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Fantasy That time we made a roster for the demon kings army



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Heyo post them here, if I give your sheet a like then that means your character is accepted.
As I said on the check I can pretty much accept anything so long as they can fit inside a castle/communicate. Know that while monsters that make up the demons army are dangerous and powerful, those isekai souls are as powerful and beyond so keep that in mind when making these sheets.

If you make the equivalent of some humanoid hybrid of everything you deem badass like eye beams and dropping meteorites from the sky...
Don't be upset if some cheat weapon/power is able to one shot this incredible monster.
The sheet below is the minimum I need but feel free to add more if you deem it needed.

Race: (This can be almost anything, for example if you want to play a dragon it would need to be able to shapeshift smaller or into a humanoid body)

Age (This can vary between races, for example vampires can be alive for hundreds of years. Your average goblin only lives ten years. Use your best judgement or ask questions elsewhere)

Appearance: (I'd like some visual representation but even with a picture give a description, height colours whatever)

Gear: (if used list it here)

Abilities: (these can range from a single power or many.
For example a vampire can usually shapeshift wings and claws or into a flying rat, they gain buffs from drinking blood, are able to manipulate mortals etc etc.)

Flaws: (or weaknesses, even the strongest monsters have a weakness. Like the OP vampire is killed instantly in sunlight, hurt by fire or anything blessed with holy energy.)

Background: (don't need a novel, just kick a bit about who you wrote and how they came to be chosen by the demon king as one of his ten generals.)
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Name: Lalo Dioviol

Race: vampire, originally a human.

Age: 120 something, was bitten and turned over one hundred years ago by Sandro Orpheus the demon kings 1st general

Appearance: standing at 5ft10 with pale white skin, ebony black hair and blood red eyes, if Lalo has fed then he looks like the handsome strapping young man he has always been, if he has not been able to feed then Lalo appears much more monstrous and withered.

Gear: a scythe, Dragon scale armour, enough leather and furs to protect himself from sunlight.
A Voidblade.

as a normal human...
Lalo was born with shadow mana, able to manipulate shadows and conjure darkness in a variety of ways.
Lalo was taught to fight and hunt by his uncle Jarro Dioviol, a legendary warrior (by human standards)
Like all vampires...
Lalo is immune to most toxins and diseases,
is faster and stronger than mortal races,
able to shapeshift into a flying rat (usually just sprouts wings and claws however)
Lalo is able to feed on the blood of the living to heal from damage and temporarily become more powerful.
Lalo is able to mentally manipulate most mortals. (Vampire thrall sorta deal)

Like all vampires and most undead, Lalo is killed instantly in direct sunlight.
Has a weakness to fire or anything blessed with holy energy.
Refuses to drink the blood of anything he deems as ugly.

Lalo was born into the family business of being a monster Hunter, the Dioviol name was once well known and respected within the kingdom of Karma. Lalo was exceptional, joining his uncle Jarro Dioviol in slaying many monsters. It was after slaying the living bones of a dragon that Sandro Orpheus arrived, murdering everyone before feeding on Lalo.

After a gruelling week Lalo had been transformed, though on the brink of starvation from a hunger never felt before... Lalo refused to accept what he had become and refused to eat. Sandro kept Lalo restrained for a month until finally Lalo snapped in rage. Like a mindless beast Lalo broke from his chains and fed on the unlucky humans imprisoned with him.
Sandro took time to teach Lalo and after a week let the man go. Sandro would keep tabs on Lalo via shadows, guiding the new vampire in ways to increase his strengths and power...

After roaming the lands for at least eighty years killing humans and monsters alike... A shadow from Sandro instructed Lalo to travel to the black castle of Darkan for a auidence with the Demon king.
After a demonstration in battle Lalo was chosen as one of the kings generals.

Lalo is the 9th general, Known as the Nightman.
With his ability to control shadows and darkness Lalo was given a Voidblade, able to cut into the void where nightspawn live and grow.

Nightspawn are generally mindless monsters that reside in the void between life and death. They appear in countless shapes and sizes and vary incredibly in terms of combat strength. Most are as strong as a human child but some can match a troll or small dragon. They appear as slick wet shadows in physical form, usually with useless wings and long sharp claws.
(Think the heartless but more edgy)
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Name: sarcove deliras

Race: naga (basilisk)

Age: 305 (least that's what sarcove says)

Appearance: 1634294394712.png
(Rarely used) Humanoid form: masquerades as a 4'8 cute little naga/lamia boy with horns
images (63).jpeg
Gear: set of standard swords and a spellbook

Paralytic gaze: self explanatory staring into his eyes cases paralysis and eventually petrification
Armored body: sarcoves body is on par with dragon scales in terms of durability
Super senses: self explanatory
Lich king: while not actually a lich his mastery of both necromancy and golemancy have earned the titanic serpent man the title
Allowing him to raise the dead or construct golems from other materials, along with a few offensive spell that are firing necrotic energies
Great strength: self explanatory
Snek physiological: tba

Flaws: strong smells and sounds are distracting or down right debilitating, rarely ever uses his full power since he had a tendency to like eating his targets, certain musical instruments played well make him sleepy.

Background: sarcove deliras spend much of his younger years as a summoned guardian of a lich’s phylactery unlike many of his naga siblings of other powerful entities objects Sarcove was a guy owing to his summoner being female, not that he cared much eventually the Lich became Neglectful forgetting to feed souls to her phylactery and slowly.. disintegrating leaving Sarcove Without something to guard and a curiosity for his masters previous works, thusly resulting in him becomes a rather powerful necromancer and construct creator in short ordered earning him the title of Lich king, why he joined the demon lord ranks is a mystery prehaps for his own agenda or prehaps a need to serve a more powerful entity ingrained within his being? only Sacrove knows and he never seems to speak of it
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Name: Titania Papillon Reina Morpho Ostentia Camille Svengali XXVII (or just Papi)

Race: Fairy Queen

Age: 100 seasonal cycles



Mesmerism: By exposing other beings to the dust she secretes from her wings, or her voice, Papi can gradually influence their mood and render them suggestible, on top of creating hallucinations.

Shapeshifting: On contact, Papi can transmute herself or nearby beings and objects into various forms, even changing size or shape radically.

Inspiriting: Papi can subject compliant mortal beings to a ritual that imbues them with the spirits of nature, permanently making them one of the fairies, granting them access to the wellspring of fairy magic, but also making them irrevocably loyal to her.

Flight: A simple power established through a physical mechanism, it cannot carry much more than her own weight.


Sufficiently powerful divine or arcane magic can counter or nullify the primal energy that fairies utilize, on top of reversing any transformations or possession. As is generally the case for fairies, Papi lacks physical strength; though their training makes use of their natural speed for self-defense, Papi and her subordinates cannot stand up to any real martial resistance, and their physical forms can be easily destroyed if confronted. Bindings or weapons of cold iron can easily immobilize fairies touched by them.

The fairy race is an embodiment of the spirits of nature, existing since the world began in its current form and close relatives of races like elves and nymphs. They have a distinct social structure, but individually embody chaos and revelry, living particularly abundantly in areas where artifice is absent, but also frequently crossing paths with the settlements of civilized races to ply their mischief.

Papillon Reina Morpho Ostentia Camille Svengali is the 27th fairy of the current line of succession to bear the title of Titania, queen of the fairies; though this is an instinctively recognized title among all fairykind, it is more a label of innate magical power and the whimsy of fate, and the fairy race as a whole does not have a central command or any particular obligations or organization around Titania.

Nevertheless, Papillon took on a certain foresight with the title; in her 100 cycles she noticed that the combined statesmanship, science, religion, and economy of the civilized kingdoms grew, and they not only expanded into the wilderness that sustained the fairies, but also captured her kind to study them and devise new magical methods, in addition to defenses against the fairies themselves.

As such, Titania Papillon XXVII despaired that within her own lifetime (but over many of their generations), these mortals might eventually overrun the primal wellspring of her power, exterminating or even subjugating her people in the name of their gods of order. In that time, she readily accepted the offer of the Demon King to join their forces, with the promise that she and her followers would be able to create an eternal, verdant home for fairies, and a little force is all that would be needed for humans to join them and submit to their way of life.

Papi is a calm, gentle woman, though outwardly she embodies the chaotic, frantic nature of lesser fairies, and while she is not a great fighter, she serves the Demon King by masquerading as Sister Ostentia of the Church of the Radiant Goddess, one of the major religions in the world. Acting as a traveling preacher, she uses her abilities to seed anti-civilization sentiments, serving as a highly effective agent provocateur for the Demon King while recruiting candidates for inspiriting.

The horde of fairies she brought with her is barely competent, but are numerous and enthusiastic, and hence frequently "help" the other generals and their divisions with whatever duties and methods they carry out. A battalion of comparatively stronger, more mindful fairies under her command form the Obsidian Bloom, a group that uses similar methods to her to sow chaos and subversion for the King. While their primary role is that of spies, assassins, and kidnappers, they can serve as shock troopers in the King's battles if the need arises.

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Name: Scylla

Race: dragon

Age: 2000

Scylla is a young adult dragon standing at 25 feet tall. Her scales are always covered in some layers of ice. In her humanoid form, Scylla looks like a 5'5 white demon with equally white cloak.


- Pruna. A long sword literally made from the essence of her mother. It can applies permafrost, a curse that encase its target in permanent ice which ironically can only be thawed out by time. In human's history it was called Garm and was used to seal a demon lord refered as The Devil 1000 years ago.

- As an ice dragon Scylla is capable to create and manipulate ice to her will. She also can summon hailstorm and turns the area into her territory.
- Poses incredible strength and durability in her dragon form, while her human form is much more agile.
- Great swordman. She really practiced swinging her mother around.

- She's weak to fire attacks
- Heat affects her performance. Making her dragon form less durable and her human form less quick. Which is why she's lethargic when she's not in a hailstorm and likes to suck a popsicle made from permafrost to retain her cold without unnecessarily spends her mana.

Ice dragons are solitary by nature, so was she. Spending her time alone on the peak of one of the tallest mountain known. One day she received a news that her mother was captured and turned into a legendary sword by humans... several centuries ago. She's enraged by it so she charged towards the castle where what's left of her mother was apparently kept as some sort of royal heirloom. Fortunately for Scylla the kingdom had been living in peace for decades at that time so no one was prepared when a dragon came and destroy the castle in broad daylight, took a sword then flew away without any words. Once again, Scylla lived peacefully with the remains of her mother, sometimes she feels like she heard whispers from the sword but that must be just her delusions.

One day she got another shocking news. In response to her sudden attack that killed almost the entire royal lines, the kingdom started to hunt any dragons they could find. The fact that she's one of the reason for such purge terrifies her, but she also realized that was simply an excuse humans used to fight for the throne and make more powerful weapons out of the dragons they killed. After a long time of mulling over of what she should do she finally descended from her mountain and joined the demon king's cause to make sure that dragons wouldn't end up as walking materials.

The monster batallion originated from the tundra on the Far North. It's a mixture of trolls, orcs, goblins and several other races. They excel at traversing harsh mountain and benefit from icy environment. Scylla will bestows a weapon made of permafrost to whoever is leading the branch as her delegation, currently Kabago the Troll King is the leader and he holds a massive slab of permafrost as his weapon.

Most dragons are territorial creatures and the older they become, the less shit they give to the outside world. Unfortunately these mean making a full-fledged branch full of dragons with neat hierarchy and all would be nigh impossible. Still, the demon king and Scylla managed to rope in a few more dragons to form the dragon squad. It consist of seven young dragons eager to kill their enemies and prove themself.
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Name: Fracture

Race: Mirror / Sentient Curse

Age: 93

He normally takes the form of whoever is looking at him at the time, though his real body can psychically float and reform of its own volition and make a face.

Gear: His lair in the demon lord's castle, a maze floor completely made up of reflective mirrors. He's also given each of the generals a hand mirror and generally only contacts them through those as to not invade their privacy (they know where his main body is so he has to play nice).

He can travel in to any reflective surface he's seen before, taking over a reflection and use it to look out through the mirror like looking through a window.

If it is a full body and full sized reflection he can replace the target with their reflection by having it step out of the mirror and shove the original in to the reflection. This persists until the reflection is destroyed unless 1 year passes, then the victim can only be saved by forcing the reflection back in to the mirror it originated from. Once it replaces them it is an exact copy except for their personality and alignment which is the complete opposite. Their reflection in a mirror is their live victim, if their victim has died (they still age) they no longer have a reflection at all.

Flaws: His main body is literally an mirror, if it is broken his curse will be broken and he will die. Also he can't control the reflections, they have their own will. He also has a lot of trouble communicating with vampires.

Background: How exactly he came to exist is unknown, he sustains himself via the life force of those he traps. At one point in his early years, he attempted to trap the demon lord only to have his duplicate get its ass handed to it. His attitude toward the demon lord is borderline obsession over the one that got away, and eventually led to a deep admiration for him over the time spent observing him. As such, he's aligned himself with the demon lord's army and has ascended to obsessive admiration and loyalty instead.

He acts as the backbone of the demon lord's communication and spy network due to useful spying capabilities, and occasionally as an assassin. He is also the source of many elite soldiers over the years after replacing powerful heroic types with evil reflections, and unintentionally a couple heroic types from mistakenly reflected evil victims.


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Name: “I’m just Nisa. No need for a last name.”

Race: Slime

Age: “I’m like fifty, so I’m basically an immortal elder deity.”

Appearance: “I’m just the usual blue amorphous blob when in slime form, maybe like 30 centimeters tall. As for humanoid...I can shapeshift into whatever I want, and I want to be a catgirl. Yeah, I’m one of those types.”


Basic Shapeshifting: “Who can’t pull this off? I’m still squishy whenever I imitate something’s form and colors, so I can really only copy appearances, not specialized stuff like feathers or scales.”

Alchemy/Potion Brewing: “You know. Healing potions. Poison. Enough gold to win the war by just crashing their economy. Unkillable homunculi. The usual.”

Water Magic: “I went for a swim.”

“Mitosis”: “Oh, ‘It’s not actually mitosis,’ huh? Don’t talk to me or my fifteen hivemind children ever again.”

Rally: “AKA actually being a leader of combat forces. Slimes are very easily persuaded into doing things when I get them to do it. They also get incredibly strong. Not sure what the exact reason is, but I’ll take it.”


“Splitting requires loads of concentration and energy, and usually results in me having to take a nap after merging. and splitting also reduces my physical strength. I’m also pretty much trash when it comes to combat. Besides, all they need to do to get rid of me is to put me in a glass beaker or something.”


“I pretty much just got lucky. You know what happens to slimes. I just happened to be the one who killed the twelve year old holding a pointy stick instead of the other way around. Long story, actually—I got launched into this spring and got godly powers in there or something. Problem was, the dude I curb stomped had this actually competent childhood friend or something and she went on a slime massacring crusade. One of the Demon King’s generals—don’t remember who, they’re probably dead anyways—came to check the disturbance, cause even more slimes were getting killed than usual. They stumble upon this half melted looking bluish humanoid abomination flopping around trying to walk. Guess who that thing was. I showed off my stuff a bit, did that whole climbing the ladder thing, and that’s how I became a general.”


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Iluphe (2).png
Name: Iluphe Neziis

Sex: Male

Race: Dark Elf

Age: 112

Appearance: 5’0, 90lbs, gray skin, large, red eyes, wavy white that reaches just under his chin. Hella hot.

Gear/items: Collection of grimoires, collection of staffs, a magic orb, a collection of all sorts of other magical trinkets that give small buffs, debuffs, plenty of alchemical ingredients, beakers and other glass containers for alchemy.

  • Magic. Dark elves are known for their magical talents, but Iluphe is a prodigy among them. His magical potency is one of, if not the strongest among all elves, and he has proven capable of learning and using magic that should be nearly impossible for him to learn.
    • Electric. He has mastered electric magic. He can conjure and control electricity with ease.
    • Shadow. He has mastered shadow magic. He can conjure and control shadow with ease, and seeing through pitch black darkness is no problem for him.
    • Transportation. He has mastered transportation magic. He can conjure portals and teleport with ease.
    • Telepathy. Not mastered. He can create connections with people that enables him to speak with them from a distance. This also enables him a degree of control over beings that he makes connections with, though he can only fully control the more simple minded, such as animals, yet he can still make suggestions on more intelligent individuals though this can prove difficult depending on the individual's willpower.
    • Polymerization/Monomerization. Not mastered. He can merge things together to make new, functional things, and sever things as well, though this takes time, and could not be used in battle. Mastering this would make merging seamless, at this time irp, there are seams in his creations. On flesh, these seams would look like stitching scars, or on metal it would look as if the metal was melded together with a blowtorch.
    • Shapeshifting. Not mastered. He can do some minor shapeshifting, though with his frailty he can’t use this in battle. This is only used to disguise himself.
    • Force. Not mastered. He can conjure a small, sturdy forcefield to protect himself. Expanding the forcefield makes it weaker.
    • Empower. Not mastered. This allows Iluphe to grant magical abilities to living beings. He must know how to use these abilities himself in order to gift them to others. With his level of experience with this magic, the bestowed power will be significantly weaker than his own power.
  • Photographic memory. Iluphe is capable of recalling any image clearly in his mind after only having seen it once. This ability is especially useful in recalling pages of text that he’s seen in his grimoires.
  • Chimera. This is a combination of four magics, polymerization, electric, empower, and telepathy. This allows Iluphe to create new monsters, bring them to life, empower them, and control them. No matter a chimera's intelligence level, or willpower, they must follow the commands of their creator(Iluphe).

  • Healing and light magic. Though he is capable of casting both, healing and light magic are significantly harder to cast for Iluphe.
  • Frail. Iluphe is physically very weak and fragile. He is completely incapable of lifting anything heavy, and his bones break like glass.

Iluphe has been frail since birth. This fact had made his mother very protective of him, leaving him locked inside his home at all times, only having the books in his father’s library to keep him company. The books he read had introduced him to magic, and his father had ended up giving him his first ever grimoire. A few years of studying magic, and Iluphe had already far surpassed many established magicians, and had already created his own form of magic. He named this magic Chimera. He created many different creatures with this magic, and began training his magic on them. In order to train the range of his telepathy, he began sending the chimeras out into his village. This caused problems. It started with some of the elves complaining about insect problems, and eventually escalated to utter chaos upon the villagers finding that the insects were actually new breeds of monsters. The elves began investigating, eventually leading them to Iluphe's home, the only home with no reports of insects, then Iluphe, the only elf unaccounted for. The entire village had turned on Iluphe in an instant, including his own parents. They labeled him a monster, and chased him out of the village.

Surviving in the wilderness was very difficult, and especially dangerous for someone as frail as Iluphe, yet somehow, he managed. Even having faced a few hostile beasts, such as a large bobcat and a giant scorpion, he still prevailed. Killing these beasts enabled Iluphe to make a more advanced chimera; a bobcat with a scorpion tail. This was Iluphe's first true minion. Iluphe used the beast as a mount, eventually finding his way to Darkan, where the monsters there had found him, and upon finding that he had created the beast that he was riding, sent word to the demon king.
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Yuri GreyThorn

Meme Jesus
Yuri GreyThorn

Full Blooded Hell Knight

Age: 135 Years Old

He stands at 6'10" and weighs 350 lbs, and has Bull horns on each side of his head.

Dual Swords with Crescent Pommels, Blaze-Wood Handles, a Demon-steel blade and tang, allowing it to be harder than most other blades. He also carries a Crossbow and a Quiver of Bolts for it. He wears light Steel armor under his garments, so he keeps his speed with a bit of protection.

Being A Demon, he has enhanced durability, speed, and strength, Strength being his biggest advantage over most demons and humans. He can also heavily manipulate fire to his will, and has a natural talent to be a leader and use a sword.

Demonic Form:
Yuri can buff himself up, getting about a foot taller, and gaining much muscle, to give himself a large boost in strength, his eyes turn red, and he slowly loses his mind in this state

Flaws: Emotion(His Sister mainly), and Holy Magic

Background: Yuri comes from a traumatic background, his father, Azure, was originally one of the strongest demons in hell, granted, not a general, but just below it. His mother died giving birth to his little sister, who had less demonic traits than him, regardless of being a demon for some odd reason. Azure beat them mercilessly, trying to make Nova unleash her Demonic side, and allow Yuri to become better than he ever was. After Yuri became 19, Azure died in a fight against a Holy knight, and he had to choose a side, which he decided to follow in his father's footsteps. The Demon-King saw his potential, with his abilities and strategy in a fight, and made him into a general after years of rigorous training. Nova was eventually captured by humans, and forced to sign a contract that created a pact between her and them, they fed off of her power, and she fought on their side... to an extent, as most of her power was put into an Isekai'd soul.


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Knight boi


Iko tshumina


262 years old

Written description:
Iko stands at a height of 6’0” tall, and weighs around 162 pounds, his armor is tainted in black to represent his family’s name, well known for the color of their armor, he wears what appears to be a full demon mask to discard his face though while standing regularly it is difficult to see the upper part of the black tainted mask.
His armor is appeared to be light and able to take light attacks easily, and enabling him to move around more freely than others, allowing him to access more complex movements than others who wear heavy armor.

(Cursed blade of the far lands)
The blade from the far lands is a blade of cursed and demonic spirits, the blade resembles the soul of death and even able to do cursed magic ability’s that no one is aware of except Iko.
Wind of the dead
This ability is focused on more of the offensive side, the ability allows him to see any weakness as a,’Thread of silk’ and expose the weakness greatly damaging the foe.
Samurai honor
The ability is focused on the defensive side of dueling, the ability allows him to be more stronger than before and take more attacks and allows him to return back onto the offensive sid did attacking.
Speed of the wind
The ability is focused on both sides of dueling both defense and offense, it simply makes Iko faster in ways including, blocking, running, and attacking.
Dark magic
He is a master of the dark magic, and is great at using it in every single way.
Iko has master the ways of deluding people and causing confusion to foes, often affecting them in battle, he is the master of conception and trickery.
Iko has spent most of his life fighting with sword of the far lands and master the way of both the samurai and dueling.
Iko is a prodigy of stealth in general and a great tracker, he can even hide his presence it’s self.

The main flaw of Iko is his durability, not able to take heavy hits without a cause of effect on him.
Another flaw of him is that he strictly follows the samurai code, often getting the way of him.
N/A will be explained in the main rp further in the future.
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Flirty Fighty Prince Boi
Name: Jace Rose

Race: Nightmare

Age: 100+, "I've long since lost track of time."

Appearance: When appearing as a humanoid, which is most of the time, he takes the form of what he looked like when he was still a young human man. Standing 6'4" with a tall and slender build, though the exact features of his appearance are subject to his whims. He almost always appears wearing a black long coat over his other clothing.

Upon revealing his true nature however...

Selene Bell
A small silver bell used as the catalyst for Jace's more complex rituals. It chimes with a magical resonance that clouds the separation between dreams and reality.

Jace is not bound to the mortal realm. His mind exists purely within a dream of his own creation from which he projects his consciousness. He can only be permanently killed within this dream, which he will be forced to retreat to when killed anywhere else.

Water Magic
Jace was born with water mana, and as such has become a master of water related magic over a lifetime of study.

Eldritch Arcana
The obsession which haunted Jace's mortal life now bears fruit in his nightmare. He draws upon ancient mana to bring forth forgotten spells, invoking occult powers long supplanted by contemporary magic. It is by this power that he is still able to walk the mortal realm, breaching the veil of sleep with his esoteric knowledge.

Jace, as he only exists within dreams, is relatively easy to banish. Though bearing a much stronger will than any summoned creature, even some talented humans can force him to de-manifest.

Without special ritual, Jace is limited in how he can influence the waking world. His physical manifestation is only able to channel water mana under normal circumstances, with his eldritch power restricted to mind affecting spells.

Background: Once upon a time a boy was born into human nobility. He had a happy upbringing, nurtured and well educated, as he was raised to inherit the family estate. This boy proved in his studies to have a sharply intelligent mind, keenly curious about the world around him. Gifted with water mana, he was trained in magic alongside his other studies, growing not only into a handsome young man but an accomplished water mage as well. He was not merely satisfied with the study only of his natural talents, however. The nobleman was too proud to acknowledge his limitations as a human. There had to be more! He spent many a long night pacing back and forth in his study, poring over arcane texts and fantasizing of power beyond his reach.

It was an old tome about the sea which one day finally brought the young man the hint he'd been searching for. A subtle, unsettling hint, of the sort he never truly thought he would find. A chance glimpse of some ancient secret in an old folk tale. It took hold of his imagination, starting him down a path of research that would soon become an obsession. Years passed, the young man leveraging his family's fortune to collect esoteric knowledge from around the land. Material on the nature dreams, on the sea, on the stars, on wherever his course of study might lead him.

Over the decades, as he grew older and death drew nearer, the nobleman's research grew ever more fervent. He began to delegate the responsibilities of governing the estate to others of his family, growing disinterested in court intrigue. Among the nobility he developed a reputation as an eccentric who rarely emerged from his study. Although his research had expanded to more than merely perusing old texts by then. Deep within his manor, in a room kept tightly locked, he was preparing a ritual. It was a spell of his own design, requiring extensive experimentation in order to get it right. Across the kingdom alchemists received strange orders for seemingly unrelated ingredients. Rumors spread of the nobleman sighted roaming a nearby lake at night, silver moonlight reflecting off unnaturally still water. There was even gossip of outlaws disappearing, kidnapped by hired mercenaries.

The nobleman had read many a story of ambitious men who stepped too quickly to sin. He would not surrender his dream at this stage, and so was careful in selecting his more precious materials.

It is said that one day a handsome young man emerged from that noble estate, claiming to be the master of that very same house. Indeed he resembled the old portraits from decades prior, eerily so, and proved his knowledge of personal secrets which few could know. An old folktale passed down through generations. Many variations are told depending on the angle of the storyteller. Some tell of tragedy in hubris, others tell of star crossed romance, all ending in some fate wrought ruin for the prideful nobleman. Few though weave a different ending for their story. A twist of chilling intrigue, implying that the noble never met his fate. Implying that the mysterious Jace Rose yet lives on to this day in one form or another.


ezgif-4-28a6db3e5c92.jpeg ୨⎯ “Name“ ⎯୧
Tatyana Skullit
୨⎯ “Nicknames“ ⎯୧
Ana; Anya.
୨⎯ “Race“ ⎯୧
୨⎯ “Age“ ⎯୧


୨⎯ “Appearance“ ⎯୧

Humanoid Form: Ana stands at 5'9 & weighs 54 kg with long striking silver hair which reaches just below shoulder length. With Noticeable features, Ana's left eye is the color of the fungus found on the tree bark, while her right eye color can only be described as moist and frosty both eyes are astonishingly drained. Ana is pale but has a constant tinge of pink under her pale skin. Soft, smooth, but damaged skin with many scars. Despite being able to regenerate, specific attacks can't be healed, and stitching is in order. Ana takes pride in her appearance and usually likes dressing up, rarely caring how others perceive her scandalous attire.
୨⎯ “Gear“ ⎯୧

The whip was constructed from the bones of the many creatures Ana has killed. The bones vary from Dragons to small animals. When motionless, this whip can be worn as a belt for easy accessibility. Targets hit with this weapon are marked with an acidic residue that slowly paralyzes them for a short amount of time; the time will vary depending on how strong they are.

୨⎯ “Abilities“ ⎯୧

Demon Form
Tatyana possesses the traits to transform into a demon. Depending on the situation, Ana could maintain her general form but with some additions; horns, claws, fangs, and tail, maybe even wings. This depends on her, but her skin will change along with added bodyweight. With her demon form comes many other abilities like enhanced senses, Fire manipulation, etc.

Demonic Morphing
Ana can transform into different kinds of demons and obtain their abilities, traits, and physiology. This is usually done by rearranging her DNA structure. With this power, Ana can transform into demonic creatures she may have seen before.

Demonic Regeneration
Ana can control the multiple properties of the regeneration process, such as the rate and parts to regenerate and whether the regeneration would even occur. She can control the speed of healing factor of herself or others to help close off wounds and regrow limbs without leaving any scars. Ana can slow down the process to increase bleeding and the risk of infection.
Cheating Intuition
Ana is an expert at cheating. This can range from fighting dirty and cheating death itself by surviving when she shouldn't have, which is why she has survived for so long. Ana knows when she's losing and knows when she should back out.

Escape Expert
Ana has an innate automatic response and intuition to escape all manner of bonds with ease. She can mind deductively analyzes knots, bonds, etc. Ana has an innate understanding of how to run all forms of bonds and captivity.

୨⎯ “Flaws“ ⎯୧
Demon Form
-An unstable personality can even be mistaken for possession.
-Weak against users of light/holy powers.
-She has a hard time returning to normal.

Demonic Morphing
-Has a limited number of demon forms.
-Needs to defeat a demon before taking its shape.

Demonic Regeneration
-Won't work on holy power.
-It won't work on light power.

Personality flaws
-Scared of dying
-Won't enter a fight she knows she will lose.
-An emotional wreck
-Hates facing reality
-Always in denial
-Likes to pretend like she's clueless

୨⎯ “Background“ ⎯୧
Tatyana's birth origin is unclear, and she intends to keep it that way. Her beginning was beautiful, and her middle was rotted, and her future is unsure, and that's scary. In her early years, she was curious so leaving her demonic family to pursue the world was her only goal at the beginning of her life. She never returned. Her love of the world turned into anger than fear. She went on multiple killing sprees, which contradicted her fear of death. Over the years, she became known as the bloodthirsty killer. Despite her respect, her mentality wasn't all there, and when a near-death experience happened, she decided to take refuge and join the Demon king. Ana appears to be running from something, and the demon king's reputation wasn't to be taken lightly either she figured this was the safest place to be. Of course, she didn't come right out and say she needed protection. She wasn't a weak individual, and with her reputation, she assumed that would be enough to join the alliance.

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