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I've always found it... intriguing whenever PETA has gone after other companies/games that do have animal pelts used in them ~ not literal pelts but computer generated ones.. ya'know, not real.. no foxes or wolves were harmed in the making of these outfits.. not real ones at least 🤣

Much like when the Red Cross went after video games for using their symbol on health-kits for your character to use.. I think they should be using those donated funds for something a bit more... productive. 🤔
Yeah, they should use their money to do things like, oh I don't know, donate to animal sanctuaries? But no, they waste it.


Not something that's happened recently because I haven't been able to get to a comic shop in ages but:

When you're browsing the manga section, and something catches your eye. You open it up, and it's a light novel! A fricking light novel!! WHY SHELVE IT WITH THE MANGA?!


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For context:
My partner and I are currently renting one of his parents houses near where I grew up during my late childhood/teens. Consequently, I've lived here about a decade. And during that time, the area has become more Islamic.​
It sucks.​
I hate it.​
I've had to change my route to work because an Islamic center appeared and I (as a young well dressed white woman) get glared and sneered at if I'm on the same street as this building. When I walk past my old primary school the Islamic women point me out to their kids and whisper to them while again glaring at me. If my partner has to go out after about 9 o'clock there are gangs of Muslim men hanging about with huge dogs. Neither of us feel safe in our own neighborhood.​
So what's my pet peeve? This situation. The fact that the media pushes a victim narrative for the Muslims. The fact that when anyone talks about this it's called racist. Community cohesion, at least here, is not working.​
Just a few others:​
"It's not all x(muslims/trans/gay) people"​
Yeah, I'm aware of that. Duh. But that doesn't change the point that these bad apples exist and no one wants to talk about it.​
"You're just using your experiences as an excuse to hate"​
No, I just don't see why some "lived experiences" are more valid than others.​
If you want to call someone out, talk to them first. You might be surprised.​
Passive aggressiveness.​
"You shouldn't be allowed to say that."​
I'm less annoyed at the actual groups and more annoyed at people who say this. My attacker was allowed to continue because his defense (amongst other things) was "she's trying to destroy me because she's transphobic".​
The only protected groups should be children, elderly and to a lesser extent, women.​
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When someone generalizes a group, a race or religion based on a traumatic experience or out of ignorance. Just because an individual acted in an unbecoming manner doesn't mean everyone is that way. Even though we are all entitled to our own opinions and judgements. It's not fair or right.


And... We're doomed. Fun times.
This was actually the reason I fell out with the feminist movement. Sure, they made some good points, but loads of them generalised men as just plain sexist and cruel.


Cat people that do two or more of the following:
  • Constantly post or tweet about the trouble their cats get into and treat it like it's funny or cute
  • Talk about dog people having this theatrical hatred of cats
  • Get mad, argue, or otherwise respond negatively when someone mentions not liking cats


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Sorry not sorry.

If you don't care whether someone likes what you have to say, what's the point of attaching the sorry not sorry? Just don't say a damn word. Seems to me it takes more effort to put that up than to say whatever you need and keep it moving. No one cares.


And... We're doomed. Fun times.
I hate how passive aggressive some people are. If you don't like something, start a conversation or ignore it. Don't just make a vague insult obviously directed at someone and then get annoyed if they respond.


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Those people who pass you with their car and then stays in front of you for no legitimate reason. Just. Why. You. Do. That.
Also if I see someone eating any type of food what makes their fingers dirty and then they reach out for a glass to drink from, their phone, anything really, without washing their hands or wiping them properly somehow I don't know. Disgusting eh.
When someone washes dishes poorly and actually leaves some stained food on them. Do you not see that? Why won't you clean it properly argh.

Okay I have a little problem with dirt and bacteria, but jeez this is all common sense.


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When you join a dating app, and end up talking to a bunch of walls (you end up being the only one that asks about them, and if it weren't for you the conversation would sink to the bottom of the ocean).
I've had a very similar experience where someone starts a conversation.. but doesn't put any perticular effort beyond the opening.

"Oh hey, how are you?"
"That's Cool"


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I'll fight till the end of my days for that espresso one. Ironically, most people here say it "ex-pres-so", because in EU Portuguese the sound "s" sounds like "sh" if the s is not doubled nor at the beginning of a word.
Okay sidenote: if you have a foreign accent/English isn't your first language, you have a free pass to mispronounce most of anything in my eyes. I fully understand that English is one heck of a language. I consider both the Australian and American pronunciation of "Emu" correct because accents are weird.

However if you've grown up with English in a place that speaks it plainly 24/7, ya got no excuse.


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Not getting responses and my ideas being shot down before I have the chance to explain them. UGHH!!! Also not a pet peeve, but watch this vid PLS cuz she portrayed Jason to be super cute NGL.

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