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Fandom Tear in the Multiverses: Through Chaos We Go! (Interest Check)


just me
Our universe is vast. So vast, in fact, that despite the countless planets that lay in the sky with surfaces unexplored, we have yet to even get past landing a man on our Earth’s moon. Even still, we theorize not just about how other planets look and what they’d be like to live on, not just about how we might be able to draw in power from stars and one day colonize our whole galaxy, not just about this universe, but multiverses. Universes where things only possible in our imagination become material. Universes where the impossible that only imagination can form becomes reality. We dream of universes where a single different choice was made in history, of universes where Earth became war-torn, and of universes that simply come out of the minds of authors, artists, and children alike, where creatures and landscapes defy all the logic we have defined. What, perhaps, would happen… if these universes were not imagination? What would happen if, through means only few may ever know of, we had the chance to discover what we’re unprepared for? What would happen if all of those universes were more than theories… and what would happen if they all converged on our world? The simple answer, as we, the people of Earth now know… is chaos.


"Chaos will not always herald an unruly storm."

A man clad in iron plate armor overlooks the bustling city known to us as New York. His sheathed sword, like his armor, glints like a beacon that serves the warning to all the undead that will inevitably come out of the shadows tonight. The knight knows they will. For the past three years, zombies of all shapes, sizes, and states of decaying have come out when the stars did. His polished sword, despite being clean, still carries the blood of all the mindless beasts he’s slain.

Up north, in the less busy human city in Montreal of Canada, two shapes fight in the sky. If one were fortunate enough to be in a plane that gets close enough, they would see two muscular men fighting at speeds almost impossible to track. One wears a striking blue, red, and yellow suit with a flowing red cape, his stature tall and proud and his punches overflowing with power. The shorter other wears an orange and blue gi, his cyan-colored hair sticking up in a gravity-defying fashion and his fighting more methodical, grounded in technique. He blocks a punch from the other man and flies back a few meters, grinning at his new sparring partner.

"Creativity. It flourishes with it."

Far to the east across the Atlantic ocean, someone wearing a long blue coat rides a hovering vehicle which looks to be powered by a jet through the rural roads of Romania. His face is obscured by a helmet that matches his clothes’ colors. A futuristic rifle is slung over his back, completing his space mercenary-esque outfit. Over his shoulder, a floating machine materializes. “Eyes up, Guardian!” it tells the man in alarm. The Guardian looks up to the sky, where countless gloved hands descend from the clouds, backed by a single glimmering light.

In a pub in Ireland is a shirtless, tall, masked man carrying an axe with a buzzsaw attached to it. He wades through the crowd of rowdy patrons having a bar fight before laughing. “MY PECS! HAVE PECS!” he shouts maniacally before headbutting the nearest drunk unconscious.

In China, a stickfigure meditates with his staff on the ground in front of him. In Denmark, a plumber with a moustache wanders the streets looking for his dinosaur. In Mexico, a bipedal blue dog no larger than a child goes to see a movie. Washington, a boy who can become aliens eats at a restaurant. Brazil, a news reporter and a motorcycle rider take pictures of monuments. Uganda, a cowboy stargazes. Japan, a cardboard box hides in an alleyway. Greenland, a red-scarfed woman trains with her son.

Where and what will your imagination lead you to go and do… on our Earth?

"Now let this chaos herald the new age of dreamers and thoughts."


just me
ill join, seems like fun
Eh, might be fun.
Glad you’re at least interested in joining the roleplay!
I don't really get it. What kind of RP is this? What exactly is the multiverse and the crossovers?
The RP is a crossover roleplay.
A multiverse is basically a connection of multiple universes, and in this case, there are multiple multiverses that connect to each other.
A crossover is when two separate things come together, or interact with each other, usually referring to when multiple shows or games meet one another.


You’re a villain alright, just not a super one!

wuss poppin

haha jk i should probably be more professional

Credit gived where credit is due. Thanks for the mention, obviously.


New Member
Ya know, I would join but it seems my schedule ain't up to muster
Back to spectating I go


Other thing to note is that I love how a guardian is facing off against the Angel of Smash (That isn't the Pits), Galeem, and its army of hands


just me
Ya know, I would join but it seems my schedule ain't up to muster
Back to spectating I go


Other thing to note is that I love how a guardian is facing off against the Angel of Smash (That isn't the Pits), Galeem, and its army of hands
Well, at least you found something about the IC that you like. Don't worry, you can always jump in when the roleplay starts.
Sounds pretty interesting!
I'll hop in. Seems like fun.
You cemented my interest the moment I read the Guardian part.
Can't wait to see you in the roleplay!


Enjoyer of fandom and King of Heroes
This still open? Also is it just me or are there no anime characters there?


Junior Member
May I join? This seems interesting, though obviously I might need a little help in fandoms I don’t know lol

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