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TES interest check (3rd Era /Morrowind timeline)



This was before the prophesy of Nerevarine came true. Before the Ghostgate became open, and the whole island could breath freely.
You were a group of mercenaries, spending their entire fortune by being overdrunk, overbrawld, and ridiculed by the skaals of Solstheim - a land that promissed opportunities, but left you poor and broken, angry, irritable, like a pack of once domesticated dogs, thrown out of their homes, now filled with hatred and disgust towards people. Scrapping your way around to return to the mainland, you were approached by someone. A mage, now succumb to the curse, offering you a well-paid job of delivering a group of runaway slaves she caught up to in Hirstaang forest back to their Telvani masters. With the Empire guarding the cities and transport, and abolitionists waging active guirella war, you cannot take the transport, and would have to cross the entire island on foot, making sure that none of the newly caught stock gets killed.

An interest check before the official recruitment thread!

  • Pre-Morrowind timeline (might overlap with a Nerevarine saga) for those of you who loved the third installment of the game.
  • You will take a role of newly-enlisted slavers, so most mer are advised for a race, some humans might be alright, but not beast races (rough preference in race: dunmer, altmer, bosmer, redguard, breton, imperal, orc).
  • Caves, ruins, shrines, lesser daedra, vampires, highwaymen, ashlanders, blight, and any creepy thing you were glad to be over with.
  • A gameplay for more evil-ish characters.
  • Vanilla towns, if you dare enter.
  • Cliffracers.

Looking for a group of 3+ active people who know how not to OP to engage in an adventure. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. If you express interest, and enough people are curious, I'll tag you in an official thread.

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