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Fandom Temporal Rainbow


Five Thousand Club
Ploegy Ploegy

Name: Dusk Spruce
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Hometown: Snowpoint City
Home Region: Sinnoh
Birthdate: October 31st
Height: 5’0” (152 cm)
Weight: 124 lbs (56 kg)
Blood Type: AB
Skin Color: Bronze with beige undertones
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Auburn with natural blond & copper highlights
Legendary Chosen: Dialga
  • Former Trainer
  • Former Coordinator
  • Former Member of Team Galactic
Pokemon Team

Type: Dragon/GroundType: Poison/DarkType: Normal/Flying Type: Steel/Dragon
Gender: MaleGender: MaleGender: Female Gender: Unknown
Ability: Sand Veil-Boosts the Pokemon's evasion in a sand stormAbility: Stench-By releasing stench when attacking, this Pokémon may cause the target to flinch.Ability: Big Pecks-Protects the Pokémon from Defense-lowering effects. Ability: Telepathy-Anticipates an ally's attack and dodges it.
Caught: Given to her by an administrator of Team Galactic upon joining them after losing her entire team except for a newly hatched Stunky Nature: Brave Caught: Stunky was won as an egg during a competition she took part in. It hatched shortly before the battle which would take her partner's life and cause her remaining Pokemon to abandon her Nature: Gentle Caught: Stole off of a young girl visiting from Kalos with her mother, Fletching was the first Pokemon she stole while on a mission for Team Galactic as a grunt. Nature: Timid Caught: Chosen as its champion though has been watching Dusk since a child Nature: Lonely
  • Sand Tomb-Ground/Physical
  • Tackle-Normal/Physical
  • Sand Attack-Ground/Status
  • Shadow Claw-Ghost/Physical (TM65)
  • Flamethrower-Fire/Special
  • Dragon Breath-Dragon/Special
  • Bulldoze-Ground/Physical
  • Rock Slide-Rock/Physical
  • Dig-Ground/Physical (TM15)
  • Metal Claw-Steel/Physical (egg move)
  • Poison Gas-Poison/Status
  • Scratch-Normal/Physical
  • Tackle-Normal/Physical
  • Focus Energy-Normal/Status
  • Fury Swipes-Normal/Physical
  • Snarl-Dark/Special
  • Smokescreen-Normal/Status
  • Dig-Ground/Physical (TM15)
  • Bite-Dark/Physical
  • Acid Spray-Poison/Special
  • Haze-Ice/Status (egg move)
  • Peck-Flying/Physical
  • Growl-Normal/Status
  • Quick Attack-Normal/Physical
  • Ember-Fire/Special
  • Flail-Normal/Physical
  • Steel Wing-Steel/Physical (TM30)
  • Protect-Normal/Status (TM25)
  • Feather Dance-Flying/Status
  • Fire Charge-Fire/Physical (egg move)
  • Scary Face-Normal/Status
  • Metal Claw-Steel/Physical
  • Dragon Breath-Dragon/Special
  • Ancient Power-Rock/Special
  • Slash-Normal/Physical
  • Flash Cannon-Steel/Special
  • Safeguard-Normal/Status (TM19)
  • Blizzard-Ice/Special
  • Breaking Swipe-Dragon/Physical
  • Thunderbolt-Electric/Special
  • Roar of Time-Dragon/Special
  • Dragon Claw-Dragon/Physical
  • Aura Sphere-Fighting/Special
  • Scale Shot-Dragon/Physical (tutoring)
Damaged Normally By: Normal 1x, Fighting 1x, Flying 1x, Ground 1x, Bug 1x, Ghost 1x, Steel 1x, Water 1x, Grass 1x, Psychic 1x, Dark 1x Weak To: Ice 4x, Dragon 2x, Fairy 2x Immune To: Electric 0x Resistant To: Poison 1/2x, Rock 1/2x, Fire 1/2x Damaged Normally By: Normal 1x, Fighting 1x, Flying 1x, Rock 1x, Bug 1x, Steel 1x, Fire 1x, Water 1x, Electric 1x, Ice 1x, Dragon 1x, Fairy 1x Weak To: Ground 2x Immune To: Psychic 0x Resistant To: Poison 1/2x, Ghost 1/2x, Grass 1/2x, Dark 1/2x Damaged Normally By: Normal 1x, Fighting 1x, Flying 1x, Poison 1x, Steel 1x, Fire 1x, Water 1x, Psychic 1x, Dragon 1x, Dark 1x, Fairy 1x Weak To: Rock 2x, Electric 2x, Ice 2x Immune To: Ground 0x, Ghost 0x Resistant To: Bug 1/2x, Grass 1/2 x Damaged Normally By: Ghost 1x, Fire 1x, Ice 1x, Dragon 1x, Dark 1x, Fairy 1x Weak To: Fighting 2x, Ground 2x Immune To: Poison 0x Resistant To: Normal 1/2x, Flying 1/2x, Rock 1/2x, Bug 1/2x, Steel 1/2x, Water 1/2x, Grass 1/4x, Electric 1/2x, Psychic 1/2x

Reserve Pokemon:

History: Dusk's birth parents are unknown. She was put into an orphanage shortly after birth and adopted by Patrick and Honey Spruce, the youngest child in a family of five with a pair of loving parents and two older brothers. Two older and protective brothers would be more accurate to say for they would always look out for her. She was like an answer to her parents prayers, having had a stillborn daughter earlier in the year. After being adopted, she was taken to Snowpoint City where she grew up yet unknown to her, her biological parents were a member of the Elite 4 of Kanto who was the son of a Frontier Brain and a former member of Team Aqua before it disbanded along with its counterpart Team Magma. She has a dragon pendant on a silver chain that she had at birth, the gemstones being aquamarine and fire opal with amethyst for the dragon's eyes. Her parents were able to learn of who her mother was and resolved never to tell the child they named Dusk of her heritage in hopes she wouldn't follow in her mother's footsteps. She grew up loved, her brothers protecting her the best they could but couldn't help feeling like her family was hiding something from her. On top of this, she felt like she was sometimes drawn into another world and a voice was trying to reach out to her but she could never make out who or what it was.

After getting her pokemon license at ten, she remained a couple years training beneath Professor Rowan as an assistant and learning what she could about Pokemon, beginning her journey two years later. Choosing a timid Piplup as her starter, they set out on their journey and on the way she met a boy who'd started out with a Rhyhorn, a boy who had come from Kanto and they traveled together as Zachary also engaged in the league but supported Dusk in her contests. She won her first two gym badges with a well balanced team but on her third gym everything changed. It was her third gym battle in Veilstone City. She had won two badges and the Floaroma Ribbon when she came across something she shouldn't have and was attacked. Her pokemon leapt to defend her, her newly evolved Prinplup fiercely fighting to protect his trainer, even without orders. Unfortunately not even Prinplup's new move Bubblebeam could stop the lightning that came from the sky nor the Raichu from striking it at the same time. Those of her team that hadn't passed abandoned her...all except her newly hatched Stunky and her Prinplup who had a lightning shaped burn scar on its body. Dusk was injured as well and was left for dead along with her pokemon. Far from any town or Pokemon Center, she was unable to save Prinplup and it died from its injuries two days later. Afterwards, Dusk quit her journey and headed home, only to discover her adoptive mother had been killed and it was Mercury who told her the truth...giving her the necklace she'd been found with and of her origins. It made her father angry and he and Mercury got into an argument about it, her brother unable to stop his sister from fleeing into the night...her Leafeon and Beautify she'd traded a Drifloon for abandoning her that were stationed at home in Professor Rowan's lab.

After that argument between Mercury and her father, Dusk never returned home. Instead she disappeared with her Stunky, occasionally battling but never did much of it and avoided areas frequented by trainers and coordinators alike. She became homeless, taking a few odd jobs to try to get by but eventually, at nineteen, joined Team Galactic. There she was given a new family and home...and a new partner, a feisty Gible who was sassy and liked taking naps. For a while, Dusk was able to block out the dreams and the voice calling to her but it's gotten more frequent and the creature slowly takes shape in her mind, speaking that she must unite with a trainer to prevent a disaster from affecting the entire world, only revealing itself to be the legendary Temporal Pokemon, Dialga. She would leave Team Galatic that same night, following Dialga's words and set out for Unova.

From as long as she could remember, she had always been drawn to the sea. Ever since she saw the Wallace Cup taking place in person when her parents had taken her and her brother Dominic, seen her oldest brother Mercury competing in his own contest in Hearthome City, she had wanted to be both a coordinator and a trainer. The beauty of contests...the way you can use those in gym battles...she had eagerly begged her mother for lessons and her mother, being a former Coordinator herself, had willingly taught the child. It was no surprise when she turned ten that she would end up choosing that same path, that of both trainer and coordinator. For a while, her journey had gone well until one fateful day...the day after her loss at the Veilstone City Gym. Even now, so many years later, it hurt to think of the abandonment of her Pokemon who believed she was weak. Perhaps that was part of the reason she had joined Team Galactic, to prove to herself and her Stunky that she wasn't weak. Yet fear of losing her Pokemon, fear of losing her life, kept her from participating in many battles and thus she didn't do many missions that required fighting other trainers.

The SS Dragonair sailed ever closer to the region of Unova, a region unknown to many of the Pokemon world barring those who resided within it. "Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" Dusk's voice entered the silence of her room, Fletchling preening her feathers as she rested on a chair in the woman's cabin while Stunky slept beside her and Gible stared out the window of the room at the sea passing by.

"I am sure," spoke the voice of Dialga that seemed to fill both the room and her head at the same time. "I have chosen you young one, scared though you may be as another has been chosen though even I cannot see who it is that has been chosen. I believe you can do great things. Just trust yourself and your Pokemon Dusk."

From outside the ship's horn blew as they approached Driftveil City, a port that brought in many goods. it was here that was the SS Dragonair's destination and it was here that Dusk was, according to Dialga, supposed to find this other trainer who was from a different region than her own. Reluctantly, the young woman would get to her feet and recall her three Pokemon to their pokeballs, slipping them onto the belt around her waist, each pokeball having a moon with three stars on it. This was so she could know her poke balls from others in the event they got jumbled up with someone else's. This was a habit she had not given up from her journey as a beginning trainer and coordinator.

Checking her backpack and double checking her room, she then zipped up her bag and headed out into the hallway, closing the door behind her and making her way up to the deck. From here she watched as the ship moved into port and stopped, lines being thrown to tie the ship securely to the dock so passengers and cargo could be both unloaded and disembark. Emerging onto the docks, she looked around her before following the crowd of people into the city. Dialga spoke to her again and she paused to listen to the Temporal Pokemon's voice. "Go to the Celestial Tower which lies at the end of Route 7 according to the sleeping Reshiram and Zekrom, the twin dragons, but you can receive a map of this region I believe within the Pokemon Center or a guidebook," said Dialga. Dialga's voice left Dusk's mind as she would be unable to answer the Temporal Pokemon but yet felt the pokemon's comforting presence as she began to look for the Pokemon Center, finding a guidebook and a regional map that she took when finding they were free and left. Opening the guidebook, she found that Driftveil City was home to the Driftveil City Gym. She sighed as she then headed out towards Route 6, hoping she didn't run into any wild Pokemon yet knowing that highly likely or worse, potential other trainers. Her Pokemon might be able to handle themselves, given despite her reluctance to fight her Pokemon had grown in power with training battles with other Team Galactic members but she was not sure she was in the right state of mind to handle herself.
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basic info
neuvile, axel
    axel neuvile
    chosen ho-oh hero
    october 3rd
    ❝People and pokemon, we are meant to be together no matter what. I will protect that until the end❞
    5’06” | 167.6 cm
    137 lbs | 62.1 kg
    black with burgundy tips
    dark red
    Given his age, Axel appears to be quite baby-faced and is often mistaken for being younger than he actually is. It is both a curse and a blessing that he cannot escape. He also has a large, noticeable burn mark on his forehead which he received from a dancing accident. He doesn't like to talk about it and often avoids the topic. Aside from this, the way he dresses also makes him stand out. He has a very traditional sense of fashion and is often found wearing a pale blue haori with a wave pattern on it and a black shirt under. On the bottom, he wears a loose, black hakama that allow him to move freely around. With his hakama he dons white tabi and a pair of black traditional sandals. To top off his look, he wears a pair of long earrings which have been passed down in his family for many generations.
    ❝All my life I have hidden behind traditions and thought them to be the norm. I would have never guessed the world beyond would be so different after all.❞
    Axel is a polite, yet mildly insensitive young man. While he does his best to show kindness towards his peers, he sometimes does not pick up on social cues and may overstep or say things that he should not. He is often quick to apologize and can be a bit of a pushover because of this, however he is working on it. He often tries to have more confidence in himself and to understand others better than he currently does. Despite this flaw, Axel tends to keep a happy-go-lucky personality type. Others may find it rather annoying and dislike him for it, but it is simply how he is. He rather look on the positive side of things and find more peaceful solutions, though he is willing to fight if he must. There are times where he can be pessimistic, but they are rare and they often mean that something is bothering him. It is easy to tell when something is off with him for he is quite bad at hiding his own emotions. He is generally an expressive person, though he often tries to avoid the more negative forms of expression if he can. Most of the time his efforts to do such fail though. Unlike what his personality might suggest, Axel oddly is a strong pokemon trainer and very connected to his pokemon. He finds bonds with them just as important as those with people. This makes him the perfect candidate for his current role. He is very protective over not only his pokemon, but those he is close with as well. This part of his personality is what drives his competitive side. Though this side isn't much, he truly doesn't like to see pokemon or his friends hurt and will do what he must to prevent it. While such is cliché and it does embarrass Axel that he is this way, he doesn't try to avoid it. Overall, he is a young man with a big heart that he wears on his sleeve.
code by Nano

All his life, he had spent most of his days in Johto living a rather quiet and sheltered life, even when he went off to explore. Travels to other regions wasn't something he did, although there had been a few occasions in which Axel had visited the neighboring region of Kanto. Often those had been to speak with members of the Kantonian League members and make sure things were running smoothly not only with their league, but the region as well. Luckily for him, both regions were in a time of peace, creating little trouble for him. It made him nervous to think of the possibility of danger facing his own people, especially now that he sat at the top and was regarded as the region's strongest trainer at the moment. Years ago, he would have never seen himself taking on such a role or even being close to doing such a thing, yet the bonds with his pokemon carried him to where he was now. He was champion of Johto and now a chosen trainer of Ho-Oh. Would he have gotten this far without his status? That was a question even Axel could not answer. All he could do was accept the situation he was in and heed Ho-Oh's call. That was exactly what he had done.

Now he found himself flying from Johto to Unova all because the legendary bird directed him to. Admittedly, he lacked confidence in his current objective. Unfamiliarity, while exciting, did scare him. He had read much about the other regions in his spare time, but reading was far different than experiencing firsthand. He had learned that years ago when on his own journey through Johto. The traditional upbringing he had was not a widespread thing across the region like he had originally suspected it to be. He assumed the same would apply with the likes of Unova, although to a far greater extent than he had experienced in his own homeland. Visitors weren't a common thing in Unova from what he had gathered, and they seemed to lack the same traditional sense that Johto had. In simple terms, he was bound to stick out like a sore thumb. Axel had planned for as much. While his appearance often did lend him to being easily recognizable among even his own people, this was going to be much different. Blending in was no option for him, nor did he plan on doing such. He was far too stubborn to let go of his traditional dress in order to take on a more "modern" dress style. It was part of who he was.

Leaning back in his seat, Axel's gaze momentarily moved to the window next to him and he stared down at the runway that awaited below. They'd be landing soon enough. His nerves already were kicking in, causing him to close his eyes and take a moment to breathe. Finding rhythm is his breaths, the young champion found some semblance of calm before he opened his eyes again. "Relax. Relax," he mentally told himself. Getting worked up now would be no good, nor was it befitting of someone of his position, or at least that was how others often saw it. While most champions didn't show it, he was sure that they too felt the pressure put upon them and did have moments when their nerves took over. He simply struggled to hide it like many others could. Expressing such emotions came easy to him, and it was hard to contain them, especially when he found himself with few others around. Besides him, the plane was rather empty. That was both a blessing and a curse.

"You will be landing soon," came Ho-Oh's voice in his mind. It wasn't the first time it had spoken to him, but it took him off guard nevertheless. "Once you've landed, I will guide you to your destination. Is that clear?" Axel gave a slow nod of his head, finding himself at a loss for words in the current moment. He could only hope the gesture would suffice. He could feel the bird's presence around him, despite it being nowhere in sight. When no response came after, the champion assumed his answer had been accepted and allowed himself to relax once more. The tension that had quickly entered his body before, left just as fast, leaving him in a state of calm.

Moments passed, and soon enough the plane touch down. Its landing shaking the poor Johto champion and causing him to mentally panic albeit briefly. For his first flight in a plane, things had gone much smoother than he had anticipated. Still, Axel could have gone without the minor whiplash that the landing brought with it. Gathering his bag from the overhead compartment and slinging it over his shoulder, Axel made his way off the plane, steadying his breathing as he did so.

With his feet on the ground, a sigh of relief escaped his lips. Finally he was in Mistralton City. Stepping out from the airport, he looked around wide eyed. Much to his surprise the airport was surrounded by lush greenery and within it sat the city itself. It was stark contrast to the airport he currently stood outside, but a welcome one nonetheless. In a way, it offered a sense of familiarity, which in turn comforted him. Maybe things wouldn't be as bad as he expected. His positive thoughts were abruptly cut short as Ho-Oh's voice once again echoed in his head,
"On the northern side of the city you will find Route 7. Take it, for it will lead to your actual destination- Celestial Tower." Celestial Tower. How fitting that Ho-Oh would be leading him to such a location. "Before you depart, I recommend finding a Pokemon Center and making sure all your supplies are in check first." Following the legendary's orders, Axel moved forth towards the city that awaited him with his destination in mind- a Pokemon Center.


Five Thousand Club
The weather was nice in Unova, a far cry from the rainy night in which Dusk had left Team Galactic behind. She passed a market on her way to Route 6 that took up much of the city and was located on the western side according to the guidebook and the road ahead of her was lined with many trees. Pausing at the sign she read the following:

Route 6

"A road with many trees for nature lovers."

Connects Driftveil City and Mistralton Cave to the east and Chargestone Cave to the northwest.

"Trees...that means we may run into some Flying type Pokemon possibly," said Dusk to herself. Looking out over the route, she could hear the sound of a river or perhaps many rivers and switched out her guidebook for her read that this route had a cave entrace on the east side of the river to Mistralton Cave. She couldn't see the cave entrance yet from where she stood at the sign so assumed it was further upstream. The river at least brought a sense of peace to the young woman and she started across the first of five bridges along the route.

As she traversed the route, she passed along trees on one side of her with grass that ranged from tall to short bordering the treeline. Not having a Pokedex suited for the Unova region, she couldn't tell what these Pokemon she might encounter here were, only knowing of those from the Sinnoh region. Her pokemon tucked safely in their pokeballs gave her little reassurance as she hurried along the route, keeping an eye out for any Pokemon in the area. She spotted a few deer fawn that with orange and cream fur grazing in the grass that ran away into the trees as she approached. Passing over a couple more bridges she found the walk to be pleasant, the autumn air bringing with it a chill due to it being early November.

She'd only turned twenty-three a couple days ago, not that anyone really noticed at Team Galactic. The trees made it hard to see but she thought she could see a building in the distance north of her and moved off the path to look at her guidebook. "'The Seasonal Research Center, a research center located in the middle of Route 6 of Unova. Many scientists here have Deerling, a Pokemon that can change its fur in accordance of the seasons. Scientists also cultivate plants as the research center doubles as a greenhouse,'" she finished reading. Examining the illustration on the bottom, she found the pokemon in all its fur colors, the orange one apparently being an autumn Deerling and then their evolutions below that, a Pokemon called Sawsbuck.

Well that is one Pokemon able to be seen in this region, she thought to herself though she wasn't sure how useful it would be to her. Perhaps as food for herself and Gible if needed though she didn't know how she would store all that meat without it spoiling. Glad for the clear skies on this autumn day, this at least made the journey into a strange region somewhat easier. She didn't feel like starting her journey in bad weather, even though she still wasn't sure what type of journey it would be. Nor did she sense Dialga's presence anymore but she had a feeling it was around...somewhere. Perhaps in space above her and she glanced up at the sky, as if Dialga would appear.

The Temporal Pokemon, of course, did not appear and she lowered her head once more to look around her. She still didn't know why Dialga had chosen her to be its champion. Did it see something in her that she didn't see in herself anymore? All she knew was that it had been watching her since she was a child, it had admitted that to her when it had finally materialized in front of her in one of her dreams before having her go to Unova.

Across the river was a cave and she paused once more to look at her map, seeing it on the eastern side. That must mean that's...Mistralton Cave, she thought but there seemed no way to get over there for the river was wide here and there were neither a bridge nor rocks to move across. Even from here, the entrance looked dark and foreboding, cut into the surrounding landscape and extended back some from the river's embankment with trees all around on either side. Even if she could get across and explore the cave, which she didn't, she didn't have a Pokemon with Flash and she didn't think her flashlight would be of much help in the cave. So, Dusk turned away and continued, passing by the Seasonal Research Center as she reached the center of the route and continued meandering along, the trees gradually thinning to be replaced by sheer bluish-gray cliffs stretching above her and a cave entrance. This caused Dusk to pause and look around, removing Gible's pokeball and releasing her new partner.

"Gible," said the Land Shark Pokemon who looked around him. Being a male, the only way to tell a male Gible apart from a female Gible was the male Gible had a notch in their dorsal fin. The ground itself was bare and had changed to stone underfoot, yet it was smooth stone which extended inside due to it being a cave. The Pokemon made its way over to Dusk, sensing his trainer's uneasiness. Dusk glanced down at her partner. If she was careful and didn't lose Gible at all, she knew it could live to possibly between 25 to 28 years old in her care. Whereas if Stunky survived to Skuntank, it could live 14-16 years in her care and Fletchling, were it to evolve to Talonflame would also possibly live to between 25-28 years of age.

"Stay here Gible," she said to it as she pulled out her map to see where she was, the woman turning around to see Route 6 lying in the distance behind her. She then pulled out her guidebook and flipped through the page until she came upon an entry for this landmark. "'Chargestone Cave, connecting Route 6 and Mistralton City in Unova. A cave where electrically charged stones float.' So, we must have to go through this cave to get to Milstralton City? And what's beyond..." She closed her guidebook and then opened her map again, searching for Chargestone Cave on the map and then
looked further along the map. "It seems this is going to take us to Milstraton City and then we head through that and onto Route 7 which will take us to our destination, Celestial Tower," she said. "It says there's Pokemon known to live here...including a numerous one called a Joltik and its evolution Galvantula. We'll have to be really careful Gible not to run into one of these Pokemon."

"Gible. Gib," said Gible, hitting its chest with a hand and looking up at Dusk.

"I know you're confident you can protect me...but my former partner did as well and he...ended up dying trying to protect me," said Dusk to the Gible. "It's why I don't battle much and am not much use on missions where we could potentially encounter trainers." She sighed before removing her backpack and pulling out her flashlight, zipped it back up and reslung it on her shoulders before heading into the cave with Gible at her side. As she would find though, there was no reason for her flashlight so she turned it off due to the glowing stones within the cave itself. "I wonder if this could be useful to Team Galactic," she said as she examined one of the floating stones in the air. "There must be something about this cave that causes these stones to float...perhaps something in the air?"

Dusk couldn't stay for long as she had a point of destination to get to and the longer she stayed in one spot, the more chances for a Pokemon to stumble upon her and attack. Even if she wasn't doing anything. Handing her guidebook to Gible to hold, they continued on carefully through the cave, the electrically charged air in the cave making Dusk somewhat nervous and causing her hand to stand up on the back of her neck. It took her perhaps longer than a trainer who wasn't afraid to battle as she did her best to skirt around any sounds or glimpses of Pokemon so that by the time she finally emerged out on the other side, she would find herself looking out upon a bustling city and she looked for a sign to tell her where she was.

Overlooking the city, she could see a landing strip in the distance with a cargo area and greenhouses along three sides of the landing strip. There were some minor buildings, a couple smaller planes and a large building with a blue roof. The city itself seemed surrounded by mountains, some bare of trees and others with trees upon them. A glance at her guidebook showed her that Mistralton City was positioned between three mountain chains. A sign at the cave entrance told her she was in Mistralton City and Chargestone Cave was behind her. Route 7, according to her map, should be past the city. However, a glance up at the sky revealed it was now noon as the sun was at its zenith and it had been mid-morning when she had arrived in Driftveil City. Hopefully she could make up time and get to her destination while there was still daylight left. She already heard on the ship that Unova had Pokemon unique to the region and not seen anywhere else and Pokemon such as Pichu and its succeeding stages were rare in the Unova region, often seen in the hands of trainers.

With the hope that she was nearing the end of her entrance into Unova and might finally get some answers from Dialga, she didn't bother to stop for anything, not even the Pokemon Center as her Pokemon were in fighting form. She used the sidewalks to remain out of the way of any trainers, though partly avoided the Pokemon Center for another reason besides not needing to go there. Trainers and Coordinators used Pokemon Centers...heck she could use a Pokemon Center if she wished, they couldn't turn villainous teams away as long as they had Pokemon with them but she had found that some people were raring for battles at the Pokemon Centers when she had been on her own journey. As she passed the building at the north end of the landing strip, she saw it was home to a gym, this gym apparently being a Flying-type gym. Wandering through the city at a brisk walk, she and Gible soon found Route 7 before them.

Route 7

"Raised walkways help avoid tall grass."

Connects Celestial Tower to the northwest and Twisted Mountain in the northeast with Mistralton City to the south.

If she could avoid battling both Pokemon and potential trainers, she would take the walkway path and so that was what she did, scooping Gible up into her arms and holding him and the guidebook he still held in her arms as she proceeded to walk carefully along the walkways which was unknowingly the smart choice for the Pokemon living along the route were all several levels above her team. Managing to get to the other end of the route, she saw it went off in two directions with what looked like a house in the middle. Ignoring it, she chose the northwestern path as the sign had said and soon came upon a spiraling tower with three levels and made of stone. She looked in her guidebook after setting Gible down and read the information there on the tower. "'A tower with a bell at the top which is said to purify the spirit. This is a burial ground for deceased Pokemon and is a counterpart to Kanto's Pokemon Tower, Hoenn's Mt. Pyre and Sinnoh's Lost Tower.'" It was here that Dialga spoke to her again.

"You and your Pokemon may rest here or pay your respects to the fallen Pokemon of this region that entombed within but make your way up to the roof where lies the bell. There you will learn why you are here along with your counterpart from another region Dusk."

Dusk nodded, even though Dialga wasn't physically there and removed her backpack before putting her guidebook and map inside, grateful not to be holding either item anymore before once more zipping it up and entering the tower. Immediately, she saw gravestones and some Pokemon hanging around, a spiral staircase going upwards. She followed it up each of the floors, each time encountering more graves and even grass on the second and third floors until she got to the roof whereupon stood a large bell at on end upon a large platform or dias of some sort. Exposed to the cool air of autumn, she released her Stunky and Fletchling and then opened her backpack, pulling out three bowls and filling them with a bit of Pokemon food and a couple oran berries each so they'd have a treat, the Pokemon gathering close to their trainer as Dusk sat down as well, absently stroking her Stunky, the woman then pulling out a fourth bowl and some water which she poured into for the Pokemon before sipping at the rest. "It's been a while since you've been out of your pokeball Stunky," she said petting the skunk. "But you've adapted well to Gible and Fletchling. Now we're here in a new region under the words of Dialga and no idea what lays before us."

"Stunk," said Stunky, lifting his head to nuzzle her hand as she poured some water for the trio of Pokemon.
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Taking in the scenery around him as he walked towards the nearby city, Axel found himself finally finding some calm again. The cool, crisp autumn breeze helped with that. Sucking in a deep breath, he continued on. Soon enough, he found himself among the plethora of buildings that sat at the airports edge. None of them drew much interest from the young Johto champion. Instead, his gaze rested upon the red and white center that sat up ahead. Thankfully, they were still easy to spot given how similar it was to the ones back in his home region. The only real difference was the size. Unlike Johto's rather small centers, the ones in Unova seemed to be much larger, making it hard to miss among all the other buildings surrounding it. He could only imagine that such a thing was done on purpose, though he supposed it did not matter what the reasoning for it was. At the end of the day, it had no effect on him and was a random topic for his own mind to ponder over with no answers to be had.

Pushing it aside, Axel arrived before the building and watched as its front doors slid open, welcoming him in. Hesitating for a moment, he found himself unsure of what to expect. Big groups of people usually were inside and honestly he was worried how they might react. From how closed off Unova usually was, he was concerned how they would view him or even if some might know him because of his champion status. Even if outsiders hardly came in, he figured information about other regions would at least reach them. Despite how sheltered he had lived in his younger days, he had even heard of champions from other regions, though it was online or one television he learned of such things. He couldn't imagine it would be too different then. However, maybe he didn't have to worry about being recognize. Even he wouldn't have been able to pick one of the champions he had heard about as a child out of a crowd if he had been asked to. The same might apply for him as well.

Putting his head down, he found the resolve to enter, before he drew too much attention to himself by standing at the center's doors. He probably already looked crazy hesitating to enter as is. How embarrassing. Doing his best to hide the sheepish look in his eyes and the faint blush that dusted his cheeks. It was a tall task though, and there was no hiding it, but he couldn't let it slow him down, thus he pushed forward with his head slow. Even out of the corner of his eyes though, he could see people looking his direction, which did make him slightly uncomfortable. While generally he was hardly fazed by others watching him, this time around felt different. It was odd, yet he figured his confidence was already wavering. For someone deemed a region's "strongest trainer" he hardly fit the role. One could easily mistaken another to be the one in his position given how easily he faltered in himself.

Despite all this, Axel found a quiet space in the Pokemon Center and made himself comfortable. Pulling his bag from his shoulder, he set it down beside him in order to allow himself to look through it and make sure all his things were in place. A couple changes of clothes? Check. All his proper identification items, including his trainer card and pokedex? Check. Food and medicine for his Pokemon? All there. Gear suited to be used outside if he was forced to camp for a night or two? Yes. And lastly, the pokeballs that contained his team? Of course they were there. He'd never forget them. Pulling the waistband out that had his pokemon attached to it, he carefully looped it around his torso and fastened it in place before plucking one of the balls off of it. If he was going to begin this adventure, then he wasn't going to do it alone.

Enlarging the ball in his hand, Axel clicked the center button, causing a red glow to come from it. Within seconds the glow took shape of his faithful companion, Kotaro. Upon release, the Dewott let a squeaky yawn escape its throat while it stretched its arms above its head. "Tired now are we?" the champion questioned, a soft chuckle accompanying his words. "Dew, Dew," the water-type lazily responded as it slid down from its seat and landed on the floor. Watching the pokemon briefly observe its surroundings, Axel leaned forward, resting his chin in one of his hands and smiling. "We're in Unova now. The place my father originally got you from all those years ago," he hummed. Looking at him, Kotaro cocked his head, hinting to his trainer that his memory of this region was long gone. He couldn't blame him. It had been a decade ago and he had been only a few months old when his father had brought him home. It was no wonder he couldn't recall it. "Don't worry about not remembering, buddy."

Seeing the concern leave Kotaro's expression, Axel reached out to pat his head with his free hand. The gesture caused the pokemon to squeal happily as it rubbed up against the boy's hand, loving the attention which was being given. Yet another chuckle escaped the champion's lips as he watched his companions reaction. To say it was merely cute was an understatement. As much as he wanted to continued their moment, Axel knew they needed to get a move on sooner rather than later. There was no telling when Ho-Oh would become impatient with him if he waited too long. He didn't want to run the risk as is. Letting a soft sigh escape his lips from the thought of it, he dropped his hand from his chin and pushed himself up to his feet. "We better get a quick look at the map here and then be off." Nodding its head, Kotaro agreed with its trainer. Grabbing his bag once more, the champion slung it over his shoulder before moving towards the map on the back wall of the center. Not too far behind him the Dewott followed.

Looking the map over for a moment, he was able to plan the best route to their destination. Upon leaving the center, he would head north until he came upon a tower. It seemed simple enough. The tower itself seemed like the ideal place for Ho-Oh to be leading him, though he admittedly had no idea why it had lead him to such a place. Such a question would have to be asked once he was in the legendary's presence. At the moment, it didn't feel as if it was with him, though he oddly doubted it to be true. How a legendary like itself would perform such a feat was beyond him though. He wouldn't question that aspect of it all. The power of the legendaries was far beyond what mere people could understand, or so that was what he had come to believe. The were beings far greater than the regular, everyday pokemon, serving greater purposes in this world. It was a bizarre thing, but it was hard to argue that it wasn't true.

Deciding not to linger on the thought much longer, Axel turned towards the exit and gestured Kotaro to followed.
"Come on buddy. Adventure awaits us," he chimed, allowing the smile on his face to grow. Exiting the building, he made his way to the north end of the city and stopped to check the sign that stood there before moving on.

Route 7
"Raised walkways help avoid tall grass."

Connects Celestial Tower to the northwest and Twisted Mountain in the northeast with Mistralton City to the south.

"This seems to be our path forward." Pausing, Axel lifted his gaze from the sign and fixated it on the path that laid before him. On the left he could see an incline leading to a higher path which avoided the grass entirely. Moving his eyes to the grass, he could tell it was much taller than usual, and from a glance, he figured it would nearly reach the top of his own head. It clearly offered decent cover for any pokemon that were lurking within it. However, what really caught his eye was the walkway that went directly over the grass itself. It was a thin beam and nothing more. Admittedly, it was intriguing. Trying it was a necessity. Showing no hesitation, Axel approached the slope leading up to the top and clearly stepped onto it. Thankfully, his balance was impeccable thanks to his years of dancing. Something like this was no challenge for him. Placing one foot in front of the other, he nimbly made his way across the beam, while occasionally looking down to see the pokemon peering out from the grass underneath. Luckily for him, none felt the urge to jump at him and soon enough he would reach the other side.

Taking a moment to look around, he decided not to linger for long. The house to his left, while out of place on a route like this, wasn't what he was interested in. The tower the sat ahead was where he needed to get. Now he could see it up ahead, standing tall in the distance. Even from where he stood he couldn't help but gasp in awe. In many ways it reminded him of the towers of Ecruteak City, while still having its own, identity.

"That is your destination. There you may pay respects to the fallen pokemon of this region, but I insist you reach its rough sooner rather than later. There is where you will finally learn why I have brought you here," Ho-Oh's voice came echoing in his head. Giving a slow nod in response, Axel began moving forward once again with Kotaro not too far behind. The final stretch was before them now, and soon enough they would learn what Ho-Oh's intentions were.

Excited began bubbling up in the champion's chest at the thought of it. The possibilities of it all were endless, and despite the nervousness that still lingered in the back of his mind, he was beginning to let his childish excitement begin to take over instead. Feeling his feet begin to move faster underneath him, his pace quickened and soon enough he was running towards the tower up ahead. Feeing the crisp air blow against his skin and push back his hair and earrings only caused his expression to mimic the childish feelings that had overcome him. His face brightened up entirely, making him seem as if he was entirely different person from who he was in the Pokemon Center. With no one to see him, he could be free of worry, even if it would only last a few moments. And that it did.

Upon his arrival at the tower's base, all that energy that had been displayed previously took a step back and seriousness took over once more. Whatever was awaiting him inside at its peak was a matter he needed to take seriously, even if it did excite him. He had learned that during his short time as champion. Sure, he could be excited about the things that he experienced, but there was a degree of professionalism that he needed to uphold, whether he liked it or not. This was no different. If anything, it was more important now than during some of the tasks he took on as part of his champion duties back in Johto. This was a direct request from a legendary. It deserved the upmost respect and professionalism he could offer.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he sucked in a deep breath, forcing himself to relax. Finding a way to keep his excitement in check, Axel finally moved forward, entering the tower. Upon entering, he quickly took note of the graves that lined the area. Seeing such a thing always did sadden him, but it was the way of life. Pokemon had lifespans much like humans did. There was no escaping it. Averting his eyes from them, he moved towards the stairs, keeping his head down for the time being to avoid getting too upset over it all. Sensing its trainer's distress, Kotaro moved closer to him, hoping to offer some form of comfort. Appreciating the sentiment, Axel flashed his pokemon a brief smile as the pair walked on, moving along the spiral staircase that would lead them to the tower's peak. They did this while avoiding the few pokemon that roamed free in the area itself. Battles in a place like this felt wrong as is. Disturbing a pokemon's resting place was the last thing he sought to do.

Eventually, he found his way to the tower's rooftop, but much to his surprise, he wasn't the only one present. Stopping at the top of the stairs, Axel cast his gaze towards the woman that sat up ahead. Was she part of the reason why he was here? Or was he interrupting a moment of repose? He hoped it was not the latter. Still, he found himself frozen in place, quietly looking towards her, uncertainty written all over his face. Unlike him, Kotaro had no problems stepping forward. He moved past his trainer with haste, stopping only a few feet away from the trio. "De! Dew!" the pokemon bellowed out, showing its uncontainable friendliness. However, even with how friendly his partner came off, Axel couldn't help but feel sorry. Creasing his brow, his uncertainty was replaced with an apologetic expression.

"I apologize for his over friendliness," he spoke, though he still refused to move from his place. "I hope we aren't intruding upon something.... We were told to come here." Should he even be telling a stranger such a thing? Surely it didn't hurt. Ho-Oh had never mentioned not speaking of it to others as is, though he figured it was no business of a complete stranger. Keeping it as vague as he had hardly hinted at who had told him to come to this location or even why he had been brought to this place. Those were the details he would keep to himself. For now, focusing on figuring out what this woman was doing here was of the upmost importance.


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Being on the roof of the Celestial Tower exposed her to the sky above and the cool breeze of autumn, however it did not let her hear or know any who might be below, be they human or pokemon. Still, what could possibly teach her up here except perhaps ghost Pokémon or flying Pokémon? She and her team should be safe. Dusk hoped so anyway for she didn’t know what she would do if she were to lose her team at all, be it through death or abandoning her again. Sighing to herself, she watched her Pokemon as they ate, finishing off her sandwich and the bag of crisps she’d taken off the ship with her.

Dusk had only finished her lunch by the time she heard footsteps approaching, coming up the stairs. “Fletchling,” chirped the Tiny Robin Pokemon as she looked up from the berry she was eating and then to her new trainer. Dusk frowned at the young pokemon she’d stolen and turned her head as two things happened. First, the footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs and saw a boy, at least he looked like such to Dusk, with his own Pokémon. Judging by its coloring, she could see it was a water type and it wasn't a Piplup either. The pokemon, whatever it was, ran up to the trio of Pokemon but thankfully stopped before crashing into them.

The Pokémon said it’s name but Dusk couldn’t help the flinching at the sight of another person with a Pokémon and potentially more for all she knew. Why is this boy here? “Stunky,” greeted the Skunk Pokémon, grabbing a berry in his mouth and dropping it on the roof between the trio of Pokémon and the water type. “Stunky,” it said, nodding that the otter Pokémon could take it and eat if it were hungry.

”Gible! Gib,” said Gible, moving forward, a black aura with purple outline glowing around one of its hands. Before the Pokémon could attack, a red beam of light hit him and he was returned to his pokeball which Dusk stared at before shrinking. “I know you can defend me and want to prove it to this trainer but you know I don’t battle anymore,” said Dusk to Gible’s pokeball. “I didn’t even tell you to attack.” Opening her bag, Dusk dropped the Gible’s pokeball in her backpack and shut it. She then moved to put the leftover food from Gible’s bowl back into the Pokémon food container before biting into the Oran berry and biting it in half, giving one piece to Stunky and one to Fletchling. The other trainer didn’t move but stared at Dusk as she turned back to look at him before an apologetic look crossed his face and he apologized for his pokemon’s over friendliness.

"I hope we aren't intruding upon something.... We were told to come here."

This boy and his Pokémon were told to come to Celestial Tower? Was this the other person that Dialga had mentioned to her, the one she would end up meeting? Surprise colored her face and eyes as she processed this response. Fletching chirped her name and hopped to the water bowl before dipping her beak into it as Stunky studied the Dewott before smiling. “Stunky,” said Stunky, lifting a paw in greeting. She shook her head to his comment. “You aren’t interrupting anything. We were al…I apologize for Gible’s attempted attack,” said Dusk.

“This is the human you’re to work with,” spoke Dialga suddenly, causing Dusk to flinch at the Temporal Pokemon’s voice. “Ring the bell together and I shall appear with this other trainer’s legendary. Then you’ll both find out why you have been brought to Unova.”

Dusk nodded to herself as Dialga spoke to her and got to her feet. “Stay here,” she said to Stunky and Fletching who turned to see Dusk get to her feet and nodded at their trainer’s order. Leaving her backpack where it was, she walked across the roof to the bell and stepped upon the dais before putting her hand on the rope hanging from the bell. Getting this confirmation from Dialga that this trainer was here as well for the same reason, Dusk spoke. “It seems wee we’re called here for the same reason,” she spoke, “for my team and I were also told to come to Unova and this resting place.”
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Red eyes carefully watched Kotaro, watching as the Gible approached him, seemingly prepared to attack. Axel couldn't blame it. Him and his companion were mere strangers after all, and he could only imagine ones pokemon would be more than ready to defend its trainer, or so that is what he liked to believe. Prepared to grab his own ball and return his partner to avoid an issue, he stopped midway and noticed Dusk had already beaten him to it and called back her Gible. However, what intrigued him was the words she spoke to the ball.

While it wasn't rare for pokemon owners to not battle, something seemed odd about such a statement. It hinted at previously being someone who had battled, but no longer pursuing such a path. He could respect that. In a way, he was the opposite. During his early days with pokemon, he had never battled, and even during his first travels to befriend new companions, his battles had been limited. Back then, it had been something of little interest to him. His focus had so heavily been on his dance that he hardly thought it to be a possibility. That and fear of fighting. It was such a silly thing, yet it was exactly why he had always been turned away from it. His fear of fire had never helped that along either. Perhaps something had happened to her that had pushed her away from combat. Whatever it was, he figured it wasn't his place to ask. They were strangers to one another at the end of the day.

Being drawn from his own mind as Dusk spoke again, Axel gave a small shake of his head, brushing her apology off. "You have no need to apologize for that," he informed her, offering a genuine smile along with his words. It was then his gaze shifted to his Dewott and watched as it hurried over to the dropped berry and picked it up. It seemed it was as excitable as always. That was good, although he figured he needed to be careful. There was no telling how long peace among the pokemon would last, but for now they all seemed fine. Deciding to leave it for now, he finally allowed himself to move forward from the stairs. It was then that Ho-Oh decided to speak to him.

"This is what I spoke of before. The woman before you is here for the same reason," the bird told him. "Together you should ring the bell and then I and this trainer's legendary shall appear to tell you what your objective is." So this woman was here for the same reason and from what she said, she understood what was going on. Giving a small nod of his head, he stepped forward, moving towards the bell that sat up ahead. It was no surprise that Ho-Oh would appear upon the ringing of a bell. The same thing had happened back at the Bell Tower, though typically it didn't show up when they performed, even when the bell was rung.

Momentarily, looking towards Kotaro, giving him a look to tell him to behave. The pokemon seemed to understand and kept his place near the other pokemon as his trainer moved forward. Stopping next to Dusk, he looked towards the woman before reaching out to grab the rope as well. "Well, if we're both here for the same reason, then let's find out what it is," he suggested. Averting his eyes from her, Axel's gaze rested upon the bell, finding himself hesitating for a moment whether or not he should pull the rope or not. Would Ho-Oh and the other legendary actually appear? He wanted to believe the legendary's words, but still there was no telling if it wasn't some kind of trick. No, it had to be real. Ho-Oh had shown itself before him in Johto during a ritual he had performed for it. There was no mistaking it.

Sucking in a deep breath, he finally pulled on the bell's cord, allowing it to ring out. For the first few seconds, nothing happened, but as the bell's chime died down, a flash of fire appeared before the pair, causing Axel to immediately flinch from the sight of it. His fear didn't allow him to see how gracefully the flames flickered and moved through the air. His eyes had already shut, until a majestic caw rang out. Allowing himself to gain his usual composure, he was able to open his eyes and now before them, Ho-Oh hovered, though it was only momentarily. The large bird moved forward, perching itself on the tower's edge, preparing itself for the other legendary to make its entrance as well.


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The boy said that there was no reason to apologize for her partner, shaking his head as he did so. She stood at the bell after getting to her feet, unaware of the boy’s thoughts, unsealed of his own legendary speaking to him. Instead, she waited to see if he would follow and he did, joining her and taking hold of the rope as well. His Pokémon was told to stay and Fletching shied away from the otter Pokémon, Stunky smiling as the Dewott ran forward to pick up the berry and eat it. “Stunky,” it said, moving to share it’s food with the Dewott.

He averted his eyes from her as he took hold of the rope as well, Dusk hearing the breath he uttered before they would pull on the cord, causing loud yet soothing chimes to rise into the air. Dusk dropped her hand from the rope, stepping back as did the boy. A flash of fire appeared before them and she stepped back k to avoid getting burned, a caw filling the air. She shielded her eyes from the flames and when she looked back, there appeared a large bird covered in multicolored feathers. Dusk didn’t see the boy flinch from the flames.

The bird was…majestic and…beautiful as it hovered before them and then alighted, moving to give space to Dialga. A couple moments later, the sky above them rippled and Dialga soared to them, encased in a blue aura before landing on the other side of Ho-Oh, the Temporal Pokémon staring silently at the pair as the blue light faded and the tear in the sky disappeared. “There has been a disturbance within the natural order of the world. Rifts…tears…have been appearing around the various regions,” spoke Dialga.
“You both have been chosen to by Ho-Oh of the Johto region and myself, Dialga of Sinnoh, to find out what is causing this disturbance. Pokémon are behaving differently and it is having an effect on the landscape and environments as well.”
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Watching as the second legendary appeared, Axel couldn't help but stare in awe. While his knowledge of Dialga was limited, he had read about it before, though even the information on it was rather limited. It was a legendary after all. Even Ho-Oh had little written about it given how rare it showed itself to trainers. He assumed the same applied for the Temporal Pokemon. However, what piqued his interest was why these two specifically had stepped forward and decided to work together. Maybe neither was even aware of that. As much as the question burned in his mind, he forced it aside as Dialga's voice echoed out. The sound of it sent a small shiver down his spine. There was something about it that caused a small feeling of fear within the Johto champion, but he managed to keep it mostly under wraps.

Taking in everything in its entirety, Axel gave a small quirk of his brow. "Disturbances?" he echoed back, finding himself confused on how he hadn't heard of such a thing until now. If such rifts had been forming anywhere in Johto or even Kanto, he would have heard of them surely. Things hardly went past a champion as is, given the expectation they were given of being protectors of their regions. Puzzled by this information, his gaze moved to the legendary bird, deciding it best to ask it questions regarding his home rather than firing them at Dialga. "Have these rifts not reached Johto or Kanto then? Surely I would have heard if either had a problem."

"You are correct in your assumption," Ho-Oh spoke, allowing itself to be heard by both trainers now. "While some regions have yet to see its effects, they are bound to spread to them soon enough, which is where the two of you come in." Only two. It seemed odd to Axel. For a job this big he would have expected more trainers to be gathered and more legendaries to be involved, but instead their numbers were small. Admittedly, that was a concern for the young, Johto champ. What was keeping the other legendaries from choosing a hero? Did they care that little for what happened or was something else entirely happening with them? These questions flooded Axel's mind, but blurting them out seemed unnecessary. There was no telling if either legendary would even have an answer for him as is. That thought alone caused him to wrinkle his nose in annoyance.

Honing himself in, he let a soft sigh of defeat escape his lips as he moved his hand away from the cord of the bell and lifted it up to run through his hair.
"So these rifts..." he began, pausing for a moment to think about how he wanted to continue on. With the amount of questions he had, it was hard to decide, but he finally settled on the direction he wished to take. "Is it safe for us to assume they are strongest here then? Or do you believe our answer lies somewhere within Unova?" It could be either in his eyes, but if it was the latter, then that was for the better. Getting to the root of the problem as quickly as possible would help protect as many lives as possible.


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Dusk was quiet as Dialga spoke, to not only her but also the boy beside her, a frown coming as she heard why they had both been brought here to Unova, the frown replacing the smile on her face as Dialga appeared. The Temporal Pokemon spoke of a world wide disturbance and rifts in the air above certain regions that were affecting both the pokemon and the environment where they appeared. "Did that..."

"No," spoke Dialga, turning its head to look at Dusk. "The rifts were not around when you were children." The boy then spoke, questioning if the rifts had been seen in Johto and Kanto and that he would have heard if there had been a problem. Ho-Oh answered its champion this time, saying that the boy was correct in his assumptions and Dusk found she could hear Ho-Oh speaking easily to her. Not knowing anything about the beautiful bird of Johto or of many Pokemon outside of Sinnoh, she found her gaze turning to it as it spoke. Ho-Oh said some regions had yet to experience such side effects, yet they were bound to spread soon and she looked at Dialga who nodded silently as Ho-Oh said that these regions were bound to experience the effects of these rifts soon. Her face fell and she turned to the boy as she heard his defeated sigh before he questioned on if it were safe for them to assume they were strongest here where they were or if the pair of legionaries believed the rifts to lie somewhere else in Unova.

"We cannot go with you. Not yet anyway," said Dialga, answering Dusk's silent question as it turned to look at her before sweeping its gaze to the boy. "Sinnoh is one such place that has felt these effects, as has Alola and the Orre region," Dialga spoke. "As for if you will find anything here, I do not believe so. I...we believe you may have to go further into Unova...perhaps even to other regions to see what the cause is and prevent it this from continuing. You may need to catch new Pokemon and battle from wild pokemon to trainers to possibly villianous teams if they hear of this," said Dialga.

"We are not sure what the cause is and that is your job," said Dialga. "Some humans may suspect certain legendaries of doing so but who or what is responsible is unknown to us," said Dialga.


"I don't know," said Dialga. "But Giratina will likely be blamed either way." Dusk nodded, knowing how the Renegade Pokemon might be blamed because of it living in the Distortion World.

"How long?"

"We don't know," said Dialga.
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Axel couldn't help but frown at the answer he received. To find out that they were led to Unova to only have a strong possibility of nothing being found in the area was a disappointment. What was the point if nothing was to be found? He couldn't answer that question for himself and he didn't dare ask it to either legendary. Such a thing might anger them and the last thing he wanted to do was upset a pokemon with as much power as the two before him. Keeping his question to himself, he quietly rubbed his chin in thought. Even if there was no guarantee they'd find something in this region, it was best to explore all options open to them, though wasting time on possible dead ends might not be in their best interest. It wasn't as if they had control over what they found in the end.

Listening to the interaction between Dialga and Dusk, Axel looked toward Ho-Oh. "Is there anything you can add?" he asked, wondering if the bird could offer anything else. Part of him doubted it, but it was worth asking in case it did. For a moment, it sat in silence, pondering his words. Its silence made the champion believe his assumption had been correct, but when the bird finally moved and craned its head down to him, he was taken aback. Flinching slightly as the bird moved close, Axel found himself staring directly into its eyes.

"I have nothing else to add," it stated, keeping its closeness to the young man. "But I have no worries that you won't be able to figure things out, young champion."

Hearing those words come from Ho-Oh seemed to hit Axel differently. To think the legendary would see him in such a way was something he would have never anticipated. It genuinely took him by surprise. Offering a smile to those words, the champ bowed his head respectfully towards his chosen legendary. "I will try my best to assure your belief does not go misplaced."

It was then that Axel felt a nudge against him and he lifted his head, only to have Ho-Oh rest its own against it. It was a feeling he couldn't explain even if he wanted to. After devoting many of his years to praising and dancing for the bird before him, it felt incredible to feel as if there was a bond between the two of them. The soft moment was brought to an end when the bird pulled its own head back and returned to its regal position. That caused Axel to straighten his own posture.

"I will say this to the two of you; looking into the legends or Unova might bring answers. Search out information on them. If they lead you nowhere, other regions are always out there to be explored," the bird said, hoping its bit of guidance would help the two trainers find a place to start their search.

Nodding, Axel turned his gaze to look towards Dusk. "It seems we know where we should begin. If these two don't have anything else for us we should probably get prepared to leave."


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Dusk ended up missing Ho-Oh calling the boy a champion as she spoke with Dialga, the Temporal Pokemon saying that it was not sure if Palkia had anything to do with the issues facing the world. Dusk knew Palkia controlled space and Dialga time and they were often at odds with each other. She knew they often fought and Cyrus had captured both the space and time legendaries to make the world anew. She had seen Dialga when she'd followed Saturn and Cyrus into the Distortion World after Cyrus used red chains to capture and keep the space-time pokemon from escaping. She and Saturn had left, Giratini keeping Cyrus in the distortion world...or he'd chosen to stay. She wasn't entirely sure but it left Saturn in charge of Team Galactic and he proved to be a capable leader in his own way. Still, the woman did miss having Cyrus as the boss. "Cyrus has nothing to do with this, of that I'm sure," spoke Dialga to the woman.

Ho-Oh spoke a little later to both of them, saying they should look into the legends of Unova might bring them some answers and how there were otehr regions out there to be explored. Dusk's gaze flickered between the two legendaries and she slowly nodded, only to have the boy end up meeting her eyes. He said that it seemed they knew where to begin and that if they didn't have anything else for them, they should probably get prepared to leave. Dialga must have read her thoughts because it spoke. "Ho-Oh and I will be here at the tower and may offer guidance as needed on your journey but watch out for the evil team here called Team Plasma. They seek to liberate Pokemon from their trainers, despite also having Pokemon working for them. Also, get yourself a pokedex of this region," Dialga said this last bit to Dusk. Dialga lowered its head to nudge at Dusk, allowing the woman to stroke its muzzle and hug its neck before pulling back. "We'll be fine and can handle Team Plasma," Dialga said to Dusk's concerned look and unspoken question. "You may be able to find information at Nacrene City within the Nacrene City Gym or head to Professor Juniper's lab in Nuvema Town."

Dusk silently nodded before whistling and Stunky and Fletchling turned to her, Stunky grabbing one of the straps of Dusk's bag as she turned and walked back to them, Fletchling chirping as it seemed the Tiny Robin Pokemon was resting on the bag and got dislodged as Stunky started pulling it along towards Dusk. Fletchling got to it its feet before taking off and flying towards Dusk, alighting on her arm that she put out for the Pokemon to land on. She then carried Fletching to Stunky, opening her bag and pulling out Gible's pokeball. "I don't suppose you'll behave at all," she said, "but we're being told to work together so you need to behave," she said. She then called back Fletchling and Stunky to their pokeballs before shrinking them down and putting them at her waist before pulling out the map of the region she had and unfolded, her eyes scannning for where the locations that Dialga had spoken of were, her face falling as she saw they would need to back to Driftveil City and then head east, passing over Driftveil Drawbridge to get to Route 5 and continue from there. City wise it seemed they would be passing through Mistralton City, Driftveil City, Nimbasa City before heading south to Castelia City, then need to head east again along a second bridge and pass through a forest to even reach Nacerene City.

"We have a long walk ahead of us," said Dusk to herself as she folded the map and slipped it into one of her pants pockets and hoped she wouldn't run into this Team Plasma Dialga mentioned or end up forced into a battle as she wasn't sure she could bring herself to battle or risk her pokemon's lives by doing so. She then headed to where the bowls had been left, putting the food in the containers and then the bowls into her bag after taking it off her shoulders and then closed it again. Once more shouldering it, she headed for the stairs to begin descending through the Celestial Tower. It was hard to say whether Dusk forgot about the boy or she just wanted to get a move on before night fell and away from Celestial Tower to begin with. She kept an eye out on the pokemon in the tower, not wishing to get into a battle with them at all though the white candle floating nearby seemed interesting, not that she was sure what she would use a ghost-type pokemon for. It might be good if she faced an Abra or another psychic-type pokemon here. She'd have to watch out for other ghosts and dark pokemon though.
She did search around the second floor of the tower when she got to it, bypassing the pair of trainers on the second floor to find a hyper potion and a tm for the move will-o-wisp. She knew she could at least teach this to Fletchling, giving the Tiny Robin a new move so dropped her bag and put the tm into her bag, making a mental note to get that added to Fletchling's moves when she could, thereby giving it another fire-type move and it already had two tms learned, these being for Protect and Steel Wing respectively. Thankfully, she managed to avoid any battles descending through the tower and would likely have run regardless if she'd been challenged by one of the wild pokemon here. When she got out of the tower, she breathed a sigh of relief at leaving it behind her. "You can only find this Litwick here unless you plan on stealing it again," said Dialga in her mind. Dusk frowned but said nothing to Dialga's words. Waiting for the boy...Axel...Dusk looked around her surroundings. The tower itself stood silent and alone at the end of Route 7 but she remembered the sign saying the other part of Route 7 took one to a place called Twist Mountain.

She released Fletchling who appeared hovering before her. "Scout ahead Fletchling," she said.

"Fletchling," said Fletchling before taking off towards Route 7. This left Dusk with only Gible and Stunky. It knew to come back and alert her if there was anything amiss. Hopefully Gible would behave himself with a new companion, not after having left Team Galatic and her human partner behind. Soul would likely be upset as to her disappearance she knew but hopefully he wouldn't end up being sent after her or come after her willingly. Perhaps Saturn wouldn't send anyone after her, due to they couldn't afford to lose anyone though it had been some time since she'd been part of Team Galactic. She had only left a few nights ago so with luck Soul didn't realize she was gone which meant Saturn didn't realize she was gone. Shrinking Fletchling's pokeball, it was put back onto her belt and when Axel arrived, the woman would begin making her way to Route 7, at least knowing how to take that route now. She'd take the walkways again to avoid the pokemon in the grass.


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Listening to Dialga give them direction of where they should go, Axel gave a small nod of his head. Gather any form of information on the region would be vital to their search, even if it was as simple as Pokedex entries. As the thought of the dex crossed his mind, the young champion reached for his own and quietly pulled it out. The question of whether it would work or not was something he wasn't sure about, but surely Professor Elm would have upgraded the Johto dex to align with that of other regions for this very reasons. Trainers did travel between them quite frequently after all, though he wouldn't count himself among them, unless it was a trip to Kanto. Did that even count? Not that it mattered.

Staring at his dex, Ho-Oh seemed to catch wind of the young man's curiosity. "Your dex should work here. It has your own pokemon's information in it already, does it not?" the legendary inquired. Realizing the bird was right, Axel nodded his head in agreement. He had nothing to worry about then. Flipping the dex shut, he tucked it away again and turned his attention back towards Dusk. Watching her move back over to her pokemon, Axel glanced towards his own, who by now had finished its berry and was happily dancing around the other two, clearly showing little care about the situation going on with the two legendaries. Seeing his partner so blissful put a smile upon his lips, though he knew such would be frowned upon moving forward. They had to take things as seriously as possible. With that in mind, the champion gave a soft whistle to grab Kotaro's attention. Quickly, the dewott scurried over to his trainer's side, looking up at him with big eyes.

"We're going to head out now, so you gotta behave, okay?" he told his pokemon, who nodded happily in response. Giving the pokemon's head a few pat, he turned his attention away from him once again and noticed that Dusk was already prepared to leave. Hearing her say they had a long walk ahead of them, Axel gave a bob of his head, having no issue with such, though he knew he could easily avoid walking long distances by riding upon Kaida's back. The thought of proposing such an idea briefly crossed his mind, but before he could even mention it, his new companion had already taken off into the tower. That was fine by him.

Following a little ways behind with Kotaro at his side, Axel once again made his way through the tower. As he walked along, he eyed the few others that were inside, some looked ready to battle, while others were mourning in front of various graves. Both gave him mixed feelings, but he had no time to think upon either. Worrying himself with the people here was not on his to do list. Clearly, he had bigger matters to tend to. It felt strange to have such a goal as he now currently did, especially while in the region of another champion's. Should he seek the aid the Unova's champion while they were here? The thought was brief, but he quickly brushed it off, deciding it best not to draw others into this matter as of yet. Besides, he had only met the champion once before, via a video conference among the champions. It hadn't been much of anything, but it had been enough to show him who the others were.

The thoughts of it all escaped his mind as he finally reached the ground floor. Drawing himself back to reality, Axel briefly turned back towards the graves before he left and gave a respectful bow. "May all you pokemon resting here find peace," he murmured. Finding his words good enough, he turned on his heels and exited the tower. Upon stepping outside, his eyes were quick to find Dusk and he faintly smiled in her direction before moving to join her.

As the two moved towards the route, Axel found himself to be oddly quiet. Part of him had already realized how distant the other trainer seemed to make herself. The way she had taken off into the tower had told him that much. That made him hesitant to speak, having worries that talking might do little good. Still, he needed to know about who exactly he would be traveling with on this journey. If she didn't want to answer, he supposed that was fine, but he needed to at least try. "So, since we're going to be traveling together, we should probably introduce ourselves," he began. "I am Axel Neuvile, current Champion of Johto."


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Dusk wasn't waiting long for her traveling companion to come down from the tower's roof, hearing him all the while following her though unlike herself, he didn't seem to do much searching of what items could be found. Fletchling had only just flown off while Dusk looked around her at the otherwise desolate landscape marked only by the lone Celestial Tower. Though she had her pokedex, it wasn't equipped with any region information aside from the Sinnoh Pokedex, given she'd not traveled outside of Sinnoh at all. Unlike Team Rocket, she'd not heard of other villainous teams venturing outside of their region at all and given they operated in both Kanto and Johto due to the close proximity of the two regions. Whether they were rivals or allies she didn't know...either could be a good thing or a bad thing with regions so closely connected. Not battling at all gave her time to at least read on some of the other regions, even if she didn't know hardly anything about their people or the pokemon within them.

Regardless, the sky remained clear for their journey to either Nuvema Town or Nacrene City, something that Dusk was grateful for since she didn't want to get rained upon. She was quiet as she headed towards Route 7 and the walkways she would take to get across. For some time they walked in silence, until Axel's voice suddenly startled her when he spoke, introducing himself by saying since they were going to travel together it made sense before doing just that. She learned he was named Axel, though she already knew his name from earlier, and then he spoke of being the current Champion of Johto. "Dusk Spruce, though it doesn't seem like Spruce is my birth name as I was...adopted," she said. "I was a former trainer and coordinator as a child. This necklace is the only thing I have of my birth parents," she said, pulling the dragon pendant clutching the fire opal in its paws while it rested on the aquamarine gemstone out from beneath her shirt. Tiny amethyst eyes glittered in the dragon's eye sockets. "I'm from Sinnoh, as evidenced by my Stunky and Gible."

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