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Tempest of Fate Interest Check(Dragon, Tamer, Elf)


The wolf arises
Long ago dragons, elves and humans lived in this world. Though the elves were greedy, trying to kill off the humans and make the dragons their slaves. They felt that they were higher beings than both the dragons and powerless humans. So one of the ancient dragons declare that a bond would be forged with the humans. Once this was done those called human changed into those known as Dragon Tamers. The odds were evened at last, but this in no way brought forth peace. To this day the battle for the world still wages between the elves and those of dragon kind.

There is no in breeding between dragons, tamers, and elves. This would just make things much more complicated. So all are pure in their races. Now with the dragons, there can be breeding between the different categories. If you wish to have a mixed category dragon then just mark it as such.
Screenshot_2017-10-17-20-15-53.png as you can my dragon can fly but also has webbed hands and feet for swimming.

Tamer and Dragon
With this you have the chance to either hold both your own dragon and tamer if you want to play both. Or you can have a tamer or a dragon and someone else can play whichever character goes with yours. So if you see a character you are interested to be the tamer or the dragon of just ask that person if they aren't already taken :)

RP Thread

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The wolf arises
Wild Dragon - Okil Brightscale
Wild Dragon - Dondra, the Strong Willed
Wild Dragon - Minaya Faux
Wild Dragon - Glaci Caeruleo
Wild Dragon - Astaroth 'Ash'
Wild Dragon - Zezznath
Wild Dragon - Zenon Harbinger of Death
Wild Dragon - Weizhe Lee
Wild Dragon - Black

Tame Dragon - Xander Trino by Priscilla Cressa
Tame Dragon - Greven McAlister by Undecided
Tame Dragon - Kazusho by Kai Takeshi
Tame Dragon - Shadowflower by Undecided
Tame Dragon - Ketu by Ping
Tame Dragon - Jeizara by Taibaz
Tame Dragon - Kenna Hunt by Carson
Tame Dragon -

Tame Speaker of Water - Priscilla Cressa
Tame Speaker of Land - Amalia Holloway
Tame Speaker of Sky - Carson Smith

Tamer - Jade Zerin
Tamer - Darrin Holloway
Tamer - Ping Lee
Tamer - Karma Danger Rider
Tamer - Taibaz Solbubri
Tamer - Airen 'Ren' Malachi Corisande
Tamer - Sawyer Kaidance Pellemond-Lomallane
Tamer -

High Elf - Elros Lirve
High Elf - Tialha Yinmyar
High Elf - Decthalia Yinmyar
High Elf -
High Elf -

Elf - Ty Inquzecal
Elf - Ahri Inoue
Elf - Fawynn
Elf - Sarmenor
Elf -
Elf -
Elf -
Elf -

When a name is turned red and underlined it means I'm getting ready to delete that character due to inactivity. Unless I am informed otherwise by the owner of the character/s. If your character is deleted from the RP list and you still wish to come back and will be active then you may do so. But if you come back and are not active you will be kicked from the rp. You will have a week to become active before your character is deleted.

Available Dragons for Taming
Greven McAlister by FireMaiden
Shadowflower by Veltsu VI

Available Tamers for Dragons

Okil and Darrin
Zenon and Amalia
??Glaci and Jade??
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Is a wild dragon okay? I might introduce a tamer later on for him unless anyone wants to be his tamer but I would like him to start wild.

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