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Poetry Technically not 5 Steps to Love and Peace


Magical Girl
Step 1 - In the name of Love:

An everlasting moment. A moment that never fades.
A flower; Withers as soon as the seasons change.
But her love is a super bloom ever beautiful.

The day he met her, the day she saw his eyes.
A deep and dark colour that pierces me like liquorice.
"I don't like liquorice." she'd rather something sweet,
But the bitterness makes the sweetness sweeter.

A heart is delicate, and so is first love.
But that faithful day turns this first love into the last as well.
A confession from another, turned down, as she looked the other way.
She looked toward him, reading a book near the window.
As the petals of spring blossoms fell from the now withering trees.

"May my love reach him, my knight in shining armour."
She says as she throws a wish into the now muddy fountain.
No matter how much time passes, that faithful day is constant.
For her, time has long since stopped, replaying that day.

The scent of him makes her jump in a small fit of surprise.
Though all she wants is for him to return her affection,
Her distant infatuation, the look in his eyes.

"Will you ever look me in the eyes?"
"I've been looking at your eyes from the start"
He said, with flowers on his face, flushed in the warmth of his smile.

The day that was meant to be her happy ending, was not meant for her.
Instead, she replayed that faithful day stilled in time, to try and forget.
Another stood between rose bushes and plum blossoms.
"My heart already is yours, will you take its burden upon you?" Said someone.
The words which were meant to be hers was said by some other.

A bystander, a background character. Ruining her fairy tale before her eyes.
The knight had already made his choice, and even in though in tears;
She could not bear to say a word, that was her right as a bystander.
Once she had been the heroine of the story, but now someone had taken her role.

In the name of Love, shall you be punished...
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Magical Girl
Step 2 - With Justice:

Glassy eyes, dark hair and rosy skin. Average and yet spectacular in every way.
When you smile, I feel petals blooming in my stomach as warmth crosses my face.
"But I refuse to do anything that takes a risk," For that could be a loss.
That was a lie.

Flitter and flutter, flushed in bashfulness and pink.
Lovely, if it were directed at me, instead;
It happened when he averts his gaze toward yours.
Would you look at me if I took him for my own?

Thoughts upon thoughts, coloured upon lies and devoid of all rationality.
Discard, desert, drop and abandon it all.
For you to look at me, my justice will be untwined.
For you; You are my justice.
Would it be that bad to take all you love to avert your gaze to me?

In a place, you'd make a wish, masked by roses and scented in plum blossoms.
Muddied reflections, and the words you'd wanted to say.
Aren't you lovely? Tearing up like a child and yet you don't even say a word.
Unfit to be the protagonist of your own story.

You don't deserve to be in love if it means I'd be unhappy.
You don't deserve to live in a fairytale if I'm just a bystander.
You don't deserve. You don't deserve. You don't deserve.
Look at me. Hate me. Aren't you lovely?

Selfishly, Maliciously under the disguise of justice.
I am unstained of any wrongdoing, for all I want is your attention.

This is my justice.
You. Are my justice.


Magical Girl
Step 3 - Hopes and Old Dreams:

Skip and hop upon crossroads made from chocolate bars.
Rest upon a bed made from spongey chocolate cakes.
Climb upon spires and towers made from chocolate cigars.
And fall into the dark down below where concrete meets your head and toes.

I scare myself awake from a dream with a childish facade.
Why must I awake to a cruel unforgiven world? Oh. It's morning.

Lights shine through my window's curtains. I put a slice of bread into the toaster;
As I take out strawberry jam of my favourite brand from the fridge.
This isn't the ideal life I dreamt of as a child. At this time of year, I'd be making a wish.

"A maiden stood alone, masked by rose-covered bramble;
and the scent of falling blossoms. Held in her Hands
A single one of many rusted coins, antique and old.
She throws it upon the muddied water and makes the same wish again."
May my love reach him, today, tomorrow or until my future's end.
Or so her tale goes. I don't believe in wishes anymore.

Spring has begun and petals clog my window cells, as a nostalgic scent fills the air;
I see the same couple passing by my house like every other day. They look so happy.
Once I dreamt of living frivolously with my knight in shining armour.

What a silly dream.
Plum blossoms fall, as the scent of flowers and toasting bread fills my empty room.
I feel such loneliness. I had many friends, yet alone I stand in a room of empty cold.

I'm bored. I want to go back to sleep.
But sleeping doesn't pay the rent.
And dreams don't solve my problems.
They only help me cope with them.

Oh, my toast is done. I guess today has just begun.


Magical Girl
Step 4 - Documentary from an Underaged Bystander Day 1,3,7:

day one -
the nice lady gave me a book to write in. the pages are a bit untidy but the book is really pretty.
Mom isn't here. She told me that I needed to stay at this place for a while and help the other people.
all the old people smile. the middle people are nice. the young people tease me. and I have no peers.
there is a girl who is nice to me. she goes to the fountain every weak and throws in something dirty.
she says "If a heart is "words I don't know" and your dreams pierce the "ski?" a wish can come true."
I don't know what a wish is. I want to ask her later. she uses lots of long words all the time. goodnight.

day three-
the nice lady was being shouted at today. she was being shouted at cause she gave me a really sweet candy.
the other old people always gives me boring green food, so I was really excited when I got something new.
I swallowed it too quickly, then I couldnt breathe, and the nice lady looked shocked. that's why she was crying after.
there's this really nice boy. his like a prince, he helped me breathe while I wasn't breathing. he was super nice.
the girl who says long words really likes the prince. but the long words never reach him. that's why she should say short words.

day seven-
where is mom
mom, I'm lonely
mom where is she
mom mother mom
the old man says
mom won't come back
ever again
he lied
he lied a lots
she said she'd come back
mom doesn't lie
mom says truths
im scared. i'm not happy
i'm hungry. i want to go home
the nice lady didn't come back


Magical Girl
Step 4.5 - Documentary from an Underaged Bystander Day 10, 18, 20:

day ten-
the girl who said long words was beaten by the tall girl. she was crying. she was super sad.
cracks through her glass eyes. stars falling down her cheeks. just like how mom did when dad left.
I hate the prince he made her friend sad and cry. why didn't he choose the girl who said long words.
falling flowers and broken butterflies, all because of him. The prince is bad.
the girl said that when wishes come true they're "breathtakingly wonderful"
Wishes must be bad too. I'm struggling to breathe, that's what it means, right.
What does it mean?
what if she goes away like the nice lady too.
the prince is bad.
I'm tired.

day eighteen-
she left and never came back
she left and never came back
she left never came back
they left
dad left
mom left
the nice lady left
the long worded girl left
they all never came back
do they all hate me
it's the prince's fault
I want to go home.

day twenty-
all her fault all her fault all her fault
herfault all her fault.
It was the tall girl
her fault all her fault
long hair
white skin
red lips
green eyes
all of it
all her fault
I hate her
she's the
for all
the sad
why doesn't
she go away

mom said I should not hate people
but she's the reason mom and the girl who says long words are gone
she's the reason for all of everyone's sadness
all her fault. I hate her
she should go away
I wish she would go away.
I'm not gonna write anymore.


Magical Girl
Step 5 - Love and Peace

A maiden looks out the window;
reminiscing about her younger days
when she was coveted by many
yet she longed only for the knight.

As plum blossoms clog her window,
As she sips upon pink rose tea.
Graceful and sweet as she is,
she still hopes that the prince
would come and save her one day.

The maiden is in a constant state of peace.
Isn't that a happy ending?
On the other hand.
A lady with long hair.
rose-red lips and snow-white skin.
And eyes of piercing hazel jewels.
The perfect heroine of a fairy tale.

Though, the heroine doesn't have eyes for the knight in shining armour.
Nor does she have time for the incessant prince with simple ideals.

She looks only toward the maiden;
With black roses in her eyes.
In the guise of justice and love;
She took away everything from her.

And for what? To make her look her way.
The heroine wanted the maiden to love her.
Yet instead, the innocent maiden, traumatized;
forcefully tried to forget the faces of everyone involved.

And she shut herself in the castle walls of a tower.
Waiting for a knight to save her from her loneliness.
Yet incessantly and somewhat obsessively,
with the prince she had stolen from the pink rose,

The heroine of the story constantly checks on the maiden,
passing by her window to see if she's alright.
Wouldn't you say she's in a constant state of love?
No, not at all, this is just her unjust justice after all.

The black roses pursue upon the pink rose,
Yet the pink rose covets the plum blossoms.
Yet the plum blossoms can only ever meet the ground;
Once every year, for only three months.

the black roses turn yellow
the pink rose withers,
And the plum blossoms fall,
and so the cycle continues.

An unhappy ending for the underaged,
but looking from afar, it doesn't seem that bad anymore.


Magical Girl
Character Poem - Regina de Roseus Fleurs

Once upon a time, long far ago.

Fair and Young.
Elegant and Refined.

Graceful like pink roses.
Gentle as be a maiden.

Eloquent in speech.
Long words she'll reach.

Bashful for the prince,
Nonchalant to another.

Plum Blossoms fall before the ground;
And the pink roses shall chase on.

Failable and inconsistent
Her heart remains incessant

Smiling with crystals down her eyes
Florets forcibly slashed open.

Fair and Young
Once was the Maiden.

The Princess of Pink Roses,
Her memory withers by morning dew;

Sustains during the afternoon;
Buds upon the evening stars

And blossoms in the mare of night.


Magical Girl
Character Poem - Justitia des Mechants

Burn the witch, Burn the witch!
Said the evil witch with snow-white skin.

Guising as the lady of the castle,
with blood-red lips, and black rose eyes.

The heroine of the story is the villainess
The villainess chases after the princess.

Dragging along a dimwitted prince.
She loves every petal of the pink rose.

This is justice, This is my justice!
The justice of the wicked is never justice.

Dancing on the thorns of dying roses
Stepping over fallen plum blossoms

The heroic villainess pursues the rosed princess.
Pointy circles and softened spikes,

Under the name of justice and love,
the wicked witch brewed a disaster

And so with a magical spell put under the prince
the unjust witch pursued justice for the princess

Red lips, snow-white skins,
Jewelled eyes and long hair.

The wicked heroine,
the artificial snow-white;
and the villainess' justice.

Is hurting someone truly what you would call justice?

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