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This might be already mentioned, but I hate it when people act all superior of their childhood in regards to the childhood that kids or teens have today. Specifically when it comes to music/movie tastes. It is all fine if you prefer movies or music from back then ( I do too in some regard), but I find it unnecessary to trash today's music or movies because it happens to be something you don't enjoy or perceive as worse than what you listened to or watched back in your days ( or even before that). Let kids & teens enjoy whatever they want.

Fuck it.

Let people just enjoy what they want. As long as it's not harming anyone, I don't see a reason to trash someone's taste unless you like being an asshole.

On a similar note, I also hate how opinions are often given as facts.

I am all for different strokes for different folks, but if you keep expressing your opinions as if it's the only truth and completely disregard other opinions, then I automatically am less inclined to consider your opinion.


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I love how loads of people are up on grammar yet have grammatically incorrect usernames. Like The Dark Wizard is one of the only people to have a username that isn't two or three words jammed together with a bunch of symbols and numbers added.


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-People who don't know how to use the Enter key (coding wise and writing wise). Please...I need paragraph and proper indentation :(
-When you open some yogurt but a small piece of paper stays on top
-Wet shoes or socks
-Internet Explorer/Edge being used as default
-People spamming on social media and then getting mad if I answer hours/days later
-Having to log in to see a website content (looking at you instagram....)


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I love how loads of people are up on grammar yet have grammatically incorrect usernames. Like The Dark Wizard is one of the only people to have a username that isn't two or three words jammed together with a bunch of symbols and numbers added.

This... reminded me of another pet peeve of mine.
My username is Daisie. As in... Daisies but without the S. Not Daisy.
I know autocorrect is hard but it peeves me eeeeever so slightly.


Distressing the damsel
-People who don't know how to use the Enter key (coding wise and writing wise). Please...I need paragraph and proper indentation :(
I think that, on a writing website, people should definitely know how to separate different topics into different paragraphs. It gets so clunky after awhile that it just gets quite hard to read. It's especially annoying when you're just trying to read a post, and you begin sloooowly drifting off because of its format... Like it keeps dragging on and on without any natural section break, without any "beats" to speak of. I understand that a lot of people just look at RPing as a hobby, not paying much heed to making their posts overly perfect - which is fine - but problems begin arising when I can't make it through your post to reply because the cadence feels unnatural. Then I have to go back and re-read it a few times, and by that point the entire process of reading has become a chore in it of itself... and this is supposed to be a hobby! I don't want anyone to be offended by this, I'm quite certain it's a common problem. No doubt that I, when I was younger, made mistakes like this, too. You should have seen some of my attempted "novel" ideas, lol. No sense of direction, plot structure, or natural dialogue. I used to meander and go on tangents a lot, can you believe that?? Either way, it's a good rule of thumb to give each individual topic its own paragraph, generally... and try to keep your descriptions concise/to-the-point. I mean, there are exceptions of course. I think longer-winded paragraphs are acceptable if you're still describing a singular focus, like a location, the visage of a character, or some other complicated object that really needs the extra description. Otherwise though, it's just better all around if you learn to get the rhythm for your text. Not to mention the folks who put all of their character dialogue on the same paragraph, too, which can also be a small pet peeve of mine. I fully understand that it's a pretty common mistake, especially among younger writers, but it's sooo difficult to look at when all of those quotation marks are on the same line or even in the same sentence. It breaks the flow a lot, and kind of confuses you as to who's talking and when. So odd to think that there are easy ways and hard ways to read, lol. Oh for the love of all that is good, please kill me, this physically hurts me to write. End my suffering. I'm going to bed, and I'm really sorry.


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When there's one pen to use, and the guy is off sucking on the top of it trying to think up what to finish off with. Not even the worst thing around work, last week someone up at one of the rooms crapped on the floor, bed, walls, somehow got on the ceiling, and the toilet wasn't much better in the room. They got everybody fucked up if they believe anyone sane would of rolled up without a flamethrower. Wish they actually did. They had to get rid of the mattress even, and still some wanted to save and just flip it.

Seen some shit, yo.


Every day for the past week

Mom: You need to do this online thing for college registration
Me: I'm not going to find it on my own so can you please help me with it
Mom: No look for it yourself

Me: I couldn't find it
Mom: *things I can't detail without looking like I'm strawmanning her*


aah, one of my biggest pet peeves has to be when somebody asks, "do you eat dog/cat?" (is that a pet peeve? im not sure but it truly is a maddening throwaway comment.) it always comes up, sometimes in conversations about food or sometimes randomly, but nevertheless, it's just as irritating every time. i stopped counting how many times i've been asked this, but it's such a frustrating & racist question. saying that it's simply a "joke" doesn't make it okay to say or funny.


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when comic writers or other related batman stories treat alfred pennyworth just as bruce wayne's butler. like, this guy raised bruce, call him what he is. happy belated father's day mr. pennyworth.

EDIT: just cause i'm feeling especially salty tonight, here's some more!!!

the fact that some news websites only let you read so many articles before you have to start paying subscriptions.
the fact that EVERYTHING has a streaming service nowadays
colleges leeching every last cent they can out of you... like, i'm tens of thousands of dollars in debt. back the hell up a minute and stop hounding me for more money.
junk mail
when people belittle your opinion or talk down to you
people who scream at their dogs when they're training them... it just makes me sad, man.

when people tell you you have all this time in high school to think about what you want to do in life and that you don't need to know right away and then you get to college and you don't have the first idea about what you want to do so you try and make a decision and take classes for a year before realizing that's totally NOT want you want to do so you go to the career admin people and ask them about switching degrees and they tell you "yeah! that's fine. people are switching their degrees all the time so don't freak out. take this little quiz and it'll help you make your next life changing decision!" and you take it and review the results with the admin people and that's all the help they give you so you pick something on the list you think will fit and see which classes that you already spent loads of money on can apply to the degree your switching to and you start on that degree and get mid-way through your junior year before realizing this also isn't what you want to do but it's already too late and you can't go back or change your mind because your scholarship has a four year limit and you're already too far in debt as it is and can't afford to pay for more schooling so you graduate and enter the field of work your degree is in and definitely figure out this was something you never wanted to do but you're stuck now and there is no going back and you wasted all this money and time on something you're so unhappy about but everyone else is so happy for you and asking you when you're going to step up and get a more permanent job in the field you're working in and you just smile at them and tell them "oh. i've been looking around. i'll get one soon."
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Trying to read any interest check that has Muse A blah, blah ... Muse B more blah, blah. Then switches back and forth....

Let me see now ... which / who was Muse A? Muse B? What was the RP supposed to be about now? I think I forgot while trying to get it straight which was A and B. This is worse than Algebra.


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hits different now
Also because now it's utilized as a weapon by some if somebody doesn't like hearing what you have to say, or because they're intentionally oblivious of the ramifications of being so close to somebody. It is basically the modern physical embodiment of the meme "go die," especially if their immune system is thoroughly screwed.

That's also my peeve. Trying to utilize oneself as a weapon either because they think they're right and only their way is right, or to silence others because they're too much of a coward to handle a simple opinion lol.


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listen this is a common pet peeve but i dislike when people eat and breath, then smack their mouths like i can hear everything and i just suddenly start zoning into that noise and it's gross. if that makes sense?

which brings up another problem, i can't seem to get what i want to say out right. it always comes out super weird and i can never explain myself either!


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As a mythology fan, my biggest pet peeve right now is probably the whole "Hades was actually a good guy" shit.

It's just based on the assumption that since there aren't as many myths about him being an asshole compared to, say, Zeus or Poseidon he must have been a swell guy.

But the issue with that reasoning is that it ignores that there aren't more than an handful of myths that includes Hades at all. So of course you're gonna end up with less myths of him being an asshole, but it doesn't do anything to justify calling him "the nicest Greek god" or whatever.
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I’m probably going to get someone jump on me for this, something I’ve experienced a bit on Tumblr within the roleplay community.

But basically any short, one word answers when you’re trying to suggest something to a potential partner. Or if you ask if it’s okay with them for me to use a certain muse.

“Sure”, “...Sure”, “Cool”, etc.

Like...what am I meant to do with that? I don’t know if they want to do anything or not. Sucks when I’m the only person trying to think of something. It’s a real turn-off for me, even if I approached them. At this point I usually back out.

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