyitsjiwon @MrMister @Zaltusinel Tag one person who might be interested, we need two more people. If we get three people, then we'll figure something out.
  15. So since they will not be interacting for awhile how is this roleplay going to go? I've never done a nation-building roleplay before but it sounds interesting.
  16. At the start people will control one city. They'll have to get more territory in order to get stronger. Depending on how close the starting cities are, the sooner it is they meet.
  17. Bump. One more person and we begin!
  18. Finally! You get the last spot.
    The RP will be posted shortly.
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  19. Happy to hear it, can't wait to see the RP.

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