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September 19th, 2022. The Earthquake!

"I am standing here in Sunset Wilds and as you can see behind me, there has been a lot of damage done to our wonderful city." The local reporter made his way down the streets buzzing with people running in panic, the sound of sirens coming from all sides and buildings still crumbling to the ground. "As you can see around me, destruction is everywhere. Medics are asking for any volunteers to help out, same with the fire department and of course, the citizens who are victim to such a catastrophe." The reporter quickly moved to the side as a street sign fell next to him. "Our city was not prepared for such a powerful earthquake, have we gotten any updates on what could have caused such a mess?"

"Thank you John, but we are still waiting on updates from our major. For those of you just tuning in, our beloved city has been struck with a powerful earthquake, hitting Sunset Wilds, part of South Slice and all of west Ripples. We still have no answer as to why such a thing happened. However, we do have rumors that this might be linked to the sudden appearance of supers in our city. We have Dr. Solo here with us, who will explain his theory."

A thin Caucasian, with long blonde hair combed backwards appeared on the screen, he had a smile on his face, but anyone could see he was exhausted, mentally and physically. "Yes hello, I am Dr. Solo here. I believe that this is no natural disaster. Pi City has been nothing but a peaceful place, super human things was something you saw in places like New York and Los Angeles. But I fear, that it has spread to our humble home. Just remember, that the greater our power to fight for good, invites an even stronger evil to challenge it. This might be some sort of magic or some evil scientist using our home as their new base and why? Because superheroes are here now, which brings super VILLAINS. We need to open our eyes and attack the problem from the root-"

The television was shut off. Elizabeth Elric stood in her living room. From her apartment she could see the smoke emerging from the damaged Sunset Wilds. She walked over to the glass separating the sky from her home and leaned her forehead against it. She had been fighting for Pi City for a few months now and she was aware more like her had shown up. But that was because crime had been on the rise lately. It was a city with most of its citizens being university students, which was a gold mine for drug lords. This also provided broke students looking for good paying jobs under suspicious circumstances. What that so called Dr. Solo said made sense in some way, but there was nobody in the city that could create an earthquake like that. Was there? It didn't matter, she needed to prove them wrong, the people needed help and Wintry would make sure they got all they help they needed.

The famous gamer switched into her super suit, which was all black, covering every inch of her body, except for her face. She of course wore a helmet and a hoodie over it, everything on the suit was pitch black, until it powered on. Neon lights appeared all around her arms, legs, chest and a shape of ski goggles on her face. Once she was ready to go, she turned the neon lights off, not wanting to attract any attention. Inside the helmet, G accessed the local news channels. It seemed that The Ripples was the spot that was getting less attraction, but reports said it was the most impacted area. Like always, the low side of the city ignored. With her destination in mind, Wintry slid open one of windows and jumped out. She was in the 34th floor, basically at the top of the famous department complex in the middle of Up City, where the University of Pi was located. The altitude was perfect, nobody ever looked up for some reason and by the time she was noticed, she was far gone from her home.

Using her ice powers, Wintry created a path for her to follow, skating over it with ease, thanks to years of practice. Moving across the sky had its benefits, usually no traffic. Once she was getting close to The Ripples, people began to notice her, calling out to the disguised individual in the sky. Just as Wintry had suspected, the area was a mess. People were scrambling to the local hospital, trying to put out fires and some fighting off those thugs trying to take advantage of the situation to loot homes. With so much to do, Wintry went for the biggest mess in her sight. There was a tall apartment building on fire, it seemed people were trying to go in it, probably trying to help people inside still trapped.

"Great, how am I supposed to help with my ice powers?" Wintry spoke to herself as she jumped of her icy path and landed on the buildings roof. "Bestie, try and contact the local fire department, let me know when they finally answer and send them my current location."

Wintry began walking towards the roof access, but just as she reached for the handle, the door burst open, a small group of people rushed out, their faces darkened with ashes, gasping for air and some even crying. Wintry could see some holding their arms or hands in pain, probably got burned navigating towards the roof. She didn't ask anything, feeling that time was precious in such a situation. She created a big spike of ice, leaving it for them to treat their injuries, she wasn't sure if that would help, but that's all she could do at the moment.

"You one of them supers right? There's still people in there man, I heard them screaming while we were trying to escape. You gotta help out!" A man wearing a red trucker cap approached Wintry. "We came from the eight floor, so I know that one is clear, but ninth and tenth still had people running around and I haven't seen em get out yet."

Wintry nodded her head. Two floors under her, that was simple enough. She rushed inside, descending the stairs quickly, holding up her hands to avoid touching the hot walls or rails. Her helmeted showed how the suit began to lower her temperature, to avoid overheating. Tenth floor, she could hear people scurrying around, probably blinded by the thick smoke. The neon lights on Wintry's suit turned on, hoping that the people would see her and run towards her. She took her first step into the thick gray cloud of smoke and as if the universe was trying to warn her, she began to loser her balance. The entire building shaking violently, pieces of the roof beginning to collapse, the screams getting louder and Wintry's balance going off the charts as she stumbled to the side, going over the rail!


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A man was on his knees, face down in the dirt, arms behind his back tied up, and a pair of feet resting on his back. Smoke rolled across the ground and into the man's face. This poor fellow was not having a good day. The legs resting on his back belonged to one Laiyur Pansofier, aka the Laughing Jack. A cigarette rested in between Laiyur's fingers. He inhaled then blew another breath of smoke into the man's face. Laiyur read the news on his cell phone.

"Well shit..." Laiyur said reading the news involving the earthquakes. Laiyur chuckled and scoffed when the reporter mentioned Dr. Solo sharing his theory.

He looked at the man who had finally stopped struggling. Muttering profanity under his breath. Laiyur put the cigarette out on the man's arm before lifting him up by his shoulder.

" 'Bout time we found you a nice comfy cell. I'm sure your cell mate misses you, and is just dying to braid your hair or something" Laiyur said. The man had had enough of Laiyur and was just ready to get put into police custody.

After leaving the police station, the Laughing Jack had the humorous idea to make an appearance at Pi City. Laiyur had used his motorcycle, nicknamed 'Blackjack'. He rode his bike all the way to Pi City. He stopped near the city and parked his bike out of the way where it wouldn't be spotted, and he could safely leave it there. When would he return for it? Maybe that evening. Maybe the next day, or week. It didn't matter at the moment. He went the rest of the way on foot.

He made his way to the Ripples. There was a burning building with some people standing near a large ice spike. The Laughing Jack was on the rooftops, so they wouldn't have noticed him. He walked across the rooftops and jumped on one of the building's balcony. He busted the glass door with a kick. "Heeeeere's Jacky! Heeyahahahahhahahahahaaa!!!" Laughing Jack let out a shrill laugh as he let himself inside.

Laughing Jack headed to this building first because he figured there might be another hero inside.

"Scuuuuuuze meeeee...??? Is anyone still in heeere! Follow the sound of my laugh. Haahahaahaahahaaaaaa!!!" Laughing Jack burst into laughter once more before using telekinesis to pull the door off it's hinges. Cracking sounds could be heard as he opened it.

"Come on... Anybody heeere? Just a friendly hero looking to help anyone here... I mean, it's better to come with me than burn alive! We can all agree theeere" Laughing Jack heard a cough coming from one of the rooms. It was pretty hot in here. He'd need to move fast. Laughing Jack used his powers on another door. Laughing Jack used his telekinesis to try read any possible emotions. If I could feel someone's emotions then he could track them down and help them get out.


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In a dimly lit room, two individuals stood near a window. The only light source that illuminated the room was the light that leaked in from outside. The time was still a bit too early, however, the tip given would have been no use had she waited till nighttime. This tip led her to an abandoned office building located in the western Ripples where the Disciples were to carry out a hit. Though, they were instead found with the masked kitsune, one known well in San Francisco’s underground.

Scattered around the two were the unconscious bodies of those a part of the hit. The one that was unfortunate to be conscious was sat against the wall, just beneath the window seal. Towering over him, the masked kitsune stared down at him. She stood out, her blacked out apparel illuminating in the natural light that leaked into the room.

“Alright Vincent,” a deepened, heavily distorted voice echoed through the room. “Where the fuck is Termite!?”
“Fuck you, Fox,” Vincent followed. “You already know how this shit works.”
“Sure. But seeing as his group with Fade decided to shit on the Vow, I’m expecting you to do the same.”

She bashed his head against the wall, slapping him afterwards before she fixed him upright. His forehead, tanking the blow against the wall, had a cut that ran across his left temple. “So, where the fuck is he?”
“You’re no better than us!”
“I didn’t ask for a character analysis. Where the fuck is Termite?” Though, her question was answered with a spit to the face, her mask covered in his saliva mixed with blood that managed to find its way into his mouth.

“Okay,” she took him away from the window, slamming him to the floor. He attempted to wiggle out but was stopped when Torik placed her knee on his chest. “I’m only going to ask you one more time.” Drawing her tanto, she held her hand against his neck, “And I want you to think. Where is Termite?”
“Pretty sure you killed him. Back in San Fran with every other Disciple,” he followed.
She stared at him, her head tilting. The stare she gave drew the man to slowly raise his hands. A sigh was let out. He answered wrong. “Wait,” he followed. His pleas were shot down as she grabbed his raised hands, extending one of the fingers. Within a swift motion, she cut, the finger being taken off and landing on his face. Blood dripped from the cut as it dripped to his face.

His face tightened as he wrestled his hand away from Torik. His other covered the wound, grasping it tightly. His teeth clenched as his squeal echoed through the room. “Fuck!” He yelped.
“Want me to keep going!? You have nine more!”

“Fuck me!” He continued to clench his hand. He glanced up, his teeth clenching down on his lips. Blood was drawn in an attempt to mask the pain with another. “Fuck! I don’t fucking know!”
His answer drew Torik to grab another finger. She pressed the blade against the finger, another cut made as his middle finger dropped to his face.

“Fuck!” He attempted to wrestle his hand away again. However, Torik held tight to the hand, the ring finger gripped as the blade pressed against it again. She stared at him, the sharp blade drawing blood with every attempt at pulling away made.

“Where is—!?” Before she could pose her question again however, the building began to shake. The intensity threw Torik off balance, allowing Vincent to wiggle out, punching her with his off hand.

She fell off to the side, backing up as he began to get to his feet. “Fuck me,” she muttered, readying to take him down again. However, before she could make her move, the ground beneath began to dip, crumbling before a chunk crumbled beneath the two, dropping floor by floor.

“Shit!” She fired off her grapple, catching herself on the ceiling of the building. However, Vincent wasn’t so lucky, his scream echoing below before the crashing echoed through the building. “Holy fuck!” She stared down the gap, her head shaking.

The shaking continued, becoming more violent with every passing second. The support of the building was becoming more questionable as it finally came to a stop. She glanced up, her head shaking. She sheathed her tanto, allowing for her off hand grabbing her wrist as she surveyed the area for an exit point.

Torik - Odori

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With a roaring engine, a riderless motorbike zipped past several cars. People were honking and shouting as the ground underneath them shook violently. A loud metallic cracking noise was heard briefly as the motorbike tried to fit in the small space between two cars, taking the side mirror and a bunch of the paint with it. The motorbike didn’t stop or even so much as hesitated with its approach, denting another car a little further down the traffic jam to the sound of people cursing at it.

The closer the motorbike got to the center of the earthquake, the worse things got. Cars abandoned in the streets, buildings cracked, with broken windows or even halfway broken down. People in the street, running for cover or for loved ones, emergency personnel doing their best to react to the sudden situation. Nobody seemed to pay much attention to the riderless motorcycle, or didn’t have time enough to do so as it continued to race by.

As it began reaching further into the disaster zone, running people made way for dead ones and broken buildings turned into collapsed ones. Spotting ahead a group of five people currently busy smashing the window on a store of some kind, the motorbike altered its course ever so slightly and began slowing down, driving straight at the group. One of the members of the little gang noticed him coming and shouted at the others, who were busy looting the shop by the time he got there.

Having slowed down enough, the motorbike turned sideways, leaving heavy rubber marks on the pavement as he slid closer and closer to the group. One of them jumped back, even though he wasn’t near the motorcycle at all while another seemed to stand, either frozen in fear or bravely in defiance, in the middle of the path. Before the motorbike could hit him, however, it seemed to buck upwards and its front wheel lifted off the ground as a leg and an arm reached out from the motorbike before more and more of a humanoid shape seemed to form out of the now amorphous cloud-liquid-something shaped like a motorcycle..

Phanuel seemed unperturbed by the fact that it was a motorcycle just a moment ago as it took the forward momentum and jogged it off, slowing down to a brisk walk just in front of the guy as a fully formed humanoid in a dark-gray armored suit. Without missing a beat, Phanuel stepped up to the guy who’d so defied his approach and promptly backhanded him with a full bionic right fist clad in super suit armor. The cracking of jaw bone and skull could be heard even over the sounds of a city in disaster.

Turning to look at the four remaining looters, two of which had just come out of the shop with a large flat screen tv, Phanuel raised both his fists in a traditional boxing guard, ready to throw down. There was a moment of tension as nobody seemed to understand what was going on and then everyone tried to jump him at the same time only for an aftershock to run through the ground, causing the entire front face of the just-looted shop to collapse forward into rubble, bringing instant karma to one of the looters who only managed to a short-cut scream as he got buried under brick and mortar.

The other three didn’t seem up for a fight after that as they turned tail and ran. Phanuel lowered his guard somewhat, looking at the three run, before dropping it entirely, seemingly disappointed in the lack of engagement. Phanuel grabbed the one he’d knocked out by the arm and dragged him unceremoniously across the ground to a nearby car, setting him upright against it. He didn’t need to check on the buried one, already watching him breathe his last in his crushed state underneath the rubble, nor the fleeing ones as they left his field of vision in a hurry.

As the building seemed to have been empty, aside from the looters, Phanuel turned back towards the street and walked off the pavement, leaning forward as if getting into a low sports car of some design. Instead, his body turned back into the cloud-liquid and into the form of the riderless motorcycle before he could faceplant on the ground. With the loud revving of its engine, the motorcycle burst forward, clipping another parked car on his way deeper into the disaster zone.


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Heartbreaking. Pure anguish. Despair. Perhaps no words could suffice to portray the absolute devastation that had overcome Hugo Holmes. It all started just twenty minutes ago. After a long day of classes and work, he had decided to treat himself, embarking on the long trek from the eastern edge of Pi City's Hermes district all the way to the northwestern side of the South Slice. He had taken the long way around the mountain that stood in the center of their city - endured an hour-long trek to the destination opposite of his own home- all for the juicy and spicy taste of his favorite Mexican eatery: Juanito's Burritos. It was then that the first tragedy struck. He had been a customer ever since the freshman year of his undergraduate degree, and despite a few bad cases of food poisoning, he had only ever held the cuisine in the highest esteem. Nearly every week they would wrap his overstuffed burrito with the utmost care and precision, but today, the B-team staff must have been working.

He should've known something was wrong, from the moment the worker messily dripped salsa along the edges of the counter before plopping what was now a meager half scoop in the center. He should've asked for a second tortilla to double wrap it when he noticed the rice spilling out as they sloppily folded the shell. But hindsight is 20/20, and like many, Hugo had taken a good thing for granted. He trusted Juanito's Burritos, and he never would have imagined that in exchange for that trust, his first bite as he stepped outside would reveal a complete lack of burrito integrity- a collapse of the innards that spilt all over one of his favorite work sweaters. For many, they might have just given up then and there, cut their losses and headed home. It wouldn't be without justification- Hugo's blind faith had not only cost him $8.99 for the food, but the price of his shirt and his sense of wonderment as well- but Hugo was not like the masses. He was a superhero, and that meant he would persevere.

So what if Juanito's isn't good today? He told himself There's a Stoney's right across the street. There's still hope! I can save this day! He shrugged off the glances drawn by his rumbling stomach and stained attire and headed over to the beloved local burger chain beloved by the namesake stoners of University of Pi. A faint smell of weed permeated throughout the greasy joint, and the service was slow and effortless, but Hugo didn't care. In five minutes time he was on he had a double bacon cheeseburger in hand. But just when he thought he could finally enjoy some food in peace, a new problem arose as Hugo noticed a burning sensation in his chest. It seemed the salsa from the burrito was beginning to leak through his shirt, and if left unattended could result in quite the uncomfortable rash. There's always something He groaned and headed into the bathroom, stripping down and wiping his chest clean with water from the faucet. In his carelessness, however, his sweater fell to the floor, and after a quick evaluation of the grimy bathroom floor he decided that no amount of cleaning would make him forget what the shirt had undergone. With a solemn nod of gratitude for the years of comfort it had provided him, and a tinge of guilt that the garment had to be discarded in such an inglorious fashion, he bundled it up and threw it in the trash. "And now its watch has ended" he whispered to himself, keeping a sense of humor about the whole ordeal.

The sentiment would prove to be especially fitting, because like Jon Snow, Hugo too was friends with ghosts. The primary difference being that instead of a cool albino Direwolf his were literal ghosts that seemed to enjoy tormenting him.

"Not exactly your proudest moment huh?" The familiar voice of his recently deceased mentor rang in his head.

"You're in the paradise of the afterlife. There are limitless places for you to explore, infinite knowledge within your reach. Don't you have better places to be than here Dr. Peach?" Hugo rolled his eyes. Yes, there were some benefits to his state of limbo. Being able to commune with both the living and dead meant that he never really lost the ones he loved, but he also discovered that it was pretty fucking annoying that they had the ability to haunt him- that they could bear witness to every shameful act.

"Of course there are, but after a while perfection begins to get... a little dull. That's why us spirits like to come back and visit, get a taste of the imperfection we miss."

The words caused Hugo to exhale with a humorous huff, "imperfect" was certainly the least harsh of terms to describe his current state as he cleaned himself in a fast food bathroom. "Well at least you're having fun."

"Quite, though I suspect there's more fun to be had. Like now that you've thrown away your shirt what do you plan to wear out?"

He cursed himself. In his frustration he had developed a bit of tunnel vison, focusing only on his present anger instead of thinking just one step ahead. There was an option, though it wasn't one he was particularly fond of. "I guess I'll have to break out the tracksuit." He said through a long sigh.

"How wonderful. I'm sure Bruce will be pleased."

Hugo turned off the faucet, dried himself with some paper towels, and instead of exiting through the door, he and his possessions vanished without a trace. Without another option short of theft to cloth himself, Hugo opted to use another of his gifts- slipping into the spirit realm where he stored his super suit for ease of access. Well, "super-suit" was probably an exaggeration. Yes, it was the suit Hugo wore at nights when he set out to fight crime, but beyond his tech gloves, boots, glider, googles, and mask, the majority of his "super-suit" was really just a pac-man ghost emblem sewn onto the front of a dorky looking purple tracksuit that the ghost of Bruce Lee had somehow convinced him was the best possible attire for combat.

So there he was, back in the present. After phasing out of the restaurant in order to avoid any detection he had climbed a fire escape in a nearby alleyway and was sitting on the railing finally about to take a bite of the food he so deeply coveted. His mouth watered like a beast that had been starved for weeks, but just before the buttered bun reached his lips a violent rumbling nearly shook him off his perch and caused him to drop the burger as he used both hands to clutch onto the railing.


It was the most heartbreaking sound Hugo could recall as the patty, buns, and all the toppings scattered all over the dirty alley ground. Though he didn’t have much time to dwell on his current tragedy, it seemed something much bigger was going on. His soul sensing kicked in and soon waves of agony and distress began to hit him from the northwest.

Shit! Now I’ve got to fight crime and I got no nutrients!

He jumped off the balcony, his boots glowing purple as they absorbed the force of impact, before he unleashed that same energy to leap high above the buildings, activating his gliding mechanism and flying towards the calamity.


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September 19, 2022

The air was freezing ice cold, almost painful to breathe as it entered Asher’s lungs. He floated high above the earth, lying spread eagle with his back towards the ground and his arms folded behind his head, eyes closed, and enveloped in a perfect semi-transparent sphere trapping air as it passed though making a tiny breathable pocket within the roiling cradle of clouds and wind. He was at peace here, the cold never bothered him much, as a matter of fact the cold around him now feels like nothing more than sitting in a comfortable air conditioned room. The bubble that surrounded him silenced out the gale winds at the altitude. The only things he would rarely see were airplanes flying international routes but even then, he tended to hover slightly higher than that.

Pi city, such an unusual name for a city, but then again Asher was from a place that no longer existed, hell he as a person doesn’t even technically exist, it made finding work difficult since he had no documents but doing odd jobs here and there did pay his minimum needs to get by. He spent long days at city libraries reading to pass the time, and the Pi University library was quite impressive indeed. With how the sun was dying the clouds a spectrum of deep blues to oranges it was signaling to Asher that the day was nearly over. With a sigh he released the polarity that kept him afloat, sending him plumitting back to earth. He kept the bubble around him, the sensation of him free falling rapidly back to earth while contained in a sphere of equilibrated atmosphere was one of his favorite experiences, though the feeling of rushing wind going past his ears was at times just as nice, it will not be pleasant falling from his current altitude and he would likely pass out.

As Asher descended he noticed something odd about the city, it wasn’t how he had left it earlier that day. In the distance Pi city was still relatively small but he could see smoke coming from one of the districts, Sunset something, he didn’t bother remembering. Descending further onto the city there was a clear visible scar that was not there before. It was odd seeing the scar after an earthquake from his elevation, in a way it looked beautiful, even artistic in some ways. Asher’s eyes flashed a light violet as the gravitational pull on himself towards the earth below suddenly multiplied several fold and he suddenly vanished. His vision blurred all around him, the only thing visible was a tiny pinpoint of clarity that was the very rapidly approaching earth. He twisted himself around so his feet were pointed down and his eyes began to glow the same violet again as he suddenly stopped hoovering a few inches above the ground, the ground below him cratered several inches in a perfect circle as a violet particles flickered a few times around Asher in a perfect sphere, it was barely perceptible. To everyone around it would seem like Asher just suddenly appeared.

Sirens, people shouting, traffic, and the sounds of the city suddenly assaulted Asher’s senses, his brow furrowed involuntarily as he took in surroundings. Several people around who had seen his arrival took out their phones and began recording him, they made sure to stay clear away from him. It was then he realized that, yea, he was levitating, perfectly still, but still levitating.

Looking around Asher could see that he slightly missed his mark of the new scar in the city. With a sigh he flew up into the air and towards the newly formed scar as he approached the flashing lights of emergency services grew almost blinding to him. Resisting the urge to simply crush the vehicles he decided to fly further up to get a better view. A few people in the area noticed his presence but Asher paid them no attention. A burning building had caught his attention, more specifically an odd detail about it, a half melted trail of ice that seemed to have once led to the roof of the building was now just a melting arch in the sky. Ice powers? Asher looked back at the burning building, the flames beginning to embrace the structure more and more, turning more spectacular by the second, the roof of the building was beginning to collapse.

Asher had never seen himself as a ‘hero’ that these people seem so obsessed with. It was quite the shock when he landed on earth to learn that there were others… similar to him, using their powers to help and protect others, while others use powers to hurt, destroy, or gain other advantages. Personally he didn’t care, he knew that he had been used as a tool for the advancement of humans, he himself was human, he was pretty sure, despite being created in a secret lab in space. As a result Asher had refrained from using his abilities for good or bad, whatever that meant. Instead, just choosing to be an observer. The same couldn't be said about his lost companion, but he was not surprised, Ani had always been the most erratic, unruly, and defiant of their group. Ever since they had parted ways Asher had seen Ani in the news several times. At first appearing to be some minor troublemaker with powers, but the media quickly changed their tune within the week of her first appearance and report. Ani caused millions in damage and several civilian deaths including a few Supers within a few minutes. Reports say she attacked with unprecedented ruthlessness, efficiency, and power, along with an unorthodox weapon that had possessed some advanced technology that the world had never seen before. Strangest part is that Ani vanished just as quickly as she had appeared. The world would not be the same after that. Ani would make appearances seemingly at random, in large cities all over the world causing similar levels of chaos sometimes more severe depending on the city. She even earned herself a ‘supervillain’ nickname: Goldilocks.

Floating about half way up the building’s height, Asher’s eyes began to faintly glow as he pointed his hand at the burning building, and the entire roof of it lifted off away from the rest of the building lifting steadily and lazily into the air. The raging flames on the roof almost burnt itself out immediately as it ran out of oxygen leaving only a few embers and small patches, the suspended roof and small area around it was no longer being affected by earth’s gravity and simply floated in the air. As the roof floated several meters above the rest of the burning building, the following level broke from the rest of the building and also began to rise. Apparently there were a few people left in the building as far as Asher could see near the upper levels. Their ash covered faces seemed more confused now as they levitated along with everything else around them. He quickly bunched them together and pulled them out towards the roof of a nearby building.

Asher increased, extended, and exerted more gravitational control to the rest of the building, holding his arms out close to his sides his hands began to faintly glow as well. He suspended the building and everything else into zero gravity causing the majority of the flames to quickly burn themselves out before lifting the rest of it slowly into the air level by level. By the time he was done the building was several times taller than it had been, resembling a deconstructed multileveled cake with each layer floating above one another. He could feel fatigue beginning to set in , mentally draining and hunger quickly crept in, reminding him he had not eaten yet that day, he was not used to using his power on such a large scale. He had pulled out a few other survivors but the building was relatively clear.

His feat of tearing the building apart had drawn a rather large crowd around, it annoyed him and he decided to fly higher and around the deconstructed structure seeing if he missed anything.


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September 19th, 2022. The Earthquake!
Wintry was sure she was falling to her doom, no water around her to freeze, the edge of the rail to far, it seemed she was done for. In fact, it was so concerning, she felt everything was in slow motion. She felt as if time had stopped mid fall as if the was... she was floating! Wintry wiggled and struggled until she reached the rail she had fallen over with, only to see the roof come off and people starting to float out and up while the fire began to die away. Her communications began to flood her screen with news about another recent earthquake as she float out to safety.

"Two earthquakes have hit the Ripples now, but there seems to be some after shocks, as there are strong trembles coming from underneath 12th street!"

The reporter struggled to stay on his feet as the trembling increased, the cars shaking and their alarms going off as the middle of the street began to rise. A bulge began emerge from the concrete, like a bird hatching from its egg, tossing chunks of concrete to the sides. The reporter ran away from the scene but the brave camera man stayed focused on the emerging creature. The last big chuck was tossed aside effortlessly, follow by two enormous gray arms grabbing the edge of the now giant hole. The beast climbed out, it looked like a man, a man who was 3 meters tall, his entire body made of pure muscles and to the luck of many eyes, a pair of pants barely holding on. The creature took a step forward, the ground shaking as he did so. His red savage eyes looking around wildly as drool emerged from his teeth.


His voice boomed, causing windows to shake and the camera that was recording it to get static. The camera men began to slowly step away, but the mad eyes of the monster set on him. The monster lunged forward and reached forward. The camera falls and the screams of the camera man can be heard, followed by a loud snap, a loud crunch and blood splattering on the camera. The video cut off.

Wintry's eyes filled with tears, what the hell did she just see? As she regained control of herself, she create an ice path, using it to get out of the gravitational area, sliding a few feet under the person who seemed to be responsible for the building suddenly starting to float. She figured she needed to help out, landing on the roof of the building in front of the floating one. She took a deep breath and raised her hands, ice beginning to form in the front side of the build. With one strong movement of her hands, she shaped the the ice into a long icy slide, connecting to the top of the building. People took the hint and began swimming in the gravity less area towards the slide, using it to slide downwards, while cops and fireman helped them land safely at the bottom.

Wintry walked over to the edge of the roof she was on, looking down to see if she could help out with anything else. Then, what she feared the most happened. The roar of the monster down a few streets boomed through the sky. Wintry looked towards the direction where it was coming from, watching as cars were being thrown around, people were screaming and some of them being recklessly tossed into the air. It was chaos and it seemed no superhero had arrived. Wintry could feel her heart pounding against her chest, she had to go stop that thing and that's what scared her the most. Before she could make up her mind though, the monster did it for her.


It had arrived, smashing through all the buildings and houses in its way as it burst into the scene. The monster now had traces of blood and flesh all over its mouth, salivating at the sight of more people and for some reason, dragging a girl on his right hand, while the woman screamed desperately to break free, but the monster didn't even notice her struggle. The beast looked around and set his eyes on the floating man and the floating building.


The monster grabbed a car with one hand and threw it towards the building, smashing through it and breaking the connecting with the ice slide, causing the structure to began to collapse. Wintry quickly raised her hands again and moved them forward, managing to keep the slide in one piece while the building receive another impact from another car. The monster seemed enraged as bullets began to bounce off his skin from the local police men trying to keep it away from the people evacuating, but in return a car slammed through a few of them and some innocent bystanders.


With an angry scream the giant lunged towards Asher, the girl screaming bloody murder as she was dragged once again. The monster raised his left fist in the air, ready to smash the gravity user into the ground.


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September 19, 2022

Asher watched the ice user work. Such concern for these… people, why? Deep in concentration Asher didn’t even hear the gray monstrosity rampaging through the city and eventually bursting into the clearing where he and the ice user was.


Asher didn’t hear. He didn’t know why, perhaps it was the years of training with Nemesis Core that still drove him during conflicts, his mind was trained to ignore external dangers when he was using his power in such a way, it wasn’t his concern, his teammates would deal with anything that would be a danger to him. His power required a lot of concentration to use when he was managing something on a larger scale and interruptions could cause catastrophic damage to whatever he was manipulating or anything around it.

A desperate woman’s scream cut through the air, chilling, something beyond fear, it was a blood curdling scream that meant that her death was imminent. A sound that sliced through Asher’s concentration as a scene of Ani flashed through his mind, she was screaming the same sound as she tore her own flesh off her arms and body as millions of otherworldly insect-like creatures were consuming her alive, burrowing into her flesh, the strips and chunks of discarded flesh writhed with foreign life around her. Asher snapped out of focus. The entire levitating construct of the deconstructed floating building shook as a noticeable wave of instability rippled through it.


“What the -”



The effects were instantaneous as soon as the gray monster smashed Asher into the ground. The deconstructed floating building was suddenly no more, the entire multilevel structure, everything that was left inside, some of the unfortunate things that were still partially around it had been pulled into a singular point in an instant. The entire apartment building was now just a small brightly white glowing perfect sphere of super heated matter the size of a ping pong ball falling down to earth. The sudden implosion shot out a powerful shock-wave shattering windows and knocking some of the closer bystanders off their feet, as if the sudden loudness of the implosion wasn't disorienting enough.

Asher heard the fist striking him before he even felt it. A bright flash of vibrant bluish and white light exploded all around him in strings of light as the protective energy nanomesh shielding his clothing provided was instantly overwhelmed and depleted. The moment after he felt the momentum of the swing having already hit him launch him downwards sending him plummeting to the ground in a blur before slamming and cratering the ground. The world was already disorienting to him before but still went black on impact.

“Fooooood….” Bulk breathed out standing over Asher’s unmoving body. He grabbed the young man’s leg with one hand while stepping on the other, crushing the bones within with a sickening crunch and he pulled hard. Asher’s entire leg tore free from the hip; ligaments, tendons, and sinews tearing and snapping as he pulled the severed leg up to his salivating maw and began tearing large chunks of meat clean off the bone.
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~Laughing Jack...~

Laughing Jack felt the panic and fear of two people. As he made his way towards the civilians, the emotions felt stronger. He needed to force open another door which made a thud as it hit the ground. The two were in the room. A young boy who appeared to be around 9-12 was clutching ahold of a small girl who was probably either 4 or 5 held close to him. Perhaps siblings. The appearance of a strange jester appearing in the room did not help the situation. It took Jack some friendly chatter to convince the older of the two to trust him, but he eventually persuaded them to come over. Holding both of the children under his arms, he would attempt to try backtrack his way back to the rooftop he had came from before making a clean getaway.

Before they could reach the balcony, a second earthquake occurred and it was close. Laughing Jack held on tight to the two kids, reminding them they were still with him, and they'd be fine. His main goal now was self-preservation, and saving the two kids. Just as Laughing Jack was about to reach the balcony he felt himself being lifted as if falling, he was now floating. Laughing Jack felt a monstrous emotion. One that felt somewhat familiar to him. To an average person this would be terrifying but to Laughing Jack he smiled behind his mask, and held back a small chuckle.

Laughing Jack made a floating bridge so that he could get out of the gravitational area and safely reach the next building. Another hero had already made their way out here as well, and judging by the ice slide, it felt safe to assume this may be the same hero that made the pillar just outside the building. Lifting the kids with his telekinesis, he floated them over to the slide where they could safely go down. Waving goodbye to the two kids as he released grip, dropping them onto the slide.

Laughing Jack saw the big man and paused to admire his handy work. The man was either stupid or ambitious to be going around killing like this in broad daylight. Not that most people could stop him anyways. Blood and flesh dripping from his mouth and dragging some poor victim around. A small part of Laughing Jack missed the blood and gore. Though that was still a chapter of Laiyur's life that he ended a long time ago, and wasn't planning on returning too. Burned those bridges when he became a hero.

Just as laughing Jack turned to look at the building he had previously been it, it was now gone, and he saw the large man responsible for the attack go after Asher, a bit of a morbid scene, but Laughing Jack wasn't immediately gonna jump down to help without assessing the situation first at least. Laughing Jack made his way closer to the icy hero, "I don't suppose you plan to go down there, do you? At least not without a plan..." Laughing Jack said, looking back at Asher and the hungry man.


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A few moments had passed, the shaking of the building finally stopped. Torik was still dangling from the ceiling of the building, her unoccupied hand holding to the grapple, trying to support herself up. The ambience of the outside began to creep in. The collapsing of buildings, vehicle alarms blaring and the sirens that wailed through the district. “Fuck this city.”

Drawing her pistol, Torik took aim for the nearby window. Two rounds were fired off, the windows shattering as they were already weakened. Holstering her pistol, she began to rock back and forth, her momentum bringing her closer to the window. Finally, when she reached the furthest point of her arc, the grapple detached, her momentum throwing her against the window, her arms hugging the exterior of the building as she pulled herself through.

Once outside and on top of a sturdier building, the damage caused presented itself. A few buildings had collapsed while others were only moments from its roof caving in. Civilians were scattered about, running to safety while others brave enough aided those in seeking shelter. Torik needed out. Her only lead on Termite was possibly dead, or at least moments away with the questionable structure of the building, and the district soon to be swarming with ‘do good’ heroes and emergency services, there was no way she was going to be caught in that mess.

She started her run, navigating through the caved in roofs and missing buildings that once bridged her path. Her route back to Up City had to be detoured towards Sunset. Hopefully, things were more calm in that direction.

However, as she landed on the roof a building blocks from where she started, violent shaking followed. She lost her footing, falling to the ground. “Shit,” she held to the pipes that connected AC units, steadying herself as they only got more violent.

Finally, it stopped. She got to her feet, stepping up to the edge. The hope for a calmed route was thrown out as she had only led herself to a group of heroes attempting to save civilians from a collapsing building. One was floating through the air, ensuring that the building didn’t cave in on everyone, aiding them to a safe descent. However, the once heroic nature was interrupted as a roar pierced the air, “MORE FOOD!”

Turning to the roar, Torik had only wished she chose to wait another day. “What the fuck?” Down the street, a creature had begun its rush to the floating hero, in hand, dragging an unfortunate civilian, her screams sending shivers down Torik’s spine.

Torik threw herself back to conceal herself from the approaching beast, the rumbling of its footsteps shaking the ground beneath. Unfortunately for their levitating hero, he was knocked down, on his way to becoming the creature’s next meal as it ripped their leg off and chowed down like it was your average day of wings. All that was missing was a pint of beer. However, that could easily be substituted for the blood that leaked down its mouth.

There were ways to go. Though, one that wasn’t on her list was to be eaten alive by whatever this thing was. She turned, shaking her head, ready to run off again. However, she paused just at the edge, her wrist still pointed towards the next building. Even she wouldn’t want that for her worst enemies…maybe the Disciples responsible for the incident two years prior were an exception. “Fuck…don’t die,” she muttered, more to herself as she turned to the beast.

Her wrist was brought up, three holograms spawning next to her. With one simple swipe, they were off, descending from the roof, two starting their route of circling the beast. The third however, went in front of the beast, stopping right in the center. Taking out her pistol, Torik took aim. Squeezing the trigger, the round pierced the air, cracking as it passed the beast and the unfortunate hero, striking the hologram. Its image was disrupted before multiple flashes went off accompanied by bangs, blinding those that looked at it and definitely deafening the unfortunate hero and the beast if its ears weren’t as strong as it was.


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Phanuel was roaring through the streets towards the center of the disaster zone, doing his best to evade the abandoned vehicles and crumbled buildings that had scattered across the road. He seemed to be heading in the right direction as more and more vehicles looked like police cars, firetrucks and ambulances. Groups of first responders were doing their best to handle the situation as best they could but even with what little he could focus on as he drove past, Phanuel knew that they were stretched way too thin to provide any real solutions to the problems that were going on.

Taking a sharp turn into a main street, Phanuel was knocked off course as a sudden burst of force hit him, almost like turbulence. He swerved heavily, trying to keep his balance and not go spinning out of control at his current speed when a car entered his field of vision from above, crashing into the road next to him and bouncing out of sight behind him. When a full three-sixty back wheel grind provided him with no visual of where the car had come from, Phanuel turned back into his humanoid form, scanning in all directions at the same time.

While he didn’t spot anything that could be classified as car-throwing, he did see several people running away in the same direction as the car had flown. He could see a few people with police officer-like hats guiding people away from a place beyond his vision so he headed in that direction. He kept his right hand tactically near his hip as he scouted forward from building rubble to overturned car to building rubble.

When the giant came into view, Phanuel quickly brought his right hand forward, holding one of his guns and aiming it straight at the shape. A moment later the rest of the scene registered to him as he detected a smaller humanoid shape underneath the giant and part of said small humanoid was in the hands of the giant, fully disconnected. Phanuel hoped the small humanoid was supposed to be able to do such disconnections. All around, people were hiding behind rubble and cars or running away in a panic and then the weird thing happened.

From somewhere out of his sight range, a bullet whizzed past the giant and then everyone suddenly moved hands or arms up to cover their faces and the giant in the middle roared as it dropped the leg and reached for its face.

Despite his confusion as to the weird reaction everyone was showing around him, Phanuel did not miss a beat and aimed squarely for the giant’s hands covering his face and began firing. Heavy cracks of gunfire, way heavier than those of the policemen before, echoed through the streets as bullets began flying.
Five shots into the barrage, the amount of bullets doubled as Phanuel brought a second gun to bear, unleashing heavy impact rounds onto the giant as he purposefully strode towards the creature, slowly closing the roughly 100 meter gap between him and the creature.

The gunfire only lessened occasionally, but never stopped, as he had to lower the right gun back down to his hip first, just holding it there as a dark liquid cloud formed around it for a moment and then was seemingly sucked into the gun before bringing it back up to rejoin the barrage. The left gun followed the same motion five shots later while Phanuel kept walking towards the giant.


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September 19th, 2022. The Earthquake!

Wintry stood speechless as she witnessed the monster tear up the man holding up the building, causing the thing to come crashing down and cause even more chaos around the streets. She could feel her heart pounding and her instincts screaming at her to run away. Which she should, this wasn't a job for her, it was for those so called professional superheroes. The government could handle it, right?

"I don't suppose you plan to go down there, do you? At least not without a plan..."

Wintry snapped back to herself at the sound of Jack's voice. She hadn't even noticed when the man had arrived and she didn't even bother to comment on his ridiculous look. Instead she looked back down, where two more joined the fight.

"NO! STOP!" The monster yelled as something strong began pulsing inside his head, making his ears feel like they were about to burst. As he tried to get ahold of himself, he felt impacts all around his head. Bullets usually didn't hurt him, but these seemed to be stronger. He lifted his forearms to protect himself, forgetting the girl he had on his left hand and used her as a shield. The woman gave off her last scream as he was shot while being held up.

"MY FOOD!" The monster called out as he lunged forward without caring where as his eyesight was somewhat disturbed by the earlier attack. It smashed into the apartment building in front of it, rampaging inside, the same building Wintry and Jack were standing on.

"We're going down!" She cried out as the floor under them began to collapse. She didn't have time to save anyone inside, but she could try and make a path for them to try and save themselves.

Wintry jumped off the edge, hoping Jack would follow. She created an icy slide, thick enough for one person her size, meaning too much weight and it would break. She slid down it, watch as the building started to fall to the side. She felt the ice under her feet vibrate as rumble and people jumped on after she passed by, but she could only keep the path in front of her intact. As she reached the street she landed next to Asher.

"Stay alive!" She called out before turning towards the incoming rumble and smoke from the falling building.

Wintry raised her hands, creating a tall ice wall that curved at the top. The structure took the impact the building caused, sending dust and gravel to the sides as it slid off or bounced off. However the impact was strong, making Wintry focus everything she had on it.

Once the dust settled the ice wall was lowered. Despite the quick shield, Wintry was still covered in gray dust, but she had used her body to protect Asher as much as possible, especially his legs. She looked around, hoping the others had managed to avoid the building falling on them, but the sound of rumble moving didn't give her time.

"NOW I'M MAD!" The monster's voiced exploded as the middle of the building site did with pieces of cement and metals flew everywhere. He emerged from the center, the building having caused some cuts and bruises on the beast, but he didn't seem that bothered by it. "YOU!" He pointed at Wintry. "THIS WAS YOU!"


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~Laughing Jack...~

The masked jester tilted his head as he looked over at the icy hero, then looking away to see the fight going on in the street.

"Hoo hoo hoo! I should really consider drinking less" Jack said looking down at the holograms that were ready to fight Bulk. Then five rounds of gunfire. This was probably going to be an interesting fight. Jack leaned all the way back as he watched the fight behind him. Glancing over at Wintry for a moment. Jack realized it was probably best to get off the roof.

He grabbed a loose sheet of metal and tossed it off the roof. He watched as Wintry went down her icy path first, then leaped off the rooftop, and doing a backflip midair. He used his telekinesis to pull the sheet of metal onto the icy path, and landed on it. Grinding down the icy path like a skateboarder, and landing near the others before performing a cartwheel.

He used grabbed three daggers and threw them, using his powers to increase the speed of the daggers and change directions. Daggers lying in different directions with the intention of sliding off the large man, cutting and causing lacerations to Bulk's legs in hopes of slowing the beast down. flying back midair for another hit. Like wasps going in for multiple stings.

Jack saw Bulk point at Wintry, and blame her. "OooOooOooOoo, looks like you pissed him off" Jack said not taking his eyes off Bulk.


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Following the stun, Torik glanced down to their wounded hero. She pointed her wrist out, lining up her grapple to pull him out from under. It would’ve definitely pierced his skin, maybe break a few bones wherever it would hit. But, given their current condition, that would be the least of their worries.

She fired a grapple line in their direction. However, before it could hit its mark, heavy gunfire followed, pushing the beast back to where he stood. The grapple pierced the beast’s skin. “Shit!” Before she could draw her tanto to cut the line, the line tightened, bringing Torik down. Finally getting the tanto out of its sheath, she cut the line as she landed on her side. Rolling with the momentum, she finally came to a stop just at the edge.

She laid there for a moment. The gunfire continued, slowing as the beast roared, crashing into the buildings by the sounds of screaming that followed after the crashing. She groaned, her head shaking as she stood up. Her side pulsated with pain, the impact shaking her up. That was definitely going to be an issue for the morning.

Getting to her feet, all hell broke loose. The gunfire paused as the beast ducked out of sight in the building that their hero had given their limbs for. “What a waste,” she muttered. All the effort to save the civilians trapped inside just for a meathead armed to the teeth to screw that up.

Rolling her arms, she walked up to the edge. Popping open the wrist guard, she pulled the remaining rope out, bundling it up before stuffing it into one of her pouches before loading a fresh one. Torik glanced over to the next building across the street, pointing her wrists towards it and firing the line over, pulling herself up to it.

The roof was a bit higher than the current one she was on but just a bit lower than the previous one. Though, it was more preferable granted the beast would be going after the one that was currently hitting it the hardest which was in her general direction. She gazed into the smoke, trying to pick out the hero. By the time the dust settled, Torik was able to make out two figures below. An ice wall slowly lowered itself, the duo soon met with the creature walking them down, their doom was only two strides away.

“Hey assholes!” Torik called out from the rooftop to the two, “Move!” One of the two holograms deployed rushed out front of them. Drawing her pistol, she fired two rounds, the first being off target. The second phased through, flashes popping off again followed by more loud bangs.

The other deployed stopped in front as well. This one remained still, Torik waiting for the beast to draw interest to it as it surely got a decent look at the things that had been stunning him. “Take the bait you ass,” her hand hovered over her wrist guard, waiting for it to draw an interest to it before sending it on a route to draw it away from the trio.

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