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Fandom Team Unstoppable (Kim Possible next gen?) edit 3/26


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Okay so i've had this plotted out a little as a fanfiction for like god knows how long but the gist is this.

- Kim and Ron are happily married and have 4 kids, a set of twins in high school (i have oc's written out for this) and two younger ones

- Kim works for Global Justice, Ron does occasionally however his primary job is Office manager at Bueno Nacho corporate, something so he can help with the kids more.

- Drakken and Shego got together (like at the end of the series) and have a son of their own about the same age, Shego having once been a teacher at Middleton gets an invitation to the reunion as well and they go.

essentially while at the reunion it turns out to be a trap set by some other villain and their kids have to team up to save the day forming the new team unstoppable.

I have a lot of other plots and ideas from there that if you're interested you can message me.


- I want to double, I really want to play Kim and Ron's twins (they're Fraternal twins, a boy and a girl) i prefer MxF for my half but I can do anything from mxm to fxf for your half as well also if you want Shego for your part i'm ok saying that she and drakken are divorced but Kim and Ron are otp so i won't budge on that, you want them you've got to polyship.

- semi lit please, I am not great with grammar and punctuation but I will do my best. I need to be able to understand what you're conveying or else this can't work. I will often give you anywhere from a paragraph to a page depending on my mood.

- someone who wants to actually plot. I'm begging you, i've tried to plot with some people and it's like pulling teeth trying to get them to contribute if I have to ask you the same question 3 different ways and all you can give me are 3 word answers this isn't going to work.

- You've got to love crossovers or at least be cool with referencing other disney shows. I have a lot of like mini crossover ideas from Disney cartoons that i want to incorporate so badly without taking over the whole plot. (things like american dragon, lilo and stitch, Recess, etc.) that said if you want your character to be involved in one of those other shows I can work with that!

- a reply at least once a week? I do my best but if something comes up and i can't i'll typically let you know sometimes my mental health gets in the way.

- Tell me any triggers you have. I don't expect this getting super dark because of the source material but if you want to get a little dark in places we can. now I also will ask you to give me any squicks and here's what I categorize as "Squicks" you know those things that aren't really triggers but make you uncomfortable or can turn into triggers if you're not warned ahead of time but still semi tolerable. I refer to those as squicks so triggers = no go, full stop, not allowed - Squicks = warn me ahead of time, ask me first if it's ok, just give me a heads up and lets talk first.

So my triggers are: suicide, self harm, child death/loss, drug abuse

my squicks are: needles, most things medical, gore, and trampling (long story not gonna tell it)

- someone who enjoys ooc chatter, i like making friends and this is a big part of it. I want to know i can send you fan art I find on pinterest or rewatch kim possible for the bilionth time and just like "Oh my gosh I forgot about this!" and all that fun stuff

- Don't ask me for discord. this is the one that gets ignored the most, I personally hate discord with a fiery passion. I will do email, on site, gdocs whatever else basically but i will not do discord.

- don't reply to this thread, message me for details/interest please and have a wonderful day my friends! i look forward to hearing from you!


i totally forgot to mention i expect this to primarily be oc x oc but if you want oc x canon we can make it work mostly

Edit 2:

Ok I feel the need to also add that the themes are mostly family, slice of life ish and adventure any romance is mostly optional sort of like the old show :) so hit me up
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