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Fandom Tears of the Phoenix - OOC

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OOC Thread


Tears of the Phoenix (OOC)
The year is 2025. The wizarding world has been at peace for over twenty years. A new generation of children is now attending Hogwarts, discovering their powers and learning the magical arts. They will work hard at their classes, dine in the Great Hall- maybe join a club or get into trouble once in a while. Outside the castle walls though, trouble is afoot. A rogue Ministry worker named Amarta Graedig has left the world of sanity and order for that of the Dark Arts. Malcontent with the establishment, she's begun to gather others who feel like her to her side, and together they've started their attack on the Ministry. At first, they started small- disrupting item shipments, burning stacks of the Daily Prophet, delaying workers on their way to work... As things progressed, however, they've moved up to kidnap, torture and even murder.
The Ministry's been trying to keep the whole thing as quiet as possible, despite the group's active recruitment campaign. They call themselves The Phalanx. They're mostly an urban rumor for now but, unless they're stopped, it probably won't be long before they have enough members and support to come out in the open and attempt an all-out coup against the Ministry. In order to stop them, a special task force of Aurors has been assigned to tracking them down. So far, they have not succeeded.
Whilst this unrest plagues the Ministry, another troubling phenomenon is also occurring: phoenixes are beginning to disappear. This most magical of creatures is praised for its many amazing qualities and abilities: its healing tears and song, its apparition and disapparition talents, the weight it can carry, its fierce loyalty and, most well-known of all, its regeneration powers. Phoenixes have long been protected and revered, whether wild or as pets. Now, it seems that they are in danger.
The Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures is, naturally, quite disturbed, and they are putting tremendous effort and resources into discovering the source of these disappearances and locating the fantastical birds. Phoenixes have been reported missing all across the country and even abroad, however, and they simply don't have enough manpower to tackle the problem. There is great worry among current experts in the lore of Fantastic Beasts that, if the birds are not found and returned to their owners or natural habitats- and soon-, phoenixes could disappear from the world altogether.
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Hey guys, here's the OOC thread! Please use this to ask us any questions you might have, discuss character ideas, plot relationships with other players' characters, etc. Feel free also to just hang out and chat, share funny memes, talk about your day- just be sure to be respectful of everyone and not post problematic content (see site rules). We look forward to building this story with all of you!


Heck yes.
Tbh I only made Hye a Ravenclaw 'cause my main character's a Slytherin upperclassman and I didn't want to overload ;P

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