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Wolf Rawrrr


Slots: 5 / 6

Welcome, Chosen.

Assuming you've been approved to join, begin your character creation process by filling out the template below and sending it to me via PM. We'll work on it together! Under normal circumstances, this shouldn't take more than a week. Please note that by submitting a character you declare to have read and agreed with the general rules. If you require more help than provided, please do not hesitate to ask.

Character Name
Character Title

Posting Color: (optional, if chosen must be unique to your character and easy to read on the Dark Theme)

Name: (first & last preferably, but first will do in a pinch)
Race: (see here)
Sex: (male or female)
Age: (your choice, relative to race)

Hair: (color and length)
Eyes: (color)
Height: (both metric and imperial will be shown, submit either)
Weight: (both metric and imperial will be shown, submit either)

Languages: (each character starts out fluent in Common)

Alignment: (choose one of the universal alignments)
Personality: (temper, character, personality traits)
Power: (discuss with Storyteller)

Background: (location and circumstances of your birth, growing up, how you were shaped into who you are today)

Appearance: (preferably picture & text, but one or the other is enough)
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