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    Hey guys so I was thinking if enough people wanna do this then I will start it, but until then it's gonna stay open. I inform more on this when there is more people and if you have any questions then you can either post here or pm. I'm always on here and active so you don't have to worry about stuff like that. I REALLY hope we can start this RP soon. I hope you all Enjoy it once we start and love it as much as I will! <3 :D :3 ^-^

    OOC: https://www.rpnation.com/threads/teen-wolf-ooc-chat.326326/
    CS: https://www.rpnation.com/threads/teen-wolf-cs.326327/
  2. i'm interested, lemme know when its starting up and i'm down for it
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  3. Cool! Well I'm gonna try to get this rp up and running as fast as I can along with anyone else whose willing to help out.
  4. i'm down to help with whatever i can! i'm fairly new tho so i might not be as useful, but still just lemme know
  5. Wow thanks! So maybe can you pm me a CS outline and maybe some rules when you have a chance?
  6. Sure thing. I can get it to you by tomorrow at the latest
  7. would you prefer the outline detailed or basic?
  8. Hmmm well which would YOU prefer? Like which would be easier?
  9. No preference here! I love making oc's so i make cs's alot
  10. Great!

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