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Fantasy That bum has a funny sign... "Will save the world for gold."


The one who made Aerth
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It's a medieval fantasy in the world of Aerth. A plain of existence with all manner of monsters magic and humanoid races most people are familiar with. Elves, dwarfs, goblins etc.
Im hoping for three or four players who'd like to run a campaign to save the world from certain doom.


Long story short monsters similar to the one above have been popping up all over the place in these towers that appear overnight. Monsters flock to these towers and the population of deadly shit has risen tremendously.
The characters would be adventurers (or travellers who can handle themselves somewhat) who get roped into saving the world by the twin gods of fate, one guiding the group towards a fate that saves Aerth. The other leading the party towards a doomed end...
Both have equal amount to share be it advice or tasks to be completed.

Looking for players able to post once or twice a week, no limit on length but I would prefer a paragraph or more.

A soft magic system is in play and its easy to grasp, the other thing to mention is im hoping to use the dice on rpn similar to Dnd-5e in the way I give a number between 1 and 20 to represent difficulty in a situation/event and the players roll in a ooc thread to determine how well their character went.

If this seems like your jam hit up this page and I'll make the ooc and cs pages as needed.
I'd love to join^^
i'd love to join as well ^_^

For anyone else looking feel free to post a cs or ask a question on this page or in a pm
They can be a goblin, but they would have to be pretty unique in the way of surviving without being in a pack and knowing to conceal their appearance until trust is earned.

98% of goblins on aerth are basically dumbass hunters who only pose a threat with numbers and stealth.
They reproduce quickly and die quicker mostly due to schemes beyond their skills and violence among themselves and everything else that's alive. Goblins will enslave creatures if able to but many tribes find themselves in service to a bigger bad. They live to the age of 60 but any goblin reaching 50 is unheard of. 35-40 is considered a goblin elder and they are either badass/lucky/very very sneaky
is there any examples of races we can use for our character? i wanna make sure my character is fine haha
Half elf, human, hobbit/halfling, dwarf, animal humanoids known as beastkin.
Variants of those mostly.

Dark elves, wood elves and sun elves being the common sorts of half elves

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