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The Clown Prince of Crime
The Senteln met with Judgeseer Liandra of Sed'rann.
Liandra made a generous offer, and after a carefull talk and vote, it had been decided that the people of Relklym would be moved to settle in half the land of Sed'rann, until an oppurtunity presents itself to retake the land of Relklym.

Action 1 announce Senteln's decision to the people of Relklym.

Action 2 replace Old tribal flag

Action 3 unused.
Khanate of Svizz, Khan's tent, late in the morning.

A huge chunk of a red wood tree was located in the middle of the Khan's tent. It acted as table of sorts. The wood seemed old, aged, something from Zog's reign. The table indeed was of the great Zog himself, it had once been the old king's centrepiece for each of his diets. The table had been the centrepiece of almost all the diets of men and in doing so was the centrepiece of the men's history too. The table had the dent when Zog had slammed his first during the first diet, the cuts and grooves made by the traitorous lords of the second diet and the blood stains from the last diet. The khan had kept the table because like his father he was aware of the significance that it had. The empire did not have a throne and would probably never have one; The table was the only artefact that had overseen the formation of this khanate and it was the only thing that would remain after the khanate is ash. The runes made the wood capable of being indestructible. The old oracles had even prophesied that the red wood would usher golden age for the owner and his family but the payment for this would be in blood.

The Khan stared at the map that set atop the table. It was made out of animal skin. The map was a frankenstein, made from the flesh of pigs, sheep, elk and the occasional jungle beasts like the golden bears or sober tooth. The centre of the map had the meat of chimera and on it the Khanate of Svizz. Alexander had been staring at the map for hours now. Alex had been awake since early in the morning or perhaps he had not slept at all. The Khan himself did not know the answer to this. As of recent sleep had eluded him. A pragmatic leader and a masterful tactician was no stranger to the woe's of man. Alex had made certain that no succession crisis or opposition would remain with the third diet of men but in doing so he had also killed the ones he loved the most. His mother, his brother and his cousin. He no longer had a family, no one to call his own. In the last decade the Khan had lost everything and for what? A piece of land? People who are starving from shortage of food? Was it all worth it?

The Khan lacked answers and the questions were only growing. Growing like a tumour, killing him from inside. Alex was sure what he had down as wrong but he wanted to know if it was worth it. Tormented by his own mind Alex attempted to distracted himself. He looked around endeavouring to guide peace back into his mind. Alex gazed first left then right, realising that he was surrounded by men. The leader of his personal guard, the head of his army, the representative of his people and many more heads of his administration. It just struck alexander that these people had been here for hours with him and none of them had uttered a word, not a single cough or sigh; There had been complete silence in the room for hours now. Was this fear? Alex wondered. Did they not move because they feared him. Alex's actions had demonised him for many, no human should be capable of such massacre, for whatever cause it may be. A chill crept through Alex's spin and emptiness took over his heart. He felt alone, very alone almost like an island in the middle of the ocean. Desperate Alex glanced around once more, looking careful at everyone. Everyone was looking back at the Khan. They were not scared or terrified. Their eyes met the Khan's, their chin were up high. Could they know? Could they understand? Alex wondered. The men around the khan were not terrified but were in awe. They were proud of their Khan, ready to follow him into anything. They respected the khan. At this moment Alex realised that he was not alone, he wasn't without family. The Khanate, every man, child, women and horse of the Khanate was his own. They were all a giants family. This helped relax Alex and so assists his chaotic mind to calm again. His thoughts began to channel. The great Khan looked onto the map and then to his guard's commander before finally settling his gaze on his trusted diplomate Shah Tim.

With a deep and husky voice the Khan spoke, " Begin the assembly. ". With that one command, the conclave of the highest members of the Khanate began to discuss issues of importance. Topics regarding the food shortage, the threats that surround the Khanate, the need of better training for the soldiers and the need to pillage and conquer. The Khan sat silently. He saw as the conversation turned to a debate and started to heat. He noticed as the debate turned into an argument and then decay into almost a brawl. " ENOUGH! ", exclaimed the Khan as he slammed his fist on the table. Regaining his composure the Khan spoke, " I have heard enough. " and that was enough. No member of this assembly would dare question the Khan's order. The Khan hinted for the impearl guard's commander and Shah Tim to stay. The Khan then proceeded to give them their instructions. The Khan had a plan, a strategy to make the Khanate more than just a clan.

Court of Sousons Lord:

Shah Rim: The imperial diplomat of the Khanate of Svizz entered the court of the lord of Sousons clan. The diplomat, Shah Rim carried himself with pride, his red cape flowing behind him. Shah walked in a fast pace, one suggestive of urgency. The diplomate was indeed in a hurry. Soon Shah was in front of the lord. It is now that Shah finally took a deep breath and gazed around the room. He paused a few moments. The diplomate knew the importance that his actions would have, he was after all the Khan's choice and the weight of this choice held heavy on Shah's shoulders today. " Greeting to his imperial majesty, I come here on the request of my great Khan. ", Shah said in a calm and composed tone. His voice was loud and clear for the entire court to hear. Shah placed around once, trying go gage the mood of the room before continuing. " The great Khan, My great Khan offers you a helping hand in the time of your need. Before the collapse of the empire the house of Sousons and Svizz were always on good terms and so in your hour of need, the Svizz shall come to your aid. The war between you and the Saru has gone far too long. Their raids have brought chaos to your divine clan. They have burnt your fields, stolen ur horses, stolen your women, stolen your children and now they also indent on stealing ur land! My Khan is not willing to let this continue any further and so on his behalf I would propose a treaty binding us together into a non aggression pact at least till the Barbaric threat of Saru is dealt with. This might even lead to a possible friendly future between our two clans. In addition to that, the Khan is willing to guide his horde into the Saru scum, helping you destroy their clan to ash. The Khan has also proposed that their lands shall be separated equally. The Khan would be willing to take the harsher northern mountainous land along with its mines, and he offers to you the more fertile south so that your citizens can go to sleep with a belly full of food and rum.", with this speech, Shah bowed, showing his respect to the lord and awaited a response.

Suleman Tun: Suleman was a young diplomat, barely in his 30s. He had been hand picked by the Khan and trained under his watchful eye. Suleman had finally obtained a chance to make the Khan proud, prove that he was a right choice. The diplomat, who was once the Khan's squire was finally about to prove that he wasn't a squire no more, he was now a part of the Khan trusted. Suleman entered the court of the Sert lord with his chest pumped and chin high. He was nervous, very nervous but made sure to not show it. His pace was slower, slower than that of Shah. Suleman was not in a hurry. He had nothing to worry about. He had been trained for this moments, he knew what to do and only had to just do it. He stood five paces away from the lord. " His imperial majesty, I come from the court of the great Khan of Svizz, the son of the late great Zog, the son of the olden emperor and the only heir to the throne. I come here in lieu of the great Khan to present to you his offer. The great Khan recognises your honour. He recognises that only a few have anything left like honour in this land. He recognises that you were among the only lords to not rebel against the capital the moment the late great Zog was claimed by death's grip. He commends you and offers a partnership. In the olden days, till now you have always been a loyal supporter of the capital and our great Khan recognises it. He offers to consider the equal, not a lord to the capital but a lord equal to it. He offers to lift the trade taxes that Kiev imposes on your country. He offers to see our kingdoms as friends, he sees you as an equal lord and a friend. He also offers you the fertile southern lands of the Saru. Our great Khan wants an alliance with you, under which if the Khanate of Svizz would be supported by the great Khan of Sert in the event of a war between the Saru and the Svizz. Upon victory in such a war, the land of Saru would be divided equally with the southern part being given to the Sert and the Northern to the Svizz." , with this grand speech, Suleman stops and takes a breath, a deep breath. He looks around before realising his blunder. He immediately boys to the lord of Sert, awaiting his response.

Action 1: The commander along with 10 of his elite would train the army with an emphasis on discipline, organisation, tactics and WAR!
Action 2: Shah time will go towards the Lord of Clan Sousons with a offer. I will tell the message to typ13. With an additional job that won't be for this turn or action.
Action 3: Another diplomat, Suleman Tun would got to Clan Sert with an offer. Will message typ13 for the same.
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Furryman village, Vosto Passage

Dwarven diplomat and the locals awkwardly stared at eachother. After it became apparent they share no language, both parties tried to talk with simple sign language, but that wasn't very successful. After a few misunderstandings, dwarf gave up and walked away back to the expedition.

-And, how did it go?-one of the soldiers asked-Did they tell you anything useful?

-We couldn't even find a common language, they don't speak dwarven or any human language we know.

-Well, that's bad. We will send a message to capital, maybe they have some old dictionaries somewhere.

Tunnels under Khimlodar

Small army led by Buddorlum defated several scorpion-like creatures. Large arthropods weren't much of a threat to dwarven soldiers, but for typical miner, armed only with a pickaxe they were a real danger.

-What do we do now, sir?-dwarven captain asked-We killed some, we could go back to the city.

-No soldier.-Buddorlum replied-We need to find and destry their lair, only then will our mines be safe. Move it lads, we still have more work!

Action 1: One of the axemen from Surface expedition is sent back to capital with a message, rest of the expedition proceeds north.

Action 2: Buddorlum's expedition looks for monster nest.
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Continental Legend
She is known as the knight of sky. In many cultures, she and her kind named differently. In human cultures, they were called "Angels"; In Furryman tribes, they were called Patahgra, the owners of skies; and, dragons as well as skyfolk called them guardians. Unfortunately, elf nations named them as devils. The reason is unknown since many nations in the continent was not able to communicate with elven nations properly.

Among all those nations, one of them specifically named this "angel". She was accepted as their goddess. She was called "Holthrondus". Galvrons were worshipping because they believed that she was the source of Light and Wisdom.

As the humans call them, she was very unique among angels. She had amazing powers to supress nations, monsters and go against gods. After the defeat of False Creations, she fled to deep skies because she became the main target of all gods in every single religion. Jealousy was the main reason since she saved the people and showed merciful wings of justice. So people started to worship her instead of gods. This caused conflicts among angel groups.

A thousand year passed, ancient world became more aware and developed. Their understandings changed and old ways were forgetten as well as existence of her. Both by the gods and their people...

People of Khanate was proud of their leader. They were eager to fight under his banner and die. Every night, many old warrios were gathering around bonfire and talking about the good old days of their khanate. This activities and culture were leading country to have a ideological way. Kids were raising with hopes of riding with Khan and his army. Women were waiting for the day they are needed for military and raising their son to see the outside world.

But after all these eager, soldiers were lack of training. Most of them couldn't face a real war and the people who were ready to die was sufforing because of food shortage but among all these problems, most frightining one was Kiev is main target of all clans. Some of them might be less ambitious about conquering the old capital but still hunger for blood to rule the whole Khanate was blinded the clan lords.

Shah Rim was given a positive answer by the lord of Sousons. They were already filled with problems from their north. Even tho they could get enough wood resources for their equipment, they had to face the wolves of the north because of that, they warriors were great hunters and well trained fighters.
Sousons were glad to accept the deal of Khanate.

Suleiman Tun was not lucky unlike Shah Rim. Lord of Clan Sert was not really interested in with the offer. Instead it was pretty much like wasting resources. He was sad to fail the Khan. Before going back he was given a feast to show how Clan Sert is strong all alone. He decided to write report about the clan
"They were not really interested in the deal. It seems like their storages filled with healthy animals and foods. Unfortunately, I was not able to find the source of food surplus but more foods mean more soldiers. I could only count around 500 soldiers by myself. There might be more or less.

And, I am deeply sorry about my failure. I am ready to take any punishment."
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The queen nods, pleased that these risks are paying off so far. There is still much work to be done, but things are going better. That said, her daughter has told her about Bagdal, and how cruel they are to their slaves. While Slavery is legal in Almara, she will not allow this.

She sends a summons to her advisors to speak about this, knowing any decision on actually making a new law should involve them as well.

In the meantime, that northern section of the sea won’t stay clear without patrols. She writes up an order to construct a barracks there, as well as planting some fruit seeds around it. Ideally, this new settlement will be self sufficiant in the future.

-Call a meeting to discuss Almara’s slavery laws.
-Construct a Barracks in the northern sea. Send 150 warriors, and 200 Spearmen.
-Begin farms around the barracks to feed soldiers there.
Responses for the turn:


The Dungeon/ Mines:
-> The dwarf axe man returns to the capital, carrying excessive number of books with him. The older, wiser dwarf look through the books, trying to find the language spoken by these tribesman. The whole thing is for nothing. None of the books mentioned this foreign language, it seemed that it was the first contact between the species. The dwarfs looks at each other puzzled, unable to produce a form of communication between the two species. Then out of a sudden a young dwarf emerges, she carried a stone. The runes on it were ancient, very ancient. The stone seemed to even outlive the dwarfs in the capital, dead or alive. The girl hands the stone to the tribe's head. The tiny girl uses his tiny palm to gesture the tribesman to speak. As the tribesman speaks, the rune of the stone starts to glow emerald in colour. The room gains this greenish tint and suddenly the tribesman language is understandable to the dwarfs! The tribesman did not change his dialect but somehow this magical stone had made it so that the little dwarfs could not understand what he was saying. Both parties rejoice and a celebration ensues in the capital. The tribesman are in awe of dwarven inventions, adoring their armour, weapons, machinery but most of all their pickaxes. "You could mine into obsidion with this!", a tribesman exclaimed. The tribesman seemed friendly and docile to the dwarfs. They even revealed knowledge of the north of the mountain that was ruled by tall beings that had pointy ears.

-> The mine seems to keep getting darker as the dwarven band lead by Buddorlum moves forward. The mine have been dark since their very creation. These ancient catacombs represent the world that has banished the Sun's rays. The mines are home to many creature, some arthropods others orcs and then some that can only be described as true evil. As the group progresses forward a faint light is visible, the light is twinkling. As the band approach the light they realize these are gemstones but not just any gem stones. These are runic gemstones. They can't be harvested or cut, they are part of the mountain and should never be separated, otherwise just as a leaf from a tree the gems would slowly lose their shine and would turn to nothing but rocks. As dwarfs move further and with this the number of gems increase, slowly lighting up the cavern. Soon a few white, silver strings are visible. Then as the dwarfs continue forth the strings become more numerous in size and in just ten paces, it is clear that the strings are made of wool or cotton but are the web of a spider. A spider possession a huge web ought to be huge as well. One of the dwarfs touches the web only to realize its sharp enough into leather. Infuriated he hits it with his axe, finally cutting the web. Suddenly there is a minor tremor in the mine, followed by a shriek of a man.

->The Millitary advisor could see proudly at the expansion of his men. His army had gotten bigger, five hundred men bigger. The recent expansion of the army would help secure the country not just from invading enemies but also economic ones. With this army the country was regaining its strength, its strength to protect its lands, its people and its trade.

-> A new Inn was interrogated near the gates of the capital. The inn seemed grand, made from the best timber and stone in the land. The entrance was made from a single birch log and the path leading was made of cobblestone, neatly laid to form a pattern of sorts. All of the three of the advisors were present for the event. There was a grand celebration, one that the Sed'Rann were known for, one that showed their wealth not just in culture and knowleadge but also wealth in general. But as the celebration calmed down, a group of vizi in black cloaks and a white banner entered the gathering. One vizi came in front and yelled, "The country is doomed. We are doomed. You are doomed. EVERYONE IS DOOMED. These foolish advisors have only made us weak, nothing more!". The crowd of the hooded men agreed in unison and then began to throw pebbles and rocks at the gathering, Exclaiming that the leadership was flawed and will doom the country.

-> The night grew silent as the explores continued on their detour on the way back. The night was quiet, not the hoot of an owl or the howl of a wolf. The night was too quiet. As the explorer's continue they saw a wagon crashed on the side of the rode. They rushed towards the wagon just to realize no one was there. Upon further inspection a body was found under the wagon. The body was mutilated, as if mauled by an animal. The head explorer inspected the bite marks, "wolfs? dogs? BEARS?" he wondered as he placed his finger on the dead man's wounds. These were no bite marks he realized. The markings were made by a blunt tool. Someone had gutter the man, gutted the man alive.

(OCC: Lucky rolls my dude)

->The queen had heard the stories of Bagdal, rumors about their cruelty to another living being. To the Bagdal the slaves were nothing mroe than tools, Tools that were supposed to be used and then thrown away. These stories about the barbaric Bagdal had affected the queen on a emotional level. She was admant to not let such barbarianism prevail in her country and so she called a meeting. Everyone of importance was present in the meeting. Everyone looked up to their queen, ready to accept whatever she would decide. There was no shred of disloyalty or questioning of the queen's orders.

-> The barracks and the farm had been set up well. The soldiers finally after a hard day of work were able to rest. They sat down to finally eat their meals when they heard a sound. It was faint but distinct. A cry followed it. It wasn't of any creature that they had known before. It was foul almost evil in a way. Soon enough the sound began to grow. small ripples inside the water were becoming visible. It was as if a titan had been released from the depths of hell. All the seafolk rushed outside in an attempt to find the source of the commotion. They could see a dark figure approaching from the north. Another cry was heard and the creature began to come close. Soon enough it was clear that the creature wasn't any shark or whale, it was something bigger more sinister. Soon the creature was upon the seafolk. The brave warriors rushed to defend their newly constructed barracks. The creature's crimson read eye stared at the warriors. The warriors stood their ground, not willing to disappoint their queen. The creature was gigantic, a levithan of sorts. Its gargantuan hands were webbed and so were its feet. It carried a trident, one that fitted the beast perfectly, too perfectly. The runes on the trident shinned deep purple as the beast screeched, causing the soldiers to go deaf. The beast then charged into the soilders and a battle begun. After the commotion cleared, only two-fifth (140) of the original sea folk remained. The beast had been wounded, perhaps mortally and it had retreated back north. The trail of its gooey girl blood easy to spot. The barracks had also been damaged but only slightly. The soldiers would first tend to their wounds and then repair the barracks.

The Beast afterwards was captured by Karmina. She used her powers to surpress the beast and until the beast gives up she continued to torture. At some point, the beast gave up. Karmina didn’t... she started to make the beast obey her.(will take 3 turns)

(OCC: Bad dice roll on second sadly. The barracks and farms are up and running though.)

@Daric J Fender
->All government officers gathered in front of the great tent. One of the soldiers blowed a horn to gather people around for important issues. People were pretty panicked after the serious incidents since last few days. Some of them was thinking about declining the goverment and being part of the Empire or declaration of war to the Empire. Galvrons in the square was filled with despair. Oldest Sentelna started to talk with a magic that helps him to increase his volume. He starts to speak with his broken voice due to old age.

"Welcome to all residence of our lovely country. We have been having issues regarding to our independence. Unfortunately, the empire rejected our offers and human greedy decided to spread its sickness around out lands. In that time, our most reliable ally opened their door. They offered us a help. A help that gives us new land and secure our people until we take back our homeland."
Crowd stayed in silent for a while. It could be seen that a group of military people were unhappy with the desicion. It was a direct attack to their honor and they know that a debt to Sed'rann was incoming.

As the crowd kept their silent he also kept it until he saw a show that resembles Grilisha.

"We believe that we will work hard to develop ourself into a new civilization that would be surpressing the Empire. We will work together to overcome barriers in our future. We are Galvrons. We are best hunters in the western continent. As well as our hunting habits, our ambitious are proven with the magic that requiers our life.

Don't bow your head because in the near future, we will find our way."

Except some part of the military commanders and soldiers, rest of the folk was cheering him. Even tho they were losing their long lasted lands, they had trust in their government.

->Preparations to migrate was started. Armies of the empire started to invade the area. They also created a talented warrior band in order to clean the migration road so it will be easy for Galvrons to reach their destination.

Battlingsun soldiers and Galvrons were looking at each other with despise. Some of the human soldiers were thinking they were lucky since it would be impossible to not to lose anyone to these hunters. Same goes for the Galvorns. Technology and equipment the humans were using was supperior than theirs. Which was demoralizing their military and rest of the folk who wanted to fight against them.

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The people of Sed'rann were surprised and slightly irritated by how these vizi where acting and talking about the royalty , once they started throwing rocks , the guards had , had enough of them and moved in , arresting every single one , charging them with defamation of character against the advisers , attempted assault against the citizens at the gathering and promotion of anarchy . The defamation of character is not such a dangerous crime to commit so that wouldn't have landed them in jail....however their promotion of anarchy and attempted assault against citizens of the nation will land them in jail for a really long time .

- at the palace -

The advisers were in a stir as they pondered

Adviser of Military : What was that today .....what could drive a group of vizi citizens to crime like that , they could have hurt someone at the gathering ! "

Adviser of Culture : We know , we know .....we are as baffled as you are over the situation , vizi would never commit such acts on free will "

Adviser of Economy : You suggesting that there might be something that force them to do so ?"

Adviser of Culture : No....not that , if that was the case , we would have known what caused it"

Adviser of Military : I would suggest that we withhold our speculations until the Judgeseer returns from her journey "

Adviser of Economy : I think we should investigate the matter , this isn't something that would regularly happen in Sed'rann , we need to find out what caused vizi of all races , to act like they did

Adviser of Culture : Agreed

Adviser of Military : i still say we should wait for the Judgeseer to get back ....but since you two seem so set on doing it , i guess we could try and at least find leads to this

the advisers agreed with each other before continuing with their daily duties

Despite what they saw at the wagon , the group decided to continue with their trip , not investigating further for it has nothing to do with them , though the guards did become more suspicious during their journey , they realized that they were almost close to their destination , making them speed up a bit with their journey

Action 1 : Arrested troublemakers and restored the peace
Action 2 : Opening investigation to the recent actions of Vizi citizens
Action 3 : Judgeseer Liandra traveled back to Sed'rann with the Galvrons
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Khimlodar, king's throne room

-Its a good thing we kept one of those old translation runes.-king said to the runesmith-If we are going to start a positive relations with those people, we should have more of those. Can we make additional runes?

-Yes, I think we can.-replied Nuzmaem Runemaster, leader of Runesmith Guild-If you can ship some silver and copper to the forge, we will begin right away.

-Good. Go take what you need from the warehouse.

When runesmith walked away, king picked up paper, quill and ink to write a letter.

Tunnels under Khimlodar

-Everyone, into formation!-Buddorlum shouted-Its not the end of trouble!

When all dwarves fell into position, hero looked around, trying ot figure out where did the scream come from.

-I think it came from here, sir.

-Right. Alright people, lets go! Looks like someone needs our help!

Action 1: Create more translation runes, to communicate with furrymen nearby easier.

Action 2: Buddorlum's expedition proceeds to look for the source of scream they heard in monster's lair.

Action 3: Old trade expedition still goes north.

Daric J Fender

The Clown Prince of Crime
After a meeting with Judgeseer Liandra of Sed'rann . . . .

Sinthus was just as pissed as the Military she was placed in charge of, but it couldn't be helped. Watching the self rightous humans filling the space as quickly as it was emptied was even more aggravating. Oh how she'd love to find out what their necks tasted like. Or their blood and melted fat in a goblet of Jilku.

Kly was holding their old flag. Brilliak approached him. "You've been staring at that for the past three hours Sentelna."
He nodded.
"Thinking. I remember the meanings of every part. The Galvron head, as asymbol of our people. Red for Skolokut, God of war, storms, and chaos. Yellow for Holthrondus of light and wisdom. When I see this flag each morning, I keep wondering if what we are doing is wise."
"No one is happy with this." Brilliak said.
"No they're not." Sinthus said. "We need hunters, and this time, they're going to play a major part in the war to retake our land. I am already formulating plans."
"Lay them out." Kly said.
"We have Holy Warriors which can act as a front for approaching the army. However our hunters are still slacking. We need them better organised."
Kly nodded. "Agreed. Problem is, given the progress of Battlingsun in recent history, they will have ways to wipe out the Holy warriors just as if they were a swarm of sectnids. We need armor. We need shields and better weapons."
"And we need numbers." Brilliak said. "There is still a chance that Sed'rann may decide we aren't worth helping. So we need to be prepared for such an outcome. I propose the construction of three temples to start. One for Holthrondus, one for Skolokut, but most importantly given our current circumstances, we need one for Helntesh, Goddess of shadow. And protection."
Kly nodded. "We need it."
Sinthus continued. "We need more Klindru hunters."
"I take it you have something specific in mind, Sentelna Sinthus?" Brilliak asked.
"Indeed. We need animals. I want to start implementing tamed beasts into our military." Sinthus said.
"Let's hope Battlingsun doesn't learn of this. By now I wouldn't be surprised if they have spies kee--" His eyes went wide.
"What?" Brilliak asked.
"I have suspicions." Kly said. "Call me paranoid, but, given the fact that Battlingsun sent a messenger to Sed'rann to say Ralklym is an illegal country, I wouldn't be surprised if that was a cover for whoever else they sent in to manipulate things fromthe inside. I need to speak with the Kort about adding a new rule to our Bill of Regulations."
"Why?" Sinthus asked.
"I need to make sure we don't have enemies hiding under our noses." He said.
Brilliak nodded. "Very well. I second that. We can't be too safe."

Later at the Gombugroln Kort room . . .

"Sentelna Kly, what brings you to us?" Kort Brimbirk asked.
"I have a proposition for the Bill of Regulations." He said.
"What sort?" asked Kort Grombol.
"With everything that is going on, we the Senteln realized that we need to take steps to ensure our enemies do not have the upper hand." Kly said.
"As if they haven't already? I'd say taking the motherland is a sizable upper hand, Sentelna Kly." Kort Hoshlung said.
"No. Because we know that land better than they. And we will take it back. But as long as we are careless, they will keep the upper hand. But with a law put in place, we may be able to make sure they don't gain more than they have."
"We are listening, Sentelna. Speak." Kort Grillok said.

Action 1: place new law on Bill of Regulations.-- All are required to wear no form of head dress. Nothing to obscure their facial features aside from tribal body paint.

Action 2: Send hunters to find potential tameable beasts for combat

Action 3: Begin construction of Temples in the following order: Helntesh, Holthrondus, and Skolokut
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Queen Minerva’s council and her discuss the matter of slavery for a long time, before coming to a consensus. Firstly, slaves must be taken for a reason. Certain crimes hold a punishment of slavery, and any uninvited humans are fair game. One can also sell themselves into slavery, but never another person.
Secondly, there are laws set in place for the treatment of slaves. They must be well fed, housed, and given access to medical care. And thirdly, there is always a time limit. A slave is set free after a period of time decided by either the crime committed, or the deal they made selling themselves.

Now that that unpleasantness is dealt with, she goes to see her daughter’s work on her beast. Minerva is in awe of it. And considering that it wields a trident, it could be intelligent… and there could be more of them. Someone had to make that thing. She immediately sends more soldiers to the barracks, one hundred spearmen and half of the remaining mages.

-New slavery laws as listed above.
-reenforce northern barracks with 100 spearmen and 25 magicians
-Construct a formal school sector for Almara’s citizens and the new teachers.
Continental News
A story of a warrior reached out to many folks. It was a story of a hero who goes to every country and clean out mess people created. It was said that he was part of the adventurers' guild in Battlingsun but Kingdom of Badgal states that he is from theirs. In Reality, he wears his armors like humans, he looks human but no one ever saw his face. He might be the real judge that was sent to this world but no one knows what exactly he wants or looks for. It is said that all the rulers should be kind to him if they do not want their end.

->Declaration of new laws left positive effect on people. They were quiet happy to know that the state is covering its people with the laws.

->Northern Barracks were reinforced with forces.

->New school provides a quality enviroment for education. People start to learn about Geography, Human History, Politics and mathematics.

->Karmina was still trying to calm the beast down when Queen arrived. The beast was hard to take care of since it was consuming too much food but since it got used to it. The beast started to listen Karmina slowly.
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->Declaration of new laws were right away was estabilished. People showed positive reaction towards the rules. Some guards put the rules in front of the main tribe tent. So it can be followed or used as source to implement laws.

->Some hunters were sent to find beasts but they couldn't find anything worth in their area. Only animals that can be consumable.

->Temples built and they had brought more options to people. Now people are eager to express their love to gods in different ways. Head of temples were quiet happy to have their own building. They would be serving the state as storage, education and military.

->Three new banners of three temples started to flap in the sky. 900 new soldiers were gathered in front of main tent. They were fresh but eager to serve the country. As they gave their oath to their temples, they were also ready to do it for the country. Some people were not ready to see large amount from temples but it was a necessery move for the country.
(Speach should be written by the player)

->Klem appears in front of the main tribe tent as he was asked to. (could be continued as 1x1 or the player can write all the situation between them)
->Translation rune was taken to the production. It will be soon so common enough to use by everyone.

->Expedition continues to the deep side of the caves. At some point, they had to come across with very narrow corridors to pass, it was nearly hard to protect theirselves in those situation but buddorlum was brave enough to go in front of everyone. They were expecting a huge spider nest but instead they have come across with something else. They found a very large area, like it was made by other dwarves but instead there were many eggs that contained monsters. Buddorlum understood that it was the nest of Scorpion-like monsters.

->Trade expedition was shown a short cut to elven kingdom. They cross the dangerous road that has high alttitude and then found themselves near by an enormous plain. Giant shiny walls of Elven kingdom could be seen on the horizon. They arrived there in 3 days. They spent their days looking at the walls of the kingdom. Elves were already aware of their existence coming towards them but they only waited.
When they came to near by gates, it was opened to them. They were surprised because it was a kingdom made by metal but it was old. And, the technology they had was very unique. They had hovering carts without no mount. They had unbelivable plumbing system all over the kingdom. Their clothes were very unique and revealing. They were tall and kind. They didn't give look of despising to dwarves. Instead many of them were happy to see guests to their homes.
Guards were seem to waking up since nothing was happening in their home. It was peaceful. Their spears are uniquely made as rest of the kingdom. It has double knife on each tip and they had weard looking things on their back that look like a pipe.
Their population was similar to Dwarves. It is not a lot but enough to run everything. At the end, they were welcomed to the Great Palace.
(Diplomacy started)
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Tunnels under Khimlodar, monster nest

Small dwarven army barged into scorpion lair. After a moment of surprise, attackers began rushing forward, destroying monster eggs.

-Everyone stop!-Buddorlum screamed-Get back into formation, we don't know what's out there!-when soldiers got back into safe formation, he continued-Proceed forward and maintain formation. Destroy everything that isn't made of stone, but be sure not to fall out of formation. There is propably something protecting the nest.

With that, dwarven expedition began advancing. In slow and orderly fashion, they destroy monster nest, ready to put up a fight if any defenders show up.

Khimlodar, mine construction site

Since construction of new mine was halted by the attacking monsters, the area stayed silent while Buddorlum and his army proceeded to seek out and destroy monster lair. Now, dwarven miners returned to the construction site, ready to pick up the work where it ended.

Kingdom of Aeria, elven capital

Dwarven traders entered the palace. They ended up in a rather large chamber, waiting for the king to call them in. Diplomats were nervously looking through the old dictionaries, preparing to translate discussion between traders and elven officials. Traders at the same time were discussing among themselves what to present to Aerian officials to convince them that trade with Khimlodar will be worthwhile.

-I think we should start with our metals. After all, in all recorded history there is no steel better than one dwarves forge.

-No no no, I am certain that our tools and forge preducts will strike their hearts more.

-Why would they? You seen what is outside and here. Their tools and weapons are only vaguely similar to our, sure they will prefer to forge these on their own.

-Yes, and that is why we should show tchem the gemstones and runestones. I tell you, they love beautiful things, our precious gems will speak to their taste.

-Gems yes, but why runestones? You have seen things they use here, they are either very talented magicians or are already able to create runes.

The discussion continued until visitors were called into the meeting.

Action 1: Buddorlum's expedition clears out monster nest in organized and secure fashin, making sure that no scorpion or whatever can get them by surprise.

Action 2: Resume construction of mine that was halted due to monster attacks.

Action 3: Trading expedition will present dwarven goods to elves in hopes of convincing them to trade.

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