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What if, somewhere out there, the fictional characters we know and love were real? What if you ever wanted a story where your OC meets one of them? And what if one day, they all started showing up on Earth as physical beings you could see talking to your other favorite characters?

Tear in the Multiverses is centered entirely around this concept!

As an open world sandbox crossover, the sky is the limit! The setting is present day Earth, except for one glaring difference: fictional characters have been showing up nonstop for the past five years!

Canon characters and OCs alike are welcome, and writing levels of all kinds are, too! From just a few lines to multi-paragraphers, everything goes! This RP has a major focus on freedom and dynamic interactions, whether they be with NPCs played by me or other players. The story is driven by YOU and everything you do! If you wish, you can even run whole events, like being the GM of a boss fight against a giant Eldritch Abomination! (Just be sure to ask for permission from me and other players first!)

The world of Tear in the Multiverses is your oyster! Come and do as you please... but be wary of how some NPCs may perceive you!

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*somehow comments here after I post my character sheet*

Very interested u-u


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Attesa Attesa Would a Inspector Clouseau type character be allowed. However, instead of a Frenchmen, can he be a old, slightly senile and slapstick prone retired Edwardian British Colonel and amateur detective? His universe would basically be like those 30s Slapstick comedy movies

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